Saturday, August 30, 2014

Hosey and Higgs at Cy Fair Fall Classic

Let me see, both Jordan Hosey's and Lashaan Higgs' last names start with H, both played for the same club team, Cy Fair Ogwumike, both will be attending the University of Texas and both should be MDAA locks, I don't have a vote yet I should but nevertheless, both will also be on hand with their respective high  school teams, Manvel and Cedar Ridge at the Cy Fair Fall Classic

Gordon's Flashing into stardom as Lexi get's ready for #40/40Combine

Myra Gordon was one of the top performers at the Pass Tha Ball Camp I covered last December in Duncanville and the 2020 star continued to impress me all through the club season with Higher Elevation and it seemed like the more I saw her, the more I saw she was working. Older sister Lexi simply blew me away last summer with Texas Adidas Elite Franey and blew opponents away at Bell HS in her freshman season and after watching her again this past club season, she's continued to add even more to her arsenal of weapons. Lexi will be on hand next weekend at the 40/40 Combine as well as some of the top players not in only in Texas, but across the

2018 stars committed in more ways than one

As Shae Routt and Charli Collier enter their first year of high school, both have dome some amazing things along the way which has led them to both commit to the University of Texas before scoring their first points or grabbing their first rebounds in high school. The two young stars have both committed to improving their games and this is something both have definitely done since I saw them I guess around the 6th grade. Routt will be making noise and Kempner, not sure where Collier is but it will be noisy as well and you'll be reading about it right here as they head the list of area stars that will make immediate impacts as freshmen

Friday, August 29, 2014

Watts Athletics Showcase coming in October

        2014 Fall Hosted Events

           “Watts Athletics 1 Day Showcase I”
·         Date:  October 4, 2014     
·         Who:  4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, & 8th grade Boys
·         Location:  Episcopal High School (Houston, TX)
·         Cost: $115.00 (2 games guaranteed)
·         4 teams per division (First 4 divisions that fill up will make)
·         Boys evaluator TBA

“Watts Athletics 1 Day Showcase II”
·         Date:  October 11, 2014    
·         Who:  4th, 5th, 6th, 7th & 8th grade Girls
·         Location:  Episcopal High School (Bellaire, TX)   
·          Cost:  $115.00 (2 games guaranteed)
·         4 teams per division (First 4 divisions that fill up will make)
·         Simmie Colson – “Girlz Prep Report” will be in attendance

For more information on these and other events being hosted:

Contact:  Coach Gene Watts
Cell:  817-372-8021

'15 Thompson hoopin with Hawks at Last Run September 27-28

Clear Lake star Torrie Thompson had some kind of season last year in high school only to have that overshadowed by a very impressive club season where in many games, she simply went off.  Thompson is one of the GPR Under The Radar players playing in John Lucas' The Last Run as she joins '17 Jade Leblanc-Ernest with the Pearland Hawks. Ernest is also coming off a big club season so these are a couple of players you definitely want to see


'19 Montgomery made gigantic strides

Reagan Montgomery has to wait another year before she makes her presence felt in high school however the strides she made over the short time I saw her in various events with Centex Elite tells me she's going to definitely be a  difference maker. In the initial sighting, the first thing I noticed was how she reacted in certain situations and she not only handled double teams with ease, she saw the floor extremely well so with her ball handling and good skill set, I'm thinking I'm on to something however over the course of the summer, the Under The Radar star showed me she could definitely shoot it and when you combine all of that together, well you'll be hearing a lot about Reagan over the years

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Although there's plenty of info out there

A lot of the info is bad and the worst thing that can happen is that information can have you like the ball, STUCK. Social media has simply gone haywire, some of the stuff I see has me scratching my head and although many think they know, just because a player can make a lay-up and shoot the three doesn't mean she can play at the next level

There's a saying going around that there is enough scholarships for everyone, well that's untrue and that saying is like someone telling you if you listen to a Doobie Brothers record you'll get hungry, it ,makes no sense

Know your options from someone who will ALWAYS keep it real and I'm talking with parents, players and college coaches


Tuesday, August 26, 2014

'19 Reece elevates BEAST status

Under The Radar star was simply one of the most consistent performers I saw at multiple events in July with Oklahoma Select. I know, she's still in middle school but keep in mind I'm no ordinary guy with a take and Jim Rome's comment on having a take comes to mind. Reece simply won't let you outwork her so always be ready for a battle as the throwback player dives on the floor and into the stands but the young stars ability to battle while scoring ad rebounding in the paint was only overshadowed by her perimeter shooting and defense

Levings sisters ready after Swarm

Kendra Levings is a player I haven't seen a lot of but from what I've seen, there is no doubt in my mind that the 2018 Under The Radar star will have colleges all over from, well all over before it's all said and done. She''s 5'10 and has dropped close to double digit threes in multiple games, yes 2018, 5'10 and multiple 3's so that in itself tells you something. Levings game is more than just that, she bring a lot to the table and the table is still being set as she enters high school

Kendra's younger sister Katelyn kept me in a trance at Prime Time Nationals and I was sold on the the 6'2 Under The Radar player simply because of her size and age, she's a 2020, and I didn't need an eye exam to know that I had perfect vision on this one. To sum it up, she'll be a triple double waiting to happen, oh yeah, and like big sister, she can shoot the three. Both young ladies played for the Oklahoma Swarm 2018 and 2020 teams respectively and I can't wait to see them again

Monday, August 25, 2014

Accept the challenge

Here's to the players as school begins and your season isn't far behind the numerous camps and fall events coming up so be ready to accept the challenge. That ain't liquor in the glass, only ICE and WATER and speaking of that

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Even more PRIME TIME coverage for 2015

Made it to the ATL last season and it was a blast. More Prime Time events coming next season, in and out of Texas along with as much coverage as I can give you from the always exciting Prime Time Nationals

Check it out


'18 Schenck more than ready for larger role

Sometimes you can just tell when you spot players at a young age, wait, I can tell for certain and after watching a few minutes of Mikayla Schenck, based on what she was already doing, along with her age and size, I knew bigger things would be coming. The Under The Radar star has been in the gym for a long time, either playing or watching older sister Madison put on several shows and believe younger sister has benefited because she not only observes but comprehends and the jump she made over the past year along assures me she will continue to move even higher among D1 programs short lists

Saturday, August 23, 2014

'20 Kelly ain't no baby and is ore than ready for #40/40Combine

I made a comment about Deja Kelly being able to play major minutes on  every HS team in the area last season and I'm sure some scratched their heads in disbelief however always remember, when I give you a tip, well we all know how they turn out. Wait, I ain't got time to play with yall, check this out

You're welcome!!!!!

'18 Ghavidel already a Champion

Katlyn Ghavidel has been doing some amazing things for quite some time and after setting numerous made three point records along the way, her freshman season at Boerne Champion will create lots of interest. Ghavidel's smoothness on the court didn't happen over night, neither did an abundance of weapons she's added to her offensive arsenal since playing with the South Texas Hoyas however what this Under The Radar star continues to show is growth and progression and watching her catch and shoot, with accuracy, from long range is simply something to see.

Friday, August 22, 2014

'18 Caldwell in for #40/40Combine

I saw the future years ago and when I call it. well we all know. Desiree Caldwell showed me a little something even before I saw her perform on the court when she was watching older sister Recee going completely off time and time again, yep called her too, so when I had a chance to see DC in action, well I don't write for the comic book but I knew this young lady had powers, hopefully you caught that, but even if you didn't, Caldwell will be on hand for the John Lucas 40/40 Combine

'18 Ott keeps moving up spots

I am going to figure out a way to see Lake Travis this season and one of the main reasons is Under The Radar star Jordan Ott. The gifted guard showed me she was ore than a next level player after a couple of minutes and with the letters and offers she has received before playing her first high school game, well that speaks volumes in itself. Smart and skilled, Ott knows the deal as she can score multiple ways but we'll bring you more as the season progresses

'18 Tolbert accepts challenge

Someone said the "Monster Class" of 2017 would have several players making immediate impacts with their high school teams off the top and low and behold that someone was correct. That same person is telling you to expect  much of the same fro this group of incoming freshmen as they're ready to take charge. Under The Radar star Tia Tolbert showed me what she could do over the past two seasons however a healthy Tia Tolbert truly had me gushing with excitement this past season as the young lady has not only matured but expanded her game. More on Tolbert in a couple of  weeks as she joins a "Who's Who" list of players at the 40/40 Combine

Comprehension is very important

I used the pink shirt to show my soft side in case this comes off wrong and if you follow me on Facebook and (or) Twitter, you have probably seen me post things like don't tag me in events I'm not covering or put me in long group messages, especially when it doesn't apply to me and sometimes I tell people different ways using a variety of terminology but that's just me

It's only 24 hours in a day, I spend a lot of time doing what I do and I just don't like being bothered with nonsense and the most recent example was an IM asking me to bring my team out to the coast, I forgot which one and I responded back by asking do you know me or even know what I do and I even put links to both my blog and website. Well the response I got back was "all I want to know is if you're interested in bringing a team and if so what age group" and this tells me they never took the time to click on the link

Comprehension on and off the court is a must and I've given you numbers, stats and everything else as far as making it to the next level and based on the NCAA


That's pretty cut and dry so cover your bases and maximize your daughter's chances because I actually watch the kids play and will always keep it real


'18 Patin ready for 40/40 plus

I'll never forget catching Rayven Patin on day 2 when I covered John Lucas All Star Weekend in New Orleans and after see her throw a couple of passes, I knew something was definitely up and as usual I was correct. The Under The Radar star was one of the standouts at Lucas 60/60 as well as Prime Time Nationals with her New Orleans Lady Trojans squad and the future Cabrini HS star, trust me, will be on hand for the 40/40 as the countdown continues

Thursday, August 21, 2014

'17 Leblanc-Ernest accelerates process over summer

What do I preach over and over? If you said progression pat yourself on the back because you are definitely paring attention and if you've been paying attention, like Jade Leblanc-Ernest does on and off the court, that's even better because if there's one thing I love more than progression it's comprehension because if you don't get it, well that's a problem. This young Under The Radar star caught my eye a couple of years ago with the Pearland Hawks because I saw she actually got it, see I watch kids on the floor and in the huddle and if I'm close enough, I also get to see how they react to what's being taught. Over the course of these two years, not only is she getting it, she's giving it as well and I'm talking either with HCYA or a breakout summer with the Hawks. Hold on, a picture is worth a thousand words right, well this video is........