Tuesday, September 30, 2014

St Pius showing promise #CyFairFallClassic

I don't really get to see a lot of private school teams during the school year simply because with limited time, it just doesn't fit however I've watched several of St. Pius players over the years in club ball including some on this years team. Laura Daulton continues to show why D1 colleges are on her and at 6'4 along with having a college ready body now, her continuous skill set improvement and physicality she shows in the paint, well not to mention her facing the basket and scoring will keep her on many short lists. Scarlett Rodriguez and Jade Ball bring a lot of energy and intensity at the guard spots, Rodriguez has been dropping the long ball forever while Ball's speed as she attacks had me feeling the breeze as she blew by for countless baskets. Rechaundra Dunigan also got by players easily, that first step is deceptively quick and her athleticism along with Madison Lancelot's show that they will be among the key ingredients for the season

Under The Radar Tip Sheet #CyFairFallClassic #TheLastRun


I had a chance to catch up with some of the Girlz Prep Report Under The Radar players over the past weekend and one thing I have always been about and always will be about is progression and this group definitely continue to show just that


Torrie Thompson -5'8 guard- Clear Lake HS (Pearland Hawks) Thompson is a scoring machine, she's hard on both ends and she showed e another plus as she played on a severely sprained ankle. That doesn't matter, she averaged double digits for the event including a 25 point outburst

Tess Clark-5'10 guard-John Cooper HS (Pearland Hawks) Left hander that can score with either along with her size is one plus while her physicality on both ends is another. Played hard on both ends and made some things happen


Brittany Panetti -6'3 post-Tomkins HS (Pearland Hawks) Panetti's versatility continues to be one of her biggest assets as she not only can score in the paint but stretch the defense by facing the basket and score mid to long range. Can she play the 4, yes she can, no if ands or butts


Marissa Banfield- 5'6 point guard-Westbury Christian HS-Simply a gets the job done player that has an IQ worthy of Basketball Mensa status. She handled the pressure with ease and her ability to see the floor, thread the needle for easy baskets, along with being able to take over offensively, almost made me want to go back and pay

Jade Le-Blanc Ernest-5'7 guard- CHSA (Pearland Hawks)-Leblanc's steady improvement on both ends continue to amaze e and although she too wasn't 100%, you would never know. Played great defense and came up with big baskets during crunch time



Khatlyn Ghavidel-5'7 guard-Boerne Champion HS ( SA Finest Diamond)- I always say you have to be able to do more than shoot the three and Ghavidel continues to elevate her game in other areas. She found ways to not only get to the line but showed more aggressiveness on both ends but her ability to knock the long ones down are already among the top players in the state

Reagan Heun-5'9 guard-New Braunfuels HS (SA Finest Red)- Big guards that can shoot are a hot commodity for the next level yet Huen also has added some muscle to her game and fro what I saw she will be overpowering many guards offensively over the years. She's also showing several intangibles that don't come up in the box score which is always a plus

Dekaney will make noise again #CyFairFallClassic

Evidently there's a lot of smarter people than me, actually it isn't, however Jaelyn Richard-Harris is one of the most underrated point guards in the 2016 class and before you ask why, let me simply break it down to you. She makes everyone around her better, she's fast without the ball and just as fast dribbling baseline to baseline pushing the ball while igniting the break, she sees the floor extremely well and she knows who to get the ball to and when not to mention she's overly unselfish and she is best defenders in the state. That is one of the main reasons why Dekaney will be a threat even though she and Keishawna Scott weren't available this past weekend

Another reason is the versatile Lauren Grigsby who is smooth as silk on both of the court and scores in droves and I don't she drove to the hole over and over, she can knock it down from outside. Steady improvement from both Masheeda Collins and Roshanda Lewis on the inside along with the athleticism from Jasmine Smith, who has turned a corner and Casey Belt will keep the pressure going along with Kalia Thomas and Kaleah Brooks

Solid Westlake full of surprises at #CyFairFallClassic

I hadn't seen Austin Westlake before but I knew some of the faces and sort of had an idea on what to expect however my expectations were exceeded. This is a talented group of young ladies that not only know their roles but excel at executing what they are told. Lexi Cunningham was one of the offensive surprises, while the Holle twins, Brooke and Bailey, simply kept coming at whomever on both ends

George Ranch turns corner #CyFairFallClassic

With only one senior on the squad, expect George Ranch to knock on many doors this season before on them next and who knows, with the young stars coming up, old Bum's saying prophetic words may cone through. Alexis White brought a lot of energy as she is one of five sophomores on the squad. Sharpshooter Julia Schwanke was playing with her club team in another event and as she now hovers around the 6'0 mark, well you're looking at plenty of offense. Kendall Bess showed a lot of promise and her being 6'1 doesn't hurt and when you add White, Chinwe Eke, Cerinethe Adam, all 5'10 along with Schwanke, well that's a good start. Also plenty of high energy guards including Haley Johnson who also made a turn this past summer

Kempner makes strong showing at #CyFairFallClassic

Kempner's Coach Erica Routt has to be beaming with joy not only because she'll have a chance to coach her already committed to Texas freshman daughter Shae but the pressure I saw fro the backcourt along with the level of intensity coming throughout the whole game was something opponents need to take notice of. Tiara Matthews is one of the top 2016 players in the state, saw her in 8th grade and simply knew she was going to be a force to be reckoned with and like always, when I call it young it happens. Matthews and Routt are going to create some issues in the paint as they're going to be able to do plenty of damage on both ends and even though both can use their size down low, both have continued to work on their games to be able to face the basket and score

Routt isn't the only freshmen that will provide another ingredient to the Cougar's recipe as Tianna Clark will crate some issues on the court. Clark is another young lady I've been watching for what seems like forever and her energy level trickles over to her teammates and I already consider her one of the top defensive guards in her class but over the summer that offense has come around and these two will definitely be key to what Kempner not only does this season but the future as well. Yeah Shae, you told me so, I know, I know

Monday, September 29, 2014

#CyFairFallClassic makes weekend #AutoAwesome

Where do I start is usually the question I pose after observing an event and usually I come up with various innovative ideas. I know one story on the main site will be about the talented players that came down on three San Antonio Finest teams and a couple of guards simply blew me away. Clear Springs, Atascocita and Dekaney will still create problems, while Kempner, Langham Creek and George Ranch are going to pull off some surprises. Manvel is better than I expected, so are St. Pius and Austin Westlake, not to forget my daughter's old school Westside who should win district outright for the first tie since she graduated

I missed one show on Saturday when Chasity Patterson went 9/9 from long range, I told you so, I told you so, I TOLD YOU SO and her North Shore squad, along with the Cy Woods/ Cy Ranch mixed tape action was definitely on point not to mention "Tip Sheet" Charli Collier (Barbers Hill) looking, how did I say it last time, #HookEm ready right now. Even though I missed Patterson's show on Saturday, I caught her and Lashaan Higgs putting on one that was one of the best I've seen in a long time when players simply took games over and let me also add that Cedar Ridge, you know what, all of the mentioned teams will be broken down this week, including the star studded group of youngsters on the Cy Fair Shock that, well SHOCKED quite a few so stay tuned

Plenty of everything at #CyFairFallClassic including

Me saying Kayla Owens, Laura Daulton and Deauzya Richards have all showed signs of dominating for Langham Creek, St. Pius and Cy Ranch respectively wouldn't be true because no signs were needed as they "Just Did It" in their freshmen seasons. The super sophomores were among the bright spots and guess what else, they will definitely be among the many Tip Sheets and or mini stories I have coming at you from the Cy Fair Fall Classic over the next few days so stay tuned

#CyFairFallClassic changes preseason view

Title made you look huh? Actually it hasn't changed that much and remember I always say my predictions are based on teams staying healthy so with that being said I Had a chance to get at least a glimpse of all 15 teams I have listed with the exception of Kingwood and I'll try and touch on each

Also not that this is not what I do, I don't really care who the best teams are, who makes all district or whatever else awards, where any other service or person has someone ranked or what someone else thinks. The only thing I care about is identifying players that can play at the next level, that's it and if those other things are more important to you, blogs are absolutely free so go for it and always remember for those who are unappreciative, "I don't seek your approval"

Heavy stuff coming at you fro the Cy Fair Fall Classic so be ready and check out the new 15

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Saturday, September 27, 2014

College coaches already on the '17 BANwagon #TheLastRun

How about that for a teaser title but I am more than ready to see 2017 Under The Radar Marissa Banfield (Westbury Christian) do her thing. Banfield is already a household name with many college coaches, plus she  has offers on the table and rightfully so because no matter what you hear and believe me I listen to people saying saying stupid things over and over, the game starts at the one and this young lady definitely is one of the top points in her class throughout the state

Can she score? Yes but she also makes her teammates better and even I can't sing or dance, I know she controls the tempo. More on Banfield later as the countdown to #TheLastRun starts NOW

Clark flying with Pearland Hawks at #TheLastRun

College coaches love big guards that can score, well '15 Tess Clark (John Cooper) happens to be one of those young ladies. Clark put on a shooting exhibition last night and she's ready for some action with the Pearland Hawks today


#TheLastRun Camp sets today's tone

I didn't do a head count but I would imagine around 150 players were on hand for Friday the night camp to, how can I put it, get the ball off and running as The Last Run event starts today. Established seniors Chelsea Lott, Jayla Calhoun and Bernisha Coleman, all over the magic number as well as well as Martina Rawls who plays like she is were among the top available players who haven't committed but are legitimate D1 players listed on my Texas Top 100, if you didn't who they were.......

'17 Mya Hollinashed was one of many that showed a tremendous amount of improvement as well as '18 Ariana Taylor, yeah they're both over the magic number as well but the magic really poured in when those Virginia girls popped off and folks the more I watched Shannen Atkinson and Kalla Ballard, both a couple of 2016 players who will join Megan Walker today on Boo Williams, the more I wonder why i didn't get enough sleep because today will be long but it won't be my Last Run, stay tuned and look for the tweets

Thursday, September 25, 2014

#TheLastRun schedule for Saturday and Sunday

Brittany Panetti will be with the Pearland Hawks as the schedule for John Lucas' The Last Run has been dropped

Read more for club teams scedule

Read more for HS team schedule

Friday night and all day Saturday, I will be on hand with camera, pen and paaper

College coaches #TheLastRun Skills and Drills FRIDAY night

Heun rolling with SA Finest #CyFaitFallClassic schedule posted

I had a chance to get a real good look at 2018 Under The Radar Reagan Heun this past summer and the more I saw, the more I wanted to see. She, along with 2018 Texas commits Shae Routt (Kempner) and Tip Sheet Charli Collier (Barbers Hill) are just some of the younger players I've gone on and on and on about and since they're only freshmen, well I'll be doing it even more but all three will be on hand at the Cy Fair Fall Classic

I will be there all day SUNDAY, the event is at Cy Woods on Saturday and Sunday, here is a link to schedule

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#HoopAHolics Camp coming to Dallas area in December

Last season to say the HoopAHolics Camp was a success would definitely be an understatent

Two sessions and almost 150 middle school players fro Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas and Oklahoma were in attendance

The return is coming as I will be covering the event hosted by PASS THA BALL, so stay tuned but until then, let's revisit last December

More video fro the camp/clinic

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Queens of the District preseason October 11-12

As the season nears, I'm getting riled up and over the next few weeks I'll be covering plenty of action in the area. Contact info is on the flier,, see ya soon

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GPR get's the job done!!!!!

It never ceases to amaze me when people call or come up to me and say they need help. I explain that my time is valuable and there is a fee involved because when you look at the travel you've paid over the years, the training hours, club fees or whatever else is associated with what you're trying to do as far as getting your daughter as many options as possible to play at the next level and nothing has happened, well the most important thing is playing at the next level, hopefully for free or as close to free as possible right

Parents have told me, yeah but I already paid ABC this or that or I've paid someone with name recognition and I respond well that's who you need to be talking to and where are they watching your daughter play because, uhhh, that's kind of what I'm out here doing. Year after year, people are fooled and the old "bait and switch" works a number of ways and as far as recruiting services, some are just sending out thousands of letter telling lie after lie which is one thing I won't do which I why I have to believe I can truly help and when you have over a 90% rate of helping kids get more, well let me pat my self on the back

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October 11th and 18-19th are dates you want to mark down

I'll be covering Queens Of The District preseason event along with a return trip to the Greater Houston Invitational. Remember to check the EVENTS tab on the website also remember I don't work for food and I don't work for gear so if you want me to cover an event, money is what I hear


Alexis "The Great" ready for comeback

What determines great as far as basketball? Well for me to say things like one of the best I've seen, can't miss and someone I'd actually play to watch several things go into the equation and averaging 20 points a game does not necessarily mean you're great nor scoring 40 in a game, always remember "it's not what you do, it's who you do it against"

Alexis Jones is a player that was worth probably close to 20 points per game for both Irving Macarthur and her club team without scoring a basket and that falls into the category of her making her teammates better. Don't get me wrong, she could also simply take games over and even more importantly, take them over in the flow and if you don't know, well you just don't know

Marissa @passthaball has put together yet another dynamic video on Jones and her recovery from a knee injury