Thursday, September 18, 2014

R-3 with a chance to repeat as 5A state champs oops I forgot new 6A

I'm glancing around the area and I've just adjusted my ranking after learning about who's where, Charli Collier is at Barbers Hill which gives then a very good chance of getting out of R-4 and dropping Cy Fair out of the initial Top 10 because the Woods sisters are now at Lutheran North but that can change based on how everything falls into place.

What hasn't changed is the fact that I'm sticking with North Shore and Cy Ranch as being preseaon favorites as Chastity Patterson and Deauzya Richards both have the supporting players on their teams, providing everyone stays healthy, to get out of here.

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Keep in mind the teams with the most talent don't always get out of their regions nor win state, that's been proven time and time again and remember you only have to be the best team that particular game in the playoffs.

 With Manvel winning state, history can be made as no R-3 team has ever won back to back state titles and even more surprisingly since the Houston area has produced champions from both region's 2 and 3, no area team has won it back to back

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Remember the more the better

As the Under The Radar lists continues to drop for the 2015 class, remember the key is to maximize the players exposure. Everyone is not a "can't miss" however too many people believe that they might have one yet if the opportunities are not on the table.......

I post this over and over, some people understand but parents there are talented players everywhere in the country, it's as simple as that and the vast majority of players need some additional help fro someone that actually watches the players and not try and pull the old "bait and switch" on you

Is there a fee, yes there is and if you pay to play, travel and train and the most important thing is playing at the next level and having options on where you'll be playing, well

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'16 Panetti with Pearland Hawks for #TheLastRun

Brittany Panetti started off the season on my Under The Radar list however based on the contacts and literature, oh yeah, and OFFERS on the table, the 6'2 junior needs radar to keep up with who wants her now. Hey, she already has gone against some of the nationally ranked players her size and let's just say she did more hold her own but watching this young lady drain 3 three's back in June at the Texas A&M Elite Team Camp with her Katy Rebels club team simply blew me away

Panetti will be one of the highlights at The Last Run next weekend as she joins fellow GPR Under The Radar players '15 Torrie Thompson and '17 Jade Leblanc-Ernest on the Pearland Hawks and I'll be there for DAY 1 coverage

Always remember where I will be can be accessed on the website under


Tyjae Scales makes double decision

If ever a player was "Under The Radar" it would be Tyjae Scales who stands a tad over six feet but plays a three to four inches taller. Am I exaggerating or embellishing ? I don't do that, I always keep it real and Sales continuous progression on the basketball court simply shows what hard work can do as she simply kept taken her game to another level and will join fellow Cy Fair Jolivette teammate Tatiana Perez at Tulsa

Scales was also ranked among the top shot putters in the country and she will be pulling a double at Tulsa with basketball and track which leads to a story. A coach called me and said, "I know you do girl's basketball but do you know anything about track" and I told him "yeah I walk on it and used to get tickets driving like I was on one" and this is how I learned just how highly this young lady was regarded

I'm a basketball guy, I won't claim to be an expert on anything else but I'm sure if it's something Tyjae wants to do, she'll get it done, period. Here's a link I did on her for Full Court last season

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Birthday surprise coming from #4040JohnLucas

Coach Rob always brightens my day and glancing at this picture tells me one thing, I'm going to drop even more names at you fro The Combine so stay tuned

More of out of state players create problems #4040JohnLucas

I simply forgot that Zoe Young still has a year to go before she enters HS but I didn't forget her game and although her name fits because she was one of the youngest players on hand, her game showed she played like one of the oldest. For more on this bright young star and others

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Monday, September 15, 2014

Dajah Jeffersonized #4040JohnLucas

Dajah Jefferson is a very impressive 2017 wing that simply did a number of things that assured me of wherever she's ranked, she will be "Movin On Up" and the Hopewell, VA product was one of many out of state performers that were off the chain at "The Combine

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Surrounding states bring heat #4040JohnLucas

Several talented players were on hand at The Combine from a variety of states, same as last season and a couple of states that surrounded Texas, Louisiana and Arkansas, definitely brought something to the table. I've gone on and on about 2018 Rayven Patin, she's a GPR Under The Radar player you'll be hearing plenty of over the years but and here's some of the articles I've done on the talented prospect read more


Patin wasn't alone as three other Louisiana players made their presence felt including a couple of 5'10 forwards, Bethany Hudspeth and Jaden Towner, who not only did a good job rebounding on both ends but they also showed they could score. 2017 guard Kalia Anderson has a lot of symbols by her name and the summary is that she not only can create for herself but for her teammates as she does a good job scoring either by attacking the rim or just shooting from the outside but her ability to see the floor was among the top guards


Arkansas was represented by a couple of players that I had ironically not only seen before and but also written about. Raija Todd is legit, she's a 2018 with a very bright future and her ability to score multiple ways is simply uncanny

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Brogan Jones is the other young player from Arkansas, she's a 2016 and standing a tad over 6'1, I guess the biggest thing she's added is more confidence as she commands the ball down low from her teammates and unlike my mail, consistently delivers

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Coming up later today as I wrap #4040JohnLucas

Two tip sheets, one for out of state which will be on the main website and another for the surrounding state players that were in attendance. Always remember if something is moved to utilize the search bars on either here or as well as the #4040JohnLucas hashtag

Girlz Prep Report continues to go over and beyond and far as coverage and services

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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Mazyck loaded with bag of tricks at #4040JohnLucas

I don't know what I enjoyed most about Aliyah Mazyck, our conversation off the court or what she did on the floor. Keep in mind this was the first time I saw the young lady play, she was on hand at the 40/40 for Day 2 after taking an official visit to Texas A&M. She also said that she nor her parents really had watched the Aggies however after watching that championship run starting with Elite 8 and since she's a point guard, the Aggie point guard definitely left a lasting impression, yeah I gave my daughter a plug.

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Okay in case you missed the PassThaBall video, lot's of footage on this young lady so take a look

Fraser's intensity shown #4040JohnLucas

This is what you do when you're a dominant post, demand the ball and Brianne Fraser gave the Double D as she not only demanded the ball but delivered as well and the break was well deserved

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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Super Cooper not only Georgia star at #4040JohnLucas


Te'a Cooper wasn't the only player from Georgia that put on a show, the 2018 duo of Tyler Collins and Taylor Sutton sold me a few months ago at the 60/60 and let me say this, their mailboxes will stay full over the course of their young careers but they weren't alone as trio of other young ladies joined them on my must see list for the future. With Collins and Sutton both at the same school, well that's reason enough for a road trip and should they play Norcross, well that might be a locck-Hampton, GA


Vashnie Perry-5'6 guard-Norcross, GA (Norcross HS) I love speedy guards especially when they're speedy with the ball and Perry simply made things happen on both ends of the floor. She showed she could get to wherever she wanted and usually that was blowing by defenders to the basket


Jenna Brown-5'9 guard-Marietta, GA (Marietta HS) Brown did a number of things well as she joined the guard group that could attack almost against anyone and finish. She handled the ball well under pressure and even more importantly saw the floor well

Taylor Mason-5'8 guard-Decatur, GA (Norcross HS) Mason has the ability to overpower guards, smaller and bigger and her strength enabled her to go coast to coast for numerous baskets while taking  contact. She also showed she could get her teammates involved

Caria Reynolds-5'10 forward-Stone Mountain, GA (Greater Atlanta Christian School) This young lady showed a lot of poise and composure and was one of the players that excelled in the drills. She also showed her strength as she battled on both ends in the paint and finished strong

Tyler Collins-5'5 guard-Fayetville, GA (Woodward Academy) Collins keeps climbing up the charts and the phrase about big things in small packages certainly fits. Collins can flat out play, her mindset is she doesn't care who she goes up against and her ability to score, defend and get her teammates involved will have her on numerous short lists for colleges

Taylor Sutton-5'6 guard-Hampton, GA (Woodward Academy) Sutton had a big S on her shirt, don't know if it meant Sutton or Super but either way it fits. What she brings to the table is almost indescribable as she simply makes things happen whether she scores or not, which she can and when you have that type of impact, well.......

Walker and Cooper simply amazing #4040JohnLucas

Megan Walker and Te'a Cooper showed why they are among the top players in their respective classes at The Combine

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#HoopAHolics will be back but first #PassThaBall #4040JohnLucas

Marissa makes it easy in more ways than one and if you remember the HoopAHolics Camp you know it was fun. Last season, over 150 players came and conquered as PassThaBall showed if a picture is worth a thousand words, well how much is a video worth

My pictures are okay, well some of them are but her videos are great and here's a chance to see some of the stars I've already told you about and will be telling you about and also remember that I will be teaming up with PassThaBall when HoopAHolics resumes but for now, enjoy the video from "The Combine"

Fingall simply dominate at #4040JohnLucas

Two things I can't get out of my head, that horn going off from my #InsanityWorkouts and  Nadia Fingall simply going off

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Tip Sheet Charli #HookEm ready #4040JohnLucas

Her name is Tip Sheet Charli, the subject title says it all now if you don't know who Charli Collier is either use the search bar or

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Richards floating like a butterfly and stinging like a bee #4040JohnLucas

She's as articulate off the court as she is deadly on the court and although I said a long, long time ago she had a legitimate at being a McDonald's All American, Deauzya Richards simply keeps elevating on and off the court

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CPR-3 ready for North Shore run after #4040JohnLucas

CP R-3, get it? Well you will as Chastity Patterson keeps showing everyone "The Future is NOW" and she was one of many stars that were on hand at  "The Combine"

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Friday, September 12, 2014

White keeps getting it right #4040JohnLucas Texas Tip Sheet

I've enjoyed watching this young lady the past two seasons and she continues to not only show progression but has all the tools to open the next level up in a huge way. Kayla White, if you use the search bar, comes up with several stories since I first laid eyes on her back in 2012

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There's no question she'll be a next level player, in fact she's on the D1 track right now but before it's over, and she has time, just remember I said she could simply blow off the ,map

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More Tip Sheets are coming #4040JohnLucas

Raija Todd is excited and rightfully so because she excites me on that court, more on her later. Hopefully this make Victoria Shelton a little more enthused, she's all business folks and her game just went up

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