Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Returnees key to SA Islanders Black season #Hoopfest WNBA Black runner-up

I'll come back to Under The Radar players Alexia Torres and Erin Wimberly later today as I  do combination of both the Hoopfest and CF Invite on those GPR UTR young ladies. What I will say is this team has knocked off some teams many didn't think they were supposed to over the past two seasons and even though I don't care about wins and losses, it makes a good story when the underdog pulls it off, even without sweet Polly Purebread

Wimberly, Torres, Belle Tovar and Analissa Narro have all suffered some type of injury but the return of Tovar and Narro was especially good to see after knee injuries. Both are explosive and can shoot mid to long range but this is a team of talented smart guards that play the passing lanes and can shoot the lights out and when multiple players are on, they can play with anybody in the state, I'm not exaggerating or just leaving happy hour, it's real. Victoria Pena can light it up, I'm extra pleased at the poise from Tara Molina who has simply elevated her game as well as Alexis Worley who was a nightmare in the paint the past two weekend on both ends