Thursday, November 20, 2014

Wheeler all day SATURDAY

I'm flip/flopping over tomorrow night but I know where I'll be TODAY and early tomorrow, Texas Invitational, tonight, NIMITZ and Saturday it's WHEEEEELLLLLUHHHHHH


Under The Radar Dasia Johnson seals deal

Hutto's Dasia Johnson is all smiles as she signs with Eastern New Mexico. I caught Johnson a couple of seasons ago and knew she could go however after seeing her this past summer with Austin Elite, I saw things I didn't see the first time around. First of all she's one of if not the best catch and shoot player in the state, well with accuracy and when you open a game at 9 am with five threes in the first two minutes, well read more

Over the past five seasons, I've helped countless players receive more than what they had on the table, I'm talking about in the hundreds and over 90% decided to play at the next level. Here's the deal, I actually watch the kids and know what I'm looking at and my record simply speaks for itself. Believe what you want when you receive mass emails or letters from those saying this or that however if I don't feel I can help your kid, I won't waste your money


Aldine ISD Tournament updated

Clear Springs and Atascocita are in my area Top 12 and on opposite sides of the bracket so that means they should face each other in the finals of the Aldine Tournament right? Hold your horses, others say they have a shot too and they just may as the Aldine Tournament bracket has been updated to include Yes Prep


Cy Creek opens it up against Manvel #TXInvitational

When I saw this match-up a few weeks ago, I was totally excited as the super sophomore group would be on hand to tangle with defending champ Manvel and MDAA candidate Jordan Hosey and even though I knew one of those 10th graders wasn't available, I just found out another was out as well.

Nevertheless Mia Hayes, Hannah Froeschl and the rest of the crew will start off my coverage of the Texas Invitational at Deer Park North. I'll stay at North until I crossover to Deer Park Auxiliary around 4 sumpin so I can catch the new version of the " Bomb Squad" from Cy Falls vs an equally exciting Cedar Ridge featuring MDAA candidate and Texas signee Lashaan Higgs


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Lady Impact 2021 and several others ready for #BattleAtTheHive

Lady Impact 2021 has already made some noise as the #1 AAU nationally ranked 5th grade team on the West Coast (2014), 5th grade champions in the TNC Nationals Nike Final Four Showcase, and the 2014 Big State Shootout 5th grade champions

In 2013, Lady Impact 2021, traveled to Florida to compete against the best in 4th grade AAU Nationals and took 4th in the nation

Along with the Lady Impact commit, the Arkansas Mavericks and St Louis Adidas are also bringing multiple teams to the event and you can too

'21 Fontenot on board for #2014HoopAHolicsCamp

Add Aleighyah Fontenot to the list of players I started watching around six year old. I missed a couple of seasons but this past year, I had a chance to catch the 2021 Lake Olympia MS star in action numerous time during the club season and the work she's been putting in definitely showed. I alrready she'll be bringing it December 13 at the HoopAHolics Camp in Duncanville, TX where she'll join many other heavy hitters who will be the stars of tomorrow once they enter high school

Will you be there?


#FBISDTournament Friday night possibilities

Cases can always be made for whatever rankings, all tournament teams, preseason and postseason teams and believe me I get it because a lot of this stuff had me wondering but I knew how to verbalize and justify bu using common sense and putting it into words. Neither Jaelyn Richards or Faith Cook were mentioned among the Top 15 players in the area but I get a chance to watch the players play and of course I actually know what they're doing. Richards is one of the best "TRUE" points in the area, she's electrifying and has makes her teammates better, plus she can defend and her IQ on the floor is of Basketball Mensa proportion

Dekaney has knocked off some heavy hitters already and they're on a collision course to play Seven Lakes Friday night at 7:30 in the quarterfinals at Hopson. Katy Taylor and Hightower along with Bush vs either Kempner or Kingwood in the other game at Hurricane central, I'm guessing folks and the great news is that all three are right by each other so do I rearrange my schedule, who knows

11/18/14 area results

Folks I post this numerous times every year but it's several things I don't tweet and definitely won't retweet, blowouts along with stats, unless you're a GPR UNDER THE RADAR player. Beating a team by 50 points that you clearly have an edge on is meaningless to me and if I started tweeting about someone scoring double digits then I'll be bombarded with info that can be misleading from thousands, well it's almost at that point now but one more time

It's not WHAT you do, it's WHO you do it against


'16 Owen ready for spotlight at #TXInvitational

Deer Park's Katie Owen has shown me she can definitely create some problems on thew basketball court over the summer and she's ready to help lead her Deer Park teammates to battle this weekend at the Texas Invitational. Deer Park will be playing in the Division 2 portion of the event however there is talent throughout the tournament and you can see it by clicking right here

That's only Thursday's bracket, the main Texas Invitational website can be found at link below


Westbury Christian defeats Legacy Christian

I've been on the BANwagon for quite sometime now, I guess four or five seasons and watching '17 Marissa Banfield's progression over those years has simply been a joy. I knew the young lady would be a next level player seeing her playing a couple of years up at 10 and showing skill set, poise and like Bonecrusher "Never Scared" and as she got stronger and taller over the years, well you hear what I'm saying and read what I'm writing but this young lady is one of the top points in the country for her class, it's as simple as that

Alexis Morris is also one of the top point guards in that 2017 class, she's in the Top 30 with everyone and if she's not, she should be. Morris scored 20 in last nights game but Westbury Christian simply has too many weapons. Tyra Cormier is a double double waiting to happen, Sara Williams just brings so much energy and Marie Bailey simply can fill it up, she dropped 24. Speaking of filling up, Banfield has flirted with several triple doubles in the early going and scored 26 points with rebounds and steals of 6 each as well and although I get there late, my primary purpose was to check out the talent and I left pleased

Kincaid holds off A&M Consolidated in OT

I knew this would be a good game so I couldn't miss one of my final chances to catch Tulsa signee Tyjae Scales in action. Scales was dominant for Kincaid in the early going of a back and forth game but then Alexis Johnson and Jasmine Smith got into the act. A&M Consolidated has one of the fastest back-courts I've seen in the state plus a young lady who was simply on fire from mid to long range in the early going

In the second half, Chinaza Ndee started taking over on the inside, she and Johnson are sophomores while Smith is a freshman so even after Scales is going, this team definitely has some pieces. Consolidated was impressive with their fight, they jumped up early, got down and came back and when Ariel Starks started taking over, the game became even more exciting. Starks is one of the top freshmen in the state and that midrange was smoking during the second half

Mo Williams Hoopfest featuring some heavy hitters

I received a call yesterday from a national writer and  he said "how about that Fab 4 from McKinney North you ranted and raved about last season" and I chuckled and said, well I told you so and let me tell you something, I've watched these young ladies for quite a while and one thing I can say is they just keep coming at you. They've already defeated Duncanville and Skyline in the early season and they'll be going against some of the top teams this weekend at the Mo Williams Hoopfest in Allen TX

This is definitely that time of year when I wish I could be cloned, I mean Richardson, Skyline, Plano West, they're all in it but you have a number of teams that will be in the hunt once playoffs come around. I've added the tournament to the EVENTS tab and even though I won't be there physically, I'll be there


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Doubleheader Tuesday starts at Kincaid 4pm

It's not Thanksgiving but the treats are already here and after an impressive opening weekend, I just found out that A&M Consolidated, featuring 2017 GPR Under The Radar Ariel Starks would be in town to play Kincaid and then I'll jet over to watch Westbury Christian against Legacy Christian featuring two of the countries top point guards

Starks has already established herself as a D1 player and her team will be going against some heavy hitters on Kincaid, stay tuned for rap, I mean wrap

#3 North Shore holds off #7 Manvel on road

North Shore came from behind to beat Manvel 61-57 last night and it appears to have been a great game. On opening day against Hightower, neither team shot the ball well and both had too many turnovers, especially in the first half but I chalked that up to the temperature dropping 20 degrees and early season jitters, in fact the change of weather made me stop taking pictures and notes, so I get it. Shore looked better in the Lady Gander Tip Off but they're still not where they will be

Their #SizeDontMatter duo of Adriiana Jackson and Chasity Patterson can both drop 20 plus with ease but they have several capable players that can score in the high double digits. Tiffany Aceneaux dropped at least 4 threes last night, Kayla Mack and Alyssa Okene will be close to double -doubles and Shay Jackson is one of many that can come in score in bunches

Defending state champ Manvel has MDAA lock Jordan Hosey and after seeing them earlier in preseason, I wrote that they looked better than I anticipated and when you look at their Big Three + 1, Hosey, Arianna Sanders, Ameiya Jackson and Lauren Taylor, they could combine for some where in the high fifties and above. Here's the good news, I'll catch the defending state champs and runner-up, Duncanville, North Shore, Cy Woods plus some where parents don't feel they've been given enough props so let's call this "put up or shut-up weekend" as I do my best to cover Texas Invitaional, FBISD and Aldine events

Read more

'18 Katlyn Ghavidel changing lyrics of "This Girl Is On Fire"

GPR Under The Radar star Katlynn Ghavidel knows how to open defenses up with those long range bombs and she also knows how to open up her high school career. She not only made an All Tournament team in the first week of the season but after five games she's eclipsed 100 points good enough to be among the Top 5 scorers in Texas 5-A but lets jump back to the opening sentence. Her long range bombs, 22 so far, on just 42 attempts, let me help you out, that's over 50% in the early going and if she continues at the rate, she'll pass the century mark with ease

Monday, November 17, 2014

2021 Oklahoma Bombers on board #BattleAtTheHive

Yesterday capped probably one of the most exciting four consecutive days of basketball I'd seen in a long time, Conroe Tournament on Thursday, Lady Gander Tip Off in Baytown Friday and Saturday night, SBISD Tournament Saturday morning and Loyola at St. Thomas on yesterday so what could be better?

Well make it five straight days as more exciting players have registered for the HoopAHolics Camp next month and another talented young 6th grade team will be on hand for the Battle At The Hive in Oklahoma City March 6-8


Tomorrow an area rankings wrap after week one

Nancy Mulkey, Erica Ogwumike and Tatyana Perez

This past weekend was the first official Simmie Selfie Weekend and even though I've taken hundreds of myself, okay thousands, I figured I'd jump in every day with various players and fans this past weekend. Cy Woods wound up defeating Barbers Hill for the Ranger Division title as they are now numbers 1 and 2 in the area

Kimberly Carter went off in the second half of their semifinal win over North Shore as she celebrated her birthday with 19 points and 14 rebounnds including double digit points in the third quarter, no I don't remember how many I just know it more than nine. Speaking of nine, both Kimi and Erica Ogwumike showed me theu were going to be players years before they turned nine, in fact, flip it over because they were about six running around the gyms but one more time, I just knew

GPR UTR players battle in Patriot championship #LadyGanderTipOff

Brooke Jolivette, Gabby Stanton and Charlotte Hodges

The good thing about the start of the basketball season is I know I'll be able to catch some action however the bad news is that several will be ending their high school careers. Kingwood defeated Clear Lake in the Patriot Division championship game and although I only caught Gabby Stanton (Rice) and Charlotte Hodges (HBU) in their sophomore seasons, I knew they were players from day one

Torrie Thompson

Clear Lakes Torrie Thompson (Henderson State) caught my eye only last season, in fact it was right here at the 2013 Lady Gander Tip Off and I knew she had next level written all over her. Brooklyn Jolivette has been running around gyms forever, I think she was around 10 or 11 and when someone told me how old she was, well I just knew it was going to happen and as usual, I was right



MVP Quay Cleveland Cy Falls
Joanne Taylor Cy Falls
Kierra McElroy Cy Falls
Allison Goss Tompkins
Brittany Panetti Tompkins
Sentreal Gregory Westside
Maddisen Turner Westside
Destiny Vincent Klein Forest
Tiera Hutton Stratford

Shae Routt Kempner


'19 Brielle Hampton on board for #2014HoopAHolicsCamp

Marissa  keeps sending me updates on who'll be at the Hoop A Holics Camp December 13th in Duncanville and I just keep smiling in anticipation on watching the stars of tomorrow who are, well stars of today as well. Bri Hampton was one of the many stars I had a good look at during Prime Time Nationals and she's one of many exciting players on that NTX Lights Out 2019. The Clark MS balla has already dazzled me and I'm ready to see even more in less than a month

Are you a "balla", well I'm a "calla" of talent and although I'm not always right, I have never been wrong at calling next level players so if you want to show your stuff, sign up now


Cy Lakes defeats Bayltown Lee for Gander Division title #LadyGanderTipOff

The good news is that Cy Lakes was very exciting to watch as they captured the Lander Gander crown, one of three division titles in the Lady Gander Tournament, over a feisty Baytown Sterling team. The bad news is Cy Lakes plays in the areas toughest district and after them watching them, they would make the playoffs in many districts throughout the area, in fact win some but they'll be in a fight for a playoff spot

The better news is that they have some players that are up for the fight and after interacting with some of them, I think they're right because anything can happen and I've seen it before. The game starts where folks, yeah at the one and Kelsey Griffith @Kelsie_Griffith  did a good job. Griffith, along with Kendra Houston, Lizbeth Oyervides @LizzyO21 and a couple of freshmen, Sierra Fuller and Cierra Greer, can shoot the long  ball, Shyra LeBlanc was strong inside and the talented players on this squad deserve more GPR looks and they will get them because watching Aaliyah Davis @JustLiyahhh  elevate is worth the price of admission in itself. Davis is ultra athletic and created problems on both ends

Summer Creek wins #ConroeTournament

I said that the first round game between Summer Creek and Nimitz should have been the final and the loser would win Consolation, well Summer Creek defeated Klein Collins 62-53 but Nimitz lost by 3 to Klein Oak


Banfield coming off MVP performance as Westbury Christian hosts Legacy Christian

When I go out a limb, trust me, it can hold my weight and I can't say any more about Marissa Banfield than I've already said. Well that's not true because although I know she's one of the best point guards in the state, right now, even though she's in the 2017 class, she's also probably one of the most underrated points in her class in the nation and you can archive that

Bansfield is fresh off of a 25 point performance and helped lead Westbury Christian to the Sharpstown Rotary Championship, she was named MVP for the tournament. Tomorrow, rain, sleet, snow or blizzard, I will be there to see two point guard wizards because Alexis Morris will be there with Legacy Christian. Morris already is listed as one of the top players in 2017 so I'm already ready