Thursday, April 16, 2015

Bay Are Blaze #Hoopfest NCAA

Okay I missed seeing Ashlynn Dunbar and Caitlyn Burroway over the weekend and had those players been available I'm thinking their would have been another champion in this division but they still had Hannah's going off. Hannah Froeschl is one of the top sophomores in Texas, I don't care if you haven't heard of her, you got to trust me on this one. She not only defies gravity with her ability to hang, finish and with contact, that pull-up is a nightmare to defend. Hannah Zajac has taken her game to another level, she's close to the magic number and midrange game was simply on

This is a nice mixture of talented players, Kaitlyn Stassner just keeps getting better, she picks her pieces and delivers, mainly because she creates her shot so well and as far as creating, Madison Nicholas is setting her teammates up for gimmes but if you off of her, well gimme a three cause she can shoot it. Samone Walkjer doesn't mind punishment, either giving or receiving and she was definitely a terror on both end sin the paint but the terror I was happy to see most was the return of Alexandra Simmons who can flat out play and it doesn't hurt that she has the "you won't outwork me" mentality