Thursday, August 21, 2014

'17 Banfield leaving em standing still

How would I sum up Under The radar star Marissa Banfield in one sentence? She simply gets the job done. As a 10 year old, I KNEW she was going to be a player, one of the "girls" and make it beyond just being a next level player because she has "it". I can't describe what that is, I only know it when I see it and one thing you can take to the bank is I haven't been wrong yet

Banfield is rarely wrong either as she handles the most important position with ease and wit her having one of the highest assist/turnover ratios going, it's no surprise that colleges not only know who she is but she's landed on quite a few of their short lists, in other words, she's a #D1LOCK

Banfield went off with her GTE club team this past summer and she'll be doing the same again with Westbury Christian at The Last Rub, yeah, yeah, yeah I'll be there

Why is the Richardson duo smiling?

First of all, I rarely catch them in a photo when they aren't smiling, in fact I think I've only caught Dorian Branch once and Arleighsha McElroy a handful more but back to the topic, why are they smiling? You see Richardson is going to make a run this season to Austin, I mean San Antonio and after both not only putting together strong seasons with DFW Elite, that old Paul McCartney song "Someone's Knocking At The Door" seems to fit because offers galore are on the table

The BCS duo is capable of scoring around 50 between them if needed so I can't wait to catch them down the road and these are two of the reasons why, @phatnation and "Bet the Ranch on Branch"

Spark from '17 Starks helps make her mark

I kept hearing about this freshman from A&M Consolidated and after catching Ariel Starks at the Cy Fair Evaluation Camp, I knew this young lady was going to be special. Throughout the season, she continued to progress on her Cy Fair Shock club team and the colleges took notice, especially after she put together a very impressive July. Starks can score, defend and simply comprehends the game and she's also one of those players that gets it done in the flow. Starks will be on hand at the 40/40 Combine next month, so will I

'17 Hernandez makes another jump

This is one of my favorite pictures of Bianca Hernandez simply because even after she goes all out on the court, she loves to observe and her adding the attribute of being a student of the game has helped her even more. This young lady caught my eye dropping the long ball and although that doesn't equate to being a next level player, her ability to catch and shoot with accuracy along with her being in the 8th grade gave me plenty of insight. Not only have I seen more, I've seen much more from this Under The Radar star and the killing part about is she hasn't peaked but just take a peek for yourself,  don't you love the play on words? Showing that step back huh  B !!!!!!!

Cy Fair Fall Classic September 27-28

Two things you count on that I always say, talent is everywhere and no one does it like I do and putting that together means that I will be super busy next month as I will also be covering the Cy Fair Fall Classic being held on the 27-28. Fasten your seat belts because Houston will be on fire and here's another one, I love the heat

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

'16 Miller ready help Cougars return to yesteryear

A revamped Cinco Ranch should make some noise in district as several new faces will be ready to step into the spotlight. One of those players, 2016 Anna Miller, simply showed much improvement this club season with Katy Rebels A'ddieco. Miller could always shoot the long ball, that wasn't the problem, however as she became more aggressive on both ends will be one of the keys for the Cougars this season

Wat up J as '16 Stover takes it to another level

Jordan Stover knows two things, how to win and how to run a team, well she actually knows a lot more than those two but she's shown that no matter what the name on the uniform says, her game speaks for itself. After another huge summer, the colleges definitely know who the UTR player is and although she's not Under The Radar anymore, Stover simply flat out went off. If you need a prototype PG that sets her teammates up, that's J, or if you need one that can score when needed, that's also J and I'll be keeping an eye on her this season at Life School Oak Cliff after another outstanding summer with DFW Elite

Is Wagner in the driver's seat in R4?

San Antonio Wagner made it to Austin last season and since they're moving the State Championship to the Alamo City, I wouldn't be surprised if they were back along with an enormous amount of fan support. When you have a BCS duo like Kiana Williams and Amber Ramirez to try and guard, good luck because if you try and double either, you're in for a long night. Williams showed me she was good a couple of years ago but what she did over the summer simply has her as one of the top 2017's in the world, just that simple and I don't what else I can say about Ramirez because watching her throw a no look 40 foot pass on the money sold me then, she was in the 7th grade, in fact she completed the cycle of amazing things I've personally watched her so this summer as well

'16 Jones ready for Reagan run

One of the many bright spots I saw for the first time was Mailee Jones playing with her Shooting For Success squad and after watching her shoot, I knew she would have plenty of success as far as colleges that would have her on their short lists. This young lady is what I call a "D1 lock" and her strength, ability and skill set has her more than just that because I honestly think she will be a mid to high without a doubt. Jones helped San Antonio Reagan to a 28-5 last season before losing in the 3rd round to eventual R4 representative Wagner however with the core group back and Jones on the attack, I will be heading I-10 West multiple times this season

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

All is well as things are swell for '16 Schnell

Cori Schnell is very deceptive and I found that out after watching her score 16 straight points the first time I caught her. If memory serves correct, it usually does, she hit a put back, a three, a midrange, a four point play, a lay-up and and an and one, yep that's 16 on a variety of ways which is why I say what about her over and over, "she finds ways to put the ball in the basket."  Over the summer, she did a lot of the same with DFW Elite and as she continues to set records at Prince of Peace HS, this Under The Radar star is not under it anymore

'16 Schenck shakes em off in a big way

The difference between and some people as there is no need for a grapevine because I put my stuff in print and as I told you a couple of years ago about what I saw coming from Madison Schenck has played out like a great western as she gets ready to ride off into the sunset a winner, well sort of. Schenck still has some time but the time she's put into her game off the court has me somewhat speechless as she's evolved from being almost six feet and a back to the basket player to someone who can not only ignite the break but run it herself or just drop a 25 footer for fun. After a big season with Texas Adidas Elite, her mailbox has been full and I'll catch her soon with SATCH

'16 Panetti more than ready at 6'2

This will be the first season of varsity for Tompkins HS in Katy Texas however the emergence of Brittany Panetti over the past two seasons in club ball has been as huge as the 74 inches she has on the court. Panetti has baffled skeptics and has made that jump from being not only a next level player but falling into the Mid to BCS category and here's why the Under The Radar star has jumped. After establishing her presence in the paint and putting together numerous triple doubles, Panetti has shown she can face the basket and score, I mean mid to long range and when I saw her drop 3 three's in a row at the Texas A&M  team camp with her Katy Rebels club squad, what's that saying, all bet's are off which means don't bet against her

If you're not a subscriber to my scouting service

If you follow me you will see more free info on players than anywhere else and when I evaluate a player, this is based solely on what I see. If you're a college coach and you are interested in a particular player(s), please sign up for my service, it's only $200 annually and remember any college budget is bigger than mine and that cost is cheaper than a plane trip, hotel and car rental


'16 Tapps explosion still booming

Cy Ranch is going to be in the mix, well provided everyone stays healthy and that's a disclaimer I add each year because when a "key" player goes down, that lock can't be opened all the time. Under The Radar star Rachel Tapps has experienced nagging injuries in her first two seasons at Cy Ranch however I knew she was legit the first time I saw her. I've touted her as being one of the top defensive players in her class but the raves she received from her offense over the past summer enabled her to receive several offers as she enters her junior season. I took a picture of Tapps blocking a shot in San Antonio, well actually it was the bottom of her shoe and if you get that, you understand what type of athleticism this young lady has and don't surprised if the Mustangs will be riding off into the sunset, aka state tournament

Monday, August 18, 2014

'15 Johnson ready to catch and shoot with Hutto again

It's amazing watching players in different settings and although I remembered Under The Radar Dasia Johnson from last summer, she simply exploded this season with Austin Elite. I knew she could shoot but I didn't know she could shoooooooot, sort of like the sing and sang analogy. How about this, five three's in the opening two minutes of a game, or three four pointers in a game or just simply range starts as she steps on the floor, hopefully you get the picture because the one above shows intensity as well, she has that too