Thursday, July 24, 2014

Dallas Stars prepare to accept challenge #PrimeTimeNationals

I haven't seen every team that's playing in the 11/12 grade division at Prime Time Nationals but I've seen the Dallas Stars numerous times over the past two seasons and after making a deep run, (Final 4) at least seasons NC, they are my odds on favorites to do at least the same thing

Led by Chelsea Warren, have I mentioned she's a beast, yes probably over 100 times, the Stars simply have a little bit everything at every position plus a deep bench. They crank it up a little after 10 cause all they do is win, win, win no matter what, OUT!!!


More stars to build on from #TheBlueprint

Lena Wilson

The foundation was solid as well as the structure so when adding in the essentials, aka talent, The Blueprint passed every inspection. Here are a few others that simply went off when I was around

Adriaana Jackson- 5'2 guard (Houston Elite)  pound for pound, inch for inch, she's one of the best in the state and simply finds ways to get it done. She's exceptional at creating her shot, quickness and jumping ability play into it, how about double-double , yeah points and rebounds

Pearl Jones-5'11 wing (Louisiana Bayou Angels) strong in the paint on both ends is one way to put it until you see her attack from the perimeter. Good defender and made solid decisions in crunch time for LBA

Kylie Ladd-5'7 guard (Oklahoma Shock 2015 Diaz) Having speed is always a plus, factor in having speed and knowing what to do with it and you can create some problems. Ladd plays the passing lane well and her numerous steals meant easy baskets

Breann Ford-6'0 post (San Antonio Royals) Hard to handle down low, good body and strength and knows the game. Oh yeah, finishes well and showed she can face the basket and score

McKenzie Lunkin-5'11 wing (CTX Heat Black) An abundance of athleticism has me on the verge of labeling it ultra but whatever you wanna call it, she has it. Lunkin simply was everywhere the ball was and was a nightmare to contain


Jade Rochelle-5'10 forward (North Texas Strive Blue) simply took game over during various stretches and overpowered opponents. Handles ball well for size which gives her an additional weapon to score from wing

Lena Wilson- 5'8 guard (SA Finest White) The more I watched Wilson, the more she turned it on and as the tournament progressed, she played like she was on a mission an the outcome possibly put her in a great position with the numerous college coaches watching. Very athletic and simply things happen

Tara Molina- 5'2 guard (San Antonio Islanders Black) With their top two scorers not available, Annabelle Tovar and Alexia Torres, Tara Molina knew what she had to do. I've seen glimpses of her scoring but she simply went off from everywhere, including a few from another time zone

Ashley Hayes-5'5 guard (FM Lady Thunder) Hayes blew me away when I saw her for the first time last season and she still does. The prototype point guard that's smart, understands the game and makes good decisions, especially in crunch


Ryanne Johnson-6'0 post (Texas Adidas Elite Franey) Johnson isn't flashy, she just gets it done. She's a double-double waiting to happen and her strength is through the roof. The killing part is she hasn't touched her potential

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

2018 Louisiana prospect Patin ready for #PrimeTimeNationals

Ravin Patin has already blown me away with her game after only a couple of sightings. Patin is in town with her New Orleans Lady Trojans teammates and the Under The Radar star will have my eyes wide open as I catch her and fellow Under The Radar Star Tia Tolbert (Sports Prep) on Saturday as bracket play begins in the 8th grade division


Great Scott I have to catch this game #PrimeTimeNationals

I made the photo larger so you'd get the picture and if my saying "Great Scott" didn't do it, you'll see soon enough in case you haven't seen Elizabeth Scott in action. Liz is certifiably one of the top prospects in the 2019 class, I'm talking about USA not jut Texas. How can I say that, well I don't just throw things out, I know where the bar has been set and I don't write after leaving a bar

Scott and her talented Houston Skyrise Elite teammates will have their hands full with another talented team of 2019 stars, the Oklahoma Select Red featuring GPR Under The Radar sensation Ginger Reece who created quite a bit of buzz at " The Flava"

Both teams are high powered, high octane which means I'll use the octane to get the Fieldhouse and check out the younger  kids on Friday.

7h Grade schedule

2014 The Blueprint Tip Sheet

Amber Ramirez is one of those players you don't want to blink on when she has the ball. She also put together one of the top shooting performances of the season and for that, she joins my first dozen from The Blueprint

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Monday, July 21, 2014

#TheBlueprint brings out some of the Finest

Nalyssa Smith is one of many players throughout the San Antonio Finest organization that I've had a chance to observe and evaluate multiple times and like many others, she has a very bright future

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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Under The Radar Tapps hitting high notes in July as she heads to Georgia for round 2

One thing I ca say about Rachel Tapps is that she's wearing the right number because like Jack Bauer, she has saved plenty of days in her short career. The GPR Under The Radar star has been on a tear for the first half of July and for her efforts, the offers have started to pour in.

The 2016 defensive specialist has shown college coaches what I already knew, she can simply put the ball in the basket multiple ways and her athleticism is second to none, plus she can sing, wait sang!!!!!

Tapps finishes up the second half in Georgia trust me, you do not want to miss seeing this young lady

Countdown to Prime Time Nationals starts now

Okay after evaluating over a thousand players at both Big State Flava and The Blueprint, it's back to it again as I head to the Metroplex for the always impressive Prime Time Nationals. This will be my third year covering the event and I've had a chance to catch some great players as well as others that have fallen through the cracks. Talent is everywhere folks, if you know what you're looking at and I'll never forget me  writing about a young Lauren Cox and this coach criticizing me, indirectly of course, about her being nothing more than volleyball player. Well Miss Triple Double is one of the top players in the country and she made the USA team, uhh in basketball as well as another young lady I caught early at PTN, Natalie Chou, who is also one of the top players


All I can say is be ready because you know I will. I'll be working on The Blueprint and part for Flava so put the brisket on low as I get ready to go

Saturday, July 19, 2014

35 teams reported on from Day 1 #BigState2014

 It would have been 40 but if the rosters messed up, I just think to myself two words I won't print and just move on. If you're a can't miss, I might make the extra effort but if the roster is wrong, chances are you will be missed

I'll finish up Flava part 2 which includes several next level and many high profile players so just sit back and relax and enjoy what I said about Ana Lianusa on my Tip Sheet. Kid is LEGIT and that ain't no, lie


Team Swish close out Day 1 coverage of #BigState2014

Elisa Gonzalez effortlessly nails it again and that stroke did plenty of damage throughout the tournament. Paulette Diaz did a good job finding ways to score in the paint, plus she rebounded on both ends while Zenia Mota and Jacquline Saucedo attacked and defended with a vengeance. Caitlin Aguiree nailed the midrange with regularity while Brooke Frazer, Ebonie Ballesteros and Jessika Espinoze are all close to the magic number and at 6'2, Athina Castanon has the potential to create some problems

SA Finest CTX #BigState2014

Nice little mixture of talent throughout the team and that includes all 73 inches of Lyndsey Heywood who's only a 2017 with tons of potential. Amanda O'Banan showed she could hit the midrange, tie that in with her being 5'10 and also her ability to score in traffic was huge. Alexis Harris simply attacks at will, plays defense the same way, relentless while Darcy Loft actually does a great joog at seeting her teammates up for gimmes. Zazil De La Vega is one of those much needed players that can open things up from long range and she certainly did just that

Texas MP Elite Gold #BigState2014

Macy Lozen and Destanie Haywood certainly brought plenty of energy when they hit the court but MP Elite had a little of that coming form. Haywood continues to show me that she simply doesn't take plays off on either end but that runs rampant throughout the team. Jesslyn Poole and Taylor Scott both were impressive as well as Diamond Caro who simply gets her shot off whenever against who ever. Meredith Gibson and Lydia Baxter can be machines in the paint at times, both are aggressive and can finish plus the future is very bright for 2018 Denae Lofton who is about to blast off

Waco Lady Panthers 2016 loaded #BigState2014

The Benson sisters, 2016 Marie and 2017 Barbara, continue to elevate their games and status among others and it comes as no surprise to me because everything is falling into place like I said it would two years ago. Marie is simply a beast in the paint, she's strong, can rebound and finish and doesn't mind applying or receiving pressure but her ability to extend her game to the perimeter, on both ends, has her moving up the list. Barbara is on the verge of exploding, her athleticism and energy coupled with with the fact that she continues to work on her game has her among the must see in that MONSTER 2017 class

The Benson sisters have plenty of help to keep the pressure turned on, Tyra Gentry also can do damage inside while Kennede Walker, Chalendria Williams and Trista Nelson-Furlong can all score and defend. Jontray Johnson, BreAundria Brown and and JacQuesha Green simply make things happen no matter which tournament I catch these bright young stars in

Houston Lady Dominartors living up to name #BigState2014

I've seen this team so much over the past two seasons but the thing about them is that I was sold as far as the next level talent throughout the organization from day one. Diamond Howell is the lone 2017 on this squad and she has a tremendous of upside but the speed from the 2015 duo of Deja Hughes and Tre Norris is what gets this club rolling. Hughes is one of the fastest players, with or without the ball and she simply can turn it on  with a blink of an eye but don't blink or you may miss something. Norris can take over a game offensively as she can score from just about anywhere on just about anyone. Precious Williams also shows she can hit the midrange while Chante Franis brings heat from the outside and Kayla McKee applies on the inside

The 2016 group is highlighted by Shannon Jones and Taylor Alexander who are both realizing how good they actually are. Jones is a slender guard that has a nice pull-up but her ability to slice and slither to the basket is there with the best of her class. Alexander has started to go into beast mode, she's becoming more vocal and expanded her game from just her back to the basket. Ebony Jones and Bre'Anna Harrell join Katrionna Washington as players that simply understand their roles and come up with big plays. Washington is also a player that reads the defense well and usually comes up big playing the passing lane

Texas Dream Team White #BigState2014

Kennedy Burks simply blows me away every time I see her play and as she continues to legitimize the fact that she belongs when mentioning some of the states top 2016 players, her ability to go off while going up, up and away or blazing by defenders for basket after basket, she is really, really good

Arhianna Sim-Jacks is 6'3 and becoming more and more dominant on the inside while scoring comes from more than just KB. Kylie Collins, Alexis Hedgepeth and Amelia Jackson all can put up numbers

Houston Elite Blue doing what they do #BigState2014

They have the potential to be dominant and they've shown that on numerous occasions but one thing about this team, well an Houston Elite squad, is they will never stop coming at you. This has been a tough season for the organization with numerous injuries and during the week I was told that they lost one of their players in a car accident but I'm sure they'll find a way to pull it together during the run next week which closes with their Texas Elite Classic

Marshell Hollins and DD Dobbins are teammates both on HE and in HS and they often feed off each other as they get things going along with Courtney Johnson. Both can handle the one and score but the intensity from these two speaks volumes. Mikayla Robins is another long ball threat while Peyton Porter, Tamia Thomas and Armoni Green get things done in the paint