Saturday, April 18, 2015

#CFInvite 2015 starts now

Another Cy Fair Invitational is set to begin in a couple of hours and I'm just playing out some scenarios in my head on what to anticipate as I camp out at Cy Ranch all day today. The highlight game on paper would be Cy Fair Ogwumike vs Texas United at 7:55 featuring Joyner Holmes (Cy Fair) and Lauren Cox (Texas United) a couple of players I said that would be MDAA when they were in middle school and out of all these years I've been only wrong once but shouldn't have been

Pictured above are a couple of other players I said the same thing would happen while they were in middle school, Cy Fair's Chasity Patterson and Deauzya Richards and I'm in pretty good shape on that as well. Several outstanding teams and players will have a chance to be evaluated by me, well provided their coaches turned in correct rosters but I guess I'll be using the same hashtag I did last year

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Also here is the link to schedule, I actually played with it a few times and it's pretty neat but then I get bored and just printed the games out so I could mark off teams