Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Cy Ranch holds off Summer Creek

There was somewhat of a scoring battle going on between Cy Ranch star sophomore Deauzya Richards @Deauzya and Summer Creek's Jayla Calhoun @Jay__Cal  who recently signed with UNCC and their teammates simply got after it. Calhoun was virtually unstoppable in the early going and every college coach that called me about Calhoun got the same response, "you're getting a steal" and although it was documented she had 12 of the teams 26 at halftime, after review I'm pretty sure it was more. The smooth as silk Richards and her dynamic duo teammate Arianna Whitfield @_arii_20  compliment each other so well however after moving back into my GPR Area Top team list after defeating Dekaney for the FBISD title, they lost big to Dekaney Monday afternoon

The explosive Whitfield along with Alyssa Guerrero are going to be players you definitely need to watch out for as well as Carrie Bradford who nailed her first two jumpers in the early going but the biggest boost they're getting is from talented freshman D'Asia Collins. Here we go with another #sizedontmatter player to keep the momentum going strong and this young lady has been hitting some big shots in both of the games I've seen. I'm not adjusting Ranch because they lost the game because I wasn't there and sometimes extenuating circumstances happen but I do know that if Rachel Tapps @_hoopsdream  was in the line-up they would definitely be in the hunt

Calhoun has simply turned into a silent assassin as she's putting up numbers the way I love seeing players do, effortlessly and in the flow. Summer Creek is also filled with talent, Sugar Young can go off. Alaina Spencer aka Spencer For Hire and that freshman, Demaya Telemaque have all played huge in games I've watched but both teams are definitely filled with talent and could be spoilers in February

Monday, November 24, 2014

HBU host SW Assemblies Of God tomorrow 11/25 6:30 pm


Rice hosts A&M Corpus Christi TONIGHT 11/24 6pm

North Shore @ Atascita at 1 pm then the Owls hosting the Islanders at 6pm, yes I'm happy, not about weather but read more 


Sometimes I just laugh myself silly at the nonsense however I truly understand a parent feeling their kid isn't getting attention or notoriety that they deserve, believe me I get it but here's the difference. I wanted my daughter to go against the top players and teams, she was ranked from the low teens to the top twenties back in 2007 so I could see for myself and even though the team lost, her dropping 40 and 32 against Georgia Metros who has double digit D1 players including one of the best players I've seen in my life Maya Moore, that sort of solidified me going off on message boards with folks, well going gangsta would probably be more the way to describe it. She also went against the top ranked point guard at the time and the first three plays of the game stole the ball from her for baskets which brought then grassroots director out of the stands and told the club coach to take her out, all of this stuff happened in front of over 100 college coaches.

The main thing is I was right about everything I had said about her and I'm usually right about whatever I say because I say what I feel and I'm going to give an honest assessment on a player no matter what because it's the right thing to do. Since I'm on the "I'm always right bandwagon" things going in the stands are probably not beneficial to some of the kids on the court, I'm just keeping it real and giving you what I always give you, valuable information of relevance so people watch, people talk and college coaches see everything and if you think I'm lying, one even commented during my daughters recruiting process on how she not only supported her teammates but got up and had water waiting for them when she was off the court. Many think their kids are "can't miss" however actions on and off the court from players and parents, well............

Before #2014HoopAholicsCamp December 12th in Metroplex

All is well with Cori Schnell as the young lady is averaging I guess over 20 a game for Prince of Peace so with that being said, I'll make it a point to catch the 2016  Under The Radar star as they host Prestonwood on HoopAHolics eve

Only realized a few weeks ago Prestonwood added arsenal of Jade Williams, one of the top 2017 players on earth along with with Tiffany Dunlap to go along with one more "don't get shook by" Brooke Alexander

Don't know if I can squeeze a 2 for 1 in but here's the December 12th schedule

I'll be covering PassThaBall's HoopAHolics again so REGISTER 6th-8th graders and if you're younger and can play, come show me

Owen puts up #AutoAwesome performance for Deer Park

The camera and Google+ like me don't lie and watching '16 Katie Owen go to work for Deer Park at the Texas Invitational was a work of art. Owen continues to show me she can create, I already knew she could shoot but she's becoming more of the type of player I love talking about and that;s those who simply find ways to get the ball in the basket, either by themselves or others, which goes back to my using the word "create"

Own helped lead Deer Park to the Bronze Championship in Division 2 at the Texas Invitational and as you can see from the stands, the place was packed and Katie had em rockin

11/25/14 schedule featuring Summer Creek at Cy Ranch

Don't turn your back on Summer Creek as they continue to show their explosiveness and I may, in fact I'm leaning toward checking them out since they won Consolation at the FBISD Tournament while Ranch won the whole thing. That game also isn't listed and it's also at 1pm


11/24/14 schedule features N Shore @ Atascocita

I knew there were two but I'm going see Adriiana Jackson and her North Shore teammates today as they travel to Atascocita. I usually wouldn't make that long drive, especially after the temperature has dropped but North Shore won the Texas Invitational while Atascocita captured the Aldine Invitational so I'm thinking #NoMediocre should be a very exciting game

Jackson and Chasity Patterson made the Texas Invitational ll Tournament team, Dillard signee Jackson was the MVP while Erica Stewart, Shae Moore, Anacia Wilkinson and Hannah Hopkins made the squad at the Aldine Invitational where Stewart was named MVP

One game that's not listed is Dekaney @ Cy Ranch in an FBISD Tournament finals rematch, that game is also at 1pm but here is what's listed on


TAMU Coach Blair drops loooong shot

I'm multi-tasking early in the morning and as I go back and forth between what I'm writing along with what's passing on social media, I come across this video of Gary Blair dropping one from half-court

Afterwards he dropped his signature moves on the court and brought me back to that magical 2011 season when him and then A&M President Loftin, well here it is

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Coming up, FBISD and TI

I'll give it to you tomorrow and a special thanks   to for the photos

Cy Ranch and Port Arthur Memorial JEFFERSONIZED in week 2

Love this picture of Deauzya Richards and Ariana Whitfield as I caption it "why did you take us out of the rankings" but one thing I know about those two is that they can give intelligent reasons on why I shouldn't count the Mustangs out, I only wish it was two of me because they have a rematch with Dekaney at home tomorrow but it's the same time North Shore will be playing at Atascocita so I have to go with that game because the teams won Texas Invitational and Aldine tournaments over the weekend

Hey it's my opinion, doesn't mean anything because to be honest it's North Shore and Cy Woods in R-3 still and a whole lot of other teams capable of getting hot and winning 6A, same with Barbers Hill in 5A but just so you know, JEFFERSONIZED means "Movin On Up" and just follow the bouncing basketball as you read the Top 15 after week 2


Iyanna McCown among talent just registered for #2014HoopAHolicsCamp

I've been giving you names of the young stars of tomorrow that will be at the Bob Knight Fieldhouse on December 13th and I just received word that more heavy hitters are on board. I haven't seen everyone but I've see enough names to know that I'm overly impressed yet again

I haven't seen Iyanna McCown in person but I have a feeling just from a video and mannerisms on pics that, well you hear about it

Here are more young ladies that will be there, you can too by REGISTERING NOW

Brielle Hampton
Raven Adams
Madison Briscoe
Noelle Yancy
Teniola Kuyinu
Marchelle Willis
Destini Smith
Iyanna Mccow
Kayla Glover
Brielle Hampton

Raven Adams 

Atascocita places four on #AldineInvitational All Tournament squad

Erica Stewart, Shae Moore, Anacia Wilkinson and Hannah Hopkins were named to the Aldine Invitational All Tournament team, Stewart was the MVP. Atascocita, aka The Taz because I hate typing were impressive enough for me to take that long drive to where my GPS stops working tomorrow and watch them tangle with the area new #1 team North Shore

Read more

Game is @Atascocita time is 1pm, that's MONDAY NOVEMBER 24th

Port Arthur Memorial duo capture #AldineInvitational All Tournament honors

Jakeria Ford and Joyce Kennerson are probably averaging over 30 ppg between them and I personally watched both put up close to 30 on separate nights in the Aldine Invitational. Both were name to the All Tournament team


Longhorns battle UCLA today after major upset

How bout them Horns folks and after reloading with a Who's Who recruiting class, I figured an F-4 might be a possibility in as little as one year however after their thrilling OT victory against Stanford, who had just knocked off UCONN, which I haven't had a chance to watch, they battle UCLA at 3pm CST

Read more

Saturday, November 22, 2014

#FBISDTournament here I come

Kempner is in one of the Consolation semis while Hightower and Dekaney are on opposite sides of the F-4 so off to Wheeler

#TXInvitational semis set

North Shore plays Desoto in one semifinal while Cy Woods has Cedar Ridge in another, I ain't seed em folks but here we go


Bracket play for all can be found


#AldineTournament Saturday games updated

Kennedy Lofton is steadily showing improvement and when I saw the 6'2 sophomore drop step for a basket on one end and racing down court to block a shot on the other, I'm thinking come February, Port Arthur Memorial will be one of those teams that just might sneak up on a few.

Joyce Kennerson dropped around 30 on Thursday and last night Jakeria Ford did the same as PAM moves to the semifinals and play Westbury Christian at 1:30 while Atascocita goes against Nimitz in the other F-4 game at 10:30 both at Campbell Center and the boys semifinals will be played there as well. Bracket has been updated , click on link


Friday, November 21, 2014

#TXInvitational and #AldineTournament today I think

When you go for close to triple double against one of my top teams in the area, well I need to catch Joyce Kennerson again today, it's just that simple. I saw Port Arthur Memorial earlier, I knew they were missing players including JK and since the drive up I-10 is rather long, I need to catch as much of them as possible

With that being said, I'll start at Texas Invitational then catch Atascocita vs Westfield 4pm at Macarthur for around three quarters then head to Aldine Davis to see PAM vs Tomball. Tomorrow, it's me at Wheeler all day longggggggg


11/20/14 area results

Cy Woods has been #AutoAwesome this season and here are yesterday's results, none from FBISD so I don't know


Kennerson explodes in Port Arthur Memorial win #AldineTournament

Joyce Kennerson opened up the game of the day between Port Arthur Memorial and Clear Springs with a three and throughout the evening she did a little bit of everything. That drive through rain and traffic from Deer Park had me drowsy but talk about a double dose of B-12, this game had it. One thing I know about Clear Springs is that they are capable of making runs and and won't quit but PAM was a little too much. Despite Kennerson dropping five threes, four from bta and an and one, Jakeria Ford took over in the second half and watching these two on a couple of plays where Kennerson made no looks was definitely an adrenaline boost. Here's the good news, the Aldine Bracket has already been updated and you can see it under that link below


#TXInvitational day one wrap

The day opened up with close game between Cy Creek and Manvel at Deer Park North and I left in a tight battle between North Shore and Mansfield Summit to head over to the Aldine Tournament so a quick run down on yesterday. Duncanville is better than their record indicates, Clear Creek despite losing Lacey Savage for the season will compete in district and speaking of district, Manvel vs Pearland should make for some interesting games

Cy Woods definitely sent a message but bracket play starts tomorrow so we'll just see. Here are the results from yesterday


Big game right off the top as Cedar Ridge battles Duncanville, I'll catch a couple before I head to CEC


Thursday, November 20, 2014

Wheeler all day SATURDAY

I'm flip/flopping over tomorrow night but I know where I'll be TODAY and early tomorrow, Texas Invitational, tonight, NIMITZ and Saturday it's WHEEEEELLLLLUHHHHHH


Under The Radar Dasia Johnson seals deal

Hutto's Dasia Johnson is all smiles as she signs with Eastern New Mexico. I caught Johnson a couple of seasons ago and knew she could go however after seeing her this past summer with Austin Elite, I saw things I didn't see the first time around. First of all she's one of if not the best catch and shoot player in the state, well with accuracy and when you open a game at 9 am with five threes in the first two minutes, well read more

Over the past five seasons, I've helped countless players receive more than what they had on the table, I'm talking about in the hundreds and over 90% decided to play at the next level. Here's the deal, I actually watch the kids and know what I'm looking at and my record simply speaks for itself. Believe what you want when you receive mass emails or letters from those saying this or that however if I don't feel I can help your kid, I won't waste your money


Aldine ISD Tournament updated

Clear Springs and Atascocita are in my area Top 12 and on opposite sides of the bracket so that means they should face each other in the finals of the Aldine Tournament right? Hold your horses, others say they have a shot too and they just may as the Aldine Tournament bracket has been updated to include Yes Prep


Cy Creek opens it up against Manvel #TXInvitational

When I saw this match-up a few weeks ago, I was totally excited as the super sophomore group would be on hand to tangle with defending champ Manvel and MDAA candidate Jordan Hosey and even though I knew one of those 10th graders wasn't available, I just found out another was out as well.

Nevertheless Mia Hayes, Hannah Froeschl and the rest of the crew will start off my coverage of the Texas Invitational at Deer Park North. I'll stay at North until I crossover to Deer Park Auxiliary around 4 sumpin so I can catch the new version of the " Bomb Squad" from Cy Falls vs an equally exciting Cedar Ridge featuring MDAA candidate and Texas signee Lashaan Higgs


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Lady Impact 2021 and several others ready for #BattleAtTheHive

Lady Impact 2021 has already made some noise as the #1 AAU nationally ranked 5th grade team on the West Coast (2014), 5th grade champions in the TNC Nationals Nike Final Four Showcase, and the 2014 Big State Shootout 5th grade champions

In 2013, Lady Impact 2021, traveled to Florida to compete against the best in 4th grade AAU Nationals and took 4th in the nation

Along with the Lady Impact commit, the Arkansas Mavericks and St Louis Adidas are also bringing multiple teams to the event and you can too