Monday, October 20, 2014

Under The Radar Hughes is a speedster ready for the run

I remember a couple of years ago when someone asked me if I knew who Deja Hughes was and my response was I hadn't seen her but she could play. I was then asked how did I know she could play and my simple response was I saw blur and felt the breeze but they didn't catch it. Hughes is one of the fastest guards in the area, with the ball and also one of the top defensive guards in the 2015 class. She simply makes things happen, on both ends and even though she was out for the Greater Houston Invitational, she'll play a huge role in their run

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How do I know, I just know

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I told you "The Future" is now Chasity Patterson #GreaterHoustonInvitational

I just love it when these kids make me look like a genius, where is that 5th grade video of Chasity Patterson when I called her "The Future?" It's on here somewhere but I'm pressed for time folks and as the click ticks until opening season when North Shore faces a major test off the top in Hightower, I'll be there hopefully in VIP section but anyway Patterson and company are on a MISSION and it ain't IMPOSSIBLE

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The worst thing is to be uninformed and misinformed

I'm simply amazed at some of the things I hear when I talk to parents and whats even more amazing is some of the stuff they tell me, especially when it comes down to services helping their daughter. Folks if someone tells you they can help your daughter get to the next level, sight unseen, unless she's way above the magic number of six feet, red flags should go off

I don't care if your daughter is receiving letters left and right from colleges, I've stated several times that I've received letters over the years telling me how well I played and even though I didn't play, nor am I female, it sort of lets me set the stage. I've had parents tell me, "well my daughter is only a junior" sometimes leaves me speechless because I've laid out the percentages and unless your child is a "can't miss" you should be concerned

Girlz Prep Report gives honest evaluations, the number of kids I've assisted is mind boggling and some of those had nothing on the table so before you're fooled into believing something that isn't true and once again, although tons of people are giving advice, I've been through this and not just with my daughter, who was a can't miss, but with numerous Under The Radar players who could play somewhere

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Barbers Hill climbs to #3 in area but they might be even higher

A very impressive showing against one of the states top 6A teams tells me that Barbers Hill would make the playoffs in every area 6A district in the area and win most of them, it's just that simple, it is what it is and they are going to do plenty of damage providing they stay healthy and here are a few of  the reasons why

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Manvel still could play spoiler #GreaterHoustonInvitational

Losing a couple of BCS players and some talented guards might destroy a lot of programs however Manvel still has MDAA lock Jordan Hosey, sharpshooter Amiya Jackson and  game changer, Arianna Sanders just to nae a few. Although Hosey wasn't on hand at the GHI, the team fought and battled and as the picture shows, were there to lending a helping hand so when they are at full strength, imagine the high flying Hosey along with the rest of the defending state champions being ready but right now, they're just playing it cool

Yates, Chavez, Concordia #GreaterHoustonInvitational

Tiara Marbley and Kristina Battle were a couple of guest players for Yates, Marbley at 6'2 has continued to improve over her career as well as Battle who is a few inches shorter but both definitely made their presence felt during the event. The actual Yates squad had several speedsters and that along with their athleticism created some issues when they pressed. Yates also had some kids that could shoot the long ball as well as attack and finsih

Chavez had a couple of guest players also, the Gregory sisters from Westside and they will play a huge part in whether or not the Wolves win district this season. I'm not familiar with the Chavez players, well except one and that's freshman Stacy Rios. Rios has done tons of growing up over the past two seasons and her ability to not only stretch the defense but distribute will help Chavez who has talented kids

Concordia Lutheran is sort of in a rebuilding stage, well sort of however they have some transfers and newbies that will again have them giving the larger public schools fits along the way. You can almost forget about offensive rebounds with Lindsay Treadway and Ally Welling, both over 6'2, controlling the inside and with the ever game changing Sydney Mackzo, be ready for the Crusaders

FB Marshall duo ready to go out in style #GreaterHoustonInvitational

Da' Mazhae Leeks and Tenisa Burns have had plenty of moments and memories over their high school career however this season, the team appears to have even more firepower from a variety of positions. Leeks and Burns are going to give the team over 20 combined every game, that's a given, but the energy from their supporting cast which includes size and other capable scorers will determine how far they go

Game starts at the what? Always has, just ask Jas

Talk about a blast from the past, I watched Jasmine Hartman grow up right before my eyes. I caught Hartman as a 7th grader at Pershing MS, Pershing has a storied history of players doing some damage not only in HS but beyond and Hartman. At Bellaire, Hartman helped Bellaire maintain the status of one of the "teams to beat" and after that, she starred at Oklahoma and reached the Final 4

Jasmine was at the Greater Houston Invitational with her younger sister who also plays but here's a link to the former Cardinal star from way back

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Evans addition has Cardinals clicking #GreaterHoustonInvitational

Aeriel Holiday

Losing Irinisha Johnson was a big blow but even without her,, Bellaire showed they would be competitive this season with a talented group of players including Aeriel Holiday and Aaliyah Austin. Holiday is one of the hardest working players I've seen come through in a long time, she doesn't mind diving on the floor and she goes after everything in the pant but she has been stroking the ball from long range effortlessly and consistently

Aaliyah Austin

Austin has taken her game up every year I've watched her and she adds so much energy to this talented team who simply want to get after it. Peighton Porter and Mya Hollinshed will create some issues in the paint as well and although I said this would be the first season Westside wins the district outright since my daughter graduated, 2007, the addition of Dae Dae Evans has me thinking a little differently

Dae Dae Evans

Evans simply makes things happen, she's a bolt of lightning with the ball and she knows how to set her teammates up for easy baskets. Evans can also score and too bad I don't video because the acrobatic lay-ups and and ones she displayed as well as watching her zoom and zig zag through the crowd would be highlights I could watch again and again

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Out of town schools shine at #GreaterHoustonInvitational

One thing I can count on from the Beaumont area is talented players that simply get after it and Central and Ozen brought an array of talented players to the Greater Houston Invitational.

 Both teams were loaded with speed and I saw an abundance of guards hanging in the air doing some acrobatic things while playing pressure defense and dropping the long ball with amazing accuracy

Port Arthur Memorial didn't make it back for day 2, I did see the last week and even though they were shorthanded, they will sneak up on some folks this season but Brenham was there and they won't be sneaking up on anyone

The primary reason for that is 6'8 Tiarra McCowan who is narrowing her college choices down as I type and in this #AutoAwesome photo, you see the talented star finishing with ease. Brenham also had an array of talented guards that simply got after it and that will only get better once Angela Darcus returns in a couple of weeks

2020 prospect Kelly commits

If I could pick stocks the way I pick young talent, the SEC would be investigating SJC for insider trading and over the past couple of seasons, I've told you Deja Kelly was not only a "can't miss" and a BCS lock, well the talented young 7th grader decided that the University of Texas is where she will continue after middle and high school. 2020 is a super class across the country and believe me Kelly is one of the best wearing a cape

'18 Ott joins other stars at Texas over the weekend

Jordan Ott made a huge jump this past summer and that elevation continues as she on campus at the University of Texas taking an unofficial. As I glance through the picture, I see '20 Deja Kelly, '17 Chasity Patterson and '16 Amber Ramirez along committed players '15 Lashaan Higgs and '18 Shae Routt

Ott will be doing some huge things at Lake Travis this season and you'll be hearing more down the road

Under The Radar Johnson commits after strong summer with Austin Elite

I caught Dasia Johnson a couple of years ago and what impressed me about her game was her ability to see the floor and shoot the ball however this past summer she suited up for Austin Elite and I saw elements of her game I hadn't seen as well as numerous colleges as the Under The Radar star just committed to Eastern New Mexico

I've wrote numerous stories on Johnson and her exploits over the past summer and her ability to catch and shoot simply added to her next level value, well catch and shoot with accuracy so the Hutto star simply found ways to get it done. Five three pointers in the OPENING two minutes should get your attention and if that doesn't, three four pointers in a game and let me simply use two words, focus and concentration as I remove Johnson fro the Under The Radar list here's a link to what I've seen

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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Banfield and Morris highlight November 18th match-up #GameStartsAtTheOne

Westbury Christian's Marissa Banfield and Legacy Christian's Alexis Morris are two of the top point guards in the 2017 class and I'm not just talking about area and the state so you know I'm excited and elated that they will be going head to head on November 18th which is the Tuesday before the Texas Invitational. Great week of basketball which is great for me


Get ready for the Routt #SBISD

Hopefully this analogy works but if you were growing up and you knew what you were getting for your birthday or Christmas but you had to wait on it for what seems like forever, then you'll probably understand how long I've been waiting for Shae Routt to enter high school

I caught her around in the 6th grade and over the years she's continued to expand her game and has gone from being a five to a player that can step out and play the three, on both ends which is very important. Routt continues to grow, on and off the court and will be playing for her mom, Erica,  at Kempner this season

The 2018 star also decided to follow her moms path as she will continue her career at the University of Texas, yes she committed as an 8th grader. Routt is one of the top freshmen in the state, she'll be ready and I'll be ready as well in a few weeks when I catch her at the SBISD Tournament and if you wanna know where I'll be be, you can always find me by clicking


Friday, October 17, 2014

Get ready for Panetti as Tompkins rolls out #SBISDTourney

Brittany Panetti and several of her Katy Rebels teammates have been making an impression on me for years however this is the year Tompkins will be eligible for varsity. The 6'2 Panetti's versatility has been placed on several college coaches short lists and what's even better is her upside. She, along with several of her club teammates will be on hand for the Spring Branch ISD Tournament next month and so will I

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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Tip Sheet Charli legend starts....... #GreaterHoustonInvitational

I wasn't leaving the Cy Fair Fall Classic until I saw Charli Collier in action with Barber's Hill and I guess I'll be turning in early Friday night because her team which has a legitimate shot to head to Austin, I mean San Antonio, goes against another team that also has shot, North Shore, in their respective classes hook up at 8am. Also in another early game, the new look Manvel squad led by Air Jordan Hosey takes on a talented Port Arthur Memorial squad I caught shorthanded last weekend, well so was the Shore

Anyway here is the schedule, be ready


Mustangs ready to weather Hurricanes off the top

Two things right off the top will sort of set the tone for what's coming  and that's how good North Shore is and how good will Hightower be. North Shore and Cy Woods are the teams to beat right now as far as heading to San Antonio in March however the gap isn't as wide as you might thing as several teams could over take one of both squads and the Hurricanes happen one of them

Kayla Mack (Loyola) and Adriiana Jackson (Dillard) want to close their careers out with a bang however Chelsea Lott and Unique Finley want to do the same thing. Needless to say, this is the game I'll be on opening day, unless I forget

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Super soph Starks takes unofficial to Ivy League school

Ariel Starks made a splash as a freshman at A&M Consolidated and rode the waves over the summer with Cy Fair Shock however the tide isn't over as the talented GPR Under The Radar player gave colleges more than a glimpse of what she's capable of this past July and at 5'9 and playing multiple positions, they had more than an eyeful.

Starks is receiving interest from several colleges including Top 25 programs and this past weekend, the high academic star took an unofficial visit to Princeton and was more than pleased as she loved the campus, coaching staff and the family environment of the school. Keep your ears open, more on this young sensation will be coming

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

'16 Alexia Torres shows versatility at guard spot

I've put up a lot of videos of SA Islanders gaurd Alexia Torres over the last couple of seasons and one thing those videos showed was her ability to score, off the dribble, going to the basket, hitting the midrange and range some radar can't even detect but one thing I always talk about when I evaluate players is progression and even though she showed me she was one of the states top long ball shooters a couple of years ago, she just keeps getting better and in this video, you can see even more defense and athleticism from the 2016 Under The Radar player along with her court vision and even more ways to score. You can't teach some things and smart guards with all of her other attributes are a plus, awe just enjoy the video from Incarnate Word (San Antonio) junior