Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Texas Elite Taylor #Hoopfest WNBA Black

This was a team filled with high energy players coming at you from everywhere. Senior Ashley Ford scored almost at will on opening day and was one of their most cost consistent scorers for the tournament. Colandria Hayes gave me my first look in game situation. she and Morgan Burnley both could attack and shoot the long ball and brought heat on defense but the opening day long ball performance from Miya Crump got her on the Tip Sheet

Miya Crump Tip Sheet 

The explosive senior  Eemani Brown wasn't their for game one but she certainly made her presence felt and my chance to see the Westside duo of Tanea Thomas and Kirby Celestine is sort of a can't miss for me anytime I get to watch them. The sad part is that Thomas wasn't 100%, the athletic guard who can score in or outside was battling a cold however SELLUHSTEEEEN was definitely healthy as she opened the tourney up in style putting up numbers and scoring from everywhere