Monday, April 7, 2014

#ATLShowcase shows Georgia Elite 7th grade ready to burst out

Casey Jones, Emma Kate Lill and Tate Walters

The younger group of Georgia Elite players were solid on their basketball knowledge and skill set. I watched their energy throughout the event and did something I love seeing, not taking p;lays off and playing within themselves. On their 7th grade squad, it was split as far as grades which again impresses me because if you're in middle school, you have time to do what needs to be done if you work at it. Tate Walters, Samantha Breslow, Alani Brown, Lexy Davis and Molly Martin are all from the 2020 class of 6th graders. Davis handled the ball well, finished strong and showed she could hit the mid-range while Walters did all of that plus shot the three ball

Lexy Davis and Jenna McKenna

The 2019 group includes Katherine Fernandez, Grace Gomeez, Casey Jones, Emma Kate Lill, Jenny McKenna, Sydney Reynolds and Sara Stiers and as a whole, this team showed they could compete and fought from baseline to baseline the whole game. Lill did a great job finishing in the paint, even with contact. I'll get a better look at these talented young ladies the next time I see them and based on what I saw as far as work ethic and being competitive,  I know I'll see what I always look for in players at every level, progression.