Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Gray Proves How Valuable GPR Is

The buzz around Basketball on the Bayou was who Ekiyah Gray was and if you follow GPR you would have known exactly who she was, search bar features will come in handy right now. Girlz Prep Report list players I have seen on my scouting service, it doesn't matter who you play for, what matters is if you can play. I said she was one of the top 2014 players in the state before she made it t high school although she was consistently omitted for whatever reasons, she didn't take a magic pill recently to get better. More to come!!!

Lady Ballers back-court help lead them to finals

The Houston Lady Ballers defeated the Dallas Stars in a grueling match-up that went down to the wire 55-52. A'lachanon King and Shaqueria Debose provided much of the firepower throughout the tournament and proved to be one of the best duos in the Prime Time National Championship event. The Lady Ballers lost in the Championship Bracket final to Team Spirit 65-55 however King proved time and time again she was one of the top players in the tournament and also one of the toughest, check the video.

NT United Sends Message

Maddie Brown and Lauren Cox are only two pieces of the puzzle as NT United showed they could play against the big girls, some two to three years older. After dominating their pool and the early rounds, they ran into a seasoned team from Oklahoma, read more

Girlz Prep Report-archives and search bars

In case you miss a story or you just want to do a little research, the search bars on here and the GPR website usually work if I spell the name correctly :)

Alodia's O'Block Continues What Schippers Started

Ashley O'Block

Taylor Schippers is one of the best three point shooters to come from the area. She had range before she entered high school and her game kept progressing and she finally received the recognition she deserved from the local paper, maybe my complaining why she wasn't listed helped, but whatever the reason was, Oklahoma State saw something special in the young lady and offered her a scholarship

After last seasons tragedy, Schippers  decided to move on to Butler after a solid freshman season at Oklahoma State and I'm sure she will do well.

Needless to say Alodia has had several young ladies come through their program that were among the top long range bombers in the city.

Former Cy Woods star Audrey Garcia (Southwestern) was at Prime Time Nationals and demonstrated how she could keep a team in a game by herself, while other a couple of young ladies from the 2013 class,  Ashlyn Wiemann and Kristina Kech both have had their moments this season and they too are among the top long range bombers in the area in fact you can catch them in their senior season at Cy Ranch

Ashley O'Block put on quite a show herself on Saturday during PTNC as she has was also in the zone dropping five three pointers in the first half which kept the game close. She cooled off a bit in the second half but she showed Alodia has found another gem to have in the gym. Only a 2014, she also plays at Cy Ranch who could have their own version of the "bomb squad"

Monday, July 30, 2012

Bonus-Jaz Jackson Sighting at Prime Time Nationals

Jazzmin Jackson caught my eye a few years ago after changing her hairstyle at halftime during a game here in Houston. She showed me she me even more over the next season and I highlighted her performance in the most recent Mansfield Rotary Tournament, read more

I see she's expanded her game even more with the Arlington Razorbacks at the PTNC and I'm expecting this could be a breakout season for her at Mansfield Summit

Coming Tuesday from Prime Time National Championship

You don't come all the way from Washington and make it the Final 4 without getting something special. Tomorrow on the front page of the GPR website I'll do the 9/10 division Championship Bracket. First the semifinal  game featuring NT United against Team Spirit semifinal. On the blog, a little something Alachannon King from the Houston lady Ballers as she led her team to the finals, video included and of course that very impressive team from Washington, Way to Win Gold who settled for Bronze in the 11/12 Championship Baracket

Lady Renegades Have Right Key In Prime Time Challenger Championship

If you follow Girlz Prep Report on Twitter you probably saw me tweeting about Sueterrica Key being a Top 100 player in the 2014 class even though she isn't listed or even known by many. That's fine because she's a player, no doubt about that and she made her teammates better, remember the game starts at the one.

The Lady Renegades won the Challenger Championship Bracket in the 11/12 division and Key was, well the KEY as she set her teammates up for point blank layups time and time again while controlling the tempo, most of the time, and showing she could take a game over when needed. More on her later, but here's a little video

Showtime from Prime Time

Two teams fought it out in the semifinals of the Championship bracket and all tournament long, there were several stars to choose from each squad, read more

No Matter How Big, No Matter How Small, GPR Covers Basketball

Travia Woodruff

The title means just that and I'm not talking about posts and guard, if a kid can play and I see them, they will get exposure no matter who they play for, that is if I'm actually covering the event like I did all four days at the Prime Time Nationals. Unlike some, you will be hearing about more than 10 players you've heard about before, trust me and let's start young with two.

Travia Woodruff was the smallest player on the court when I spotted her playing for the Arkansas JB Lady Ballers and I could also tell she was younger than everyone else. This 2020 prospect showed me a crossover some high schoolers haven't masterd, not to mention going behind her back when when she spun on a player at full speed, well that did it

Makiya Love

The Ballers havea lot of very good ball players and several are on point to play at the next level if the progression continues. Makiya Love (2019) also played up with this team of 2018 players who put together a run good enough to finish 2nd in the Challenger Bracket of the 6th grade division. Long and athletic, Love has a little something-something to work with as do many of the other Lady Ballers

Prime Time Nationals Closes Exciting July

Have you ever noticed how some people always love to name drop or call something prestigious because they happen to be associated with it? I judge everything on what I observe and to be honest with you the Prime Time National Championship closed out one of the best July's I've been involved with and I've actually had a chance to win a national championship as a coach. I started at the IAD with the Big State Flava, traveled to the Adidas Nationals in Kentucky, saw the sights and sounds of New Orleans as I covered Basketball on the Bayou and finished right back where I started, the IAD.

Talent is everywhere, please understand that I take pride in my ability to evaluate talent and believe me there was no shortage over the last four days, you just have to know what you're looking at. Get ready for an onslaught of articles that will be coming at you, I still have stuff to throw at you from the Flava.

The North Texas Shockers National 2014 team won the 11/12 grade division defeating West Texas Elite while Team Spirit defeated the Houston Lady Ballers in the 9/10 grade division, both of these were in the Championship Bracket Play. Check out the link below for all the finals

Prime Time Results

Let me catch up on a few things and get ready for some stories on players you probably haven't but will be hearing about in the not so distant future and always remember where you heard it first!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Thompson's Threes Highlight Day 1 of Texas Summer Showcase

Brynae Thompson's 14 threes on Saturday at the Texas Summer Showcase in Georgetown showed another unknown player ready to burst into the spotlight, actually if you follow me she already has, GPR doesn't play favorites and if you can play, well......

Read more

Prime Time Bonus for GPR

Texas is a very large state, there are talented players spread out all over the place and many go unnoticed. I'm beating the pavement to find next level players and the Prime Time National Championship gave me plenty, I knew that would happen, that's one of the many reasons I'm here

I also changed gears last night and went to see some 6th graders play at the Farmers Branch Rec Center and saw some very talented players on both teams. The young lady in the picture is going to be a player, she's only in the 4th grade but she has a wicked crossover not to mention great handles in traffic right now

I don't know her name but I will find out today because the 6th graders are finishing up in the IAD!!!!!

Championship Sunday In A Prime Time Way

Nikki Fausey "Way To Win-Gold"

Way To Win Gold came to Texas from Washington with one thing on their minds and they are two wins away from it as the Prime Time Nationals Championship champs shall be crowned today in various age groups.

Way to Win Gold is playing a very impressive North Texas Shockers 2014 National team in one semifinal game while West Texas Elite will play the Waco Panthers in another, this is in the 11/12 Championship division .

Over in the 11/12 Challenger Championship division, the Shooters take on the Lady Renegades while Oklahoma Select-Blue goes against Sanctified

Kendall Ellig  "NT United"

Over in the 9/10 Championship Division, NT United has reached the Final 4, this comes as no surprise as this outstanding group is truly "United" and if you follow me on Facebook and Twitter, yesterday you heard about more than their sensational post Lauren Cox. They take on Team Spirit in one semifinal while the Houston Lady Ballers go against the Dallas Stars in the other

The first three days have been great with each one getting better and better. I'll be doing several major pieces on what truly has been a major event so be sure to not only check the blog but the Girlz Prep Report website as well. Prime Time's slogan is "The Best Game In Town" GPR's is "No One Covers Basketball Like I Do" so after I'm through, put those together and you be the judge

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Bracket Play Begins at Prime Time Nationals

I've seen several next level players so far at the Prime Time National Championship and quite a number of them happen to be posts. 2013 Kevione Moten happens to be one of them as the 6'4 player showed her versatility on both ends during pool play for the Monroe Lady Tarheels. The shot block Moten and her Lady Tarheel teammates will have their hands full as they open up this morning against the Waco Lady Panthers

Here's the schedule for all games 

Got to go, more to come!!!!!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Ochoa Showing Prime Time Play At Nationals

Mike Rodriguez, head coach of Hoops-Rodriguez told me a few months ago to keep an eye on this 2017 player he moved up to play with his older team. I've been knowing Mike a long time, he has a very talented daughter, Elise who stars at La Porte, and he knows his stuff.

What I thought after watching her the first time was here was a small but solid guard that could shoot the three. After the second time, I saw a little more and was impressed by her ability to run a team. A couple of months later, she is showing she has the ability to run a team and play some solid defense.

Like Her Height There's No Telling How High Cox Can Go

2016 Lauren Cox (NT United)

I wrote about North Texas United yesterday and mentioned they had several young stars on their team. That's impressive but what's even more impressive is the fact that 2016 is going to be a monster class, just like 2014 and 2015.

One the second day of the 2012 Prime Time National Championship, I had a chance to watch a young lady who I tabbed a Top 100 player after catching a glimpse of her on day one however after having a chance to see even more, Lauren Cox has a shot at Top 25 easily.

I wrote she was 6'1, she's probably 6'2. She runs the floor very well not to mention the abundance of athleticism she showed today. Throw that in, along with her soft touch around the basket, her ability to face the basket and score and we don't even need to discuss her ability to dominate on the other end, this young lady will be making some noise

West Texas Elite Stars Shine On Day 2 at Prime Time Nationals

There's an old saying that's been floating around forever and that is if you have talent, someone will find you. Although that necessarily mean the right someone will find you but more times than not, that statement is correct. The West Texas Elite caught my eye early this morning with their style of play, pushing the ball and in your face defense wasn't what caught my eye, it was how they act in the half-court. Several players showcased their skills in front of another well attended group of college coaches which is a good thing.

Margaret Lemke showed solid ball handling and her ability to thread the needle on several passes. Taylor Neal has a very nice jumper and I mean jumper as in off the ground and it was falling from every angle. Emily Cullers was one of several young ladies who showed they could hit the long ball and I'll get another look at this impressive squad on tomorrow as bracket play starts

No Diet For Atkins at #Bayou2012

Ariel Atkins just keeps getting and better and better and to be honest with you, even though Duncanville lost a lot, let's not count them out just yet. Duncanville never lacks talent and Atkins might be the key to how far they go

Tip sheet

Who Told You First? Still Phenominal

Shannon Jones and company jumped out early and didn't let up as the Houston Lady Phenoms sported their pink attire and won going away. I mentioned the Phenoms had some of the most exciting young players in the area, please use search task-bar at top and on website because like the Phenoms, I'm on a roll and don't have time to look back. By that, I mean the youngsters have had a dose of reality by playing up which in the long run will help them as hunted shall be the hunter, passing of the sword or my own siminism, payback is a, well never mind. This is one of the teams of the future, trust me they are not that far off and one more time,  remember where you heard it

True story, over the weekend, there were several coaches inquiring about one of the top 2014 players in the area. They had absolutely no clue on who this kid was even though she's played in other events. Girlz Prep Report doesn't care if you play for a team some may consider prestigious or some consider a mom and pop shop, there are more ways to go HerbAl and I'm putting out the talent :)

More to come !!!!

Way To Win Shows Explosiveness

Way to Win Gold showed why they came from Washington, they want to win it all and after they broke open a close game after the first five minutes, bracket play should be interesting. With several outstanding players on the team, their twin tower duo Nikkii Fausey and Quinn Glosniak, not to to mention the sharp passing from Courtney Hollander opened everything up for their teammates. Taylor Baird showed she could fill it up while Chandler Smith consistently scored off the dribble

Chandler Smith

Early Damage From Davis Lifts Hoops at PTNC

I've said many things about Desiree Davis over the years and I remember when she was a freshman some people had this misunderstanding when I spoke about her having room for growth and if you know little about evaluating or comprehension, I can truly understand how you could get it twisted, actually I can't #sarcasm

Davis has always been one of the toughest players on the floor every time I saw her since that freshman season and that room for growth has been steady. Her energy level has never been a question which was shown right off the top yesterday during the first three minutes of their game, six points, three steals and two assists in those three minutes. That start was good enough to help ignite Hoops-Bobby to a hard fought victory in game one at the Prime Time National Championship

Taylor's Domination Creates Buzz For Texas Showcase

Tyesha Taylor has brought that "Temple Of Doom" mentality to a new level and even though she may have that smile, beware because it's totally deceptive on the court. I was talking to to several college coaches about her over the weekend about her stock rising and I don't know if I can get in trouble for insider trading but she's a sure bet that's going to pay dividends at the next level. I failed to mention she's a 2014 and one of the top posts in the country however please note I'm multi-tasking giving you Basketball on the Bayou, Prime National Championship and Texas Showcase info as we go. Here's the schedule for the Texas Showcase

NT United 2016 Playing Up, Up and Away

Maddie Brown and Lauren Cox

Maddie Brown and Lauren Cox are all smiles and for good reason. Not only did their squad, North Texas United, come off an impressive run at AAU Nationals, this 2016 group of young ladies have a shot at winning the Prime Time National Championship playing up in the 9/10 grade division even though they are about to enter the 9th grade.

I spotted several talented players on this team who have a chance to play at the next level and Cox has not only a chance to play but play somewhere big. Standing over 6'3, she simply controlled the paint on both ends, ran the floor and showed a tremendous amount of upside which will make her a hot commodity at post.

Another player who showed a tremendous amount of upside  is Victoria Miller who is flirting with that magic number of 6'0. This team is really young and really good, several videos are out on Youtube so a little Googling will give you a glimpse on what I'm talking about.

Lady Ballers King Is Queen On Day at Prime Time National Championship

A'lachanon King starred at Nimitz as a freshman last season and showed she was one of the top players in her district after she was named Newcomer of the Year. She also led her team to the playoffs in what was expected to be a rebuilding season and after watching her simply take over a game during Day 1 of the Prime Time Nationals Tournament for her Houston Lady Ballers team, King should be ready for anything.

Day one provided so much talent that I'll be providing you info for, well a pretty good while so don't turn your back on King or what's coming at you because no one brings it like I do.  The hash-tag for the event, #primetimenc2012 will keep you updated on Twitter

Ingram Among Breakout Stars at #Bayou2012

Kiana Ingram

I'll be bringing you bits and pieces from Basketball on the Bayou over the next few weeks on several players and teams that I had a chance to observe during the tournament. I did a tip sheet for Fullcourt.com and in case you misses it, here it is

Tip sheet

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Jacobs Giving Off Sparks

Tory Jacobs did something few freshmen let alone players do and that's win a state championship. Playing on a star studded team which included GPR's top 2012 player Alexis Jones, Irving MacArthur proved they were one of the top teams to come through the state in this millenium. Tory impressed me prior to her freshman season at a Ganon Baker camp and I said this young lady would do big things. Last season, the 2014 Jacobs stepped into the starting line-up at I-Mac and had a solid season however this will be Jacob's squad for the next two seasons and if what she has shown me so far at Basketball on the Bayou, expect them to stay competitive. Jacobs has grown some, speed has increased and she has developed a "take the game over" mentality.

Baker Ready For Next Level

I caught up with former Helen Cox star Kuaneshia "Coco" Baker who will be doing her thing at LSU. The 2012 grad averaged over 25 ppg and scored 2695 points over her career which was good enough for the school record. Baker said she was ready to enter this next part of her journey and after seeing her in person a few seasons ago at the Texas A&M camp, I'm sure she'll be doing big things before it's all said and done

Cream Rises To Top On Day 2 at #Bayou2012

If you think that Sophia Young Elite and the Phenoms from Missouri are bunched in, you are totally correct as they put on one of the best performances I've this summer between two very athletic and exciting teams.

Maybe this will give you a better view and all you need to do is focus on the wall lined with college coaches and it was like this on all six courts at Alario Center and this isn't hearsay because I was there from start till finish, well almost

I always focus on young talent and I received a message on facebook to check out the Arkansas Mavericks younger team (2014), thanks for the heads up as I was pleased to say the least and more will be coming, please bare with me

I spoke with several people at Big State Flava and the buzz about Joyner Holmes (2016) with the Dallas Heroes was totally correct, for some reason that Bette Midler tune won't go away. How good is she isn't the question, she can play college ball right now, the question is how good will she be, more to come on her and where she's headed

Speaking of where she's headed, Trinity Jones didn't get a chance to shoot or handle the ball while I was watching her Georgia Sparks team going at it during the final stretch in the 2015 division however just by seeing her out there, moving without the ball, playing defense and probably the most important thing, not being afraid, let's call ABC because she's a 2020 you better keep your eyes on

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Area Youth Shine On Day One at #Bayou2012

Angela Harris received a Rising Star trophy from me when she was in the sixth grade, I said she was legit then and everyone else would playing catch up when they saw what I saw years ago. She is, they have and after her performance yesterday leading HK Express to a couple of victories, their is plenty of buzz going about this 2016 star

Jae Branch is another 2016 player I saw early, maybe fourth or fifth grade, it doesn't even matter because she was poised, not afraid and showed signs she would develop into a legit player. In using the title of one of the lamest songs I used to like, Branch has shown she is "Too Legit To Quit" as far as her work ethic and it's paying dividends for Texas Preps Elite. If Branch keeps growing, more on that later

Also let me give a shout out to 2018 D'Asia Collins who played in one of the high school divisions for Hybrid Hoops, yes 2018. Keep in mind that although she's heading into the seventh grade, when you have confidence and you're not scared as a point guard, she handle the pressure very well,you are definitely ahead of the game, read more

Monday, July 23, 2012

Hoops Coop Has The Scoop at Basketball on the Bayou

I've written about Houston Hoops-Jolivette sharpshooter Kendra Cooper's exploits this season, please remember that search bar above is there to help you. If you do recall, you would remember me talking about the 12 or 13 threes she made in a game, maybe I should use the search bar too. Nevertheless, after watching her earlier last season in a private school fall league, shooting the three was her biggest asset however after watching her today, she has definitely added something to her game on both ends of the court. Not only was she taking defenders off the dribble, she also brought some heat on defense

Bayou Battle Begins With Young Talent

The Houston Magic 2016 and DFW Elite 2017 helped start the excitement off at Alario Center as the 2012 Basketball on the Bayou began. In the first part of the day, I focused on watching some of the young stars of the future and was pleased to find talent I hadn't seen before

Both the Magic and DFW have several next level players on their teams and I'll have a chance to keep an eye on them over the next few years

I also had a chance to see some UTR players that aren't from Texas and after only two plays down the floor, 2014 Amber Bonham from the Oklahoma Magic, showed me she has the ability to play at the next level as well. Bonham is one of those players that showed me she can hit the mid-range jumper and also stretch the defense but a quick crossover probably impressed me more than anything else.

More to come from day 1, well much more as I had back out for part 2 of day 1

Dual Coverage at Bayou

Basketball On The Bayou-Cook's Coming Out Party

So many young players have got on the map pre high school at this event, in fact it seems like only yesterday my daughter went off with over 100 college coaches watching right here at the Alario Center before she entered Westside High. Faith Cook is in a somewhat similar postion with the Texas Preps Elite as they are thrown into the wolves off the top in the Mardi Gras division. This young lady is going to be someone you will be hearing about for quite a while, so starting now, remember her name

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Hoops Rodriguez Hits Jackpot

Hoops Rodriguez, formerly known as TKO, went to Las Vegas and won the first place trophy as Las Vegas Live Champs!!!!!!!!!

Taylor Lewis-Game Continues To Grow

Last season I watched a young guard doing some impressive things with New Life out of Arkansas, in fact that particular team gave DFW T-Jack a big scare at the Big State Flava Jam. That particular New Life squad disbanded and now the 2014 standout is showing her stuff with Memphis Elite (Holmes)

Lewis is coming off a sensational high school season in which she led her team in not only just about every category but a big run in the playoffs, not to mention picking up several all tournament awards along the way.

Arkansas has become a major player and so many of their top players will be joining Lewis on various teams at Basketball on the Bayou. I'll be providing tip sheets for Fullcourt.com, just like I did for Big State Flava

Stars Emerge

Improvement is Evident

and at the Adidas National Championships

Stay tuned for #Bayou2012