Tuesday, June 30, 2015

2015 U of H Camp closes with energy and excitement

Although the bad weather cut short day 2 of the University of Houston's  Elite Camp, I was there long enough to catch a glimpse of some exciting talent.  As I stated in the previous story, I wasn't there on opening day however I was overly pleased with what I saw on Sunday. Trelyn Tyler and Tiara Malone were down here in a tournament a few months ago with their club team in the Cy Fair Invitational and were impressive as the players somewhat mirror each other. Both are athletic, bring heat on both ends and can get to the rim and score or drop the midrange with ease

Sierra Cheatham was on fire from all over the floor just about every time I looked up, especially from long range and when that's falling, she's pretty hard to handle with her length and ability to get her shot off against just about anyone. Chatham won the One on One contest and mixed in some nice drives and continues to improve finishing with contact. Alexis Johnson also continues to blossom as she's becoming even more versatile as both the offense and defense were stellar on  Sunday, added muscle definitely adds to the problems she cause on both ends

Kalin Smith made the trip from Mississippi which happens to be the first "big word" I learned to spell but even bigger is the young lady's improvement on both ends from last season. I really liked the way she created her shot and she's playing with more intensity on defense. Already filled with intensity is Rayven Patin who shows me something different every time I see her play. First is was the passing and floor leadership, then the outside shooting but I'm really liking the heat she applies on ball and when you factor in both players are just finishing their freshmen seasons, that's pretty impressive

Kyndall Hunter and Shadiya Thomas were among the youngest players there yet did more than hold their own against the older players. Hunter (2021) has been featured on numerous Tip Sheets from already and will be on more times than her age by the time she graduates. You can't teach some of the things this kid has, she's legit. Thomas (2020) keeps moving up the charts and I see her adding a variety of moves to her impressive offensive arsenal that definitely has her in the mix of top 8th graders I've seen across the state

2015 U of H Camp had a talented mix on opening day

HOUSTON, Texas- I missed opening day at University of Houston's 2015 Elite Camp however my phone was buzzing about this player and that player and the general consensus is that Jasmyne Harris is a national player and they're right, this something I said I guess back in 2012 when I first caught her with the Phenoms. I tell people "it's not lock she took a  magic pill and became a player, she's always been one and although many are selling magic pills, it just doesn't work that way" Harris is simply a PHENOMenal player and at 5'9 she plays above the rim and with her added range, well I know where she should be and that's in the mix. How about this, in her spare time she goes to state in track and wins there too

I guess around 2010 is when I first saw Chasity Patterson, I have some videos floating around on that initial sighting and as I watched her drain threes effortlessly, this included her now patented step back and with the ponytail hanging and handling the ball better than than guy handled his yo-yo on that Duncan commercial told me on thing, she was " The Future." I told one of the national writers about the kid and he sad I was right about everything but her shot, well after Boo Williams he apologized and in a sarcastic response I told him everyone has an off game, the ball doesn't always go in but if it's on the line, I know who I want with it

I gave Angela Harris a Rising Star award when she was in the 6th grade playing up, I knew just based on her work ethic and athleticism, she was going to be a D1 player, use the search bar and either you know or you don't. Many of the top players were only there on opening day, Tasharian Robinson, Jakeira Ford and Ariana Taylor from the Houston area, as well as Metroplex stars Alexandria Coleman and Stephanie Jackson are a couple of players I've written about before I told you they would help lead McKinney North to state as freshmen, I was right about that as well but I'll give you a run down on who I saw on Day 2

New Orleans Lady Trojans make impressive showing at U of H Camp

Okay let me see, Ebony Robinson, Tamea Adams, Kalin Smith, Rayven Patin, Haili Duncan, Kaylor Coleman and Mya Phillips were on hand in Houston this weekend for the Cougars Camp and although I missed Saturday, I saw enough Sunday to get an idea. I already knew about Patin, she blew me away a couple of years ago just by making a couple of passes and since then, I've had a chance to watch this young lady in different settings  read more

With the exception of  Robinson, Adams and Duncan, all of these young ladies showed me something a last seasons Prime Time Nationals as they made a deep run to the E8 if I'm not mistaken but I'm definitely not mistaken about this squad having some talent and a couple of others who didn't make the trip, Arianna Cooks and Reagan Crawford help give this squad that extra boost to go along with what I saw at the camp and that includes Smith's improvement of creating and pulling up for

2015 Texas A&M ELITE Camp top performers

Lexi Gordon & Tatum Veitenheimer 

COLLEGE STATTION, Texas – The Texas A&M Elite Camp continues to attract some of the top talent not only from Texas but across the country and reading the list of players that participated was something like a Who’s Who of heavy hitters with bright resumes and options on where they may attend. Arguably one of the top point guards in Texas, Jaelyn Richard-Harris was on hand as well as her club teammate Jasmine Williams who helped lead Cy Woods to the state title. Cate Reece was also in attendance, she played on that same Cy Woods team had a big hand in their success, not to mention she’s pone of the top 2018 players in Texas.

Speaking of state, the run that Kianna and Brianna Suber helped lead Rudder to the semi’s was amazing, they were in attendance while fellow 2017 Aeriel Starks who went completely off in the regional semis as well as another 2017 Marissa Banfield, one of the top points in Texas for that 2017 class put on a show as she helped Westbury Christian make a run to the finals in their classification in TAPPS.

Also in attendance was Oklahoma’s own Jonah Johnson, I’ve played around with the “ JJ and DYNOMITE” phrase multiple ways so that should give you picture and icing on the cake had to be Natalie Chou, a young lady I saw that was destined for greatness while she was in the 8th grade playing in Prime Time Nationals, she made the USA Team last season.

Girlz Prep Report correspondent Tim Lewis was on hand to capture the action and he sent me a list of names that caught his eye during the event , Lewis said if he had to had to choose an MVP it was definitely Aahliay Wilson (OK) but here are some players that he thought separated themselves throughout the event

Aahliyah Jackson
Aaliyah Wilson
Celeste West
Jasmyne Harris
Robin Beck

Chassity Patterson
Emer Nichols
Kayla Owens
Kayla Wells
Kianja Cain
Lauren Heard
Lexi Gordon
Trena Mims

Charli Collier
Jhakya Dilworth
Keziah Dilworth
Queen Egbo
Tatum Vietheimer

Lillian Ejih

Monday, June 29, 2015

'18 Reagan Heun continues to blossom as she's ready for July

What;s that I always talk about I'm looking for in players that I evaluate, oh yeah, progression and that's what I continue to see in 2018 Reagan Huen. This young lady continues to make leaps and jumps as she gets stronger and faster along with elevating her skills, well the skills were already there but her desire is to be the best she can be and she knows that putting in the work will give her many options to play in college. Over the past weekend, the SYE Red star had an impressive Alamo City Classic averaging almost 13 ppg in four games which included 8/15 from bta. She didn't miss a free throw in her 14 attempts and this video sort of paints the picture but trust me, that picture is a long way from being dry and she's definitely a name you want to remember Below is a link to what she did in April and below that a video from the Alamo City Classic

Reagan Heun Alamo City Classic Highlights

Saturday, June 27, 2015

2015 Texas A&M Camp recap next week but first Bri Mitchell

GPR correspondent Tim Lewis was on hand at the Texas A&M Camp and I'll give you a rundown on some of the top players that were in attendance. 2018 standout Brianna Mitchell definitely made an impression as she was selected for one of the All Star teams at the camp and this young Under The Radar star definitely has a bright future ahead of her.

I'll be dropping stories like their hot next week so be ready

Under The Radar stars ready for huge July

'18 Mikayla Schenck is steadily rising among the ranks as one of the top players in her class statewide however the improvement I'm seeing warrants national attention, trust me this young lady does things you just can't teach but more on her later.

Next week, I'll break down some 2016 and 2017 players you might not know about but need to on Monday and Tuesday as well as some 2018 through 2020 players as they hit the road at various places, college coaches I will be sending schedules, please check your inboxes

All I can say is there was a player named Ariel Atkins few knew about yet blew up her junior season and more recently Jasmyne Harris (Phenoms) after a huge April. They didn't just become basketball stars overnight, I actually started talking about what would happen early in their careers

Several stars will be coming that can play at various labels so be ready, it's coming

Friday, June 26, 2015

2015 HBU Camp Tip Sheet part two

Part two at HBU had me observing a number of faces I've seen before including Gabriella Long and Leanna Yee and trust me on this one, Leanna definitely can shoot the three. Both players are from the '21 class, Long's imposing size will have colleges looking early and they will also need a GPS to track Yee's range read more

Ify amd Moto Mbue were also a sight for sore eyes, hadn't seen them all season, hey I can't write about you if I don't see you and these two young ladies are definitely ones that need to be seen since they're in HS. I did catch them with the HOUSTONIANS last season read more

Shira Patton has "STAR" written all over her and this really smart evaluator caught her earlier this season and dropped on her on his Tip Sheet read more

How about TWO Cassidy Howards making noise in HS soon, I am going to have some fun that but right now, the guard Cassidy Howard is hard to, well guard. She's explosive off the dribble, can create her shot from anywhere and sees the floor extremely well. Also Sophia Carrasco dazzled me with her handle's, both hands, as well as split the seams many times for dimes

2015 Rice Camp recap

In case you missed it, multiple Tip Sheets came from the Rice Camp and how about #AutoAwesome capturing two of the brightest stars at the camp, Jo Ann Taylor and "Hang Time" Hannah Froeschl

2016 Tip Sheet

2017 Tip Sheet

2018 Tip Sheet 

2019 Tip Sheet

2015 HBU Camp Tip Sheet part one

HOUSTON, Texas- Round 2 of my area camp watch went as expected, plenty of talent as well as some surprises. HBU commits Rexesha Hollis and Belle Tovar were in attendance, Hollis the long and athletic wing that just finds ways to score while Tovar is one of the top long range shooters in the state and showed no signs of a knee injury she suffered a few months ago. Hannah Moya was definitely a surprise, big things come in small packages and Falyn Taylor, Annalise Narro and Lauren O'Connell continue to impress me with their range. Another bright spot was Aaliyah Davis whose athleticism is through the roof but she's added a pull-up to her arsenal as well plus the improvement from Haley Johnson definitely tells me she's been working on her midrange as well as Kayla Alvarado.  Here is my Tip Sheet

Kennedi Burks- I guess the word I'm looking for is relentless since she goes after everything off the glass and can score. Super athleticism, defends under basket or on perimeter and knows how to put ball in basket multiple ways

Victoria Miller-her physicality got me going early and she set one pick that I felt 25 feet away. Loves to bang in paint and can face basket for buckets

Hayley Washington-played strong on both ends of the court, made good decisions and showed she had a variety of ways to score

Taylor Koll Morgan- wingspan enables her to do a lot of different things on both ends, she changed or deflected shots numerous times, rebounded well and scored inside and outside

Madison Schenck-definitely showed she could play multiple positions, was draining the long ball early then mixed mid and off the dribble in as well as put-backs. Strong body but 30 foot bounce pass through traffic just blew me away

Maddie Miller- add Thriller somewhere in her name because she doesn't mind giving or receiving punishment yet can take it while putting ball in basket. Defended and rebounded strong

Brooke Biggot-poised under pressure, made good decisions and showed she has the tools to run a team at the next level

Mikayla Schenck- she's long and athletic and can get wherever she wants whenever she wants at a young age. HUGE upside and when the three is clicking, well she's very hard to handle

Rori Harmon- told her I'll be writing "Please don't squeeze the Harmon" and of course she didn't know what I was talking about yet I know this "she's in the class of 2021 and she's one of the top players in that class in the country" A couple of step back threes and some D1 passes with the older girls showed everyone what I said 2 years ago

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Heavy Hitters on hand for SYE Alamo City Classic

Some of the states top teams will be on hand this weekend for the Sophia Young Elite Alamo City Classic. The list of players is min boggling as some of the best young talent in the state coupled with some of the top 2016 players will be on hand including one of the state's top shooters Alexia Torres (SA Islanders)

Here is a link to the schedule 

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

2015 TJS Tip Sheet

This was the first Tyrone Johnson Showcase I missed in a decade but former UTSA star Devin Gibson was there to scout the event, The big news, 74 inches, was the return of Katy Rebels Goss 6'2 sensation Brittany Panetti who is back in action. Panetti was somewhat rusty on the offensive end however her dominance on the defensive end created plenty of busy fot the talented star who is a double-double waiting to happen, trust me, she scores inside and outside

Here's a look at the Tip Sheet read more

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

2015 Rice Camp '19 Tip Sheet

Brooke Habeck and Reagan Montgomery 

Those of you old enough to remember Cracker Jacks should know that sometimes you would get a great prize in the box like the ring I gave my first true love when I was four or five, well actually I never heard from her again but anyway I love being surprised at camps and tournaments and as I close my Tip Sheet segment I was surprised by many at the Rice Camp throughout the various classes. Most of these players I've had a chance to see numerous times and as I tell parents although I may respect what other write about their kids, that has no bearing on me and I need to see for myself and make my own decisions. 2019 definitely had some talent on hand and here are few that caught my eye

Brooke Habeck-good size and is definitely a threat offensively either with back to the basket or from way out yonder. Doesn't mind getting bumped and still finishes, rebounds well

Reagan Montgomery- made a special trip see her last season and after a few possessions, I saw all I needed to see. She runs the one, makes the right decisions, under pressure at that, and can score

Payton Hicks- remember her bouncing around years ago watching her older sister and when I caught back up with her three seasons ago, I was somewhat speechless. Amazing upside but she's doing a lot of damage from the one right now

Macknzie Green- right last name because parents won't be getting off of any for college. I wrote about her in the 5th grade, she's made numerous Tip Sheets and to be honest she'll probably surpass even what I expected

Elizabeth Scott-tagged her "Great Scott" in 6th grade and if I do that, they're definitely D1 locks. Was a five now she's giving high fives from the three spot where she can LEGITIMATELY be effective at in college, on both ends

Danielle Davolos- I thought I was hearing Savalos and I'm thinking Kojak but my own detective work made me get up and find out who this young lady was dropping 30 footers, no exaggerating on the distance. When I get up and ask for a players name, that means something and this young lady has "it"  

Other standouts from 2019 group included Payton Stewart, Gabriella Soria and Sarah Martin

2015 Rice Camp '18 Tip Sheet

Rayven Patin

I don't like cliches or broad statements or just about anything else simply because it normally doesn't apply on this side of the game and one in particular, the best thing about freshmen is that they become sophomores truly use to irritate me so why did I post it, I don't know, I guess over the years it's had some merit because making the transition from middle school to high school takes some a little longer than others and some really do explode that second season in high school but then again many have already blown up

Rayven Patin-I saw this young lady two seasons ago and after a couple of passes through traffic and some ballhandling under pressure, I asked her dad could she shoot it. Next time around, that question was answered but her explosiveness simply is icing on the cake because the game starts with the one

D'Asia Collins- when you have the mentality this young lady had before she was 10, there was no doubt she was going to be running a team. Over the years she's gotten stronger andf her range longer but she loves setting teammates up for gimmes

Destini Whitehead-off the top I saw her applying pressure on D, that's a good sign but her energy level stayed the same all day, that's a better sign. She scores multiple ways and had a knack for being around the ball

Jada Peacock- her name alone on a roster caught my eye three years ago and I've her continue to get better every season. She can score under pressure and is one of those players that wants to take the "clutch" shot and unlike my mail carrier she delivers at the right time

JoAnn Taylor- in the 7th grade, I saw her just blow by defenders at will, that first step, that body control, that ability to score taking contact showed me a lot but that improved outside shooting has shown me even more as she's hard to handle

Maniya Powell- she probably thought I was crazy asking her what her name was several times but she just excelled so many different ways that I just had to make sure. Scored and defended in various settings and made things happen

Toni Cuellar- I saw something i her three years ago as she wouldn't back down against older and stronger girls. A couple of growth spurts later, she's turned several corners as a talented scorer and rebounder who creates well from any spot

Maci "Bombs Away" Ray- when you come from a family of talented basketball players and you're the baby, more times than not you're going to be doing some very impressive things and this young lady's name has been floating around since she was I guess 3 or 4 so yes, her name preceded her. She is one of the best shooters in her class, midrange, long range home on the range, she simply gets it done

Other talented sophomores to be I caught a glimpse of  were Elise Shauf, Kaitlin Wykoff, Kyla Justice and Meredith Marcum

Monday, June 22, 2015

2015 Rice Camp '17 Tip Sheet

Alex Coleman 

The 2017 group I had a chance to see at the Rice Camp had a range of next level players for numerous levels and I mean players capable of playing high major. The whole camp was solid and it was fun to watch the players get after it

Alex Coleman- she brings so much energy that it trickles down to her teammates. She can a run a team, good IQ and handle the pressure while being to apply it

Bianca Hernandez-played through pain like the warrior she is, good decision make and scored when needed. Just got it done

Brashear Staten-long and athletic is always a plus yet she's made several jumps throughout the season and was impressive on both ends at camp, scary upside

Haleigh Talbert- lightened her hair but I figured it out later. Explosive and powerful guard that can create and pull-up off dribble for easy baskets

Eneily Rodriguez-smart scorer and defender, midrange continues to impress me but when you can create under pressure, that's always a plus

Kamille Cooper-very VOCAL on floor, simply overpowering in paint,l strong body just made her presence felt as she scored and rebounded at will

Katie Dalton-turned another corner as her physicality came in handy in the paint. She finished strong and rebounded even stronger, she simply wanted it more many times

Laura Daulton-her imposing frame catches your eye initially and the more you watch her you see her arsenal includes running floor, facing basket for scores as well as put-backs and rebounds

Mia Perkins-has fun in the paint, she's determined to get everything coming off the rim and has become more acrobatic finishing

Temi Aloa-several terms and phrases are often misused or overused however when I call a player a BEAST in caps, trust me. Aloa looked good last summer and has added muscle, she's relentless on both ends

Treazure Mouton- already one of her classes top defenders, midrange continues to get better but I think her first step kept me smiling more than anything

Rebecca Lescay-I have seen her do some amazing things over the past three years but one thing is for certain, she's clutch and delivered under pressure at camp

Mikayla Kuehne-one of the biggest surprises for me at camp, super strong player that scored as if she was playing around the world combined with horse, just got it done from everywhere

Marissa Banfield- I've called her one of her classes top points since she was 10 but 7 or 8 consecutive threes to open the camp definitely got me going

Jade Compton-even more aggressive than when I first saw her, she smothers opponents on the defensive end and can score from the 3 or 4 spot a variety of ways

Julia Schwanke- one of the states best long ball shooters, any class, since she was in middle school. Big guards who can shoots lights out have historically done well at next level, add her

Hannah Froeschl- nicknamed her Hang Time because I changed batteries in phone once watching her elevate, no video but it's true. What's also true is that she has an arsenal of offensive weapons that simply stated "once she gets going, she's hard to stop"