Friday, May 22, 2015

Livingston Ladies bring more talented faces #IBC GOLD

Breanna Terral impressed me so much last season, first I didn't realize how old she was as she was doing damage playing up and even more her BB-IQ for her age was ahead of it's time read more
Nothing has changed as far as that, but she's taller and stronger and even more fluid than last season but she's plenty of time left to master her craft and believe me, from what I'm seeing, colleges will be beating at her door. This is a solid squad and Candace Ellis and Natalie Stewart joined Terral at putting work in the paint, Ellis also showed some long ball action

Dannah Martin shot the three quite well throughout the event while Gracie Day, Serenity Smith and Kate Thompson also added offensive firepower to this talented young group but the energy that came from several other players, Abigail Burns, Asia Garner, Natalie Stewart and Victoria Smith were all key reasons why they won 2nd place in the Gold Division. One of the biggest suprises of the tournament was 2020 Dijone Flowers, how good is she, I thought she was a sophomore when I first saw her but she made the Tip Sheet so


Skyrise 2020 Howard win #IBC Silver

Let me sum it up like this, Kyndall Hunter is a Tip Sheet waiting to happen, she keeps adding things to her game but the most important parts are the ones you can't teach and since the game starts at the one, she's definitely handling the pressure of playing up. Skyrise 2020 Howard has a little bit of everything and when you look at the jump Rianne Burton has made and the jumps Jade Compton is making, that isn't presence simply wears opponents down.

Amada Turpin's outside shot is becoming more deadly or should I say deadlier, either way it's a killer but I'm seeing steady improvement from everywhere. Briana Parker and Sydney Rollins join Hunter in the small guard club but they also are in the the #sizedontmatter club and they keep coming at you. Zaria Johnson and Cy' Maya Colquitt, check and double check as well as new face Ja'nyah all are exciting but Cassidy Howard and Shadiya Thomas made the Tip Sheet this go round


Varsity Tip Sheet from #IBC


CYPRESS, Texas-The Insiders Basketball Classic Varsity Division had talent flowing on every team and I had a chance to the majority of those teams but a few of the teams, I’ve seen multiple times throughout the season and the young talent coming up is going to definitely be exciting and entertaining. The Acadiana Stars represented the Lafayette Louisiana by winning the division and their lone loss was to 365 Elite Red which they avenged in the championship. Here are some of the top performers that played in the Varsity . I don’t know the last name for Lindsey who played with another Louisiana team, Livingston Ladies, but she gets a S/O for putting up big numbers

Alexus Wycoff (365 Elite) gifted scorer that shoots the midrange well but can also attack from wings. She also handled ball pressure and saw the floor well but her comprehension of the game is ahead of her years, she simply makes things happen

Isabella Rathgeb (Houston Insiders Black) she's long and creates problems on defense especially by playing passing lane but that length also enable her to get her shot off which she's creating more effectively. Plenty of upside 


Chandler Jones (Houston Premier Orange) when Jones is on, she's definitely hard to handle because she can score many ways. Take away the long ball, she blows by you for the pull-up or all the way to the basket and trust me, she's usually on

Halle Jones (DFW Elite Houston) I think this was probably the most impressive performance I've seen from Jones because she handled the heat from Acadiana Stars back-court and didn't get flustered. Huge upside

Janaziha Cormier (Acadiana Stars) let me put it this way, she's in the 8th grade and has a college ready body. Now that I have your attention, she definitely has the tools to be as good as she wants to be, she battles for everything in the paint, she runs the floor well, she passes well from the post, inside or perimeter but more than anything else, she puts the ball in the basket  

Thursday, May 21, 2015

#IBC NCAA wrap

Houston Lady Phenoms, Waco Lady Panthers and Blue Star Skyrise were the top teams in the NCAA division however one thing I know for certain is that the other teams had several talented players as well and here's a quick rundown on the other four teams other than their players that made the Tip Sheet


Houston Premier Blue
Bryce Wilbanks, Reagan Reeves and  Skylar Crawford continue to show they can be a long ball threats while Kenzie Peterson is turning into an offensive machine

Dynasty Stroman
Alexus Murphy and Lauryn Cannady bring heat in the back-court while Carlee Neel's length and upside has me watching her closely. Leigh Freeman also showed she was offensive threat

Zero Gravity
Athletic team filled with players that could attack and play passing lanes, guards Jill Morris and Keyria Nails create issues with press

Northside Ballers

Sierra Brash and Empress Pryor continue to show they can shoot the long ball while Kyar Wilson, Tara Eubanks and Yazmine Kellough bring so much energy on both ends that this team continues to grow

Blue Star Skyrise(s) to the occasion #IBC NCAA

Okay we're going into season three of "I told you so" and the roster reads like a Who's Who of not only next level players but D1's and before someone whines about how I can make those statement, keep in mid this is what I o, I'm not a novice and I haven';t been wrong yet. Amanda Ferry, Ashley Daniel and Alecia Whyte's are locks, it's just a matter of how high they can go and it would be safe to assume that Kate Petrovic, being a big guard that can score is in that mix as well. Daniel is the silky smooth wing that can put it on the floor, score in the paint and block countless shots and 6'2 while Whyte is "outasight " as she punishes defenders taking them off  the dribble and is developing a nice pull-up. Ferry and Petrovic made Tip Sheet

Read more

Anna Chong plays the passing lanes and showed me a floater a couple of times, so I know it's legit but I'm seeing big things ahead for Allie Byrd with her length and work ethic. Zaiyer Banks is powerful, she too plays that passing lane strongly and Mia Griffin showed she could put up numbers against competitive teams. One downside, Bre Bookman wasn't available and I'm looking forward to seeing her progression

Waco Lady Panthers 16U #IBC NCAA runner-up

The Waco Lady Panthers and myself go way back in fact almost before the turn of the century, I love saying that but over the years, I've watched talent galore come through their organization and in the millennium, nothing has changed except the color of my hair. I already talked about the WNBA champs and now it's the 16U for the quick hitter. Haley Howard made the All Star team, she did a number of things but more importantly she was a leader and authoritative in fact when she hollered switch, I was ready to jump out of the stands and guard someone

Ashlynn Gorrell controlled the inside, Kaitlyn Stevenson and Brenna Bain brought heat on D while Chirah Jackson, Janeisha Mosley and Jaylinne Johnson made big offensive plays to stop runs. Regganae Allen and Shania Hadden put up numbers throughout the event and those two young ladies made the Tip Sheet

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Lady Houston Phenoms win #IBC NCAA

I remember the first time I saw the Lady Houston Phenoms in pink, I simply couldn't stop watching them, not just because pink bring my eyes out, it also opened my eyes at what I felt would develop into a barrel of next level players. Fast forward almost four years later and this is my first real good look at the new group. Yeah I know Alana Spencer and Madison Francis, they both made the Tip Sheet

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Yeah I know the 6'2 twins from Atascocita, Diamond and Jada Johnson, although raw when I initially saw them, they've been on the grill and are smoking as well as Nadia Trevino who has size and upside and is also physical and this gives them an impressive front-line for the future, trust me.

Sarah Pettiford made All Tournament team so let me give her a special Tip Sheet simply because I love the way she plays, hard, and never takes a play off. She might be the best young defender in the area, you wanna deal with this young lady you better bring a lunch and on top of that, this jumper off the dribble clicked all weekend.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

365 Elite #IBC WNBA

Katie Gunther and Kelsey Scibek put up numbers over the weekend, Scibek simply went completely off  averaging 24 ppg and trust me, she is a D1 player and that's simply the bottom line read more
The powerful Gunther had a couple of double digit games but this 365 team has some talent spread across it. When you have two Taylor's, Bearden and Harris, you're in good hands to have games sewed up but what I also enjoyed was the heat brought by Deja Keys who showed she could run a team and score, this is why it's important to see players in multiple setting or place your players where I can see them

McKenna Christler showed range,Amber Terry, Emily Chafin and Kelly Sommers brought heat of defensive end and all made key plays throughout the event however smooth as silk Payton Walker has taken her game to another level and made the Tip Sheet

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Runnin Rebels Dynamic Duo on fire #IBC WNBA

Melissa Rodriguez smile is contagious, she simply is one of those players that doesn't get flustered and is always the same on the court whether she's putting up numbers or making things happen in other ways. She's unselfish but can simply get going at the blink of an eye and her being one of the states top long ball shooters is only one of the reasons why she made the ever so important Tip Sheet

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Rodriguez and Taylor Hunter compliment each other on the floor it's like they're using telepathy as they simply know where each other happens to be and in this event, that happened to be the All Tournament team as both were on fire. Hunter is as powerful attacking the basket as she is from launching deep ones but this squad has other scorers, like Veronica Behr and Leslie Lockridge who can catch fire as well as the energetic Sable Denson who is a powerful guard that plays hard on both ends

DFW Elite Houston create problems #IBC WNBA

DFW Elite Houston 17U has some of the best young talent in the area, I mean I've already said Demaya Telamaque was one of the top 2018 points in the state, that's not going to change because she's young and poised, plays hard and can run a team and she's getting it done playing in the higher divisions, that's how I roll and you've already been told. Fellow '18 Atlantis Thomas wasn't on hand but another freshman, Taelin Grays was and she's a powerful score and rebounder

Gloria Davis, Cydnee Hill and London Mallett are from the 2017 class, Davis is athletic and fast on both ends, first step is deadly and she can score while Hill and Mallett are powerful inside, Mallett was powerful enough to make the Tip Sheet this time around

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Kennedy Hill, Destini Hall and Aliyah Hayward all put up numbers during the event and they event got a boost from the original TV, Tiffany Valentine, who made a cameo appearance to help the shorthanded squad over the weekend

Zero Gravity defies odd #IBC WNBA

Sometimes looking at the score sheet just doesn't tell the picture and watching Kendall Bess, she's a legitimate college prospect but I already knew that after seeing her play at George Ranch earlier this season. She's athletic, she's 6'2 and she battles in the paint but on top of that, she dropped the long ball a few times. Ashlyn Carr and Kayla Petty were also impressive in the game I saw but over the event, Violet Reynolds put up the numbers and made the Tip Sheet

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Insiders clicking at #IBC WNBA

Let me start off with Eryka Sidney who can make a Tip Sheet every time I see her play, not just because of the affiliation that's not how I roll because if you don't know I have no agendas by now, you will never, never, never know me and that's either in Blue Notes or Simply Red but Sidney's game speaks for itself especially with the mid to BCS offers on the table as I type. Yes she's one of the top 2016 guards in Texas and yes she can simply take a game over and she and Toraya Bass were named to the #IBC All Tournament team. Bass filled in nicely with the injury to Mirakle Sallie who sprained her ankle on opening day, Sallie joins Sidney as one of the states top players but the performance Bass gave was astounding as she helped the Insiders to the championship game in the WNBA Division

Taylor Coleman is one of the top defenders in the area and her offense has been coming around lately but she compliments whoever she's on the court with and her desire trickles down to her teammates. Demetria Heard is also one of the areas top defensive guards, she simply plays one way and never takes a play off and she hit some big shots throughout the event. Tasia Hayes and Patricia French were steady and got the job done as the Insiders were shorthanded over the weekend with Sallie out and Beth Hawkins making college visits but that only opened the door for Kendalyn Reece who made the Tip Sheet

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Houston Dream Blue entertaining #IBC WNBA

Let's see three talented guards, Aubrey Jones, Kirsten Brown and Teren Livas are the lone 2016 players on this squad and Livas has the right last name because she can leave us, meaning defenders, standing still off the dribble, how do I come up with this stuff. You want athleticism, you got it, you wanted shooter, you got it, you want players banging in the paint, well you got it all on this team. Mia Perkins has elevated her game, she showed signs of being dominant at times down low but even with all that, her ability to run the floor is what sold me. Shelby Malone and Bre Staten just bring so much energy with their athletic ability while Haylee Washington does that and handles the ball well under pressure which enables her to do a variety of things, all good

Miranda Stephens is a big guard with a stroke from long rage, mid-range she's home the range as she can simply shoot it and she was names to the #IBC All Tournament team while Mikayla Trayweek shot the ball well enough in a few minuted to make take a double look, her quick release and propensity to put the ball in the basket was enough for me. Falyn Taylor, oh yeah she can also let em go from just about anywhere which is why she made the Tip Sheet


Hybrid Hoops still exciting #IBC WNBA

All I know is that when you're playing against Hybrid Hoops, you better bring it the whole game because they're coming at you and they won't quit. The talented freshman D'Asia Collins is one of the states top PGs, she can score and set teammates up for gimmes. I've loved this kids mentality since she was around I guess six years old and the interactions I've had with her talking about the game told me a long time ago she was going in the mix. The action starts with her and Cydney Varner, both made the Insider's Basketball Classic All Tournament team and Varner also made the Tip Sheet read more

Haddasah Benedoch is one of the areas most athletic players, she simply won't give up in the paint as she battles for everything and she joins Varner along with Michelle Fokam and Anna Bowman at Seven Lakes who will be in the mix for that coveted trip to Campbell Center and beyond. Fokam can score against anyone down low while Bowman was on fire from both mid and long range. Nia Fuller can also put up numbers quickly, she and Cairn Timko shoot the long ball well also while Chrisitne Butterfield made plays throughout the tournament on both ends

Bay Area still Blazin #IBC WNBA

Let me start off by saying Hannah Froeschl is one of the top players in Texas 2017 and if you don't have her among them, I don't have any french fries but it's time to ketchup cause this young lady simply amazes me and although she could land on my Tip Sheet just about every time I see her, she didn't but she did make the All Tournament team read more

Kaitlyn Strassner and Ashlynn Dunbar are the lone juniors on this team of 2017 players and the boost they give definitely makes this team a threat against anyone. Strassner can hurt you off te dribble or outside while Dunbar's simply an athletic nightmare trying to contain. Don't fall asleep because the nightmares don't end as Caitlyn Burroway and Hannah Zajac status elevates each time I see them. Burroway is physical on both ends, loves to give and accept punishment and scores in droves while Zajac is something to watch in the open floor and from the wing

Myranda and Samone Walker both can shoot the three, Walker mixes it up off the dribble yet both also can bring heat on the other end of the court and when you talk about heat and filling up score-sheet with the little things many don't see, well I see just about everything and I've been an Alex Simmons fan for a long time, way before she entered Clear Creek and pound for pound, inch for inch, she gets it done with anyone. That bring me to player that I've been watching for three seasons, Madison Nicholas and although I spell her name differently every-time, her game continues to rise as she makes the Tip Sheet