Tuesday, May 24, 2016

'19 Reagan Montgomery keeping momentum going

After making a big splash at Whitney High School, freshman Reagan Montgomery is receiving interest from a variety of D1 schools in various conferences. I first caught the Under The Radar star prior to her 8th grade school season and was immediately impressed with her ability to run the one, UNDER PRESSURE, and when you can make decisions at a young age in the heat, well it definitely grabs my attention

She was  MVP her freshman year while  leading team in both scoring and assists , 2nd in steals and 3rd in rebounding keep in mind she was looking at double  teams, box and ones however she passed the test and she’s making noise with her Cen-Texas squad on the road as she’s done quite well in both exposure events this seasons.More will be coming on this talented young lady so stay tuned

Rice Basketball Camp June 18

Always remember to support our local colleges, I've posted and tweeted about the various camps they are offering and don't stop there, it's some exciting basketball in the area so be sure and hit as many college games from the various schools so you actually see what it takes to get to the next level

Louisiana Lady Pumas #I10BasketballShowcase

I tweeted that the Louisiana Lady Pumas crossed the state line for the I-10 Basketball Showcase over the past weekend for a reason and right off the top, they showed me that they had some legitimate next level players. I don't if it Jamyra Mathis dropping an early 30 footer that got me going, she's explosive and can nail mid range as well,  or if it was Tyrionne Martin who countered with one of her own deep threes but that back-court was definitely loaded with firepower

Destanie Johnson and Lauren Bush are both long and athletic. Johnson's ability to play the passing lane was something I truly enjoyed but so was Bush being able to pull-up in traffic and score with ease. Bri Thompson mirrored both Johnson and Bush and she's around that magic number but the real magic was her being able to score facing or with her back to the basket. Great effort from the bench, they brought heat when they came in and this team is one of those squads that can wear you down playing you baseline to baseline

Martin did an abundance of things including a stop on a dime pull-up and she made the Tip Sheet



HBU Women's Basketball is right around the corner so click on link below for more information


UNSIGNED Destiny Navarro !!!!!!!!!

So if a picture is worth a thousand words, what about a video? Well to be honest, all videos of players don't do justice and some actually do more, trust me on that but you can also trust me on saying UNSIGNED Destiny Navorro is a legitimate college player and by that I mean she's good enough to play D1 however injuries at the wrong time have hurt countless players over the years and she's one of them

The good news is "she's baaaaaack" and when you watch the video, you can see her flowing effortlessly and to be honest with you, the one thing I love to see her do, shoot the long ball, isn't shown that much but she has NBA range, you can trust me on that also. One more time, 2016 UNSIGNED Destiny Navarro, 5'11 guard that can SHOOT THE BALL and knows how to score multiple ways

Lauren O'Connell makes her decision

There are a variety of players that have just blown me away with their long ball shooting ability and some did it early in their high school career, St Agnes star Lauren O'Connell happens to be one of them. Few freshmen have dropped close to 10 three's in front of me and when you can shoot the ball as effortlessly and accurately  as this young lady can, well she has definitely been a "must see" for me over the years.

O'Connell didn't settle for just being known as a three point shooter, she worked on her midrange and attacking the basket to add variety and that variety has given her numerous choices on where she'll take it to the next level and her decision is USU Eastern

I asked O’Connell on why she chose the Golden Eagles and she said 
"When I visited USU Eastern I knew it was a great fit because both Coach Chelsey and Coach Morgan were very supportive and they both have great experience playing at all levels.”

She also added “I love the style and type of basketball they play at USUE and I knew it would fit well with the way I play. I'm so excited to learn from both coaches because they are both so knowledgeable and will help me grow as a player”

Lauren has amazed me over the years and I expect eve more during her college career and I’ll definitely be keeping you updated

Monday, May 23, 2016

Inagural I-10 Basketball Showcase is a HIT

If DeDe Davis looks young, you're correct but this 8th grader is one of those 2020's you don't need perfect vision, get it, 20/20, to know that she's definitely going to be someone to be reckoned with. I love speed but I LOVE speed with the ball and her first step is a monster. This young lady did a little bit of everything and I'm looking forward to watching her over the years

I came up with a Tip Sheet for the I-10 Basketball Showcase and I'll be tweeting out pics, yeah I have a Twitter, Instagram and Facebook under GIRLZ PREP REPORT but not doing the Snappy because when I snap my fingers I want to see some action and I did so check out the Tip Sheet


Phenoms talent still coming through pipeline #I10BasketballShowcase

First look at the Texas Elite Phenoms and although this wasn't the top squad I wasn't disappointed in the talent by any means. High school playoff stars Trinity Knight (Cy Fair) and Sarah Petiford (Aldine Davis) helped lead their teams to deep runs and the energy they showed during the season hasn't stopped as both brought plenty of heat on both ends and when you have players like this that never take plays off, you definitely will create some problems for opponents. Sloan Casey (Crosby) and Madisyn Francis (North Shore) took it a step further as both played key roles in helping their teams get to the state semifinals in San Antonio and any combination of that foursome didn't provide a letdown as heat was coming so much even I was sweating


Chardae Jones (Atascocita) is always a hit, she's another one of their guards that simply mad things happen while Eraneshia Carmener  (Silsbee) made so much happen off the top that she'll be on the Tip Sheet coming up later. Speaking of coming up, 6'4 Robyn Onuarah (Beaumont Westbrook) told me she was going to be a star and based on what I saw with her height, wingspan and mindset on the court, the tools are definitely there. Marissa Hart (Pearland) is one of the states top 2018 players, she's around the magic number and has peaked yet and another Westbrook star, UNSIGNED Alexzine Andrepoint, showed she was more than capable of playing at the next level

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Dynasty's DYNASTY rolling on #CCClassic


I've been friends with Coach Johnson and Coach Moore since my hair was completely black and when Dynasty first started, I always got a chance to catch their players from not just the Greater Houston area but the surrounding areas as well and they've consistently put players in position to go on to the next level which is what this is really supposed to be about. This year's HS group put on a show in the Clutch City Classic and I had front  seat tickets and a backstage pass


The explosive Alexis Murphy is always a treat to watch, the back-court always get's after it no matter what combinations are used among Alyssa Preus, Laura Castleman or Raelynn Byrd. I love the energy these squads always bring to the table, Joanna Gabriel and Arin Brown get after it on both ends while Hannah Grimmett definitely can open things open with her outside shooting


And speaking of outsid, 5'10 guard Savannah Wendt, no relation to George, went completely off last season and when I walked into gym, I started to yell like did on Cheers when everyone would scream Norm however since Savannah is three syllables, it just wouldn't have the same effect or is that affect, nevertheless she's a big guard with a stroke, long and midrange. The inside presence is also solid with Janice Gabriel doing well in the paint on both ends while Jasmine Atoibajeun is ultra athletic and a nightmare around the basket, oh yeah, she's 6'1


The talent down the pipeline assures me that this club will continue to be relevant, I really enjoyed 2021 Kaidance Glenn, she's got a lot of tools running through her bloodline but she definitely stood out playing up on 8th . Another young player, Katelyn Alatin showed a lot of promise but it's several more players throughout the organization I'll catch down the road that are going to be really good


Coming up I-10 Basketball Showcase review

The first time I saw Ireneshia Johnson as a freshman was in a fall league playing for Bellaire game so naturally I was  amazed that I hadn't seen her anywhere. She simply was a throwback player from yesteryear and although she wasn't six feet, she didn't appear to know that as she simply plays way above it. One of my GPR subscribers from the Big 12 asked who some of the younger players were that he she look out for at the Texas Invitational and she was one of the names I gave him as a definitely a Mid to BCS LOCK

Fast forward to now, that offer is still on the table I presume because she blew him away as well and I got a chance to see the talented young lady at the I-10 Basketball Showcase yesterday playing with the Houston Hoops in their 2nd game and she's simply added even more to her repertoire including shooting the three as well as a deadly step-back so she's not only a BEAST in the paint she's facing the basket scoring and shooting the ball accurately so once again, I was on point

Great opening day for the inaugural I-10 Basketball Showcase and even the heavy rain didn't damper my day because there was plenty of talent to keep me busy. I'll bring you a Tip Sheet on some of the top players I saw as well as a story on the new Lady Phenoms coming up you need to know about and we all remember what I said about that first group don't we, in case you don't, click on link


Saturday, May 21, 2016

I-10 Basketball Showcase starts NOW

Okay not right now but I'm about to jet to San Jac to see some talent including UNSIGNED SENIORS, why am I going, because one more time, TALENT IS EVERYWHERE

Houston Premier 8th Grade #CCClassic

As I look over the Houston Premier roster, several names stand out in my head as players who've already made one of my Tip Sheets before HS. Amelia Thedinger, above, and Lane Rice continue to take their games to different heights and I really enjoyed the progression from Kiersten Rich and Emily Englebart. Shelby Reynolds pull-up was clicking early in the morning on Sunday, I'm talking 8am and while I'm at it, a little S/O to Emma Slaughter for just making plays

Paige Underbrink, above, is long, plays passing lanes well and finishes while Collette Taylor's pull-up in traffic definitely caught my eye. This has been a fun group to watch and as other classes graduate, it seems like HP keeps reloading down the pipeline and several of these kids are going to be in the mix . Jodie Watson and Lilly Shoffner's play kept the momentum going and Maddie Henderson just did numerous things and was mentioned on the Tip Sheet


Figure on 2017 Amanda Figueroa

It's been a super hectic week as I not only am wrapping up the Clutch City Classic but also solidifying offers for every GPR Under The Radar player and as the last one narrows her choices down, I'll really be pumping up the 2017 group. Among those talented players are Rosehill Christian's Amanda Figueroa who helped lead her team to a deep run while garnering numerous individual post season awards along the way

Figureoa averaged just shy of a double-double and when you throw in her 7 steals per game, she may be in striking distance of averaging a triple double this season and although I haven't seen her play in high school, I've actually watched her do plenty of damage with her Runnin Rebels Elite club team over the past two seasons. Some of her biggest attributes are rebounding from the guard spot, pushing the ball and actually seeing the floor however she's all over the place and when you find active players that anticipate well along with what I love to see, play the passing lanes, well you've definitely got something to work with

More coming on Amanda but right now


Friday, May 20, 2016

TX ELITE Lady Warriors 13U Blue #CCClassic

Multiple Texas Elite Lady Warriors kept me busy and from what I saw, there were  several talented players capable of playing college basketball somewhere and on the 13U Blue definitely had some in the mix. The game starts at the ONE, something I've preached forever so Denise Hernandez immediately caught my on opening day with her ability to run the team and score when needed. An abundance of athleticism from Tyeisha Pickens and Jabria Talden showed this team has a variety of looks with various combinations and when you have players like Dynisty Clayton and Shakema Broadnax filling in the blanks, well you're on to something

Moyo Orandami loves contact and with her athleticism, she could definitely blow up because she's active around the ball and can finish with contact. Kaci Johnson's size is definitely a plus, good hands and footwork for her age but again, this team had a little bit of everything. A couple of players almost mirrored each others games, Haili Archie and Briana Peguero and watching them do what they're doing now at this age has them ahead of the game and on my Tip Sheet


SETX Power Elite #CCClassic

I liked several players on this squad, the starting five of Jolee Ponflick, Bailey Rehab, Emily Williamson, Natalee Smith and Karleigh Hensley were all in tune, played hard and more importantly, together as a team which means what, well my understanding of what it means is that they just simply got it and numerous backdoor cuts and pick and rolls along with strong inside play and long range shooting definitely were positives

Emma Kethan annd Katy Stewart seemed to be everywhere creating havoc, Shaylee Sonnier and Keila Titus brought heat with their athleticism and I know SETX director,  former Kountze star Gabrielle Mattox was pleased with all of her teams at the Clutch City Classic. Quick note, Natalee Smith showed signs of dominance on the inside and if she has another growth spurt, watch out and speaking of watching out, Emily Williamson's shooting got her on the Tip Sheet


2021 Shooting Stars show progression #CCClassic


When you look at the makeup of this squad and realize all but two of the players are not only playing up but competing against older teams, that's a bright spot in itself. I caught the Shooting Stars last season and was truly impressed with their hustle and skill set from numerous players but the BB-IQ, which is ever so important was simply mind boggling for that age as a whole and this is what I said about last seasons squad



Yvonne Foreman's athleticism continues to pay dividends and her offense has come around as well while Aaliyah Macias impressed me with her midrange game last season, nothing has changed. Alyssa Ruiz has grown, both height and game and her ability to apply pressure on both ends. Angelina Salazar continues to be an offensive threat, she and Jennifer Gamez have added even more to their arsenal of weapons

I also see Alyssa Rodriguez and Abigail Romero have been putting in work as both are on the right track and all of the players named are from the 2022 class so you better watch out. Chloe Figueroa also filled in some blanks scoring and making key plays and she and Gracelynn Alvarez are the lone 7th graders on this squad. What can I say about Alvarez, oh yeah, I said it on the Tip Sheet


Thursday, May 19, 2016

Fort Bend Barracudas 10th Grade #CCClassic

The Fort Bend Barracudas got after it at Prime Time's Clutch City Classic and I'm told a number of these players attend Foster HS. Shamieera Jones, above, is definitely a throwback player and at 5'8 has the will to compete against players over 6'0 in the paint. Janice Akers is long and can finish strong off the dribble while Josie Akers, Saige Hernandez and Sadie Morelli filled in many blanks and one blank was filled by Bebe Igboanugo who made the Tip Sheet

Read More 

Pictured above is Brianna Averill who created her own shot and attacked the basket well while Hannah Brock also got to basket somewhat effortlessly as well as knocked down the long ball. This team plays under control and doesn't get flustered, Alexis Hobbs picked her spots and nailed them

Prime Time #CCClassic 10th Grade #TipSheet


Great talent at Clutch City Classic hosted by Prime Time Sports and I tried to capture as much as possible, in fact I always do. With that being said, here is the Tip Sheet from the 10th Grade Division


Naomi Tekleab (LR3 COMETS)