Tuesday, December 31, 2013

THE VIDEO from #SandraMeadowsClassic

The Dynamic Duo come through again. The streak is 89, they've stepped up to the plate and answered every call, now the video from PassThaBall. Is it Tasia's steals or Ariel defying gravity, whatever it ease, you can't teach it


Conway stars shows Tole ain't Free at #SandraMeadowsClassic

Super soph Alexis Tolefree could get to rim on just about anyone but what impressed me even more was her ability to finish on, well everyone. She's one of the best finishers out there and with her size and frame, that tells you even more or at least it should about her ability

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Special treat from #SandraMeadowsClassic coming from PassThaBall

When Ariel Atkins changed hand behind the goal and scored, from the left to the right for two, that gave Duncanville an 8-5 lead that sort of put thee cake in the oven as they went on a 6-0 run. That play, along with others will show the icing was placed on the cake, courtesy of PassThaBall but until that drops, let's revisit the camp hosted PasThaBall a couple of weeks ago for middle school and younger "stars of tomeorrow" that was held in Duncanville as well, yours truly was on the eval side

Hoop-A-Holics Camp pt 1

Hoop-A-Holics Camp pt 2

And search my blog using, what else, HoopAHolics

Rakia Lane shows star power at #SandraMeadowsClassic

There is nothing like seeing exciting players who can actually play, especially when lack of sleep is playing a part in your daily routine and you need a burst of energy, I'm talking about me now. Rakia Lane has an abundance of energy and she was one of many exciting players from Little Rock Hall out of Arkansas. Lane made the Full Court Tip Sheet

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Mansfield Invitational Tip Sheet for Full Court coming

In front of countless college coaches, "The Future" put on a show. I guess the cat is out of the bag as North Shore's fantastic freshman Chasity Patterson did exactly what I envisioned years ago and to be a player, always remember "It's not what you do, it's who you do it against"

Tip sheet coming later today from Full Court

#AutoAwesome Monday continues with "The Fluge"

 When your #16 in the state and you knock off #4,#5, #6 and #7, there is no doubt Pflugerville will be JEFFERSONIZED when they vote again and even though they lost to Manvel by three earlier in the season, should they be considered the second best team in the state?

With Skyline winning the Coca Cola event, they might be the only team in R2  stopping Pflugerville from returning to Austin

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I know it's not Monday, blah, blah, blah

Chou legend grows at #SandraMeadowsClassic

How good is Natalie Chou? REAL GOOD

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Whitney Young place three on Full Court Tip Sheet from #SandraMeadowsClassic

I said several times that Whitney Young had the most impressive starting five I've seen all season and their 30 point victory over Manvel gives that statement validity

They lost in the championship game to Duncanville however they were still an impressive group  and three of their players made the Full Court Tip Sheet

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Monday, December 30, 2013

Manvel duo make Full Court Tip Sheet from #SandraMeadowsClassic

Manvel's Rangie Bessard doesn't back down from anyone and the Minnesota signee made her presence felt all tournament during the Sandra Meadows Classic. What can I say her about her teammate, Notre Dame signee Brianna Turner, that I haven't said before? Well on top of playing all five positions, quite well, during the event, she also hid one two feet past mid-court. Both made the Full Court Tip Sheet

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Duncanville duo make Full Court Tip Sheet from #SandraMeadowsClassic

Texas has landed gems in Tasia Foman and Ariel Atkins. They had when I first saw them years ago and their desire to win by doing whatever it takes is second to none and I mean NONE. Their Duncanville school team was riding an 88 game winning streak going into the championship game and I assumed they would be playing Manvel, and as certain numbers pop into my head, I recall UCLA riding the same streak only to be stopped by Notre Dame which ironically had one of their signees, Manvel's Brianna Turner make the list as well

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Arkansas teams make #AutoAwesome in Mansfield Invitational

I love the fight I always get when watching Cabot and Har-Ber come down to the Mansfield Invitational and this year was no different as several outstanding players from both teams went after it

#AutoAwesome can't describe Amarillo's Lexy Hightower

The thing I like most about going up to the Dallas area, well let me rephrase that. Some of the things I like the most are I know if I miss a game, I can check their local papers to get COMPLETE box scores to get an idea on who I need to see, just in case. Down here, if you get the scores of the games and the sites correct, well as the great Ice Cube put it "Today Was A Good Day"

I saw Lexy Hightower had dropped 35 on opening day, so I had to see this super sophomore and even though she didn't make all tournament, she ain't missing being on my tip sheet!!!!!!

It's coming, it's coming!!!!!  Auto Awesome Monday takes precedent

#AutoAwesome of "The Fluge" has me rethinking R2

I see how Pflugerville almost beat Manvel and after further review, they might be the best team in R2 and yes that includes Skyline and Dekaney. The Fluge just simply keeps coming at you, Kalea King and Mykiel Burleson were captured scoring in these #AutoAwesome photos

#AutoAwesome Monday starts with '15 Ty Colquitt

How about this for a headline someone will steal later" Ty's so COL she just won't QUITT"

Ty was relentless attacking the basket for Irving MacArthur and as you can see the smallest player on the court, Tana Driver grabs the rebound at the end. Coulquitt and Driver average a couple of inches over five feet between them yet they are more than effective in the back-court for IMAC

I didn't realize I had so many Auto Awesome photos from the magical Metroplex weekens tournaments, Mansfield Invitational and Sandra Meadows Classic, so I'll play around  with them today, mainly for my entertainment.

Tip Sheets are coming from both

Full Court Tip Sheets from both events, I'll throw a couple together for Girlz Prep Report along with whatever else pops into my head but until then, watch Double A drop one. Hint, all four in pic made Full Court list

"15 Tana Driver proves once again

One of the top point guards in the state is an understatement as far as Tana Driver and I'm not just talking about her class. She makes big plays, runs her team to perfection and in tight situations, doesn't lose her cool. "Big Play" Tana proves once again that size doesn't matter for this Irving MacArthur star.  How about TD connecting in the end zone to send it into OT at the Mansfield Invitational

2013 Mansfield Invitational Results and Awards

Second Place-Marcus
Third Place-Bowie
Fourth Place-Timberview
Fifth Place-Stony Point
Sixth Plce-Steele
Consolation-Trimble Tech


 All-Tournament Team 2013

MVP - Alyssa Echols #10 - Pflugerville

Stephanie Onyeje  #12 - Pflugerville
Morgan Easley  #14 - Marcus
Vanessa Jones  #22 - Marcus
Jazmine Holman  #11 - Bowie
Terriel Bradley   #23  - Timberview
Autumn Avina   #5 - Stony Point
McKenzie Calvert  #14 - Steele
Madison Parker   #42  - Canyon
Stylz Sanders     #30 - Summit

Chastity Patterson   #15 - North Shore

Sunday, December 29, 2013

2013 Sandra Meadows Classic Results and Awards

Pictured from left to right, Brianna Turner, Keyanna Smith, Tasia Foman, Rangie Bessard and Ariel Atkins

Championship – Duncanville, TX
Second Place – Whitney Young, Chicago, IL
Third Place – Manvel, TX
Fourth Place – Plano West, TX
Fifth Place – Little Rock Hall, Little Rock, AR
Sixth Place – Conway, AR
Silver Bracket – San Antonio Brennan, TX
Consolation – Troy, TX
The following athletes have been chosen for recognition as the All-Tournament Players:

Barbara Sitanggan, sophomore, Troy HS-Fullerton, CA
Shaylan Coleman, junior, Richardson, TX
Jordan Danbury, junior, Conway, AR
Rakia Lane, junior, Little Rock Hall, AR
Shakyla Hill, junior, Little Rock Hall, AR
Artavia Ford, senior, Colleyville Heriage, TX
Carlie Heineman, senior, San Antonio Brennan, TX
Tanaeya Boclair, senior, San Antonio Brennan, TX
Morgann Yancey, sophomore, Plano West, TX
Natalie Chou, sophomore, Plano West, TX
Rangie Bessard, senior, Manvel, TX
Brianna Turner, senior, Manvel, TX
Madinah Muhammad, junior, Whitney Young, Chicago, IL
Kiara Lewis, sophomore, Whitney Young, Chicago, IL
Keyanna Smith, senior, Duncanville, TX

Tournament outstanding defensive player is Tasia Foman, senior, Duncanville, TX

Tournament outstanding offensive player is Tatina Allen, junior, Whitney Young, Chicago, IL

Most Valuable Player of the 63rd Sandra Meadows Classic is Ariel Atkins, senior, Duncanville, TX

Duncanville's 60-46 win over Whitney Young should silence critics

I know they don't  travel out of state to play in this tournament or that tournament and even though I called Ariel Atkins one of the best players I've seen in my life a few years ago, there were still some disbelievers however her performance at Nike Nationals over the summer had some "experts" playing catch-up on her ability and where she should be placed in the national rankings as if she magically became great overnight.

Well Duncanville handled Whitney Young quite well in the Sandra Meadows Classic championship, they jumped out on them off the top and the Dolphins really never knew what hit them so maybe, just maybe thinking outside of the box, even though they don't travel outside the state will have them placed where they should be

To their credit, the Dolphins did make a late run and I told several people prior to the game that they had the best starting five I've seen all season, that hasn't changed, but they don't have an Ariel Atkins, in fact no one does. Tasia Foman got the ball rolling early, her four steals in the opening quarter which led to Pantherette baskets set the tone and I'm certain the team from Chicago did not expect this type of Texas heat in December, especially after their handling of Manvel earlier in the day, but Foman (8) and Atkins (10) accounted for all the Pantherettes opening quarter points as they lead 18-9

Two things I tweeted sort of sum up Duncanville's hot start and one was "Foman might be the fastest and best defensive guard in the state" hey four steals which led to baskets against a team of this caliber, in the opening quarter at that. The other was "Atkins excites crowd early as she changes hands in midair behind the basket, oh for 2".

That basket gave them an 8-5 lead and although many who saw it for the first time might think it was luck, trust me it wasn't, I've seen her do that several times and it also ignited not only the crowd, but the team as well as they scored a couple of  quick back to back baskets off steals to force a time out

Atkins scored 15 in the second quarter, Whitney Young scored 16 total and it was 38-17 at the half.  I knew the Dolphins would make a run in the second half, and they did, but the race was already over. Foman and Atkins, both Texas signees had several former Pantherette's who are now Longhorn's in attendance, not to mention head coach Karen Aston.

 I don't know what's in the ocean as far as the future for these two young ladies at the next level, well actually I do, and I think they'll catch the "Big One" simply because this duo knows how to #hookem

Box Scores from Sandra Meadows 

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Sandra Meadows semi's set

Manvel's "Big Three" have been on a tear all season and so far in the Sandra Meadows Classic, well here's a simple analysis. In their win against Austin Anderson, the BCS trip scored 55 of their teams 61.In their win against Brennan, they scored 41 of their  52 and in their #downtothewire 45 or 46-42 win against Desoto. it's one of em, they combined for 39. They play Whitney Young at 9am and this won't be easy as Whitney Young has a 6'5 player that signed with A&M, another that signed with SMU , a sophomore guard that had me on the edge of my seat and a host of other players that are going to bring some heat from Chicago

That game will be followed by another Plano West vs Duncanville semifinal. Plano West is the last team that beat Duncanville who handled Bishop Lynch with ease while Plano West went on a tear late in the third quarter to handle Conway, AR.

I'll tweet what I can, OUT!!!!!


Final 4 at Mansfield set

When I checked out the bracket for the Mansfield Spring Creek Tournament, I figured if everything fell right, I would be in for a treat Friday night and the phrase "saving the best for last" certainly works.In one quarterfinal, Mansfield Timberview defeated Irving MacArthur 54-47 in OT in a game filled with energy and excitement Jalea Bennett scored all 11 opening quarter points for Timberview, Tana Driver's 3 wih two seconds sent it into overtime and a variety of players from both teams coming up big including Dayo Olabode who dropped 16 for Timberview while Jaz Taylor was on fire for IMac with 20

In  the final game of the night, Flower Mound Marcus lived up to what I've been hearing as they outlasted Stony Point 60-53. This was another game to could have gone either way as they traded leads several times as the momentum kept changing however a late 15-1 run by Marcus sealed their victory. Vanessa Jones (14) Jasmine Richard (13) ad Morgan Easley (12) were high scorers for Marcus while Autumn Avina (18) and Jordan Moore (16) led the way for Stony point.

Timberview plays Marcus at 11:30 today, Marcus defeated them earlier this season, while Bowie and Pflugerville battle at 1:15. To get to semi's, Bowie held on to defeat Aledo 51-45 while "The Fluge"  defeated Cibolo Steele 67-54. Those two games will be at Timberview


Friday, December 27, 2013

Manvel takes on Brennan at #SandraMeadowsClassix

With five players standing 6'0 or better, undefeated Brennan, ranked #1 in 4A battles 5A #2 Manvel this morning, featuring their BCS frontline. Brennan has already knocked off #5 in 5A Cibolo Steele and a host of other 5A schools. Yesterday, 2017 sharpshooter Megan Valdez led them wit 13 points including three three's. Manvel's Big Three scored 55 of their teams 61 points, Jordan Hosey (20, Brianna Turner (18) and Rangie Bessard (17)

This one should be interesting

Mansfield Spring Creek opening day

Houston area North Shore won their opening round game as Adrianna Jackson (11) and Chasity Patterson (17) combined for 28 points. I was at Duncanville all day yesterday however through the magic of the internet along with great coverage along with box scores from the newspaper's website, this is almost as good as being there. Okay maybe not, but it certainly helps. I'll catch North Shore vs Pflugerville like I called it as I'll be at Mansfield Timberview all day and later tonight, there's a good chance I'll catch Flower Mound Marcus

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Here is the bracket and the box scores so you can fill in the blanks. Again, I will be at Timberview all day today and tomorrow, I'll close it out at Sandra Meadows


Box score

Elite 8 halfway set for #SandraMeadowsClassic

Desoto has cruised to the Elite 8 of the Sandra Meadows Classic after two wins on opening day by a combined margin of victory of close to 100 points, they play the Brennan vs Manvel winner. Duncanville held off Frisco Liberty who hung around most of the game after easily winning their opening game and will battle the Bishop Lynch vs Palo Duro winner. The winners of the Whitney Young vs Westside and Little Rock Hall against Colleyville Heritage will meet while one E8 game is set, that's Plano West against Conway HS


Wednesday, December 25, 2013

No clear favorite for Mansfield Tournament

The Irving MacArthur dynamic duo of Tana Driver and Tori Jacobs appear to be on a collision course with Mansfield Timberview Friday night while a North Shore Pflugerville earlier that same day gives you four favorites right there. But wait, Cibolo Steele is ranked higher than all of them according to TABC so to say the field is wide open means just that


Duncanville to be tested off top at #SandraMeadowsClassic

The big question is can Duncanville repeat as Sandra Meadows Classic champ and should they do, their streak of I believe 83 in a row will be tested tomorrow at 9 am as they face Richardson in the opening round. Should they Pantherettes win the event, that streak should reach triple digits as they head into the playoffs.

Schedules for all holiday tournaments I have are located in link below


JEFFERSONIZED after #HoopAHolicsCamp performance

Several young ladies showed me they had added more to their games at the Hoop-A-Holics Camp however some made dramatic jumps. Keep in mind I've been watching these five for a couple of seasons and their jumps have been a joy to capture with my eyes

2018 Mallory Adams definitely added something(s) as she handled the ball under the pressure from baseline to baseline, nailed some jumpers, many long range and was a terror in the paint. At 5'11, all this will do is give her more opportunities on where she plays at the next level and with her size age, how high she goes is in her hands

Mikayla Hutchinson has been working as well, like Adams she's long and athletic and also showed she could handle the ball in the open court. Her defense and anticipation were among the best at the camp however she's a bit too unselfish at times but then again she's a 2019.  She's been watching her Kansas bound sister Terriell Bradley for a long time so the future will be equally bright as long as she keeps working

2018 Bri-Bri Mitchell simply blew me away with those spin moves in transition for baskets. She's an athletic yet heady point guard that loves to defend was my initial but she attributes have rose in a big way. She's making passes with either hand for assists not to mention doing some acrobatic things to create and one opportunities. With her work ethic and mindset, stardom awaits

2018 Diamond Atchinson was strictly a defensive stopper when I first started watching her a couple of years ago however I thought she was in the 8th grade then which tells you the heat she was bringing. Now she's bringing more heat, like through the nets as her shot was smoking at the camp and I'm talking mid and long range. Having and watching older sister, Sydney Carter,  "reach"the dream" helps fuel that heat and I don't see her cooling off throughout her career

2018 Stacy Rios was always solid but now she's turning into ice under pressure. She handled the pressure extremely well at the camp, often being guarded by players up to six inches taller. I'm also liking how she's creating her shot more which can be deadly from just about anywhere. The biggest jump is thinking the game more which will takke her a long way

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

PTB on Sarah Gwin from #HoopAHolicsCamp

Sarah is the last person I have a picture for on PTB lists so we'll close with her, in fact we almost with her as well

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PTB on Ceyenne Mass from #HoopAHolicsCamp

She and her sister were impressive on both ends of the court, lot's of potential

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PTB on Taylor Morgan from #HoopAHolicsCamp

I love to play with names in stories, so "Inside or Outside she's Taylor Made" but what PTB said and showed  was

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PTB on Taylor Thomas from #HoopAHolicsCamp

I've been watching this young lady for a couple of years and she just keeps getting better. She made a Tip Sheet back in April  read more

Check out the video and what PTB said

Read even more

PTB on Briunna Lowmmack ffrom #HoopAHolicsCamp

There were some really, really good young guards at the Hoop-A-Holics Camp that I'm going to enjoy watching over the next few years and this young lady is another one

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PTB on Makenna Long from #HoopAHolicsCamp

Hey I'm familiar with a guard that wore #50 and trust me, she wasn't hitting the three like Makenna is doing in the 6th grade. Long plays for Lights Out, perfect combo for the missiles she makes effortlessly

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PTB on Ashley Adaszczyk from #HoopAHolicsCamp

I truly enjoyed watching the older SA Islanders last season because they got after it, especially an abundance of talented guards. Folks here's another one coming through the ranks and just remember, don't blink

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PTB on Halle Jones from #HoopAHolicsCamp

Jones is not shy on or off the court and that's going to come handy because her career is going to take off. PTB got a glimpse of things that are coming

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PTB on Alexis Vera from #HoopAHolicsCamp

San Antonio Finest always comes up with flashy and solid guards that impress me at a young age, PTB was impressed too

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PTB on Noel Gibson at #HoopAHolicsCamp

The Lady Panthers brought a quartet of talented players to the Hoop A Holics Camp, here's a rundown on another

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Sowell sisters impressive at #HoopAHolicsCamp

Jillian and Jordyn Sowell were two more young bright spots I caught from the HoopAHolics Camp. The sisters brought plenty of heat on both ends, showed the understood the game and were competitive during the games. Jillian (2020) already knows how to use her athleticism to her advantage as she attacked the basket relentlessly. Jordan (2021) showed her defense was ahead of the game, great anticipation and just seemed to make things happen

2018 Watch List "plus" from #HoopAHolicsCamp


These young ladies on the 2018 Watch List will be in high school next season, many will not only make their varsity teams but contribute immediately


Hannah Adkins- 5’6 guard- created her own shot and knocked down the mid-range jumper numerous times, good anticipation skills on defense

Stacy Rios - 5’2 guard-good handle, knows the game and can run a team, great at creating shot and knocking it down

Diamond Atchison- 5’5 guard-defense was always spectacular, offense on the verge of going completely off and I mean offfffff

Brianna Mitchell -5’4 guard-never takes a play off and simply makes things happen, all good on both ends, check Bri-Bri spin move on video from session one 

Alana Pearce forward -5’9-good moves in the paint and can score facing the basket as well as taking defender off dribble

Tatum Henderson-5'4 guard-showed she could play combo, good handle, knocked down the mid-range and saw openings before they were there

Lauren Prather- 5’6 guard-showed a little sizzle with pinpoint passes, sees floor very well not to mention dribbling through traffic like it wasn't there