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#HoopAHolicsCamp gives me a great 2nd impression on many

Lot's of times I see players that catch my initially however I may not who they are which is why I always ask for rosters with correct information on them. Some of the players I see in pictures from the 2014 HoopAHolics Camp look familiar and it often makes me wonder if I'd seen them before. The good news is that when you're young, chances are I will eventually find out but for many that I've written about before, I wanted to just take a peek at what I'm noticing in their games


Cassidy Salyer -saw her last season, noticed she saw the floor, could hit the short jumper and finish with contact. She's even more aggressive on both ends and is handling the ball well under pressure

Sydney Foster-initial take was she showed lots of potential and I see she's been working. Nice midrange and showed she could put it on the floor from the wing. Battles for everything


Destini Smith- one thing you can't teach is speed and that first step comes in mighty handy when you can score from outside. Over her career, she will be a force to defend


Isabelle Earle- already shows a knack for the game, anticipates extremely well, makes good decisions and can score multiple ways. Didn't mind contact which is definitely a plus

Kayla Glover -she already has some things you can't teach and the fight that she shows on the floor speaks volumes. Glover actually loves to apply pressure, which is huge at her age plus she can score

Bria McClure-when you can catch my attention in street clothes in between games with your ball-handling that says a lot. At the camp I saw her handle the ball with ease with multiple defenders coming at her plus already understands how to get teammates involved. Nice touch from outside

Carolynn Washington-two things I said about her last season, fearless along with #sizedontmatter. Handled the ball and defended extremely well plus finished with contact

Saturday, December 20, 2014

More breakdowns from #HoopAHolicsCamp and guess what

Even more are coming and as I continue to watch PassThaBall's footage, I'll continue to tweet what I saw, like Jordan McGee throwing bullets on target, you got to follow me @girlzprepreport folks.

PassThaBall has added even more

Jaedyn Dunn Crossover 20′ good ball handling skills, tough, not afraid to get physical. Knocked down a nice step back jump shot. Held her own against the older players and showed initiative by guarding players bigger than her.

Sarah Gwin Hoyas Had a good showing, she has improved since last year knocked down the mid-range and out side shot. Made some nice passes at the PG position, was unselfish. Needs to continue to work on handling the ball under pressure.

Ta’Niya Jackson Hoyas 19′ Her defense matches her offense, she was everywhere. Your hustle player that gets on the floor for a loose ball. She was lot more hungry and aggressive this time around and definitely got her points.

Aja Holmes SA Finest 20′ another improved player, not as shy this time around, made some very nice tough shots. Has good size and length and played the PG/G position well, made some nice passes. Took it inside and outside.

Payton Oltrogge HGEE 19′ Nice PG, she see’s the floor very well, she can definitely pass the ball. Has a nice outside and midrange shot, handled the ball well. A good I.Q for the game, impressed with how she played.

Brooke Habeck Central Texas 19′ Strong when taking it inside and has a soft touch for knocking down the outside shot, definitely impressive. Very aggressive when attacking the basket, physical player, she played very well this time around.

Mackenzie Schilmoeller Higher Goals 20′ Great size, nice touch with the ball, finished at the rim. Impressed with her mid-range game.

Kyndall Hunter Skyrise 21′ Definitely got going in the 2nd session. To be a 6th grader she definitely stood out against the older players. Has nice handles, shot the pull up, outside, shot, was unselfish with the ball and made some nice passes. She can definitely attack the basket need to continue to work on finishing the layup.

Kayleigh Truong Imperial Ice 19′ Has improved since last year a lot more aggressive on the offensive end, her mid-range game is nice, good outside shooting, got the ball to the open player, uses the floater very well. Definitely impressed with her  level of play this year, a standout player for sure.

Kaylynne Truong Imperial Ice 19′ Made some very impressive difficulty shots. Her game was ON! Commanded the PG position and easily found the open player. Scored in many ways from outside and inside. Fun to watch!

Peyton Willey Central Texas 19′ Did very well this year, ran the floor well, knocked down contested shots. Active on both ends of the floor, wasn’t afraid to get physical. Didn’t force anything if the shot was open she took it.

Myra Gordon Higher Goals 20′ was very impressive this year, she has definitely improved. Has great length, long strides and uses her size to get the basket. Was on the boards tough, went up strong and finished strong, even brought the ball up the court to show off the versatility. Fun to watch!

Aiken Semones League City 21′ a tough fearless player, she plays like she’s the biggest player there. She definitely stood out made some outside shots and took it inside on 1 on 1’s. Held her own against the older players didn’t back down by any means. She has improved since last year, her ball handling good and she’s more active on the floor.

Taylor Thomas Imperial Ice 19′ Another improved player from last year, she was a lot more physical and attacked the basket. Definitely on the boards tough made some nice put backs and moves to the basket. More aggressive on the offensive end, if she knows she can take you, she will.

Rori Harmon Katy Rebels 21′ what a surprise this player was. She has speed, a good I.Q for the game, she’s a baller. Being a 6th grader she was looking to go at the older players, plays with total confidence and has nice game. She is one to keep an eye out for because she did her thing.

Brielle Hampton NTX Lights Out 19′ Great size good hands, went up strong, very physical player on the boards. Played both ends of the floor very well. Also knew when to score, she played with confidence so she was going to score regardless. Fun to watch!

Katelyn Levings OK Swarm 20′ talk about great length and size that can play the 1-5 at her age. Showed more of the mid-range shot and post game, and brought the ball up the court with ease. Her I. Q for the game is above average at her grade level. She was definitely a standout player that was tough to guard, Fun to watch!

London Scott Texas Express 19′ Was a force in the paint. Has great size and hands, keeps the ball high. Very physical player went up strong, you don’t see many post players get on the floor for a loose ball but she did. A player to watch!

Charlene Mass DFW 19′ also improved from last year. Her ball handling is very good, loved watching her attack the basket and throw a cross court pass on the move. Showed very good PG skills in distributing the ball, very aggressive on both ends of the floor, played physical. I would only say be a little more patient and know where your at on offense, missed a few easy buckets.

Ceyenne Mass DFW 20′ Made some impressive shots, very physical on those boards, went up strong. Played with a lot more confidence compared to last year. Put some pressure on the offensive player. Can’t wait to see more from the Mass sisters.

Mia Topping GT Frogz 21′ really impressed with her at the PG position. Very good I.Q reads the floor well, made some nice passes. I really liked how she didn’t get frustrated or lose confidence when she was guarded by older players, she kept her composure stayed the same and kept at it. Fundamentally sound as she moves well without the ball, she would pass and cut with her hand up ready to get it back. You rarely see that coming from a 6th grader. Great qualities in the one!

Jordan McGee Lady Warriors 19′ very quick and fast, is really sharp on both ends of the floor. Really love her ability to pass, she knows how to find the open teammate. She was physical, hustled on the floor for the ball, she can definitely play.

Bria McCLure SA Finest 21′ really love the moves she put on to get to the basket and has very good ball handling. She is able to create space whenever she wants. Very active on both ends of the floor enjoyed watching her play.

Mikayla Hutchinson Lady Warriors 19′ Great size on this kid, can play 1-4 positions. Good ball handling, great court vision, made some nice passes. Physical in the paint grabbed rebounds and posted up. She did it all. Will continue to see how she develops as she has the skills to be a big time player.

Sasha Goforth Arkansas Mav/Panthers 20′ was a nice surprise to see.  She’s a smart player, good I.Q for the game, loved her penetration game. Could also shoot from outside, played with confidence. A player to watch.

Kayla Demus NTX Lights Out 19′ was always around the ball or wanted the ball, that’s because she knew what to do with it. She made some tough shots in traffic, all over the boards. Physical player on both ends of the floor. Very fun to watch.

Aniya Buckley AMG Ballers 21′ another tough player that played with confidence. She liked to attack that baseline when it was open, did not force it if it wasn’t open. Displayed some good ball handling. Was definitely not afraid to score.

Destiny Jackson Panthers 19′ Strong powerful player, knows how to use her body very well. Very aggressive player, attacks the basket when its open. Active player on both offense and defense.

Jillian Sowell GT Frogz 20′ ran the floor very well, has good hands, the paint area is her bread and butter. The ball always seemed to find her. Has great size for her age.

Camryn Hill Lady Warriors 20′another young player with size that could play 2-4 positions. Brought the ball up the court and made some nice passes. Active on both ends of the floor, did a good job on the boards.

Jordyn Sowell GT Frogz 21′  also active on the boards and had some strong put backs in the paint. She also has great size for her age.

Madison Jones Lady Ballers 21′ was definitely around the ball and always seemed to grab a rebound. She did a good job in the paint. A young talent that just needs to continue to work on the footwork at the post position.

Macie Lynch Hurst MS 19′ has good size showed nice footwork in the paint, ran the floor well. Would like to see more commanding for the ball.

Sonia Blair Lady Warriors 19′ loved her passion and her motor she plays with a lot of energy, she seemed to always find an opening and attacked the basket strong. Played fearless.

Torrye Tyler Lady Ballers 21′ a tough one that played fearless, she didn’t shy away from the contact, and was not afraid of the older players, she attacked and played her game. She played hard on both ends.

Keraya Beck Panther 20′ Had nice size and god hands, could shoot the outside and finish strong. Was constantly around the rim to grab rebounds and tip backs. She has a solid game.

Alyssa Reed Keller MS 20′ very unselfish player, looked to pass but was active around the ball on the defensive end. Also  on the boards.

Chandler Browning GT Frogz 21′ Aggressive player just seems to be around that ball at the right time plus her range has extended  which will create problems for defenders.

Briley Perkins Crossover 19′ did some acrobatic things on the floor and watching her hitting off balance shots while receiving contact is major at this age. She did a good job creating and setting up the defense.

Kaley Perkins Crossover 21′ midrange was on the mark or around it but what really got me going was the fact that both were on the floor after loose ball and playing tough perimeter defense and showing good ball handling and decision making under pressure.

Dasha Macmillian Higher Goals 20′ played inside and out very versatile player with good size. She played physical wasn’t afraid of contact. Liked her outside shooting.

Kayla Glover DC Queens 21′ made it count when she got the ball, handled herself against the older players, played her game even if she didn’t get the ball she was actively moving to get open.

Jessica Cornelius NTX Lights Out 19′ was impressive to watch, a physical and strong player, attacked the basket with ease. She looked to score when it was open and could also knock it down from outside.

Destynee Griffin Coble MS 20′ is very athletic and can jump, loved her ability to shoot and get in the paint area and grab rebounds. Active on both ends of the floor, she played very well.

Victoria Hamilton Argyle MS 20′ is a really good PG in the making, she has great court vision throws nice no look passes. She can direct a team. Can also handle the ball as well, has a good I.Q for the game.

Destini Smith D1 Shooters 20′ could shoot it from outside to the mid-range she took advantage when the opportunity was there. Played good against the older players she held her own.

Claire Reynolds Higher Goals 20′ another long player with great size, has great hands and made some nice passes. Finished at the rim strong and attacked the basket. Has a great skill set.

Iyanna McCowan Lady Warriors 22′ a tough player that held her own, was not afraid of playing with the big girls, she guarded whoever. Liked how she steps into her shot ready to shoot, she gets the ball of quick.

Isabella Earle Crownover MS 21′ was very active on both ends of the floor she was always around the ball, played with confidence, she has a nice shot, she looked to score when it was there.

Madison Briscoe TX Lone Star 19′ has great size, ran the floor well, has a nice touch with the ball as she can knock down the outside shot. Physical and strong in the paint when grabbing rebounds.

Autumn Smith AMG Ballers 21′ played well, she showed off some nice ball handling, grabbed steals, active player around the ball. Impressed with her skill set as well, she played aggressive and attacked the rim strong.

Nina Milliner Lady Warriors 20′ plays older than her grade, very impressed with her defensive skills, knows when to score, if you give her the open lane she is attacking the basket. Was very aggressive on both ends of the floor. Fun to watch.

Carolynne Washington Lady Hoopville 21′ was tough had some steals against the older players, did not back down from a challenge, she attacked the rim and went up strong when it was open. Did not hesitate to score she played aggressive.

Allyssa Lafontaine Lady Warriors 20′ passionate player wanting to do good. Really liked her size and speed. Was not afraid to go up strong and attack the basket, active on defense, loved her hustle.

Jada Hollie AMG Ballers 21′ a nice young active player especially on defense. She could shoot it did not hesitate at all. Attacked the basket and finished strong against a bigger opponent. Very impressed with this one.

Brittney Flexer GT Frogz 21′ so impressed with her game she was fearless. Shot the pull up and a floater, she fit rite in against the older players. Aggressive young player that wants the ball.

Jahcelyn Hartfield AMG Ballers 22′ has a nice outside shot, when she was open she took advantage of it. She also played well and played her game.

Mackenzie Wurm Lady Ballers 20′ has good size and length, a little shy needs to be more aggressive and physical but did a good job.

Lights Out trio do just that #HoopAHolicsCamp

I made a special trip to see NTX Lights Out 2019 and I enjoyed what I saw so much, they were one of the main reasons I decided to implement Field House Friday for Prime Time Nationals last season. Three of their talented players were on hand at PassThaBall's HoopAHolics Camp, Jessica Cornelius, Kayla Demus and Brielle Hampton and all made the highlight video and PassThaBall's Tip Sheet

Jessica Cornelius NTX Lights Out 19′ was impressive to watch, a physical and strong player, attacked the basket with ease. She looked to score when it was open and could also knock it down from outside.

Kayla Demus NTX Lights Out 19′ was always around the ball or wanted the ball, that’s because she knew what to do with it. She made some tough shots in traffic, all over the boards. Physical player on both ends of the floor. Very fun to watch.

Brielle Hampton NTX Lights Out 19′ Great size good hands, went up strong, very physical player on the boards. Played both ends of the floor very well. Also knew when to score, she played with confidence so she was going to score regardless. Fun to watch!

Let me also add that Cornelius simply found ways to score which is going to be a huge asset down the road but what I really liked was her ability to create her shot multiple ways. I liked it so much that I'll take a look at her middle school team in a few hours. 

Dumas simply battled on every video and highlight footage I looked at, that's also the way she plays the game and when you find players at this age that go after everything, you've got a plus

What impressed me most about Hampton was not the fact that she finished but she did it with either hand ,with contact. Plenty of athleticism is going to make her very hard to handle 

Few surprises as Friday before break closes

I guess this is the perfect picture as #AutoAwesome captures area #2 North Shore with three of their leading scorers . The Mustangs have been awesome in the first part of the season and started off the second part with commanding victories in their first two district games, last night a huge win over the second best team in the district Port Arthur Memorial. Once again their #sizedontmatter duo of Chasity Patterson and Adriiana Jackson combined for over 35 but the Mustangs got offense from everywhere and if I'm not mistaken, 4 or 5 players dropped threes. North Shore's only losses have been against Barbers Hill and Cy Woods, area #1, who they also split with however the biggest surprise on the night was Westside's impressive victory over Barbers Hill, the areas #3 team


Friday, December 19, 2014

Hoyas duo show more improvement #HoopAHolicsCamp

Two South Texas Hoyas were on hand for the HoopAHolics Camp, Ta'Niya Jackson and Sarah Gwin, both from the 2019 class. I think the best way for me to describe Jackson is that she's a highlight waiting to happen. She's blessed with speed and I'm talking speed with the ball and the scary part is that she's nowhere near her peak. She has taken her offensive game to another level and the defense is just consistent pressure waiting to come at you.

I said at the start of the club season if I had to pick a Most Improved team, Gwin would definitely be on it and if I had to do one player, after watching the HoopAHolics video, she would definitely be on the short list. She was always skilled but the speed and aggressiveness, coupled with her confidence let's her know she's in the mix. Great finishes and baskets in the highlight video for both yet neither are anywhere near finished


Big game in District 21 tonight

Rain, sleet, sun or snow, no matter what I have got to go.  Before you respond and ask me why, it's a sizedontmatter match-up and that ain't no lie. Port Arthur Memorial's unsigned point guard Joyce Kennerson has been on a tear averaging close to a triple double, this includes almost 20 ppg over the past month. They travel to North Shore where the duo of Adriiana Jackson and Chastity Patterson have combined for 30 ppg this past month and are one of the states top teams. I might tweet something out @girlzprepreport but then again I may forget if I get caught up in the action, either way, I'll have recap on the game and the weather

Centex Elite stars make highlight video #HoopAHolicsCamp

'19 Brooke Habeck was going to be on my tweener list but I decided to go another route. She's 5'10 and has a good frame, can bang underneath on both ends and finish. I knew she could shoot but her range has extended out to the NBA line.

She and Centex Elite club teammate '19 Peyton Wiley both made one of the highlight videos and the thing about Wiley is she knocks the midrange down with ease and can put it on the floor and finish a variety ways, while being knocked around

Check out the highlights on these and many others from PassThaBall

Area talent makes noise #HoopAHolicsCamp

What's that old saying about first impressions, well I simply enjoy watching young talent especially when their attentive and get after it because hard work will definitely pay off in the long run. I caught Deja Brown and Marchelle Willis, both from the 2020 class, a couple of times last season with the Fort Bend Stars and put them on the GPR Watchlist immediately. Both simply comprehend the little things and their ability to already know how to create their shot will take them a long way.

 This years HoopAHolics Camp gave me a chance to see several other players for the first time including Crossover's Jaedyn Dunn, another 2020, whose explosiveness and ability to get to the rim and finish was among the best at the camp. This was also my initial look at '21 Genelle Greene, also from Crossover and although I've had a chance to chat basketball with her, she showed me that she actually does more than talk the game. Her BB-IQ is way up there and as a point she already understands how to run a team and with her ball-handling and ability to see the floor, she's ahead of the game

'21 Aiken Semones simply gets it at an early age and already tagged #sizedontmatter after watching her numerous times, she doing an excellent job at getting her shot off quicker and accurate. Being able to catch and shoot is a plus and when you can have defenders on their toes waiting for the shot, it's good to be able to put it on the floor and attack which she does quite well. Check out links below on other area talent

Perkins sisters recap

Imperial Ice Trio recap

Skyrise's '21 Kyndall Hunter has added even more to her game since I caught her at Prime Time Nationals and her first step is a killa. Mix that in with a blinding crossover and you've got some issues on defense. She also shot the long ball extremely well and will be a force in this area.

I finally saw Katy Rebels '21 Rori Harmon in action at Prime Time Nationals and after two minutes I was sold. She's poised beyond her years and simply lets nothing faze or fluster her. The stop and pop, the long ball, the finsh with contact are already there plus she can see the floor and defend

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Sisters Briley and Kaley help PERK up #HoopAHolicsCamp

I saw Briley and Kaley Perkins a few months ago and let me say that both have been putting in some major work based on what I saw on the footage from this seasons HoopAHolics Camp. Briley, who is in the 2019 class, is doing some acrobatic things on the floor and watching her hitting off balance shots while receiving contact is major at this age. She did a good job creating and setting up the defense, well so did Kaley who is from the 2021 class. Kaley's midrange was on the mark or around it but what really got me going was the fact that both were on the floor after loose ball and playing tough perimeter defense and showing good ballhandling and decision making under pressure. I've said numerous times when you comprehend the little things early, everything will fall into place and it's definitely doing that for these two sisters

Ice trio show heat at #HoopAHolicsCamp

Three names that you'll be definitely be hearing about over and over and over from the 2019 class out of the Houston area is Kayleigh Truong, Taylor Thomas and Kaylynne Truong . I said these three were more than just next level players a ,long time ago after watching them numerous times first with the Pearland Hawks and more recently with Imperial Ice. I love two things in young players, understanding the simple things and never quitting however these young ladies have taken that to another level as their comprehension of the game is as good as many high school seniors right now.

I already know the positives each one brings so when I say I look for improvement in players,I can always count on these three to give it to me, keep in mind I get to see them multiple times and I actually know what to look for.

Both Truong sisters finish extremely well with either hand and can create off the dribble. I love Kayleigh's midrange which I envision will be among the states top once it's all said and done while Kaylynne is going to set three point records even beyond high school. Her ability to catch and shoot is second to none, plus it goes in the hoop which is even more important. Thomas' first step is a killer and as I watch her slice between defenders numerous times in the video for baskets, that along with her pull-up is going to make her even harder to handle as she gets older

GT FROGZ continue hopping forward #HoopAHolicsCamp

I get a kick out of watching these young players progress and although some may start out way ahead, this stuff usually evens out as time moves forward so I said all that to say this, I really loved the improvement I'm seeing from last seasons campers. I chose this picture for a reason and you better not turn your back on these young ladies because I already saw the work ethic the many times I've seen them no matter what the score was  yet when you're able to comprehend what's being taught and apply that, you're already ahead of the game

'21 Brittney Flexer isn't in the above picture however all I can see is her ability to create and knock down shots which is replaying in my head after watching video.'21 Mia Topping continues to show she's a coaches daughter, I'm watching her direct traffic with poise each time I see her play but she's also reading plays before they happen on both ends and always remember the game starts at the one. '21 Chanfler Browning has made strides since I saw her last and she just seems to be around that ball at the right time plus her range has extended  which will create problems for defenders.

Let's also call this Sister/Sister day as the Sowells have added more skills with an abundance of athleticism. '21 Jordyn is a terror in the paint already, she goes after everything but I watched her make numerous turnaround shots down low with ease. '20 Jillian understands the concept of outrunning everyone on the fast break but her ability to finish coupled with her body control is impressive at this age, not to mention great hands. Both sisters are aggressive and with their strength and mindset, they play taller than they are

Mass sisters explode at #HoopAHolicsCamp

Okay I'm changing this up on my HoopAHolics Camp coverage to try and make sure I get as many players I can and after watching the video, cross referencing and wondering did I really see that, I'm just working my way back from session two. My first glimpse of the Mass sisters came at last seasons HAH Camp and what really caught my eye back then was their energy and athleticism. I did see bits and pieces of the young ladies over the summer however looking at them in game situation from the camp shows what hard work will do if you apply yourself

Both are explosive, can finish and have speed but what I'm also seeing is '20 Ceyenne creating more and with everything else she has going, this young lady will be hard to handle. '19 Charlene is just overpowering on both ends, she punishes on defense and let me say this, when you understand the concept of playing the passing lanes at this age, couple with her speed, that spells buckets galore on the other end. I also liked the way the young ladies saw the open floor as they joined an enormous cast of campers with a high basketball IQ

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TSU @ HBU tonight at 6pm

The perfect pick me up will come tonight as the Huskies host the Tigers. Shanice Steenholdt is averaging a double-double (21.7 ppg) (12 rpg)  followed by Rachel Arthur (10.7 ppg) . Brianna Sydney leads the Tigers with a little over 12 ppg so I'll be ready for some action

Big girls impressive at #HoopAHolicsCamp

For those of you that follow me and have followed me for some time, you know there are catch phrases and words that I associate with certain areas regarding basketball and the one I use more frequently than any other is that "it's not what you do, it's who you do it against" but there is a special phrase that I throw out there over and over when describing a players height and it's called "the magic number." That magic number happens to be 6'0 and if you're around that number and possess some ability, you're almost a next level lock and here's a little something on those that have already reached that


Macie Lynch -6'0 post- Great body and upside is what I saw in Lynch a few months ago and when you have a young player this size that truly gets it, you definitely have a prospect who will have options. She's strong in the paint and her IQ is definitely ahead of her years and I love the way she just keeps battling

London Scott- 6'0 post- I just mentioned Scott earlier as being one of the standouts at the camp and as I review the video I've noticed several things she has already improved on. Like Lynch, she's strong in the paint with a great body and understands the game but what I'm seeing even more of is her ability to finish even with a couple of players on her


Katelyn Levings-6'2 forward- Levings blew me away at Prime Time Nationals during Fieldhouse Friday last season as she simply dominated inside the paint on both ends with close triple doubles every time I saw her. In the championship, icing on the cake was watching her handle coast to coast and drop threes. Levings has shown me something else in the video from the camp and that's the ability to see the floor and play perimeter defense and when you factor BCS schools are all over her right now, there is no telling what position she might end up playing

Later today, I'll drop something on the players who are close to that magic number from the exciting HoopAHolics Camp instructed by lead trainer   and hosted by PassThaBall  

Holmes physicality continues at #HoopAHolicsCamp

Aja Holmes surprised me a lot at last years HoopAHolics Camp and after observing her for a few minutes, I was stunned at what she could do with her size especially since she's a 2020. More athleticism and speed has been added but she continues to show that aggressiveness that caught my eye initially and when you have that relentless mindset at an early age, you just never know and this picture just may come in handy as she's standing next to Duke signee Kyra Lambert while wearing a Duke shirt

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Scott in good company at #HoopAHolicsCamp

I had a chance to see London without leaving Texas however I'm already sold on London Scott's ability after seeing her briefly this past club season. The 2018 Scott was one of the many standouts in attendance at the HoopAHolics Camp and I'll be bringing you not only a Tip Sheet but the ever so important GPR Watchlist. Notice the players surrounding London, Kyra Lambert (Duke) and Japreece Dean (Texas Tech) who are both among the top 2015 players in Texas, Lambert also is in the mix for MDAA consideration. On the back row you see the 2016  Dynamic Duo from Richardson, Dorian Branch and Arleighsha McElroy, who also happen to be among the states top players so a big S/O to those young ladies for helping out at the camp as well

Stay tuned, you know how I roll and once I start...................

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

North Shore at Cy Ranch tonight 7pm

Okay if you're checking online for a game, you're looking at the wrong place because Da Shore is riding out to Da Ranch tonight. Okay, heads up, no DiDi who is still recovering but I just may sneak out

Under The Radar Kennerson still on fire after MVP performance

Two things before I through this blow ya mind numbers at you, size don't matter with a hashtag and it's not what you do, it's who you do it against so with that being said, the electrifying senior from Port Arthur Memorial, Joyce Kennerson, went on an absolute tear this past weekend as she was one steal shy of averaging a triple double , 28 ppg, 14 apg and 9.7 spg and for her efforts, she was named MVP YMBL Tournament


Kennerson scored last night i Port Arthur Memorial's loss to Westside, another Top 20 battle and here is the  BOX