Monday, April 20, 2015

Ice still won't melt #CFInvite

With the merger of AD Elite and Imperial Ice, I already sort of knew how this was going to turn out. First of all Shae Routt, who even though committed to Texas before her high school game wasn't going to just pan out, she keeps adding to it and watching her score while hanging in the air on yesterday simply had me shaking my head and smiling. I loved Star Omozee and Enisha Fowler's games last season, both oozed with athleticism and energy and while Fowler's game has become smoother her ability to finish with contact will be creating problems. Omozee is showing signs of creating another set of problems, she's relentless and just won't back down on both ends of the paint

This has got to be the Year of the Twin because the Dilworth and Truong duo's are about to explode. Jhakya  and Keziah Dilworth are also athletic and let me add "ultra" in front of it as their both fluid on what they do and it shows how they do it. Keziah certainly woke me up when she split two defenders and crossed another in the open court for a basket and I had enough time to open my water and take a sip while Jhakya hung in mid air for a basket but it just doesn't stop and speaking of hanging in mid air, that Truong duo is doing some unreal things, like magic

Look at this picture, Kaylynne ain't got no beard so you see what I'm talking about when I say magic. They're no look alley-oops on the money, Kaylynne might break the states three point record as she can catch and shoot with the best in the state right now while Kayleigh's is midrange is deadly and she loves setting defenders up off the dribble. Both are not only very smart basketball players but equally unselfish so I'll catch their high school act and watch their "and one's waiting to happen" among other things they got going on. Oh yeah, Taylor Thomas who has always been somewhat of a silent assassin on the team, well after her performance at the Cy Fair Invitational, ain't nothing going be silent starting with this

Cy Fair Invitational Tip Sheet