Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Metroplex trifecta coming at you

HOT this weekend

Girl's Got Game next weekend

PRIME TIME SUPER QUALIFIER the weekend after that


Clock is ticking, are you ready?

I love this picture, not just because I'm in it because if no one had ever seen me, they would not who I was  or what I was doing so the bottom line is you never know who may be watching you on the court, well off the court as well because trust me, recruiters observe more than just your ability to play

Perfect example of when my daughter played, several coaches gave feedback on her supporting her teammates by not only pumping  up and supporting her teammates along with getting them water while she was on the bench,, it may seem insignificant to the novice however it gives credibility to what I'm saying.

Also parents, unless you have a "can't miss" daughter, you might want to refrain from negativity regarding your daughters teammates or coaches, I'm just keeping it real but I know grown folks like to be grown so do you and in the long run, see who get's got

Players do these things, play hard, play smart and do what you do BEST on nthe court, this isn't the time to work on reverse lay-ups, behind the back and no look passes or shoot the three if you CAN'T do it

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

'18 Ghavidel helping keep tradition going for Hoyas

The South Texas Hoyas just keep me on my toes with an array of talented players on multiple teams. Brittany Rodgers just made the Tip Sheet from the Cy Fair Invitational and still has me wondering how in the world she made one shot in particular but moving up this weekend to play in the PSB event held in Georgia are three other young players who are familiar with GPR Tip Sheets as they've been featured multiple times.

Deja Kelly, only a 2020, yet already has me thing a serious MDAA contender. Sophia Ramos, a 2018 who has made one of the most tremendous jumps over the course of two seasons than any player I've seen, let's me know she's been definitely working because I see the progression. Then there is Katlyn Ghavidel, another sharpshooter from San Antonio who almost brought me to tears when she attended the Pass Tha Ball Camp back in December despite her ankle being the size of an orange telling me she didn't want to disappoint me., well that will never happen because even at the camp, she simply brought it

Ghavidel is definitely Under The Radar nationally, colleges in Texas know about her and if they don't don't they most certainly will because this catch and shoot artist launches shots from spots so deep that you might need a radar to know exactly where she is on the court. What truly impressed me is the fact that even though she's one of the top long ball shooters in the state, that wasn't enough and she's taking players off the dribble and scoring with contact not to mention  playing solid perimeter defense

FREE UNSIGNED SENIOR SHOWCASE MAY 3rd @ Cinco Ranch less than 10 spots reamiin

ONLY 8 spots remain!!!!!!!

Name:  Chris Saiz Point-The-Way Foundation 2014 Senior Showcase
When:  Saturday, May 3, 2014 at Cinco Ranch High School
Start:  Players are to be there at 8:00 a.m. to register and games to start at 9:15 AM
Purpose: To honor Chris’ love for the game of basketball

What the Players get for attending:
- No cost to them
- Recognition in the local papers and TV sports news
- Get opportunity to play before area college coaches
- Get to play with and against top seniors from other schools
- Participate in 3 point contest
- Awards presented to winner of 3 point contest and MVP of showcase
- A lot of fun

To learn more about the foundation and Chris’ life please go to

Please feel to email or call me or Dirk Minniefield (; (832-707-1312) with any questions.

Thank you for your consideration.

Bruce Morris
Director, Chris Saiz Point-The-Way Foundation 


'16 Alexia Torres ready for weekend action

I crossed paths with the San Antonio Islanders so many times last season until I almost had every player memorized. This was and still is a very exciting filled with talented players that will be playing somewhere after their high school careers are over. This is also a throwback type of squad filled with smarts and skills to go along with that talent and when they get going, they can simply put up  numbers very quickly iun fact I've seen them erase double digit deficits in a little over a minute, do the math

2016 Under The Radar Alexia Torres is vital to what this team does, she can score, from just anywhere, she can handle the ball, sees the floor and knows how to not only create for herself but her teammates as she sees the floor very well. Torres also does something that  really love watching players do, well she does a lot of things I love watching them do but her ability to play the passing lane for steals is something I truly enjoy

I'll catch Torres and her teammates this weekend at the Heart Of Texas but in case you want a preview, her ya go

Monday, April 21, 2014

'18 Schenk rolling into Heart Of Texas

Mikayla Schenck has seen talented players galore already and she's yet to play her first high school game, wait, she's yet to enter the 9th grade as this talented young star from the 2018 class has made several appearances with SATCH joining older sister, 2016 Madison Schenck, who has a lot of buzz going among college coaches

Mikayla, like Madison, is hovering around that magic number of six feet and with a longer wingspan and tremendous upside, Mikayla will also be heavily recruited like her older sister. The younger Schenck suits up for MC Legends and I'll run into her this weekend at the HOT and although I have her listed as Under The Radar, trust me you'll know who she is real soon

#PrimeTime I'll be back in the Metroplex May 10-11

What new talent awaits my return as I head back to cover "The Best Game In Town". Surprisingly even I can't answer that question and believe I do no a lot of answers but every Prime Time event  that I've covered, I've always manged to find even players that have the ability to play at the next level

I have what, 5, 6 or 7 more Prime Time events to cover, in Prime Time I might add, and this includes, drum-roll please, PRIME TIME NATIONALS July 23-27. Last season there were over 800 teams, yes 800 and I don't care how old your teams are, I will be there for the duration to try and catch as many young ladies as I possibly can, wait, that's what I always do right?


Insiders Basketball Classic May 16-18

I'll be there evaluating from top to bottom, sunrise to sunset


Who's HOT at H.O.T.

I'm going over Joey's list of teams participating in the Heart of Texas and it is an impressive list as several of the top teams in the state will be on hand including countless players who will be playing somewhere once their high school careers are over. One of the teams that I'll definitely be looking at is the Lady Houston Phenoms who are simply loaded with talent

I'll bring you a couple of Tip Sheets on what I see from the HOT

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Taelor Deer !!!!!!!!

Got this yesterday from  Apr 18 Congratulations to Channelview's Taeler Deer-fans choice for HSSportsZone Girls BBall Player of the Year-7,200 votes!

'16 Stover showing why she's a student of the game

Jordan Stover simply knows how to get the job done and the Under The Radar sophomore is proving it where it counts, both on and off the court. As a freshman at Cedar Hill, she immediately made her presence felt becoming the starting point guard and leading her team in three points made. As a sophomore, Stover helped Triple A make a deep run towards state in Texas 1A and along the way she led the division in assists while also picking up the Newcomer of the Year award

Okay she can run a team,  shoot,  and distribute but as I said "on and off the court" and her 1st Team Academic All District award coupled with a 3.8 GPA sort of solidifies what I've said. Seeing is believing and she'll be making believers at Boo Williams next weekend

Friday, April 18, 2014

Texas 2016 popping

As I sit here updating the list of talented players throughout the state, I'm simply overwhelmed with the talent and I had a brief conversation via email regarding just how many of these players had not only offers on the table, but BCS offers

Parents since the turn of the century I haven't had one college coach call, text or email asking how many points player X scored or if team ABC won, I rarely even remember because all I'm doing is trying to identify players that can play at the next level and at what level, that's it

I know several players that have averaged over 20 ppg that were not as good as those averaging under 10 ppg, always remember it's not what you do, it's who you do it against and several of these players not averaging double-digits have offers from high majors

If your child is receiving letters, that means more than likely someone noticed them, it doesn't mean they have an offer or that they are being recruited and the reason I used "more than likely" is because as little as five years ago, I was receiving letters saying how well I played at XYZ event. My eligibility ran out a few decades ago and contrary to whatever, I'm not even a female

I am all over the state and now thanks to Prime Time Sports, I'm truly everywhere observing talent. I know where the bar has been set so before you take bad advice or think you know, check with someone who knows and has been through it


'17 LeBlanc-Ernest coming along

Jade Leblanc-Ernest is steadily rising above the charts as her game is coming. I loved her skill set and BB-IQ when I first saw her but I saw she lacked aggressiveness and confidence, well that was then and this now and now that she realizes she can compete with "The girls" it's on and you can credit that to the countless hours she's putting into this

Jade will be on hand at the Heart Of Texas with the Pearland Hawks

All even more well as '16 Schnell heads to Boo

I chose the picture with Cori Schnell wearing Eagles warm-up top simply because the Under The Radar sophomore just simply keeps amazing me with things I'm finding out. At Prime Time Nationals, I watch Cori score on an array of moves in which I immediately moved her to the "scorer" category because she simply finds ways to put the ball in the basket

After another successful school year at Prince of Peace, she became the first player from the school to score 1000 points or more as a sophomore, boy or girl and I just learned she was MVP of the district. On top of all that, she's on course to be valedictorian of her class

Schnell is rolling with DFW Elite now, she's showing she can do what I saw her do against all competition plus she's added a little something to her repertoire so she'll be doing her thing at Boo Williams  

Hernandez on fire as Heart of Texas approaches

'17 Bianca Hernandez stays in the gym, either working or observing and let me say this, the transformation I'm seeing right before my eyes told me this before I captured her checking out other games and players. The first thing that I caught about her last season was she could shoot the long ball but since I always talk about progression in players, let me inform you that she's added even more to her game and I'll more than likely catch this San Antonio Star freshman next weekend at the Heart Of Texas

'16 Schenck at HOT with Crazy Quick

Quicker than I can say loaded, this 2016 class has talented players bursting out all over the place and although Madison Schenck is listed on my Under The Radar list, her ability to score from just anywhere is not what has impressed me most about the young lady that stands right around six feet, it's her perimeter defense and ability to handle the ball in the open court pressure.

Sure she can still bang in the paint if needed as well as step out and drop a long one but her work ethic is evident because she has definitely improved across the board from where she was a couple of years ago and this talented sophomore is about to blow up

With over 2500 player at the Heart of Texas next weekend, Schenck is definitely on my list of players I need to catch

'16 Thomas raises eyebrows in debut with DFW Elite

I had to find out who this young lady after watching her a couple of minutes and the more I watched, the more Jasmine Thomas showed me. Athleticism through the roof, this young lady simply does some things you may second guess yourself as to whether you really saw what you think you saw. A Louisiana product, she's one of those young ladies you'll be hearing a lot more about wait, let me show you a taste

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Cy Fair Nike AC keeping me on the edge at #CFInvite

Okay Jade and Tia, I didn't get a chance to see you all last weekend but trust me, Compton and Wright are DYNOMITE as well as their teammates, yeah today is black 70s sitcom sayings come all  at you. This is another team of talented players, Alex Coleman and Stephanie Jackson joined Wright at McKinney North, the team that made it to the state championship I spoke of earlier in the Breah Powell story

Andrea Martinez throwing down the half pose, got to keep that shooting hand ready I guess for this long ball specialist, anyway I'll be playing catch-up quicker than you can Heinz, get it?