Friday, May 31, 2013

O'Block is back

Ashley O'Block has been cleared and is ready for action. O'Block can shoot the ball, in fact at last seasons Prime Time Nationals she had multiple games with multiple threes including eight in one game. Ashley is a legitimate scoring threat with range from anywhere

Faith ain't only freshmen Cookin on CFP at #3rdCoastMWS

Tyra Cormier has battled injuries in her young career but now that's she's 100%, you will see the type of player I envisioned her being as a 7th grader. She already has a college ready body and the killing part iis she's stronger than she looks and with a few tweaks here and there, she will be elevating to "beast" status sooner than expected

Faith Cook on the other hand keeps sending telepathic messages and if you're a college coach, I know you are definitely receiving them. She showed she could score as a sixth grader, then when she dropped 40 in middle school, I knew she could burn. She put up huge numbers in her freshman season and now she's showed she can run a team. Size doesn't matter applies in a big way!

Butler answering and shutting doors

Jasmine Butler continues to elevate her game like she elevates off the ground and she's on the verge of being a dominant force not only in the paint but facing the basket as well. She's one of the reasons that her high school team, Pearland, made it to the area F4 which surprised a lot of people except, well when I call it you need to answer

Anyway Butler and her Cy Fair 15U Nike National teammates put on an impressive run as Kingowood and The Taz were represented nicely as well

Coming up on freebie Friday from #3rdCoastMWS

Weekend after weekend, Austin Elite is placing two of their teams in the semis or mighty close and when you have firepower like they do, the Tyrone Johnson Showcase is going to be off the chain, plus I'll get a chance to run over to the Texas Elite camp as well


Why will Duncanville make another run? It's more than Tasia and Triple A, stay tuned #siminator

Lady Dominators ready for Prime Time as one of early favorites

I take a lot of pictures because they come in handy and since pictures are worth a thousand words. Okay that doesn't apply to every picture however one thing the Lady Dominators apply is HEAT!!!!!!

I'll be at the Prime Time qualifier right there in the pressure cooker as I take a peek at who will be with me at Prime Time Nationals next month, play like it's June 1st so I don't have to edit this

Deja Hughes and company won't be editing anything as I'll bring you live coverage from court-side, actually I won't but I will bring you entertaining news along with yet another GPR Tip Sheet from the event


Cy Fair Ogwumike changes look but not results

Yes Erica Ogwumike made the bucket and so did her teammates throughout the 3rd Coast Memorial Weekend Showdown as they captured the top prize in the top division


3rd Coast Memorial Weekend Tip Sheet

It doesn't matter if it's in the AM or PM because CM can drain it at any time. Caitlyn Modesett was one of many who stood out last weekend


Are you Ready to revisit Texas Spring Invitational Tip Sheet, yes you are

Alaysia Ready is living by her last name every time I see her and her improvement has moved her up, up and away but so have the rest so take a peek as her and Tana Driver are among a cast of many


IBC Tip Sheet

Rangie Bessard is a Major, no if ands or" but I didn't know Sim". On Freebie Friday, you don't want to miss out the totally informative Tip Sheets which can be accessed by using the search bar


Thursday, May 30, 2013

Prime Time Qualifier coverage begins in ........

Deyona Gaston is standing tall and hard to handle. This weekend she and her HTX Fire teammates will be among the hundreds of young ladies attempting to qualify for Prime Time Nationals. Girlz Prep Report coverage begins tomorrow night and here are the schedules for the various division


Miss Excitement continues the run

Tyler Davis played a big part in Cy Woods run last season and her heroics down the stretch in the second half of district play through the playoffs had me label her one of the most exciting player in the area. Davis continues to bring excitement this season, more recently at the #3rdCoastMSW

2017 Whitfield silent yet ........

Arianna Whitfield isn't a name you hear a lot about because she plays on a star studded team but trust me, she's as huge as anyone else in the 2017 class and remember it isn't where you start, it's where you finish.

She was on par to make one of my Tip Sheet's but she had a minor injury and didn't play the last day of the 3rd Coast Memorial Weekend Showdown

No problem, she gets a page all to herself because not only can she score, she's very unselfish and she loves to defend, not to mention bang under the basket with bigger players. Next level won't be a problem, D1 won't be a problem and how she rises is in her hands and if you saw how she recovered after the hit, the smart money is on her blowing up

DFW youngstas keep busy

I'm not like the other SC worrying about who has been naughty or nice, this SC know when you've been working or having a little too much social networking. Believe me, this young group of DFW stars to be are constantly working and they're nice, off the court of course
Jae Branch has game on the court while her mom has it off the court as she keeps me updated with Texas Preps Elite roster information whenever I see them at an event. I can't stress how hard it is to do what I do when I don't know who the players are so please make sure your rosters are with me and if you read my blog all of the time, you would know this, so Shawn five gold stars for you

Every time I see one of their teams play, I know I'm in for a treat and hopefully I get to see the top squad because from what I hear, they might be the best club team in the state and that in itself speaks volumes. In July, if you see TPE, be sure to catch them and you heard it from ME, that's a rhyme!

Bennett telling me not so fast on next season

After about 20 pictures, Jalea Bennett gave me the okay on this one so here it is. Bennett also wanted me to know don't give R1 to Duncanville just yet and here reasoning was excellent. First, they bring just about everyone back, including four starters and all four are in my 2014 Texas Top 100, three in the Top 20 and two in the Top 10, okay I get it.

She also reminded me that they played in the toughest district with the top team in the nation last season and took them to overtime, I said I got it. Bennett is an absolute beast on the floor and whatever she's lacking is correctable and I expect huge things for her at the next level. She didn't make one of my Tip Sheets this time, she's made plenty before, but here'a tip and a freebie, she's unsigned and she's a legitimate high D1 player.

Triple A is simply the best

I'm not talking about roadside assistance however this young lady doesn't mind handing out assists nor leaving defenders on the road when she decides to take a game over. Ariel Atkins is simply amazing, I said the same thing about Alexis Jones because when I see a young lady that does things like guys do on the floor, that's truly something

Atkins adjusted her shot in mid air, not once but twice as she defied gravity and nailed the bucket, I've seen that move from her before however one move off of an inbounds play left me speechless as she blurred away from the defense for a wide open lay-up and we all know or should know that I'm rarely without words

Jack Nicholson played an astronaut, John Glenn was an astronaut, it's that simple or better yet  it's simply amazing

Prime Time back to back then Tyrone Johnson

I'll see Saundra Guillory in a few weeks as she continues to be one of the summers most explosive players however I'm sure I'll catch a lot of excitement over the next two weekends while I'm covering a couple Prime Time events. Remember two things, talent is everywhere and I know how to spot it!


Here's a grammatically incorrect statement that's really correct. If you ain't where I am, you're doing your players an injustice!

Girlz Prep Report Scouting Service is NCAA approved

Believe my I'm constantly working on getting next level players names out there and you can tell by some of my early morning posts that I'm accessible all the time

Girlz Prep Report Scouting Service has been approved by the NCAA once again and college coaches here is the link to subscribe


Remember I called Recee Caldwell (UCLA) and Terriell Bradley (Kansas) in middle school and I'm pretty sure I was the first person to write about Brianna Turner (Notre Dame). I used three of the top players in the country because it's a fallacy that Texas players won't leave and with any argument I get into, I back it up with not only reasoning but facts

The fact is there are more next level players in Texas year after year than available scholarships from Texas institutions, simple reasoning with a logical response

Remember I called Ariel Atkins two years ago and we all know how that has worked out

Why are the DFW MJ duo smiling?

Kessha Bracy and Charisma Matlock

After their performance at the #3rdCoastMWS they know a story is coming  real soon

Ichiban Black bring intensity at #3rdCoastMWS

I'm always looking for talented players and Ichiban Black gave me just that as I caught a glimpse of some of their players over the weekend. This is a solid team and they were focused throughout the event and they brought the heat

Kajera Mays and Kia Peterson were smoking throughout the event and the basically got to the rim whenever  they wanted while playing solid D. Mays handled the ball extremely well and set her teammates up nicely for assists time and time again. Peterson simply is relentless on both ends and rebounds larger than her size

LaShuna Trice opened things up with a bang and showed she had plenty of ammo throughout the event as she got her shot off whenever she wanted but most importantly she connected. Long and athletic, she sliced to basket with precision and when you see teams like this, especially early in morning, you know the day is going to be great

Fully recovered Mahoney blistering nets at #3rdCoastMWS

I've always admired Kristin Mahoney since the first time I saw her as a 6th or 7th grader, all I remember is she was playing up and the kid was intense. If ever there was a player that continued to work on whatever weaknesses they had, it was Mahoney and she has blossomed into not only a next level player but one who keeps turning corners.

This season, she's been on fire, wait it started when I caught her with The Woodlands HS team at the Sandra Meadows Classic and it has continued each tournament I've seen her play on, most recently at the Team Ichibans Memorial blast as she was launching missiles from planets far away but not only does her offense grab your attention, she just plays hard every play

Mahoney is one of my 2014 Under The Radar players and she is ready to help lead The Woodlands on another run

2013 guard Ra'nishia Gray is available

Former Willowridge star Ranishia Gray has decided she wants to play at the next level after all and this video shows the hard nosed defender put the clamps on many who have moved on over the past two seasons. Check her video

Double trouble "bigs" as 817 looking more like 911 at #3rdCoastMWS

I'm always getting calls or emails from college coaches asking about posts over the magic number and in case you're a first time reader or the first time seeing me use the term "magic number", well it happens to be six feet. Here's the good news, Cierra Johnson is 6'3 and Juliette Akinwole is 6'1. Of course when some says here's the good news, you know what's next and the bad news is that they are only freshmen but trust me, that's not bad at all

Johnson has simply began to show dominance since I caught her last season and I'm talking both ends of the court. Akinwole is "ultra" athletic, another phrase I use that simply states she's "more than" and her upside is through the roof.

Cy Fair Nike Elite AC on high at #3rdCoastMWS

Everything happens in cycles and basketball is no different. 2005 was one of the hugest classes from Texas as far as players going on to play at the next level only to be topped by 2012. From what I've observed, 2017 is going to blow the roof off and I know I probably overuse the monster class as I describe what's going to happen, I truly believe it and week after week I'm just seeing more players that are simply way ahead of the game for their ages

Alex Coleman and Tia Wright are only two of the bright young stars from Cy Fair Nike Elite AC and each time I watch that team I know there is a very high probability that each player will be somewhere at the next level. When you have young ladies that truly understand basketball like so many in this class, you have something to work with and this group not only understands, they can play as well

Oh and one more time for the road, at least until July, "Tia Wright is DYNOMITE!"

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Coming up on Thursday

More from Team Ichiban's 3rd Coast Memorial Weekend Showcase including the rise of Texas Preps Elite. 2014 sharpshooter Kaylie Black just joined the club however her presence was felt immediately and at 5'10, this young lady is showing me a different look each time I see her and she's also one of the reasons Aledo might be heading back to state

Richards shows she's Ranch ready

DiDi Richards lands in this D1 photo filled with players from Cy Fair Ogwumike and Team Ichiban. Richards  is ready to parlay this summer over to her school season in R3's toughest district when she heads to Cy Ranch. I picked Cy Woods as the favorite, Richards has other ideas and she might be on to something

Wouldn't it be something if these two soon to be freshmen help lead their teams to the area F4 at Campbell Center next year? Yes it would!

Prophetic from the legendary Marques Jackson

Coach Jackson made a statement years ago that has been retweeted years ago regarding parents complaining about their teams coach. He said "I know I can't coach but can your daughter play?" "Kobe is Kobe no matter who he plays for"

Well let me say this, Calveion Landrum, aka Juicy is a player no matter what team or colors she wears and at Team Ichiban's 3rd Coast Memorial Weekend Showdown, she suited up for her dads squad, she plays for DFW T-Jack.

2016, 2017, 2018 Texas is LOADED!

Another Tip Sheet photo from #3rdCoastMWS

Courtney Brown made one earlier read more

Haley Frias made it this time  read more

Olivia Ogwumike and Kennedy Leonard this time as well read more

Don't blink because you might miss something and if you do, those search bars are mighty helpful

WOW just caught this one

Every player in these two pics have been on one of my tip sheets. I'm not a writer, I'm certainly not a photographer but I'm a "bad word" good EVALUATOR

More coming from Team Ichiban's exciting event

Until then, check out what I said about 2016 Angela Harris who as a 6th grader, I called it


DFW Elite Marques Jackson fight to the finish at #3rdCoastMWS

One thing I can count on from DFW Elite Marques Jackson is they are going to bring the heat from baseline for the start of the game until the final buzzer and this enabled them to capture the runner up prize in the HS Division of Team Ichiban's 3rd Coast Memorial Weekend Showdown

This team is loaded with talented players and I'll get to see Lauren Lee, Charsima Matlock, Sarah Cantu and the rest of the gang in a few weeks when I cover the Big State Flava Jam. Get your tickets now, aka register, because we all know that no one does it like I do


DFW Urban Elite showing star power

Alisha Washington is a player, I knew it from day one


Shekinah Green is too


TPE pipeline loaded

I'm just amazed at what I'm seeing from the younger players and the more I see Texas Preps Elite 2017 the more I know that this class is going to be a monster, well I've said that numerous times. I probably won't see them again until July but I;ll be ready and I'm sure they will too

Younger sister growing up fast at #3rdCoastMWS

Terriell Bradley is one of the top players in the state and has committed to Kansas, if you read my blog you knew that. Her younger sister, Mikayla Hutchinson, caught my eye last season in Kentucky after being visibly upset after missing couple of shots in the game with I believe their freshmen team. I asked her what grade she was in afterwards and she said 5th. I responded, quit tripping, let me take your picture because you are going to be a star

Whether I meant it or not, it made her smile and after watching her this weekend, I too started smile because I'm right even when I don't know it. Hutchinson filled in for a team that was shorthanded and set her teammates for several easy buckets even though she had the opportunity to score, this says a lot

On Monday she got a chance to play up with her big sister to be honest, the 2019 star to be had me smiling even more as she handled herself quite well against varsity players and everything was capped on a touchdown from big sister for a lay-up. MIKAYLA HUTCHINSON!!!!!

Kingwood trio show out at #3rdCoastMWS

Brooke Jolivet, Gabby Stanton and Charlotte Hodges have several things in common. They are all from 2015 class, they are all varsity players on Kingwood's HS team, they all play on Cy Fair Nike Nationals 15U team and they are all on my GPR 2015 Under The Radar list.

All that's fine and dandy but the most important thing they did this past weekend was play extremely well at Team Ichiban's Memorial Weekend Showdown. I expect Kingwood to be a major player in the school season and these three are going to be huge

All three continue to improve, Jolivette's ability to finish was huge this weekend along with battling in the paint. Hodges is facing the basket more and nailing the sort jumpers extremely well while also finishing on the inside. Stanton ran the point to a tee and and set her teammates up for several easy baskets while nailing an abundance of sots from everywhere