Sunday, July 31, 2016

2016 Prime Time Nationals 11/12th Championship Sunday #PTNBC16

Briley Due and her Armoured Elite squad are in the Final Four at Prime Time Nationals.  Girlz Prep Report correspondent Jim Johnson caught plenty of talented young ladies in the 11/12 grade division, Due was one of them and her are some others


Saturday, July 30, 2016

2016 Prime Time Nationals 10th Grade Tip Sheet #PTNBC16

McKayla Black

DALLAS , Texas- Girlz Prep Report correspondent Jim Johnson is on fire at Prime Time Nationals and I’ve already dropped a couple of Tip Sheets  of players he’s seen throughout the tournament and here are some stars from the 10th Grade Division

Jancee Akers (Ft Bend Barracudas) 5'10 Post works hard at both ends.  Good defender of the rim and steady scorer makes the Barracudas a tough foe

Kourtney Johnson (Armoured Elite 2018 ) Her double digit scouring and steady defense is a big reason her team keeps moving on.  At 5'10, she plays big and gets the job done on the glass. 

McKayla Black (Katy Warriors) McKayla averaged double digits for the tourney.  Generated 3-4 steals and gave you 4-5 rebounds.  Anything else you'd like from a 2 guard.  Nice player with good upside going into her next 2 years of HS.  Another to keep an eye on in next year’s tourney.

Alyssa Rivera (Elite III Texas) Alyssa's steady scoring and ball handling helped get her team as far as they could go. Good shooter with low turnovers and should have a strong year at Princeton HS.

Deseret Reber (Elite III Texas) Another Princeton product that had a strong tournament at both ends of the floor her double digit scoring and experienced gained in this tourney will have huge upside for 3A Princeton HS this upcoming season.  Should be fun to watch her develop the next 2 years

Kelcee McEntire (Armoured Elite 2018) Kelcee found her touch and averaged 17 a game.  She was knocking down the open jumper including the 3.  She’s a solid 2 guard that can give you consistent scoring.

Annie Carlile (Katy Warriors 10th) Annie averaged 14 a game in leading her team to the second round of bracket play. She’s a solid rebounder and defender and should have a strong tourney next year.

Bracket play begins at Prime Time Nationals #PTNBC16

The young ladies from Team Pink are all smiles as they move from going 3-0 in pool to  bracket play at Prime Time Nationals and from what I've heard, the action is hot and heavy throughout the event, but I already knew that.

A little over a year ago my ex wife became paralyzed and I'm helping take care of her so unfortunately I'm not in attendance however GPR correspondent Jim Johnson has stepped in again to give me some names of players throughout the event that stood out to him so that's coming up a little bit late

Enjoy the event and the atmosphere and good luck the rest of the way and you can follow what's going on by clicking ,link below


Thursday, July 28, 2016

2016 Prime Time Nationals starts now #PTNBC16

I tweeted yesterday this would be my 5th Prime Time Nationals , I have correspondents covering the event, and I love saying I told you so. Five years ago I got my first glimpse of the Lady Houston Phenoms featuring Jazz Harris and Shannon Jones, I said both were legitimate D1 layers, they'll suit up for Houston & HBU this season and four years ago I saw some very talented players that I saw big things in their future as well, Dorian Branch (Houston) Cierra Johnson (Louisville, pictured below,  as well as Natalie Chou and Lauren Cox, pictured above, who are headed to Baylor

Cox, Chou and Johnson all made McDonald's All American teams and in this ARTICLE I mentioned there was no telling how high she would go, she was ranked #1 or #2 by every national scouting service however the previous day I said she had a shot at doing just that. That story initiated a club coach that ran up on me saying he couldn't understand how "these people" write this and that about kids and Cox would wind up being a good volleyball player and then he went on to tell me he coached high school ball for 30 years and he knew what he was talking about

I responded to the guy that I was "these people" and I'm sure you knew that and I appreciate the input however as far as your resume, I know people that have been mechanics for 30 years but their cars are always broke so just because you've been doing something a long time doesn't mean you're good at it. Always remember talent is everywhere and also remember you never know who's watching you, on or off the court and please don't get caught up in rankings, if you feel like you're better than someone above you, show it on the court and with that, let the games begin


Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Katy Rebels D'Addieco 2025 #PrimeTime

Preparation has become lost art, not to mention comprehension, but even more importantly grasping what's being taught all play a huge role in how successful you will be and this isn't just on the court so unless you hit the Lotto, remember that. I definitely hit my own Lotto covering Prime Time super youngsters and Katy Rebels D' Addieco definitely were all I had heard about. This young squad was serious before the game started and watching them in the pregame drills told me that they did not mind putting in the necessary work

 Ruke Ogbevire caught my eye immediately with her speed and able to control the ball with that speed but her athleticism and ability to get to the rim at this age, she's one of two 3rd graders, tells me a few things. Mackenzie Watson wears my daughters old club number and watching her create in traffic as well as attack from every angle was definitely something to see while Caitlyn D' Addieco gave me a glimpse at what's on the court, I'd seen her watching her older sister over the years but this young lady is ahead of the game

She too mixed athleticism and ability to get there and knows how to set defenders up plus she makes plays on both ends. Madison Presley can take em off the dribble, she and Maxwell Lauren also can create their own shots and again, at this age, this team definitely has the basics down and once you have the foundation, it's easy to build. Melinda Winston has size and athleticism , she goes after everything while Mackenzie Gilder and Julia Mlodzianowski join Winston as terrors on the inside. Chloe Howe, the other 2026 on the squad made some big plays on both ends while Dominique Puno already understands how to put the ball in the basket multiple ways

Monday, July 18, 2016

Colorado Storm no Secret #BasketballTuneUpShowcase

If you're observing what I do, I love to play on words since I can't play on the court anymore, well not like I want to so when I was a kid I used to watch Secret Storm with my grandmother, sort of like Empire but in black and white. Actually is was nothing like Empire or anything else but neither is this talented squad that brought a variety of players to compete in the Basketball Tune Up Showcase held at San Jac this past weekend

Romolo Dominguez was definitely a bright spot as she scored so many ways my head was spinning. She's long, has range and can finish with contact not to mention defend. Keara Felix also used her length to her advantage on both ends, showed she was definitely hard to handle while Destiny Love dazzled the fans with her ball handling and passing as well as her ability to create for herself and her teammates

This team really gets after it, well the picture says it all and any combination works because when Victorious Love and Tyuana Coe entered the game, there was simply no let down in fact Breanna Reeves came in to ignite a rally but like I said, this squad simply gets after it. Morgan Leslie used her body well for easy baskets, she goes after everything and plays the passing lane well and what can I say about Leilah Vigil other than you can read about her a little later on my Tip Sheet from the event on my website so stay tuned

Girlz Prep Report website 



Texas Elite BCS Haby roll this weekend at Prime Time

They just seemed to jump out at you right off the top and when I say jump I mean just that. One of the Texas Elite teams from out of town made a tune-up trip to Prime Time and that alone was enough to get me to Texas Tornado facility. I hadn't seen Magan Haby for three years I imagine and what I remembered more than anything was that kid could shoot that ball, you know what it's been four years actually. Well that hadn't changed, she still puts it in at a very high percentage but her ability to a variety of other things including attack the basket and defend have definitely added to what all she can do

Raenett Hughes brings so much heat, even I was sweating just watching the pressure she applies on both ends of the court and when you talk about athleticism, she and Keekee Nowlin definitely have an abundance of that . Nowlin's length enables her to create problems on defense as she alters shots and rebounds and when you factor in her ability too score multiple ways, that's definitely a plus. So many bright spots on this team Haley Wilton adds size and the ability to score in the paint but she also scores facing the basket and rebounds

The game has and will always start at the one and I'll come back to Tra'Dayja Smith who simply left me speechless a couple of times, she'll be on the Tip Sheet and the more I watched Courtney Mass and Hannah Burlesson, the more they showed. Mass simply can create her shot against just about anyone and can shoot  the long ball and midrange consistently while Burlesson simply made plays and seemed to be wherever the ball was while rebounding and defending

Friday, July 15, 2016

Tune Up Showcase tomorrow 7/16

I'll be at Prime Time all day Sunday but first, San Jac all day Saturday for the Tune Up Showcase featuring some of the areas top player that I hadn't seen but guess what, I know who you are and contrary to rumor that carries a whole lot of weight when you figure out how much exposure you really DONT get attending some events, you'll catch on eventually but here''s the schedule for Saturday/Sunday at San Jac

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Prime Time July 16-17 coming up

Another Prime Time weekend filled with talent and I must admit I'm sort of excited just glancing at the schedule because I'll get a good look at the Poth twins, Ashton and Addison and their talented squad as well as Megan Haby and her Texas Elite BCS squad because these are some talented players I haven't seen in a couple of years yet impressed me initially so can't wait to see the progression

I'll have a recap, some tweets with pics, follow me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram folks under Girlz Prep Report because one thing you get from when I cover a tournament is exposure because few look at as many players at event that, well me and NO ONE covers an event like me

Here are some links to schedules for this weekend and PLEASE email your rosters ahead of time to






Friday, July 8, 2016

Catching up with my baby, well sort of

I was talking to my daughter's mom and I asked what she doing and she told me she was watching an interview Sydney did with She Hoops so I had to take a peek

'18 Mikayla Schenck giving me flashbacks #GPRUnderTheRadar

I had been watching Madison Schenck since I guess the 7th grade and immediately was drawn to her mindset and work ethic and if you read what I've written on what she has become as well as the damage she'll do at St Edwards, well more on that later, this is about her sister Mikayla. I also caught her in the 7th grade and almost immediately I knew I was seeing something special developing because she pulled up on the break and dropped a 25 footer and then on the next possession dropped another with a defender hanging on her and I'm talking catch and shoot

Over the years, her propensity of being able to put the ball in the basket multiple ways has only been overshadowed by her "highlight waiting to happen" acrobatic shots which includes hang time college coaches as this young lady just keeps showing me a variety of different things. Based on the early buzz as a glance at my phone, several college coaches are definitely seeing what I'm seeing as she had a very good showing at Big State Flava Jam for Houston Dream Elite as they head to Chicago next

The long ball is falling and Schenck is doing damage off the dribble as well and remeber she is one of the top 2018 players in the state of Texas

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

'18 Heun smoothly returns #GPRUnderTHeRadar

I love the throwback photos because sometimes players just catch my eye with their mannerisms before they take a shot, Reagan Heun is one of those players. Her name and game preceded her, yeah I heard this and that but after watching her walk into a gym by herself and immediately start working out, by herself before a camp, I said to myself hmmmm

Fast forward to now, she's done an array of good things, impressed college coaches from Southwest to Midwest as well as extend her already long range game but putting it on the floor and scoring with contact as well as that midrange has gone through the roof as she starts of July with Sophia Young Elite Black at Super 64 and Adidas Uprising tournaments


Check out file video, updated coming

'18 Ott continues to hit spot #GPRUnderTheRadar

Jordan Ott is a big guard that can shoot it from all over the court at a very high percentage and that could be enough right there to land her a D1 scholarship but she's not a settler, oh no, Ott continues to elevate her game and impress people along the way, including a variety of college coaches across the country

The talented 2018 has picked up offers from the Big 12 and SEC to name a few but that in itself should grab your attention as she opens up July at the Big State Flava Jam and then ASGR in Las Vegas with Cy Fair Premier


'18 Patin shows game starts at the one #GPRUnderTheRadar

The first time I saw Rayven Patin I knew she was going to be AWESOME on the court and with the photo below, Google thinks she's #AutoAwesome. The talented 2018 guard helps open up Super 64 before heading to Battle at the Boro with the New Orleans Lady Trojans however along the way, that deceptive first step, high basketball IQ and ability to run a team and take over when needed has raised the eyebrows of many college coaches so far and I guess her high academics and test scores don't hurt

What also doesn't hurt is her ability to play one and two, both good enough for the next level and I'm talking D1. Here's a look at her in motion and click on the link for a little more


'18 Tia Tolbert bringing more July heat #GPRUnderTheRadar

What can I say about Tia Tolbert that I haven't already said? Probably not much as she continues to find ways to put the ball in the basket, she also has become more aggressive on both ends of the floor and to top that off, she's adding another dimension to her game by finding ways to make teammates better.

The talented Tolbert and her Katy Rebels Tolbert squad opens up today at the Super 64 TEXAS division and for more on Double T, click right here

#TwinNation bringing Showtime starting now

I'll never forget when I received a video from a professor at Texas A&M asking me to check out a couple of talented 8 year old players and what I actually thought about them. A few days later he asked me had I had a chance to look at it and I said yeah but I'm still waiting on the one with 8 year old players because these young ladies have to be in middle school. Okay embellishing the story just a tad, they weren't they were 9 and I immediately got back to him but I did say, Kiana and Brianna Suber had to be in middle school

Fast forward to now, the talented duo whose acrobatic shots hanging in the air as well as mid and long range baskets alone make them legitimate D1 prospects however when you throw in blocks and defense, high BB-IQ and the will to win as they've helped lead their Rudder HS to state once and almost pulled it off again last season, the icing on the cake for me is watching them throw alley-oops to one another. The talented twins are the draw, the place is Frisco where they're suiting up with Texas Elite Phenoms in the Super 64

Coaches in case you don't know who they are, use your IPADS and (or) smartphones and check out the link below filled with stories  on these talented young ladies or better yet, if you are where they are, see for yourself and remember where you heard about them but chances are you already now


'19 Cornelius ready to July with a bang #GPRUnderTheRadar

Talented 2019 guard Jessica Cornelius is going to make a lot of noise in her upcoming sophomore season at Dallas Skyline and after the club season she's had with the Lady Jets, that noise will be louder than the fireworks I was hearing a couple of nights ago. Cornelius made the transition from middle school to high school without a glitch and has been an integral part of her club squad success this season

Not only did she raise eyebrows at the Rice and SFA Camps last month, where she was MVP of her team, she's also showing another side of her game as she definitely does more than score. Cornelius is on one of the Lady Jets squads participating in the Super 64 in Frisco

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Aerial attack starts now as '17 Starks is ready #GPRUnderTheRadar

So many times players settle on just being good however one thing I saw in Aerial Starks as a freshman was the desire to get better. Sure she was a college prospect  capable of playing D1 that initial sighting however the way she grasped things immediately told me I was watching something special in the making

Fast forward to now, she's put together an impressive resume on what she's done and who she's done it against and if you follow me on Twitter, I have this pinned, "it's not what you do, it's who you do it against" and believe me this AD Elite Peterson star has been on a tear but guess what, it ain't over just yet

From the Big 12 to the Pac 10 to the Ivy League, there is plenty of interest, high academics and high test scores are rolled int the package and that package will be opened starting at PBR Super 64 and then Battle at the Boro  and just to refresh yourself


Monday, July 4, 2016

2021 Peyton Andrews stock keeps rising #GPRUnderTheRadar

The first time I saw Peyton Andrews was almost a couple of seasons ago and looking at her size, the first thing you think is "what can she do in the paint" however a 25 footer later had me looking at her in a total different light. The talented young 2021 just keeps getting better, I think she's taller than 5'10 and can shoot the ball from deep, college coaches love that as well as her ability to score with either hand, left and right folks and fluidly but what I love on top of all that is she's handling the ball under pressure going coast to coast better and better and what I really love is she's doing things instinctively playing against older players like playing the passing lane

After a variety of National Camps  this season, she continues to not only excel and impress others but implement everything she's learning into game situation so as the July exposure events start, she's going to be doing it up with a couple of teams. Check out her schedule and video below and remember, she's only heading to the 8th grade and still hasn't reached her peak because she definitely wants "it"

2021 Texas United

July 5-8, 2016: Big State Flava Jam - Grapevine, Texas

July 9-10: Frisco, Texas

July 28-29, 2016 – #PSBELITE32 Summer Jam Session II - Atlanta, Georgia

2021 Arkansas Banshees

July 16, 2016: Hoop Play Nationals - Conway, Arkansas

July 23-25, 2016: PSB Summer Invitational - Atlanta, Georgia

July 26, 2016: PSB Power 48 Summer Finale - Atlanta, Georgia

Sunday, July 3, 2016

'17 Dannia Gonzalez ready for July #GPRUnderTheRadar

How about that form, well good form is one thing but accuracy is another and the bottom line is that this young lady can shoot that ball. Dannia Gonzalez continues to make strides since I saw her three years ago initially and the talented guard will be rolling into the Super 64 and Adidas Uprising tournaments with Sophia Young Elite


'18 D'Asia Collins ready for circuit #GPRUnderTheRadar

I will never forget seeing that young Hybrid squad filled with I guess 8 and 9 year old players that I just knew would be among the best in their class, yeah I said it again and no I haven't been wrong yet. Let's see, Charli Collier, arguably the top 2018 player in the country, USA Team etc, etc and then you had "The Twins" as in Truong who are among the top 2019 players in Texas

You also had this small point guard that I immediately took an interest in simply because she never made the same mistake twice, she knew how to run a team and her poise under pressure, keep in mind she was 9, not only impressed me but also a couple of Texas A&M players when she attended their camp, I remember my daughter asking if I heard of her because she could play and of course I told her I had

Fast forward to now, she made the transition to HS with ease helping make Cy Ranch one of the teams to beat her first two seasons and in spite of injuries over those two seasons, they still did well and the game starts where. at the ONE. Cy Ranch has another run in them and the 2018 Collins will be in the mix but before we jump the gun or whatever clever phrase I'm trying to use, it's SHOWTIME in July!!!

Collins is one of the states top point guards, she's shown me in HS and club ball and she's doing it with AD Elite Peterson as they start the month off at the Super 64 in Frisco and then they head to Tennessee for the Battle in the Boro. Trust me on this one, she's definitely a D1 player that can control the tempo, play D and score when needed and again, I haven't been wrong yet

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Showcase14U #ShowcaseClassic16

Look, up in the sky, it's a floater, it's a three no it's not Dezi but younger sister Atlantis White got caught in this GIF, Google Photo animation or like they used to call them, Auto Awesome photo which is how her game is progressing. Atlantis just keeps blossoming on the court and is one of the bright young stars on this talented Cy Fair Showcase 14U squad. She's already made multiple Tip Sheets and hasn't even entered high school, she'll join older sister Dezi there next season as they attempt to make a run at Langham Creek

With "player to watch" Alexis Davis, the lone 2021 on this 2020 squad, several names will make noise in high school, have I mentioned 2020 would be a monster class before, yeah five years ago but who's counting. Amari Joulevette and Kennedi Brazille just bring it while Hannah Porter and Jaelyn Compton continue to show they can not only score but make plays. The combinations are endless with no significant let down and when you have players such as Timaya Burks and Yakira Lewis as well as Allana Thompson, you'll get the picture when you catch them in action as well as the other Showcase teams


Talk about making an impression, Morgan Livesay simply put on a show on Sunday, yeah I knew she could play on Saturday just by watching her shoot along with her mannerisms, but this squad as I stated above is filled with talented players but on Super Sunday, she simply did enough extra to make the ever so important Tip Sheet


Friday, July 1, 2016

Destiny Navarro chooses St. Mary's University

There are always talented players that fall through the cracks, trust me I’ve been looking at this since last century and if you watch as much basketball as I watch, you know at every level, talent is everywhere and with Clear Falls Destiny Navarro making her decision to play at St. Mary’s,  after I tweeted it someone responded the Rattlers were getting a steal and I agree because at 5’10 and being able to shoot the ball the way she can, she’s a legitimate D1 player however after tearing her ACL a couple of times, some schools backed off the GPR Under The Radar player however she fought hard and came back both times

I saw Navarro play at the Lady Phenoms unsigned event at San Jac a little over a month ago and I asked her if she had any updated video, which she did, and after sending this 80 plus second video out to various schools, she, her high school coach and myself were bombarded with calls and emails, I personally received 35 emails the first three hours on how to get in contact with this young lady and after a week over 200  programs were interested in fact even though  this all started  a month ago, I’m still getting inquiries about her as of yesterday. The bottom line is she can flat out play and like I’ve said over and over, I haven’t been wrong yet so I can’t wait to see her at St. Mary’s but with all the offers on the table, I asked what sold her on the program

“I chose St. Mary’s because I felt like I could do great things there, on and off the court. The academics are outstanding, the campus is beautiful, and the coaches genuinely want to make every player a stronger basketball player and stronger woman. I can really see myself doing big things at St. Mary’s and even after St. Mary’s in the career path I choose.” She even gave me a S/O “Thanks again Simmie! It's meant a lot to have you helping me out through the process!” but in actuality I’m so proud of this young lady for coming back not once, but twice showing how bad she really wanted it.

Thursday, June 30, 2016

2016 TJ Showcase recap

Although I couldn’t personally make it to the Tyrone Johnson Showcase, as I always tell people “talent is everywhere” and with the exposure events approaching, remember “there are eyes everywhere” so treat your July experience like a job interview and be on your best behavior on and off the court because you never know who’s watching or what they’re looking for. Girlz Prep Report correspondents were on hand for the event and here’s what they saw

The 14th Annual TJ Showcase moved to the new multiple court Round Rock Sports Center, but had same deep pool of talent…..dun da dun, dun da dun.  And I must say, the home cooked food in the hospitality room alone is worth the trip to Central Texas.  Coach Fonzell Martin & Tommy Gregg of Austin Elite continues to raise the bar on this event.  Here’s a tip – there’s talent everywhere.  Best game of the tournament may have been the double OT sudden death thriller between Fort Worth Lady Hornets and Austin Elite RFW.

2017 P Jhyrah Cobb (Fort Worth Lady Hornets) – Best player throughout the event. Dominant on the block with back to basket but also showed face up game.  Finesse moves but holds position. Went beast mode in championship game with a coast to coast finish that brought the crowd off their feet. #REALDEAL

2017 PG – Emily Daniel (Austin Elite RFW) – Pull up game on point.  Versatile, long point guard that consistently made plays to stop the other team’s runs.  Has a 3 pt shoot to compliment her automatic pull up.  At 5’8 she rebounds well for a guard.

2017 P Ireneshia Johnson (Houston Hoops) – Showed strength but quickness around the basket and at times was an absolute load to deal with.  Loves to attack the rim off the dribble after a turn and face move. Quick on the rebounds.

2017 G Chantel Govan (UBAVE) – Who has #23 was a constant phrase being heard.  Answer was it didn’t matter as she got to rim at will and should good poise running UBAVE spread offense. Another kid who is better now than in March and that’s a scary thought.

2018 W Kansas Watts (Team Ichiban) – Does a great job of rebounding because she attacks the ball in the air.  Was very active blocking shots, disruptive and with help defense.   Once she gets a lil more consistent scoring the ball…..look out.

2017 PG Brooke Elliott (Fury Haney – Orange) – Showed great vision in open court and was able to get where ever she wanted to on the court. Complete SSP player, was smart, can shoot it and can pass with the best of them.

2018 PG Diamond Morrison (Austin Elite RFW) – Been keeping an eye on this one.  Nice quicks with college body.  Pull up game is probably he strength at the moment although she showed she could hit a three, attack the rim and play solid on defense.

2018 G Jessica Ray (DFW Elite Cannon) – Attacks very well, good handles with vision and played relentless on defense game in and game out.  More comfortable getting to the rim vs jumpers but her talent jumps off the court almost as high as she does.

2018 F – Sydney Brock (Austin Elite Black) – Had a great weekend showing ability to score inside and out.  Very patience on post moves.  Another up and coming player that has grown in confidence.  At 5’10,  if she gets her handles a little tighter, skies the limit.

2021 F Anaya Freeman (Rising Stars) – Long, slender athlete that can play 2-5.  Tremendous upside if she continues to hone her game.  Great instincts for the ball as it seems to always find her hands.

2021 5’11 Trinity Valentine (DFW Elite Houston Young Guns) – Very active on defense and ran the court very well.  Player  to watch.

2022 W Carleigh Wenzel (South Texas Hoyas Gray) – This playa is as aggressive as they come. Competes on both ends and plays with an edge. Further along offensively than defensively but has the chops to be all-state caliber in high school.

In memory of long time Austin Elite Coach Louis Monroe, the Monroe Division featured top varsity boys and saw Team Gregg crowned champs in a 3 pt win over  Centex Attack.  Monroe daughters Raven, Kayrin, Kaylin and Reann all suited up for Austin Lady Knights and Austin Elite over the many years.  Louis had a great smile that would light up the room and his presence and gifts will be missed but never forgotten.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

How bout them Hoops #ShowcaseClassic16

I love watching Miya Crump play ball and when she made the Tip Sheet last month, I said she just did things effortlessly and she does. She has the tools to play every position in high school and quite a few depending on where she decides to attend college but the overused phrase "smooth as a silk" definitely applies to her. Deitra and Melodee Jackson don't need three more players with the same last name to make a record because this duo showed they could be a hit as they along with Lauryn Sells and Tiara Hartfield created problems in the paint

How about the heat from Lydia Cooper, Chaunta Thomas and Kirstien Beasley and even without catching Mirackle Sally at all this season, I know what she can do, DAMAGE and just a glimpse of Andria Foreman earlier this season, she along with Colandria Haynes sold me on what they could do last season. Haynes, who I'll forever refer to as  ICE just doesn't melt under pressure, especially at the line and when she told me "I hit em when they count" that was perfect. Elysia Chevalier, Ogechi Nwodo and Briana Cloud, check, double and triple check and since I started with Miya, I'll close with Ireneshia Johnson on the Tip Sheet and say CHECKMATE


Lady Dominators cruising #ShowcaseClassic16

The Lady Dominators continue to be entertaining and exciting to watch and the talent just keeps coming at you. Kiana Hall can make a Tip Sheet anytime I see her in action, she's scoring however she wants in the flow. TaShawna Riggs athleticism and ability to get to the basket for buckets just keeps getting better and the numerous combinations of heat that are thrown out there, Armani Lenore, Leah Smither, Taraneisha Washington or Kaylan Hardeman, well they just keep coming at you

Alexa Lumpkin and Deja Montgomerey have put in work all season and the more I see Jada Russ, the more dominant she looks and once everything falls into place, she's going to be very, very hard to deal with. Kia Cobbs is hard to deal with since she's expanded her game from just a back to the basket player while sister Kayla Cobbs is just, well she made the Tip Sheet


2016 HBU Camp had many stars of the future


The names were somewhat overwhelming as talent from various classes invaded Sharp Gym for the annual HBU Elite Camp. I knew the vast majority of players like Rory Harmon, a young lady I said was a can't miss four years ago, she's a 2020 or how about Mikayla Hutchinson who I knew had a shot at being a D1 player when she was 10. Then you had Jada Malone, a talented 2021 who is already over the magic number of six feet and speaking of 2021, Ashton and Addison Poth both caught my eye three years ago and a growth spurt later, they're on the verge of doing big things. With so much talent, I wish I could've made both days but here are some of the standouts I caught on day two


Madison Miller-never takes a play off, high BB-IQ, scored and defended well

Micayla Weber-relentless scorer and defender sort of sums her game up, she can go



Oni Bodoo- powerful in the paint, rebounded well on both ends, finishes strong

Madison Griffon-does a number of things well but loved watching her create and score multiple ways

Jordan McClenton-explosive jumper, strong finisher, runs floor and rebounds well

Brittany Schnaebel- scores multiple ways, sees the floor well and handles ball under pressure

Christina Adeniran-defends baseline to baseline, nice midrange jumper and can score off the dribble


Danielle Davalos- as close to automatic as they come from long range and I mean catch and shoot

Savannah May-first step is a killer, nice stop and pop in traffic

Cassidy Howard-plays one way, hard and can either finish with contact or drain long and mid shot

Brielle Hampton-talk about a long ball shooting exhibition, in game situation at that. She's long, knows how to get shot off and can drain it from, well anywhere


Gracen Williams-so much poise at this age is sort of scary, well for defenders. Can flat out shoot

Jaedyn Dunn-so far ahead of the game it's scary, loves being in pressure situations and delivers

Samantha Simmons-nice pull-up and continues to hit acrobatic shots from any angle

2016 Showcase Classic WNBA Tip Sheet

I always say "don't turn your back on anyone", I also say "talent is everywhere" but even more importantly and please archive this in your memory bank "it's not what you do, it's who you do it against" but even more importantly than any of this is "you never know who's watching" well that really applies if I'm in the building because I definitely cover a lot of ground and players

This is the FIRST of TWO Tip Sheets from the 2016 Showcase Classic and it covers the WNBA Division. Part TWO will cover the other divisions however if you have access to Instagram and Twitter, I'll be dropping some pics and tidbits along the way but first, click on the link below and check out the players


Monday, June 27, 2016

Hitchcock Select #ShowcaseClassic16

When you can shoot like multiple players on Hitchcock Select can, I'm going to definitely look and be impressed but when you can score from your knees like Irish Winn, you're going to make a GPR Tip Sheet. Okay I'm embellishing the story just a tad but who knows, she scored every way imaginable and usually even when I'm wrong, I'm right


Tierra McDaniel and Breonna Scott both have strokes from waaaaaaaay out, McDaniel does a good job mixing it up from long, mid and off the dribble and Scott can launch it from everywhere and when you can drop a step back three consistently, all I can say is wow. I had heard so much about this team, I hear  a lot about a lot of teams and I was glad I finally had a chance to see this squad get after it

Taylor Kendrick attacks at will and can score with contact, Krystal Oliver's length is definitely an asset , Taivionna Daniel, D'Aveon Bell and Sierra Evans, check, double and triple check because no matter what combinations you see on the floor, they simply play hard. play smart and do it going baseline to baseline
TraCoreia Ward also used her athleticism well on both ends, numerous steals led to easy baskets and that first step is hard to deal with but that can be said for many of these young ladies who just use a variety of weapons to get it done which is what I can say about DeAjia Williams, she has a variety of weapons to just get it done