Thursday, April 17, 2014

Louisiana still talking about #PrimeTime

 This was a very entertaining group of young ladies from West Monroe Louisiana ranging in grades 7th - 12th and ironically the youngest happens to be the tallest. These young ladies got after it, from baseline to baseline, breaking speed limits posted on the highway back on the court

I  love finding talent because after the four and five star kids are gone, the playing field of next level talents evens out, trust me on that and several of these young ladies can play at the next level

Whitfield sealing deals at #CFInvite

2017 just keeps getting brighter and brighter and although I always knew Arianna Whitfield would be playing D1 ball eventually, she's gradually moving up higher and higher. She doesn't know the meaning of pressure yet she knows how to apply it and if you don't get that

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Sydney sparkling in sophomore season at #CFInvite

Eryka Sydney is simply a player that finds not only ways to score but how to set her teammates, as well as defenders up. She's averaging around 20 ppg for the season and will be at the Heart Of Texas next week

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Rodgers progression continues at #CFInvite

This young lady has made some incredible shots over the past year I've been watching her and if Highlight Waiting To Happen wasn't too long for me to type, I'd probably be tweeting that hashtag. On the real, Brittany Rodgers is one of many talented South Texas Hoyas I've watched improve, it's all about putting in the work and putting the ball in the basket, as well as stopping opponents from doing so, I stole that from DFW Elite Coach Butler but it works right? So does BR, hey BR sending me to the ER!!!!!

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Robinson elevating over opponents with ease at #CFInvite

I was told to keep an eye out on Imani Robinson who was just returning from track a few weeks ago and I immediately knew who she was. The more I see her, the more I know she's legit in  basketball as well and her efforts at the Cy Fair Invitational for Austin Elite landed her on the Tip Sheet read more

No matter what day, Ray finds a way at #CFInvite

This is what I would consider one of my  Picasso pics, noooo, not the quality of the photo but of the players captured because recently,Lauren Cox, Mykiel Burleson and Mikayla Christian have all made Tip Sheets while Kiana Ray defending Jordan Hosey make this one, hey I guess #YouCantTeachThis works in things other than basketball

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Green's efforts land her on #CFInvite Tip Sheet

AD Elite has some talented players that are hitting the court running. You have sharpshooter Faith Cook, the Dekaney duo of Lauren Grigsby and Jaelyn Richard along with many other promising stars like Tia Hairston. At the Cy Fair Invitational, one young lady in  particular caught my eye, Lexy Green from Cedar Park and, well just read more

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Fury unleashed at #CFInvite

Another solid program I've enjoyed watching over the years has been the Fury and they always manage to find ways to be in the hunt. At the Cy Fair Invitational, they showed an abundance of talented players close to the magic number that could do multiple things. Taylor Lacour, Maddie Anderson and Amanda Johnson all played for Georgetown, Johnson in fact averaged over 20 ppg for the event. Another of the Georgetown crew, Kendrick Clark, made the Tip Sheet  read more

Oklahoma Showcases stars at #CFInvite and one made Tip Sheet

I caught the Oklahoma Showcase players chillin between games however once they hit the floor, it was on

Many of the players caught my eye at least seasons #MarchFest and it was great to see the young stars again

Several players showed progression, which is what I look for and  one in particular,Oh Mighty Isis

Made the Tip Sheet  read more

If it's not 8 in the morning it ain't over #PrimeTime #CFInvite

I didn't get to see the little LadyBig Dogs play but I saw the big ones and let me say this, I had the foresight to know that Maci Forsythe would be doing some impressive things this past weekend, guess what, right again. I'm not finished with Prime Time Saturday or Cy Fair Sunday but I am rushing to be in compliance with the all important Girlz Prep Report scouting service

College coaches, I'm all over the place, I not only see talent, I know talent and always remember, I have no agendas and this just in, I have been NCAA approved once again.


Don't call others so they can call me, $200 is less than a plane ticket or a hotel, gas and dinner, trust me I know what that costs cause I'm everywhere


Cy Fair Jolivette UTR duo ready for Boo

Charlotte Hodges and Brooke Jolivette are not only club teammates but HS teammates as well and they along with Gabby "I'll be back" Stanton helped lead the Mustangs to those days of yesteryear over the past season. Stanton just had successful knee surgery and won't be with her teammates at Boo Williams in person but she will be in spirit as Hodges and Jolivette get ready for their most important club season of their careers

Both can score and rebound, defend and put the ball on the floor and after watching them in club ball so far this season, I know they're more than ready for the action coming at them at Boo Williams next weekend

McCowan and Holmes show progression at #CFInvite

Yeah I know I used it but Tierra McCowan and Joyner Holmes were #AutoAwesome at the Cy Fair Invitational and both also made the Tip Sheet

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Free Girls Senior Showcase May 3rd

Name:  Chris Saiz Point-The-Way Foundation 2014 Senior Showcase
When:  Saturday, May 3, 2014 at Cinco Ranch High School
Start:  Players are to be there at 8:00 a.m. to register and games to start at 9:15 AM
Purpose: To honor Chris’ love for the game of basketball

What the Players get for attending:
- No cost to them
- Recognition in the local papers and TV sports news
- Get opportunity to play before area college coaches
- Get to play with and against top seniors from other schools
- Participate in 3 point contest
- Awards presented to winner of 3 point contest and MVP of showcase
- A lot of fun

To learn more about the foundation and Chris’ life please go to

Please feel to email or call me or Dirk Minniefield (; (832-707-1312) with any questions.

Thank you for your consideration.

Bruce Morris
Director, Chris Saiz Point-The-Way Foundation  


Panthers on prowl at #PrimeTime

The Panthers were another team I caught at the Prime Time event that simply didn't know what the word quit meant. The jumped out on you and kept the heat going throughout the game and to do this, you have to have players that not only buy into your system but also players who can play and they had some. Grace Pendergrass might not be a singer but she definitely topped some charts on Saturday. Although she's undersized, she doesn't realize it and her toughness enabled her to battle with taller opponents, her ability to finish was simply amazing from the angles she did it from and she also played the passing lanes extremely well. Caitlin Lennon handled the pressure well, saw the floor even better and to top that off, created easy shots for her teammates. Brianna Weiissert was also a threat, she ran the floor well, has a good strong frame and finished. After further review,  this was the Alba Golden school team out of Alba and they will be on my list to see again

Hosey heads #CFInvite Tip Sheet

Jordan Hosey is on the verge of taking her game to another level and as gets ready for Boo, she's becoming a nightmare to contain

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Texas Fire Newton Red at #PrimeTime

 Texas Fire is a program deep with talented players and this one is no different. Presley Stephens is long and athletic, showed she could not only finish and rebound but defend and block shots. Demi Frazier created her shot well, showed she could hit the 15 footer with ease and the same could be said Janice Saulters and Bri Maddox and when you have a team that can move the ball around quickly and efficiently making it seem effortlessly at times, that's a huge plus

I'll dress cool the next time I see this squad because I know it's going to be hot

'16 Under The Radar Pantetti showing 6'3 talent as Heart Of Texas is next

Brittany Panetti is looking in the direction because things are definitely looking up for the Katy Rebel=Goss sophomore. At 6'3, she's making her presence felt, coming up with a double-double of 17 points and rebounds in the Cy Fair Invitational in one game while averaging a double-deuce for the event, yes I just thought of that

Kendall Rollins was on fire averaging over 15 ppg while Allison Goss did what she does at run the one effective and efficiently averaging 10 and a whole bunch of assists. This is a talented team and they will be on hand at the Heart Of Texas

Remember May 16-18 GPR Certified event

Insiders Basketball Classic, May 16-18, "and they don't have no award for that", yes they do Drake,  team and individual trophies