Thursday, April 23, 2015

DFW Elite Houston 17U #Hoopfest WNBA Blue

Well this will close out my coverage from the Hoopfest, I tried to see everyone at least once but I was over 90% which keeps my saying of "No one covers an event like I do"  still intact and what better team to close it with than this one. Destini Hall, Gloria Davis and Aliyah Hayward certainly kept the tempo going throughout the event. Hall put up numbers throughout the tournament and all brought heat on defense

Tayelin Grays is one of the states top freshmen, she blew me away two years ago with some unbelievable feats yet her chapter is nowhere near closed as she overpowers smaller guards and when you talk about overpowering, London Mallett and Atlantis Thomas do just that around the paint. Mallet, one of areas most improved on both ends, has size and energy and the same can be said for freshman Thomas who I liked the first time I saw her play last season

My first look at Cydnee Hill and Kennedy Thibodeaux were good ones, Hill is relentless going after rebounds and the upside I'm predicting from both both will keep me watching their progressionb. Speaking of upside, I saw Damaya Telemaque doing a little more than hold her own as an 8th grader when I covered a camp last summer against a couple of the states top 2016 guards and the main thing is she didn't back down and after I put this talented freshman on the Tip Sheet, my phone hasn't stopped ringing

Damaya Telemaque Tip Sheet 

Texas Elite Adipure #Hoopfest WNBA Blue

Here's another squad you don't want to turn your back on and I can tell you that for a number of reasons. I liked Angela Wadley's strength and body as she delivered and received punishment in stride. The improvement of another SC, Sydney Cole, had me beaming, hey's she's 6'3 and young, huge upside after making giant strides over the past two seasons, I see ya Syd. Another player that has made a jump is Annalise Briscoe who is capable of putting up numbers quickly

Taylor Sheppard, Stephanie Walker  and Jennifer White all will fill in many pieces when they're on the floor but like I said, this is a squad you don't want to take for granted, Sheppard also is a nightmare on defense, she simply makes things happen which create to easy offensive baskets for her team.

A few players weren't on hand for the Hoopfest but  a couple that simply went off during the tournament were Alex Frankhouser and Sierra Wooley. Frankhouser was unconscious, she dropped two threes, I went and got a water from the concession stand and she dropped a couple of more in case I missed the first two. Her shooting and her body type will open some eyes but both of mine were open by the return of SiSi which is why she made the Tip Sheet

Sierra Wooley Tip Sheet

Cy Fair Premier Blue runner-up #Hoopfest WNBA Blue

Cy Fair Premier has an abundance of talent on both teams and the Blue squad certainly joins White with of the states best. Jordan Ott has shown me a lot in a very short time, good body and IQ and once she gets going, she's hard to contain. Miranda Ramsey and Haley Johnson have both made big jumps over last season yet their desire simply shows me they aren't done. Another jump is from Keaton Sayers, a young lady I saw in middle school that simply blew me away and she along with Alyce Fields. On the downside, I didn't get to see Emer Nichols, a 6'4 post that showed me range last season but she'll be back soon

Sierra Cheetam's length and ability to score has college coaches drooling with anticipation on her upside while JoAnne Taylor's mindset is you simply can't stop her and with an improved mid and long range game, her mind ain't playing tricks on her. I think I first mentioned Mackenzie Green being on the scene when she was in the 5th grader but remember that name as she joins the list of top 2019 players in the state. Cydney Rivera has catapulted her way to one of the states top freshmen and the Tip Sheet sort of gives you a clue

Cydney Rivera Tip Sheet 

Houston Insiders add a Mirakle #Hoopfest WNBA Blue

Eryka Sidney is one of the states top 2016 guards, that has been established simply by her ability to take over games, she made the Tip Sheet however what I saw from 6'1 Mirakle Sally over the weekend definitely put a throwback smile on my face. She's powerful, in fact one of the most powerful inside players in the area and she goes after everything in the paint on both ends but watching her hit the short jumpers tells me many colleges are going to take notice

The improvement of Tasia Hayes and Taylor Coleman on both ends also are huge plusses, Hayes is under control and at the Hoopfest threaded the needle better than a master seamstress, top that one. Coleman just plays hard, she's relentless on the boards and on defense but if there was a James Brown award in girls' basketball it would go to Demetria Heard who seems to be everywhere and is capable of scoring point while sacrificing her body getting all types bruises yet jumping straight back up with the " I Feel Good" mindset is something to see

Beth Hawkins has also been a pleasant surprise, she's six feet and can shoot the three but her length while doing certain things in the paint adds to her talent. Her confidence is definitely back and she's ready to prove that she can definitely help at the next level. Also ready to prove something are Toraya Bass and Patricia French and like that guy with the beard in TV, they join Hayes as a Cy Springs Family Affair. Both are explosive, Bass from the four and French the two/three and simply bring an added amount of energy

You have to trust me on this one and all I can say is tell me when I've been wrong but as Kiara McElroy recovers, hopefully she'll be back for July but every college coach I've talked to about shooters in 2016 know this young lady can simply score. She's also the ALL TIME leading four point converter I've seen in my life, man or woman and her strength. well that in itself tells you something about not only how strong she is but focused enough to take the lick and drop it


Texas Elite Phenoms win #Hoopfest WNBA Blue

Anytime I get to pat myself on the back I'm going to jump on it and although it wasn't four score and seven years ago, well it wasn't even four years ago but I told you about this team read more

I love those little siminisms and my saying "the hunted shall be the hunter" as well as "team of the future" and topped off with "some of the best young talent" and all I can say is either you listen and absorb because I truly know what I'm talking about and colleges  if you ain't subscribing you ain't trying  read more

Jakeria Ford, Alyssa Okeone and Jasmyne Harris are the foundation that has been in place the longest and are, let me hashtag it, #D1LOCKS and you can throw the key away, yeah I've used that line but it sounds so good. Ford's upside is amazing, she doesn't realize how good she can be while Okeone has developed into one of the states top players above the magic number, she's 6'2 with a long wingspan, but can score facing the basket and from the wing off the dribble and Harris, well let me SIM it up like this, she's 5'9 and plays above the rim but read the Tip Sheet

Tip Sheet on Jasmyne Harris

Losing Joyce Kennerson was a void that needed to be filled however Kyler Wyatt brinbgs so much energy on both ends plus can score, three ball included has helped the transition. Ford, Harris, Alanna Spencer and Katie Owen also can shoot the long ball, I called Alanna " Spencer for Hire" and although yall might not catch some of this but with the magic of Google you can get it. Owen might wind up being the X factor on this squad before it's all said and done, sort of like a silent assassin waiting and you talk about waiting, Makeedah Collins has been waiting her turn for a minute and the effort she brings in the paint on both ends will spell relief. Poised beyond her years, freshman Dymond Gladney has shown before it's all said and done she could be "flawless" as the tools are there and the valuable experience she's getting from being "in the heat" will show that it's going hard to melt a Dymond, yeah that was priceless

Crossover Elite 17U #Hoopfest WNBA Blue

Let me start off by saying that Crossover's game against the Phenoms was one of the best I've seen all season bar none because you could fell not only the energy right off the top but the sense of urgency and when you add the clutch plays down the stretch, well that sort of sums it up. The Bush duo of Emily Casler and Asia Nolan tells me they will definitely be in the mix next season as pieces fall into place. Nolan has been injured, she's coming along nicely and Casler's intensity was contagious on her squad

Let's talk about the back-court duo of Madison Glass and DaDa Evans, two of the states top guards in the 2016 class and the way they feed off each other. Both are explosive and get teammates involved and setting things up is simply what they do on both ends. What about unsung heroes Katherine Darden and Bria Ceasar who made huge plays or the improvement of 6'2  senior Tiara Marbley as I've watched her channel that athleticism into her basketball ability and at times, the dominance she's shown in the paint

Let me close with the sisters, Asia and Shania Woods. Asia, also a senior, has improved her speed and endurance plus she simply finished with a very high percentage during the tournament and like Marbley, shown signs of dominance but on both ends. She is also close to 6'2 and got the job done but the performance Shania put on has definitely moved her up among Texas 2016. she's 6'1 and can put in from the paint, mid or long range  and she put up numbers galore throughout the event.

With all of that being said, I picked Evans for the Tip Sheet because the game starts where and if you don't know, read more

Houston Elite #Hoopfest WNBA Blue

Houston Elite is one of the oldest programs in the state  and they're still bring heat from next level players. Although I missed one of the most electrifying players from the 2015 class, Joi Simmons who was away on a visit, I had a chance to see another senior, Tenise Burns, put up numbers throughout the Hoopfest

Peighton Porter is always bringing energy and a few highlights every time I see her did it again while Hannah Falls and Marshell Hollins also got into the offensive action for HE White. Plenty of heat on both ends from Kayla Thomas and Quennesha Whiting however the furnace was turned up by another SC, Sydney  Carr who made the Tip Sheet

Sydney Carr Tip Sheet

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Houston Lady Roadrunners #Hoopfest WNBA Blue

Some of the faces have changed over the years but Tasharian Robinson and Quatera Limbrick have been the glue, Robinson on defense and Limbrick on offense and both are among the best at doing what they do in the state for their classes, it's as simple as that. They've added Irenisha Johnson who is simply one of the most explosive jumpers I've seen since the last decade, she elevates over taller players with ease. Athleticism runs galore and Labraye Jackson and Limbrick applying pressure is going to burst a lot of pipes this weekend

They picked up other exciting players, Brianna Jackson and Madison Houston keep the heat going when they're in, I liked what I saw in Natalie Brannon being complimentary but what I liked even more was the improvement from Ari Taylor, she's 6'2, a freshman and isn't done, trust me. I've watched Jada Felder go off numerous times in her career, so you want to have as many weapons as you can on that end but Daizha Norris blew me away which is why I not only call her CLUTCH but why she made the Tip Sheet

Daizha Norris Tip Sheet

Cy Fair Premier White wins #Hoopfest WNBA Black Championship

Cy Fair Premier White has a Queen on their roster and the upside from this talented freshmen has her on the way to BCS royalty. Queen Egbo is ultra athletic and pretty dominant on defense, I'm talking perimeter, rebounding and either blocking or altering shots. The offense will come around even more which is scary but her upside is unlimited. With numerous outside threats like Lauern O'Connell, Macy Ray and Marissa  Banfield, it's easy to open things up inside for Cate Reese and Alexis Johnson along with Egbo

Big improvement from Allison Reese as well as O'Connell who is attacking more from the wing and her defense has taken a turn. Banfield is one of the top points in 2017, trust me on that, she's smooth and doesn't crack under pressure. Cate Reese can also face the basket and score while Johnson just outworks you. Callie and Jaden Owens weren't on hand for the championship however the score-sheet says it all as both put up numbers, Jaden happens to be one of the top 2019 players in the country. One of the most impressive showings from the Hoopfest came from Sydney Goodson and you guessed it, she made the Tip Sheet

Sydney Goodson Tip Sheet

Houston Premier Elite -Hoopfest WNBA Black

One thing I can count on from all of the Houston Premier teams is they understand the game and they can play. Sydney Maczko has blown me away since middle school, she knows how to run a team and get the right people involved and if needed, put the ball in the basket. Abbey Welling is 6'3, that could end the conversation but she can be dominant on both ends in the paint and what I like most is that she's developed a nice touch facing the basket and she and 6'1 Katie Dalton formed a nice set of twin towers as they simply went after everything off the rim. Dalton's aggressiveness has taken a jump and her timing has imoproved as well

The energy from Kendall Kassie and Mariah Baz showed on both ends and both can apply pressure defensively. Lauren Harrison did some acrobatic things every time I caught the team and watching her in the open court or attacking from the wing was something to see. Alyssa "Ozzy" Osborne can make teams rethink a zone and she, along with Maczko and Harrison can shoot the long ball, so can Shelby Stevenson who can score many different ways but the player that just went off every time I was around was Hannah Holt who, you guessed it, made the Tip Sheet

Hannah Holt Tip Sheet

Houstonians #Hoopfest WNBA Black

When I saw Annya Moss playing with the younger team earlier, I knew she was one of the best freshmen in the area but after her performance in one of the top divisions, that changed drastically as she's among the top in Texas. She's powerful enough to score with multiple players hanging on her. The improvement from Kori Seals showed during Westside's playoff run and she looks even better since then.

This team is filled with athleticism especially at the guard spot as the heat just keeps coming and Katherine Williams is one of those lighting the match. Ashley Miller scored multiple ways as well as Nadira Smith. Kendra Houston showed she could shoot the three but few players shot it as well as senior Ayesha Wahid who was simply unconscious

Monet Jones was out with an injury, she's one of the top freshmen in the state, hey she's over the magic number and she can play, well every position and in case you don't know, the magic number is SIX FEET. Wahid and Jones joined Mackenzie Johnson at Elkins this season, just thinking about those three can create shivers and Johnson made the Tip Sheet like her older sisters did in previous years

Mackenzie Johnson Tip Sheet

Houston Lady Dominators #Hoopfest WNBA Black

I think one of the players I'll most most from the 2015 class got to be Deja Hughes who just showed me something you can't teach back as a freshman and that's hard. With amazing speed, she became one of states best defenders and one of the fastest with the ball and had she not been at North Shore, she would have started for just about every other team in the city but by her being there, that kept the heat coming and she played a part in their run.

This has always been an exciting team to watch, simply because they never quit no matter what the score was and Hughes and Chante Francis have played a big part in that. Also playing a big part and consistently solidified herself a s a next level player is Taylor Alexander and you can read about her on the Tip Sheet read more

Kayla Cobbs and Ta\eraneshia Washington are a couple of talented freshmen I'll be keeping an eye and with Kayla's older sister Kia, Tashawna Riggs and Alexander, Channelview HS may just surprise some folks next season

Runnin Rebels #Hoopfest WNBA Black

This is a team with players that I've watched over the past three seasons just continue to get better and one of those, Taylor Hunter, made the Tip Sheet, read more Hunter got the nod simply because she's come back to just about where she was prior to an injury and if you've been following what I've been saying forever, there's nothing like a success story and I love the underdog because, one more time, it makes for a good story

Melissa Rodriguez could have made as easily as she makes those long range shots she's shown me time and time again and after a very successful school season, she's on course for an explosive weekend coming up, trust me. Leslie Lockridge got into the act at the Hoopfest, I didn't see very game she played in but the ones I did see along with the score sheets tells me she was in a zone and not just from bta

Sable Dennison has progressed nicely since I caught her in middle school, she's physical on both ends, can score taking contact and is seeing the floor better each time I watch her . Athena Co showed she could knock down the long range shots as well plus Amanda Figueroa played well on both ends

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Running Gators win #Hoopfest WNBA Black Consolation

Antoinette Sharpee, Jordan Mullins and Nija Young were the seniors on the squad and they certainly made noise, especially Sharpe who was in the zone one game in particular as she scored from everywhere. Janecia English and Brittney Branch also were key players throughout the event and brought plenty of heat on defense

Gabby and Alex Castillo brought plenty of heat also,, Alex has impressed me since middle school with her long range exploits however the improvement of Gabby simply blew me away which is why she made the Tip Sheet

Gabby Castillo Tip Sheet

Texas Elite Taylor #Hoopfest WNBA Black

This was a team filled with high energy players coming at you from everywhere. Senior Ashley Ford scored almost at will on opening day and was one of their most cost consistent scorers for the tournament. Colandria Hayes gave me my first look in game situation. she and Morgan Burnley both could attack and shoot the long ball and brought heat on defense but the opening day long ball performance from Miya Crump got her on the Tip Sheet

Miya Crump Tip Sheet 

The explosive senior  Eemani Brown wasn't their for game one but she certainly made her presence felt and my chance to see the Westside duo of Tanea Thomas and Kirby Celestine is sort of a can't miss for me anytime I get to watch them. The sad part is that Thomas wasn't 100%, the athletic guard who can score in or outside was battling a cold however SELLUHSTEEEEN was definitely healthy as she opened the tourney up in style putting up numbers and scoring from everywhere

2019 Jessica Cornelius update #UnderTheRadar

I've called Jessica Cornelius a powerful young guard but I've ever had a long conversation with her and I see her message on the video below is powerful as well. She can shoot the ball, saw that a couple of years ago but I caught one of her school games earlier this season and she did a lot more than that. She's smart, both on and off the court, and the message tells you she knows what she wants and believe me she will work at whatever she needs to work on

Returnees key to SA Islanders Black season #Hoopfest WNBA Black runner-up

I'll come back to Under The Radar players Alexia Torres and Erin Wimberly later today as I  do combination of both the Hoopfest and CF Invite on those GPR UTR young ladies. What I will say is this team has knocked off some teams many didn't think they were supposed to over the past two seasons and even though I don't care about wins and losses, it makes a good story when the underdog pulls it off, even without sweet Polly Purebread

Wimberly, Torres, Belle Tovar and Analissa Narro have all suffered some type of injury but the return of Tovar and Narro was especially good to see after knee injuries. Both are explosive and can shoot mid to long range but this is a team of talented smart guards that play the passing lanes and can shoot the lights out and when multiple players are on, they can play with anybody in the state, I'm not exaggerating or just leaving happy hour, it's real. Victoria Pena can light it up, I'm extra pleased at the poise from Tara Molina who has simply elevated her game as well as Alexis Worley who was a nightmare in the paint the past two weekend on both ends

Austin Elite Black #Hoopfest WNBA Black

The imposing front-line of 6'6 D'ashiah Willams  and 6'2 Korin Overton alone should keep college coaches busy this weekend and although both bigs have solidified they can play at the next level, Austin Elite Black has an array of talented players. Jazmyn Stevens midrange pull-up is work of art as she just elevates over defenders  while Mychael Gray and Savana Ralph kept opening things up from long range throughout the Hoopfest. Khala Hanson also showed she could shoot it mid to long while Jade Jeffries did a little bit of everything on both ends but the player that made the Tip Sheet was Brittney Onjeye who almost didn't make the trip but I'm glad she did and here's why

Onjeye Tip Sheet

Coming up today Pool A breakdown #CFInvite and more WNBA #Hoopfest

AD Elite, Cy Fair Ogwumike, SA Finest Blue and Texas United were the top teams in the top division and I'll throw a quick rundown on the four on the website

I'll also drop some more teams from the Insiders Hoopfest, which was a GPR CERTIFIED event so it doesn't matter if you beat a team I'm writing about somewhere else, that's irrelevant to me because I don't care who wins or losses, I'm looking for players that can play at the next level

Lady Warriors 2019 #CFInvite

Over the past few years, I've had a chance to watch several exciting young players prior to entering middle school and many of the Lady Warriors have simply blossomed over these three seasons as they are getting ready to head into high school next season. I made it a point to catch AD Elite Ice and the Lady Warriors simply because no matter what event or camp I've covered, an abundance of players from those teams have traveled across the state for me to evaluate them and by me practicing what I preach as far as progression, I definitely wanted to catch both teams and I was happy to have a chance to do just that

I knew Mykayla Hutchinson was going to do big things probably before she did four years ago and it wasn't because of her all star sister Terriell Bradley, I just saw something in her four years ago and knew big things would be coming. She's long and athletic and I've seen her play all four positions but watching her in the open court is something to see. The three ball is coming around and before it's all said and done. I didn't Jassmyne Brown, she's another who has progressed each time I saw her but she didn't make the trip however my first looks at Mackenzie Blackman and Tamia Miller were good ones as both have strong bodies with a tremendous amount of upside and they simply get after it

Nina Milliner is another I've been watching as long as Hutchinson and Brown and simply watching her absorb what was being taught at camps or watching her listen to her coach during games told me something, see I watch everything too and when you combine that with the fact that she plays the game one way, hard, and her BB-IQ is ahead of her years, that's a selling point for the next level but through it all, her mental toughness is something to see as she delivers in clutch situations. Amanda Frybarger showed she could definitely shoot the ball, I missed Paris Gant and Katera Mays, Mays is a player that I've had a chance to watch numerous times and she will do big things in high school, trust me

Sonia Blair, Dominique Labbe and Jordan McGeee joined Milliner and Hutchinson with the same acronym by their names as I evaluated their game, OMG and I used those three because I didn't have to write anything down, it's in my head on what they could already do and what they're doing now. Their athleticism and ability to get to the rim was something to see, all three finished strong with contact and brought heat on the defensive end. Blair's body control has always been impressive, she and Labbe were facing the basket knocking down the midrange with ease. As far as McGee, well she made the Tip Sheet

Jordan McGee Tip Sheet