Sunday, September 30, 2012

BigTyme Fall Finish Tip Sheet

Why is Tierra McCowan smiling? After a dominating day of swatting everything that came her way along with pulling down whatever rebound was in her vicinity, McCowan made the list for my Tip Sheet, read more

New Mexico Select shows abundance of talent

Sydni Brandon is all smiles after her teams performance yesterday. Several players put in noteworthy performances on Saturday and today they get a chance to battle against the Arkansas Lady Hawks, more to come on that

Atkins creates problems at Fall Finish

Chanel Atkins

2013 Chanel Atkins was in the right tournament because FINISH is what she did on a variety of ways for DFW Elite North Willie. While Atkins did it her way, sometimes acrobatic, sometimes with one, two or even three players hanging on her, the 6'1 post helped lead an exciting DFW team from Oklahoma to some impressive wins. The backcourt of Mariah Williams (2014), Cameerah Graves (2013) and Jamee Moore (2013) created several problems while a very athletic Denisha Dean (2014) nailed some big shots along with some exceptional play from Kylee Hicks(2013)

Oklahoma still has a lot of Magic

Sandy Samilton (2013)

One thing that's been consistent with Coach Chuck Cobbins Oklahoma Magic teams over the years is you be ready for a battle when you step on the floor. With numerous next level players coming through his program over the years, I had a chance to watch more of the same this year, first at the Big State Flava, then Basketball on the Bayou and again at the BigTyme Fall Finish. Several players stood out on the first day of game play, Sandy Samilton was all over the place showing she could get to wherever she wanted when she wanted. Cheldyn Ramsey and Moriah Green showed a lot of promise, both are from the 2015 class while 2013's Amber Bonham and Samantha Williams were unconscious from bta. Williams in fact at times looked as if she could score at will anytime she felt like it but it's always good to see the Magic on the floor and I'm sure today I'll see more of the same

BigTyme Fall Finish strong on all cylinders

Jasmine Shivers (2018)

Jasmine Shivers performed well during the BigTyme Fall Finish camp however she didn't get a chance to perform during the games on Saturday because she had to get back home, in Colorado. No worries, she has time and plenty of it as she was one of several middle school ball players that stood out

Deon Moore (2019) and Ariyona Crutchow (2018) 

KC Select' talent pool won't be running dry anytime in the near future and after my first encounter with Coach Ernest Jones' squad during the days when my daughter battled with Tyra White, the team is still competing with several stars of the future including these middle schoolers who showed they could compete with the big girls, read more

Brioenne Burns

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Williams keeps THESA competitive

How do you replace one of the best players to ever play in Texas? Well actually you can't however THESA still has some solid players on their squad and they will still create some problems even after Moriah Jefferson's graduation to do some damage at Connecticut. Louisiana Lafayette commit Melody Williams does a variety of things for the Riders that will fit nicely in the Ragin Cajuuns system

Melody Williams

Not so Biddy

Courtney Thomas

The first time I heard about Biddy Basketball was when the name Alexandria Gulley was rolling around the circles. Gulley committed to Baylor prior to her ninth grade season and has since moved over to a Cy Fair team which won AAU Nationals this past season. Nevertheless, the team still has some talented players including Alexandria's younger sister Jaylon (2017), Jonet Murray and Courtney Thomas, both 2016 players not to mention numerous others on the verge of being next level possibilities.

Jaylan Gulley

South Texas Hoyas rise to the occasion

Coach Theresa Nunn brought a couple of talented teams down to the BigTyme Fall Finish and both teams put in the work and speaking of putting in the work, 2013 forward Trei Torain happened to be one of the stars on day one. Torain was electrifying both during the camp and the games she played in on Saturday as she helped lead her team to a couple of victories.

Youth emerge after Day One

Several questions were answered today as many stars shined at the BigTyme Fall Finish. That youthful group of 2017 stars for DFW Elite showed they could play with the big girls and also have the potential to be one of the top teams in the country in a couple of years and I'm talking about all classes. They were not along as several teams, including the 2016 Arkansas Mavericks showed they have numerous next level players and I'll be breaking the tournament down throughout next week with a list of players who will be household names in the not so distant future along with many 2013 and 2014 players that are under the radar. Stay tuned!

Swain's energy second to none

It doesn't matter what the situation is but McNeil star Troi Swain brings the heat no matter who she plays against, for or with. After become one of the stars on her high school team and doing the same with Austin Elite, she was simply everywhere last night during the camp, which didn't surprise me one bit. I'm expecting her to do the same thing later today as she suits up for DFW Team Butler in what is shaping up to be quite an eventful day for me

Manvel duo tuning up

Jewel Angelo and Jonee Jones

The high school team to beat in R3 is Manvel, well they're on the short list after move ins Jewel Angelo and Rangie Bressard arrived however after making back to back F4 appearances in R4 along with having two of the most coveted players in the country, Brianna Turner and Jordan Hosey, that guess is a no brainer. Angelo and Jonee Jones were among the standouts at the camp however hey will be suiting up for a couple of different DFW Elite teams after the camp has ended, more to come

San Antonio represents at Fall Finish camp

Jackie Anderson

I have a habit of staring at times because sometimes I see players a couple of times and when they're younger and I start having flashbacks of plays I remember them making and so forth and so on but when I hear the name, everything falls into a place. Call it a gift or curse, it doesn't matter but the thing that does matter is the satisfaction I get from the progression I witness. I caught Jackie Anderson a few years ago in a high school tournament down in Houston playing for Antonian and I saw a lot of potential in the young lady and based on what she did last night at the Fall Finish camp it appears I was correct

San Antonia has emerged on the scene over the past few years as a city loaded with next level players for many different levels and Trei Terain will suit up for the South Texas Hoyas after the camp to give you a glimpse of what I'm saying

Lewis always learning

Taylor Lewis has quite a few articles rolling around on my blog and website and if you've followed them you know this energetic young lady has always impressed me on and off the court. Lewis was one of the standouts at the BigTyme Fall Finish Camp on Friday night and I'll get a chance to see her in the heat of things with with DFW Elite Team Otis.

Young Mavericks show unlimited potential

Vivian Floyd (2017)

Vivian Floyd hasn't been playing basketball that long however she has a lot of things leaning in her favor. One, she is 6'3 and two, she is from the 2017 class so with height and time playing a factor, she is one of the players I think will blossom on the court right before my eyes. That could also be said for several of the Arkansas Mavericks 2016 squad who will crank this bad boy up a little after high noon, well 12:30 to be exact. This will also be my first opportunity to see Alaysia Ready, a young lady who impressed me through the magic of television, well Youtube earlier this season, read more

Friday, September 28, 2012

BigTyme Fall Finish Camp sets tone

With over 100 players in attendance on Friday night, the BigTyme Fall Finish camp had me on the edge of my seat anticipating the excitement coming from a wide variety of entertaining players on hand. From Arkansas to Louisinana, New Mexico to Oklahoma, Kansas to Colorado, players from everywhere, oh yeah, I forgot about Texas

Actually I didn't forget about Texas and trust me, every coach in attendance this weekend that will catch a peep of DFW Elite's group of 2017 stars of the future won't forget either, trust me and refer back to the stories four years from now

Anyway, get ready for the articles coming up, if not anything else, they will surely enlighten you

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fall Finish Camp has many stars of the future

Alexandria Crain (2017)

I guess the title shall be noted as an understatement as well after looking over the list of registered players performing in the BigTyme Fall Finish camp starting tomorrow night. Several young kids you
'll be hearing about over the next four and five years will be in attendance not to mention some of the top established high school players around right now. Girlz Prep Report will be bringing you information over the next couple of weeks from not only individual stars at the camp but the teams who begin play on Saturday. The Crain sisters are only two of over 100 young ladies who will be out to show their stuff

Taylor Crain (2016)

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Landry gives Faith West new look

The first time I saw Zavier Landry the thing that impressed me more than anything else was the energy she brought on the floor, on every play. She soon showed that she was force to be reckoned with after quickly establishing herself as one of the top players in her district, earning honors every season beginning with her freshman year at Cy Lakes. The 2013 combo guard is coming off an outstanding summer with the Houston Wildcats as she continued to show that energy not to mention taking her defensive game to another level to go along with the offense she already had and to say that she is a next level player is an understatement.

Landry will finish her career at Faith West where she will add little something to a team that might create some problems but before all of that, she will be one of the players I've got my radar on at the BigTyme Fall Finish this weekend as she will showcase her skills with the Wildcats one more time

Monday, September 24, 2012

Morris and Powell give DFW Top 2017 backcourt

Alexis Morris

Alexis Morris and Breah Powell are teaming up to play with DFW Swift Elite and as DFW's own Corey Hegwood pointed out, this will be one of if not the most dangerous backcourts in the country, read more

Breah Powell

First of all, I know some people will wonder how I know this and believe it has nothing to do with what my crystal ball said, these  two young ladies showed me that even though they are still in middle school, they will be two of the top prospects from the 2017 class and they would contribute on most high school teams right now and I'm talking in a big way. If you've been following my blog, I have stated numerous times that I will be the BigTyme Fall Finish this weekend so expect a whole lot of stories on not only these two young ladies but some other talented ballplayers coming up as well

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thanks again!!!!!

In case I missed anyone, thanks again for the kind words either by text messages, emails or calls. I'll crank everything back up after the weekend starting off with, well I'll have to see what my crystal ball says

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

O'Block adds another weapon for Cy Ranch

Ashley O'Block

Cy Ranch has the potential to catch someone slipping at the right time and do some major damage as far as making a run when the playoffs start but before I get too far ahead of myself, let me state the reasons why. They already have two of the top 2014 players in the area, Cienna Rivera and Sydney Coleman along with two of the the top long rang shooters, Ashlyn Wiemann and Kristen Kech however after watching 2014 Ashley O'Block come into her own over the summer, the Mustangs have a lot of offense coming from multiple positions. O'Block lit em up with a vengeance at the Prime Time National Championship and throughout the summer wherever I saw her play. She's on the verge of doing some big things and in a big way

Monday, September 17, 2012

Jaleesa Chapel decides which option she'll choose

One of the keys to Dekaney's successful run to state last season has decided where she'll play after her high school career is over. Jaleesa Chapel versatility on the basketball court made her hot commodity as far as college choices but that same versatility gave her numerous offers off the court as well. She's an outstanding student, hold records in track and field and even plays in the orchestra which shows you how well rounded the young lady is but her decision to make Wichita State her home after Dekaney shows basketball is where her heart is. She'll play a major role in how far Dekaney goes this season but I'm sure she's ready to step up to the plate

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

2013 GPR Certified Events dates set

My first two dates for next have been set for next season, April  5th-7th , Insiders Hoopfest and May  17th-19th, Insiders Basketball Classic. For more information, contact James Daniel by clicking link below

Houston Insiders

BigTyme Fall Finish early bird special ends Friday

The deadline is growing near for the BigTyme Fall Finish early bird special. Friday is the last day you can receive the discount, click on below to register

BigTyme Fall Finish

Monday, September 10, 2012

Lang standing tall as she commits

The first time I saw Kelsey Lang, I knew she would play at the next level because she was tall, had some skills but was a little raw in some areas and evidently she knew it as well.

What she did along the course of those four seasons that I've had the privilege of observing her is improve year after year. Whatever her weaknesses were, she worked on them and when the last knock from me was her strength, she committed herself to a weight training program and when I saw her back in May I was astounded at the bulk she had put on which led me say "she is now a legitimate Major D1 player" and I knew it was only a matter of time.

Well that time has happened as Texas Preps Elite head coach and club director Ben Perkins just informed me she will be joining her club teammates Alyssa Dry, Nekia Jones and Lashaan Higgs at the University of Texas. This is another big coup for the Longhorns as The Woodlands star will definitely make an impact

2012 Texas Invitaional will explode again

Looks like I'll get to see a lot of Duncanville this season as the Texas Invitational in a little over two months. Here's the list of teams, more to come later

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Texas talent won't Dry up for a long time

It's amazing how things work out, well for me at least as far as writing and evaluating. Today I started my stories on the 2015 class and I have a special treat coming with the crystal ball I was given over the summer, nevertheless as I was clearing my head looking at which tournaments I plan on attending throughout the season, I received news from Texas Preps Elite Director of Player Personell and Recruiting Adrian Washington that Aledo's Alyssa Dry had committed to Texas.

This is a huge pickup for Texas and also solidifies what I saw in Dry the very first time I laid eyes on her back in May at the Insiders Basketball Classic. I had heard this and that, but she has the ability to play both guard positions and her deadly outside shot is only one of the assets she'll take to the Longhorns once she graduates from high school

Gulf Coast Twisters players spinning up rankings

Sha Hunter

The Gulf Coast Twisters was a team that caught my eye a few months ago and in keeping with the spirit of doing it like I do, I was glad to revisit Coach Kevin Thornton to see how the energetic and exciting team full of next level players was doing. After a very successful summer, Coach Thornton told me several of the young ladies were ranked along the region including Sha Hunter and Acey Powell from the 2014 class along with Frenicka Craig from 2015. Here is the story I did from the Alodia Primetime event last April, read more

Acey Powell

This is the list for 2014, 2015 and 2016 regional rankings from their area

Gulf Coast Girls Basketball Regional Top 10 (2014)
#1 Sha Hunter 5'4 PG Pensacola High (FL)
#2 Tyler Phelion 6'2 PF Murphy
#3 Jewel Hill 5'11 SG St. Lukes Episcopal
#4 Acey Powell 5'4 SG Pensacola High (FL)
#5 Whytney Singleton 5'7 SG Blount
#6 Tcheveavia Knight 5'6 SG Baldwin County
#7 Valencia Nelson 5'10 SF Theodore
#8 Amber Jackson 5'9 SF Davidson
#9 Madeleine Petitte 6'2 C Robertsdale
#10 Patricia Hayward 6'1 PF Vigor         
Gulf Coast Girls Basketball Regional Top 10 (2015)
#1 Ty Purifoy 4'11 PG Pine Forest (FL)
#2 LaDerrickka Edwin 5'9 SF Murphy
#3 N'Jeri Helms 5'7 SG Pine Forest(FL)
#4 Ashly Johnson 5'7 SF Milton (FL)
#5 Emani Mhoon 5'5 SG UMS-Wright
#6 Brittney Snowden 5'11 PF Pine Forest (FL)
#7 Nicole Johnson 6'0 PF Escambia County (AL)
#8 Frenicka Craig 5'6 PG Vigor
#9 Kierra Jackson 5'8 SF Rain
#10 Mateya Lewis 6'0 PF Washington (FL)

Gulf Coast Girls Basketball Players Top 10 (2016)
#1 Jade Lewis 6'0 SF Washington (FL)
#2 Cierra Johnson 5'7 PG Blount
#3Lauren McKee 5'5 SG McGill-Toolen
#4 Jamya Williams 6'0 OF Rain
#5 Rekha Berry 5'6 PG UMS- Wright
#6 Jas Hill 5'9 SF LeFlore
#7 Ashley Scott 6'3 Post UMS-Wright
#8 Lizzie Bradford 6'2 SF Vigor
#9 Denisha McKenzie 5'5 PG Rain
#10 Kaylyn Wiley 5'5 SG Rain

Improvement by Harris has Clear Creek excited

Amber Harris

Change always occurs from season to season, sometimes good and sometimes not. One change I always look for in players is improvement, especially when they start to near those oh so magic words I often use, "potential" and "upside". Amber Harris had a solid summer for Triple D and she showed me a lot of improvement which will translate into good news for Clear Creek, especially since the departure of Taylor Longley to another school. Harris has always been in the shadow of the dynamic duo, Longley and Brentney Branch, however this could be a monster season for her

Brentney Branch

Branch will join Harris at the end of the month at the BigTyme Fall Finish with their Clear Creek squad. I expect 2015 Mia Hayes to step right in after a solid summer and try and help fill the void plus it will give me a chance to see how tight their district will be

Friday is the last day for the early bird discount, click on link below

BigTyme Fall Finish

Hosey leads talented 2015 class of stars from area

2015 Jordan Hosey stepped onto the court last season and played as if she had always belonged. They have an old saying, the best thing about freshmen is that they become sophomores however that can applied to all classes but if that saying holds any weight as far as this young lady goes, Manvel may just be unstoppable. Let's face it, she was already a Top 100 player on a national level and she probably could have helped some college teams last season however certain dimensions from her game improved over the summer so it should be interesting to see how this translates to a loaded school team

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Arthur ready to step in at HBU

After helping launch one of the areas powerhouses at Atascocita, Rachel Arthur is ready to step in at Houston Baptist. Arthur was a four year starter and part of the Big Three at "The Taz" that caught my eye when they were sophomores and as her game continued to develop during her career in high school, she showed the drive and willingness to improve that will help her do well at the next level. HBU . The Huskies kick it off with an exhibition game on November 1st , and for the complete schedule, click on the link below


Fall Leagues kicking off next week

Cy Falls Carol Willie (TCU)

In a preview of the new look several teams will have since the graduation of the most talented class this area has ever produced, as far as playing at the next level, next week will launch several fall leagues around the city.

The two teams from the area that made it to state last season, Cy Falls and Dekaney, join Klein Collins and Westside in one, which will be held at Cy Fall, while the already powerful and possibly the 5A team to beat Manvel will show off their new editions at Dobie's .North Shore and the new faces that are ready to step in  will be over there as well and as I hear about others, I'll let you know

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Mustangs ready to roll

Kristin Askew

The college season is ready to begin and it's hard to believe former Mansfield Timberview star Kristin Askew is entering her sophomore season or the fact that Akil Simpson, another one former Duncanville star doing her thing at the next level. I saw these young ladies literally grow up before my eyes playing for DFW Elite and the thing that impressed me most about these kids was their work ethic and comprehension of the game, two very important components for playing and staying at the next levelt

Akil Simpson

Last season I had a chance to see SMU when they came to town to play Rice in what proved to be one of the best college games I saw in person last season and both young ladies shined. This season the Mustangs have some bright new faces ready to get after it and I can't wait to see them play this season not only here but my second home as well.

One player who won't is Kristin Hernandez who was simply an offensive machine in high school and she holds the distinct honor of hitting more shots from past half-court, during a game, that I've witnessed live, I think the count is five. She was also another star from Duncanville who I first caught a glimpse of with, you guessed it, DFW Elite who by the way is hosting the BigTyme Fall Finish September 29th-30th. Eight days before the early bird special ends

BigTyme Fall Finish

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

2016 players better be Ready

Alaysia Ready

Banned in the USA, First Amendment and several other things sometimes pop in my head and although I believe several people have probably disagreed with me over the years, at the end of the day  I think they probably came to the conclusion I was right.

I called the 2012 class years ago, not to mention the numerous middle school ballers that impressed me so much that they are now considered among the top players in the country, so here's a trifecta for you. 2014,2015 and 2016 are LOADED and I'm talking about Otis from the Andy Griffith show loaded.

I never want to miss anyone, sometimes I do, but the percentages say this, don't roll the dice against me when I tell you something and when I say you are in for some exciting youngstas coming up, be ready.

I gave you three of the top guards from the area, Faith Cook, Angela Harris and Erika Sidney. I've given you three off the top players over 6'0 from the state, Lauren Cox, Joyner Holmes and Natasha Mack Now I'm throwing Alaysia Ready from the Arkansas Mavericks at you as I "flip-flop" through the classes.

I think I just mentioned something about how the 2014 group of Mavericks impressed me so much at not only Big State Flava but Basketball on the Bayou also. Well low and behold, let me use a phrase from way way back "lookie here what I found"

Alaysia will be teaming up with 2014 standout Taylor Lewis at Central High in Little Rock but on September 29th-30th, I'll get a chance to see her live at the BigTyme Fall Finish. Remember early bird specials are still in effect and GPR is the official media partner. College coaches don't forget about your discount if you are a subscriber to Girlz Prep Report.

Early Bird Special

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Be READY for what's coming

They have an old saying, I don't like old saying but anyway it's "the best thing about freshmen is that they become sophomores" and after I finish with the juniors, I'll be doing what I do with the next groups which are going to be equally if not more exciting than the 2014 class. I'm also throwing in an added bonus for you from 2016 and across state lines

Strong summer has Pearland ready

Kierra Hudnal

The Pearland Oilers are about to do something special this season and this could be one of the sleepers that are still standing when it's all said and done. I had a chance to see the young ladies at the Texas Invitational with their school team and then most of them playing together with their club team, the Pearland Flames. Kierra Hudnall is just simply one of those players that just simply doesn't quit, a throwback from yesteryear and I've said this before, if she was two inches taller she would be a Top 100 player. Kaila Chizer, Laneetra Guillory and Miranda Lejune round out what could be a team that shocks everyone and guess what, all are from the 2014 class.

Let's roll it back and revisit the article I did a few months ago, read more

Skyline's McDaniel has home and official visits set

Stabresa McDaniel showed she could put numbers with DFW T-Jack however I already knew that since she averaged almost 20 ppg for Dallas Skyline last season. After helping lead her high school team to a 28-5 record , she followed that up with a successful summer with one of the top club teams in the country. Skyline is expected to make yet another run this season but before that, Minnesota will be making a home visit on September 16th, then McDaniel heads up there for her official visit September 21st-23rd.

2014 Lewis among national group of stars

Taylor Lewis caught my eye on the floor last season for her Arkansas team New Life and was equally if not more impressive when I chatted with her a number of times. This season, she continued to show me that "she belongs", this time for the Memphis Elite but it doesn't dstop with her. Houston is loaded, the state of Texas is loaded, the surrounding states are loaded and you guessed, the 2014 class has whatever you need across the country. I saw several outstanding players from outside of Texas during my July journey at events that continue to raise the bar, read more