Friday, October 31, 2014

'20 Micah Cooper has been a HOOPER #2014HoopAHolicsCamp

I remember my first look at Micah Cooper, it was watching her dribble to Candy Girl on a You Tube video however after catching her in person last season, let me just tie the song in, her game was definitely sweet  read more

The 2020 class is loaded, she's going to be in the mix and I'll check this explosive young guard out in a few weeks at the HoopAHolics event in Duncanville on December 13th


Cedar Ridge has eyes on #TXInvitational prize

When Cedar Ridge played North Shore at the Cy Fair Classic, folks that was the best preseason game I've seen in a long time, maybe the best and this game also had players going after it as if it was a game to advance in the playoffs, no exaggerations on my part. Big time players stepped in a big way and 2014 MDAA candidate LaShaan Higgs put on a show as she was simply dominant and although I always hashtag Tip Sheet Charli as #HookEm ready, well Higgs definitely is as well

Cedar Ridge is one of the favorites for the Texas Invitational which features several of the top teams from the area. I'll be there Thursday and Friday for the festivities


Thursday, October 30, 2014

Coming up Friday- Out of the Woods #RoadToSanAntonio

Erica Ogwumike is already regarded as one of the states top players, well the country for that matter and she has a shot at doing something her older sisters, Nneka and Chiney, did in their senior seasons, make a trip to the state tournament. EO and her talented Cy Woods teammates are definitely on the short list of 6A teams in our region that can go but the key is to remain healthy, that's tomorrow

2020 Jaedyn Dunn set for #2014HoopAHolicsCamp

I haven't seen Jaedyn Dunn but I've heard quite a few good things about her ability and potential so she's definitely a player I'm looking forward to seeing at the HoopAHolics Camp  December 13th in Duncanville


'19 Habeck pleasant surprise joins #2014HoopAHolicsCamp

I wanted to catch as many glimpses of '19 Reagan Montgomery with Cen Tex Elite, Montgomery is a GPR Under The Radar player so I'm always watching their progression. After seeing the team a few times, I kept noticing this big kid doing an abundance of things and that's 5'10 Brooke Habeck who probably has a growth spurt left to push her to the magic number or above but she's already shown she can do some magic on the floor

Habeck will be in Duncanville December 13th for the HoopAHolics Camp as the list continues to grow. Last season over 150 players attended two sessions, be there and be ready


Explosive Roach ready to lead Katy Taylor and commits #KatyISDTournament

Pound for pound and inch for inch, #sizedontmatter cause this kid won't flench. Hey that just popped into my head when I was thinking about watching Samantha Roach since she was a 5th grader and that desire was always there as she was going against players two or more years older so watching her perform at Katy Taylor during her career didn't surprise me one bit as she has accomplished quite a bit. I just found out she has committed to Southern, I knew she could play at the next level and she'll be one of the top players on hand for the Katy ISD Tournament


Kingwood's Under The radar trio want to go out with bang #LadyGanderTipOff

What can I say say about Gabby Stanton (Rice) Charlotte Hodges (HBU) and Brooke Jolivette (North Texas) that I haven't already said? Probably not much and one thing is for certain, if I say you're an Under The Radar player, that's one thing because there are talented kids everywhere however nothing pleases me more than after I say it, the kids perform under the bright lights and this trio certainly did over the past two and a half seasons

Kingwood is a preseason favorite, they're going to make a run at a district title if healthy and who knows after that, well I will sort of know after seeing them week after next


New look Klein Forest for #SBISDTournament

Klein Forest graduating class of 2014 may not have made it to state like I thought they would during their four years however they did help the Eagles soar to where they had never been, the playoffs each season, a first for post season play, as well as a combined win total over their four seasons which is more than the school had in their history

Tiara Marbley and Destiny Vincent are a couple of players remaining from the glory years and they definitely know what it takes to keep it going. the 6'2 Marbley has improved every year since I started watching her in middle school while Vincent is one pf the areas most explosive guards and their supporting cast ain't bad but I'll give you a little feedback after the SBISD Tournament in a couple of weeks


Twin Towers have Taz one of faves at #KISDTournament

Hannah Hopkins and Anacia Wilkerson have done a lot of growing over the years, both on and off the court and watching these two young stars develop from my initial sighting of them in middle school has been a joy to say the least

I have Atascocita listed in my preseason Top 5 and if the team stays healthy, especially these two, they could conceivably make a deep run. The 2016 Hopkins already has committed to Rice while the 29015 Wilkerson decided on Tennessee State a few days ago and I'll catch the duo along with their talented teammates in the Katy ISD Tournament December 4-6


Higher Goals 2020 duo set for #2014HoopAHolicsCamp

Claire Reynolds, pictured above and Makenzie Schilmoeler are a couple of HGEE players I've had a glimpse of however they will give me a chance to get a good luck at them both on December 13th at the HoopAHolics Camp in Duncanville

If memory serves me correct, most of time it does, these two young ladies already are doing some amazing things so I'm definitely excited

Read more

'20 Holmes ready for more highlights #2014HoopAHolicsCamp

Just watching Aja Holmes physicality and maturity at last seasons HoopAHolics, yours truly assumed she was an 8th grader I hadn't seen with a bright future ahead. After observing the roster and seeing she was a sixth grader, that brightness ahead toild me I'd be needing sunglasses, well just check her out in one of the recaps

The young SA Finest start will be back for this seasons camp


Wednesday, October 29, 2014

SA Finest "21 McClure is one I'm sure about #2014HoopAHolicsCamp

I love my trips across the country watching the rising stars showcase their skills and altthough I've yet to see Bria McClure in game situation, the shooting exhibition she put on at The Blueprint , well let me show you

I had to get a pic of this young lady, release was not only quick but accurate and to be honest with you, I saw enough to know I'd need a file photo down the road. McClure is on board for HoopAHolics in December, are you?


Mustangs ready for early tests #RoadToSanAntonio

Okay let me just keep everything in perspective, I have North Shore, Cy Woods and Barbers Hill as the top three teams in the area and you can adjust probably 20 teams to fill out the next seven spot to get a legitimate Top 10, sort of like rankings, those who have separated themselves fro everyone else and a bunch who are pretty doggone good at getting the job done

North Shore hosts Hightower , who I feel has a shot at making a run, on November 11th and should be going against Barbers Hill that Friday in the Lady Gander Tournament's Ranger Division where the winner will probably meet Cy Woods in the final on Saturday. Yes, I will DEFINITELY be at those games, no doubt whatsoever


Last seasons #HoopAHolics was more than #AutoAwesome

Google + made this happen to show you on the blog but the players made it happen on the court

Around 150 players attended last seasons inaugural event and I had a chance to catch a glimpse of the future, let me say this, it's bright

Some of the top players for their various classes were in attendance, some are MDAA locks but the abundance of next level talent simply blew me away

Don't wait, don't hesitate, don't procrastinate, this event will fill up and it's only a little over six weeks away


Hoyas "Miss Excitement"Jackson ready for #2014HoopAHolicsCamp

Nothing excites me more than being excited and nothing entertains me more than being entertained and although that statement makes absolutely no sense, Ta' Niya Jackson shows that it actually does. As I hashtag #sizedontmatter and #talentiseverywhere think of her as she became even more electrifying this past summer with the South Texas Hoyas but the 2019 star is a long way from being done and I just got word that she will be in Duncanville on December 13 for the HoopAHolicsCamp

If you think you can play, you need be here, I'm serious and anyone that knows me is that I'm going to always keep it real


Teams beginning to SWARM to #BattleOfTheHive

Oklahoma Swarm 2020 was another team that simply blew me away at Prime Time Nationals, after all 6'2 Katelyn Levings is a "can't miss" and one the short list for MDAA. I didn't see her sister Kendra's 2018 Swarm group but she couldn't miss shooting around 50% from bta and at 5'10 dropping around double digit three pointers numerous times, well she has options as well as I type

Two Swarm teams, 2020 and 2019, three Swish teams 2019, 20 and 21 as well as PWP 2019 and 2020 are three of the top programs in Oklahoma and all will be at the Battle of the Hive. Arkansas Mavericks 2020 as well as Colorado's EJ Hoops 2019 and 20 have all committed for this exciting event being held March 6-8 in Oklahoma City

Stop the presses!!!!!!!

St Louis Lynx 2020, Lady Lynx and DC Queens 2023 just registered and so can you simply by clicking link below


Clear Lake's Thompson playing in final #LadyGanderTipOff

Clear Lake's Torrie Thompson is one of the top uncommitted guards in the state and I'm not just saying that because she's an Under The Radar player, I'm saying it because the 2015 combo can play. Clear Lake happens to be one of my Top 20 preseason picks and they'll be joined by R-3 6A favorites Cy Woods and North Shore as well as 5A favorite Barbers Hill along with Top 20 Kingwood and a team ready to surprise everyone, George Ranch. These match-ups look so good that I'll be double dabbing between here and the SBISD Tournament. Always remember to check EVENTS tab on


Hoyas star Gwin back for #2014HoopAHolicsCamp

Sarah Gwin has made strides every season I've watched her however over the past few months, her performances with the South Texas Hoyas should be considered huge strides. If I picked a Most Improved Team, she would definitely be on it and the 2019 star will be on hand for the Hoop A Holics Camp December 13 in Duncanville

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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

McElroy one of many Eagles flying at #SBISDTournament November 13-15

Cy Falls has the resume to brag about being in the toughest district in the city and although I have them behind Cy Woods, Cy Fair and Cy Ranch, they could have those three sighing and pull a biggie off especially with the firepower of seniors Cierra Mackey and Quay Cleveland along with juniors Kierra McElroy and Jae Branch plus whatever hot freshmen they have

McElroy actually has more four point plays than any other player I've seen since the turn of the century while the ultra smooth Mackey and explosive Cleveland love bringing it and when you add Branch, who is a highlight waiting to happen, don't give Westside the SBISD title yet SIM, yeah I know, I'm like Rickey Henderson


Westside's run starts with #SBISDTournament

The Wolves will be trying to dethrone Bellaire as district champs this season, they haven't won it outright since 2007 which is the year my daughter graduated from their however Westside did earn a share last season. The 2015  D1  twin towers of Alexis Adams and Maddisen Turner are one of the best front courts in the state and they are ready to send a message and with the emergence of Janae Smith, another talented senior, the black and blue will be ready for you at the Spring Branch ISD Tournament which helps crank up opening week

Read more

Sharpshooter Oltrogge ready for #2014HoopAHolicsCamp December 13th

Only saw Payton Oltrogge a couple of times and to be honest I adjusted my schedule for a special trip simply because when I hear about a 7th grader dropping double digit threes against a competitive team, yeah you've got my attention  read more

Well I'll get a chance to see her much much more over her career as the 2019 scoring machine will be on hand at the HoopAHolics Camp in Duncanville


March 6-8 in Oklahoma City

Some of the top young teams in the country have already registered for this event, more coming later but for now


Monday, October 27, 2014

'19 Montgomery locked in for #2014HoopAholicsCamp

I always hear things about this player or that player so it's always good for me to catch them action for myself. Reagan Montgomery was just about everywhere I was, or maybe I have that backwards, over the club season and I saw her under multiple settings to know that she definitely has some tools that will take her to the next level. The Girlz Prep Report Under The Radar star will be on hand at the Boob Knight Fieldhouse December 13th