Saturday, August 31, 2013

Clear Springs might be a sleeper

Last season Clear Springs was Brooke McCarty's number, at least in the area however as she returns as the lone starter from a team that she has help guide to a 103-11 record during her career. The Chargers are NOT one of my top five teams however when you have a player that's worth over 20 points without scoring a basket, well that's pretty impressive because has and will always start at, well her number, the one. Last seasons sixth man, Paige Tippett (Columbia) will team with Texas commit McCarty along with some impressive freshmen and although I don't think they'll make a return trip to Austin, anything is possible and if they do, I wouldn't be surprised.

Manvel looking for March march

With two McDonald All Americans and a third BCS player, on paper it would appear that Manvel will win Region 3 however as we all know, the game isn't played on paper, Play Station or whatever. Last season I said Clear Spring was the best team in the area, Manvel lost three close games to them including a heart-breaker in the Elite 8. This season is different and I consider them neck and neck with Cy Woods as the top teams in the area and if any team has something to prove, it's the Mavericks

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Friday, August 30, 2013

Guess Who's Going To Austin,I'm serious, guess

Ashley Foster is ready to run the show for a very talented Cy Woods team and I'm sure they're thinking the same thing I am, don't turn your backs. This race will go down to the wire and I'll give you four teams, one each day, that I feel might be able to overtake the Wildcats, so chill till I give ya the deal


2013 Who Got Next Tip Sheet

Stephanie Onyge was simply everywhere at Who Got Next and she was one of ten players selected for the All Star Tip Sheet

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Middle school players Nalyssa Smith (2018) and McKinzie Green (2019) made honorable mention

November is getting near

I try and put together a Tip Sheet after every event I cover but here's a huge tip, you probably want to make sure and play where I'll be in order to get maximum exposure and as the November early signing period rolls through, I'm sure the biggest question for many will be what happened. I use this time and time again, several people are giving advice, much of it's bad


Thursday, August 29, 2013

Since #talentiseverywhere

Girlz Prep Report will be expanding outside of Texas for the 2014 season. Dates are on a first come first served basis so please let me know if you're interested in having your event truly covered.

Sophomores and Juniors from Who Got Next

I knew Taylor LaCour could play however a different light was shined on the Georgetown junior as she did a variety of things and since she's standing at the magic number and can can play either in the paint or facing the basket, big things are in store. Her school teammate Maddie Anderson just keeps getting better, Anderson is an inch below the magic number however watching her ease through the drills at her size brought a smile. Lacoya Johnson and Jakera Clay both had a going showing and adds to why Manor might be headed to the playoffs

Kennedy Harris is one of the top players in the state and could be a Top 100 caliber nationally after this season. She simply gives everything she has, which is a lot and never takes plays off. Nyeia Bias and Allie Britain both showed flashes they could do some damage at the camp and I already spoke about Gabrielle Jones-Hall in the previous story. These are you juniors

The sophomores were led by Tia Harston who showed me she could fill it up over the summer however during the camp, I was impressed with her court awareness and improved defense. Don't get it twisted, she can score just about any way imaginable but when you can do a variety of things, that's a bonus. It was also a bonus watching Alaina Huslig and Lexi Ciunningham as the super sops could shoot as well. Huslig was quite consistent with her midrange game while Cunningham showed she need to be guarded as soon as she stepped on the floor

Coming up later, the Who Got Next All Star team

Irving MacArthur junior catches eye at Who Got Next

Gabrielle Jones-Hall might not be a household name however after watching her performance at the Who Got Next Camp, I'm thinking she'll add a little something that will speak volumes at Irving MacArthur during the school year. The Cardinals already have one of the top players in the state, Tori Jacobs who recently committed to Minnesota. They have Tana Driver, one of the top 2015 point guards in the state along with fellow junior Jazz Taylor who will be coming back from a knee injury. Then there's super soph Essence Wells who is on the verge of exploding into something huge

Jones-Hall adds even more based on what I saw as the energetic young lady was simply everywhere on Sunday. She's fast and athletic, plus she showed she could defend and didn't mind doing it against anyone which is always a good sign. Her first step is a killer as she maneuvered to the rim whenever she wanted

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Can I take your picture please lol

Anytime I ask Kennedy Harris for a picture, one thing is for sure, there is no telling what's next so I asked her if she liked me taking them and her response was no

Tia Harston knows I ain't the paparazzi even though her mom tries to escape. Later today, I'll breakdown down the 2015 and 2016 players who showed they have next

2017 just keeps getting better after Who Got Next

You're always going to have a group of kids that are going to play at the next level regardless of what club or high school team they play for and in some instances, there are some that can just walk on without doing anything. I've mentioned time and time again about 2017 being a Monster Class and years ago I called 2014 the same thing but this one is scarier, deeper and better as a whole. At the Who Got Next Camp, I saw several players on the verge of turning the corner down next level lane and the great thing about is they all have time.

 Re'Ann Monroe has been running around the gym forever and after watching her sisters for years, I see she has a lot of ability as well. Moore will be attending Manor with Legacy Moore as their back court of the future and I can't wait to see the heat they're going to apply. Ashley Chase also showed a lot of upside and these young ladies simply know how to get after it

Taylor Green jumped right in the heat off the top and all I can say is this kids upside is unlimited and anyone that knows me should know I just don't throw things like that out there. She is already showing not just next level but D1 potential, archive that and we'll check back in a couple of years.

Alexis Popham length and agility, along with her skill set and IQ had me asking her "are you really a 2017"

Shianne Johnson has a good body and knows how to score multiple ways but i already knew that after watching her over and over this summer. Kayleigh Lawerence is already standing at the magic number of six feet and once she becomes more aggressive, watch out for both

I've already mentioned how Jade LeBlanc Ernest just keeps getting better, well from the start of the camp to the end, I watched Trinity Collins, Brandi Gaspard and Genna Alhambra settle in and once that got going, they too showed some ability. 2017 ain't 2014, your backs aren't against the wall and the ball is in your hands if You Want Next level

Seniors show they're ready to go out in style at Who Got Next

Jazzmen Ortiz falls in the category of I've been watching her for what seems like forever and from the time I saw her nailing threes galore in middle school, I knew she would make an impact before it was said and done. Ortiz and Troi Swain were a couple of next level guards that I've had my eyes on quite some time and their efforts at Who Got Next only help solidify what I already knew

Swain can create problems in a variety of ways and I'm expecting a huge season from her at MvcNeil while Ortiz will be part of the revamped "Temple Of Doom" as she and Tyesha Taylor will be a tough duo. The three seniors from Manor HS that participated, Kierra Darling, Maribelle Moreno and Jonecia Anderson are part of the nucleus that has them thinking playoffs this season.Stephanie Ongye was a blur at times as she covered a lot of ground in a hurry will have "The Fluge" in the hunt yet again while Rice commit, Downtown Maddie Brown is just going to be a tough defensive assignment for whoever Cedar Ridge plays

2018 and beyond solid at Who Got Next

I twist a lot of overused sayings around and one of the ones I do a little remix with is "you can't teach height and it helps if you can play" and 2018 Nalyssa Smith made a huge impression at the Who Got Next Camp and it's not just because she's 6'1. She's athletic and aggressive, runs the floor and understands simple things a lot players her size that are seniors don't. That, along wit her upside will keep her mailbox full over the coming years Smith was one of several middle school players that already are showing next level signs at early age.

Olivia Anderson and Brittany Ongye were a couple of guards that are ahead of the game in thhe 2018 class, while Dnae Lofton showed signs she could be in the mix before it's all said and done.Diamond Morrison and Morgan Spanier were also a couple of players from the 2018 class that showed a lot of potential. I mentioned 2019 McKinzie Green on yesterday, all I can say is remember her name because she is going to be one of the top players in her class for the state. 2019 Kayla Sparks has the right name because her athleticism alone sparked her teammates during the scrimmages and with a few tweaks her and there, her future looks good

The main thing is that the players need not get complacent because at this stage of the game, just because you're here today doesn't always assure you of being there tomorrow. Always keep woorking because players in the past have come out of nowhere and voila !!!!!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Manor High players tune up at Who Got Next

I had a chance to chat with Manor HS head coach Jennifer Pillich during the Who Got Next Camp and she was high on her teams chances to make the playoffs this season and after watching some of the players during the camp, I can see why. Legacy Young and Re'Ann Monroe are incoming freshmen while Lacoya Johnson and Jakera Clay are seasoned juniors

They along with with seniors Kiera Darling, Maribelle Moreno and Jonecia Anderson form a good nucleus for Coach Pillich and first year assistant Decreasha Goodner to work with. I didn't have a chance to see Coach Pillich play personally however I've heard some stories and her son gave me an earful. I did get a chance to see Goodner who starred at SFA and if you didn't see her, you missed a treat. Back to coaches son, he showed me I might want start following the guys a little closer

Area duo show progression at "Who Got Next"

I've had a chance to watch Jade LeBlanc-Ernest (2017) and McKinzie Green (2019) a whole lot over the past two seasons with the Pearland Hawks and I mean a WHOLE lot. Both made the trip to Manor High School for the Who Got Next Camp and I was pleasantly surprised or maybe I wasn't. After all, I've had Green on a Tip Sheet already, she's explosive and knows how to score plus her athleticism will help her emerge as one of the top defenders in her class as well. As for Ernest, she looks better every time I see her and it appears she turned another corner as she's becoming more aggressive on both ends and is a lot stronger, plus her midrange game was on point

2017 "Year Of The Monster"

I think a verse from a Prince song is appropriate, "if you didn't come to party, don't bother knocking on my door." Well the 2017 class, not only in the area and state, but across the country there are many freshmen ready to kick that door down, I think Bum Phillips said it better but.......

Two young ladies in particular, Chasity Patterson (North Shore) and Deauzya Richards (Cy Ranch) are projected to do some damage right off the top. I don't where every 2017 player has landed but we'll come back to this one later, so be prepared and this is truly a Monster Class

Who Got Next star Brown commits

Courtney Brown is just one of those players that can do a whole lot of different things. At 6'2, the Cedar Ridge star has shown me time and time again during her summers with Austin Elite how valuable she is. At times, I've called her Downtown Courtney Brown because of her ability to knock down the long ball with amazing accuracy. Then there was Midtown Courtney Brown because from 10-15 feet she could nail that with ease as well.

Also the Intown Courtney Brown works extremely well because not only can she score in the paint, I'll be watching her right here in Houston when she suits up for Rice University and after the Who Got Next Camp, I'm sure she's ready to go out with a bang this season

Monday, August 26, 2013

Area Preseason POY

Brianna Turner (Manvel) and Brooke McCarty (Clear Springs) are not only two of the areas top players, they also hold that distinction for the state as well as the country. Both have committed, Turner (Notre Dame) and McCarty (Texas) are both coming off explosive summers. Turner won a Gold Medal for the USA Team while McCarty helped lead her club team, Cy Fair Ogwumike, to Nike National title, this following helping take her high school team to state

For their accomplishments, both past and for what they're about to do, let me crown them the first GPR Preseason Co-Players Of The Year.

Little ones continue to crack me up at Who Got Next

Jamyria Ramsey (2022) isn't a household name however if she chooses to pursue this basketball stuff, she quite possibly could be before it's all said and done as both parents were stars, track and basketball, in college

Ramsey, along with Madison Wright (2024) and Braelyn Williams (2026) showed an abundance of athleticism and energy but Ramsey is ahead of the game at her age for sure

 After demonstrating what she could do with not only one, but two balls, I asked her well can you shoot and she nailed a 15 footer after that. When her workout was over, I asked if she enjoyed the game and she said yes but she really likes modeling. I told her "well you have some good skills already and you could be a really good basketball player. " Her response" I know and I can be anything I want and I want to be a model"  LOL

2013 Who Got Next Camp adds even more as I'm Baaaackkkkk


On Wednesday, it will be three weeks since my mother's house burned down and fortunately she made it out however she remained in the Burn Unit for over two weeks. She's doing much better and today is actually her birthday but nothing has helped my mind more than covering the Fly Swift and Who Got Next Camps and believe me the talent, especially among the younger ages just keeps blowing me away

I'll do a breakdown on Who Got Next later today and also a few mini stories plus I'm gonna throw a little Region 3 knowledge on the teams I think have the best chance on getting out but at the end of the day, I'm seeing three-peat and I'll tell you why

Saturday, August 24, 2013

They don't leave Texas is complete fiction

Tori Jacobs

Minnesota picked up another major commit this past week as Rangie Bessard joined Tori Jacobs as the newest Gophers to be. Brianna Turner (Notre Dame), one of the top players in the country, Recee Caldwell (UCLA), one of the top guards in the country, the Mansfield Timberview duo Jalea Bennett (Arizona) and Terriell Bradley (Kansas), two of the most underrated players in the country have all decided to take their shows on the road once their high school careers are over however they are only a handful

I stated three years ago this 2014 class was going to be huge and the Texas classes coming after will continue to produce top next level players. As always, I try and interject logic in things so her it is again. Texas a large state and there are more next level players than available scholarships from Texas schools.

2014 recaps coming next week on who remains as well as updated 2015 players you might want to know about that had huge summers

Thursday, August 22, 2013

2014 Bessard decides on where she'll be playing

Rangie Bessard was always a player that I enjoyed watching, from a raw middle schooler that just simply outworked opponents to one of the most underrated players from the 2014 class which I’ve attached the “BEAST” label to. With her size and work ethic, the next level was certainly a done deal early however Bessard has taken her game to yet another level over this past summer and has shown she can play multiple positions in college. She’s also one of three BCS reasons Manvel will make a run at an area F4, maybe even Austin.

I had a chance to talk with Houston Elite’s Sean Porter regarding Bessard and he was elated about the young lady he’s had the pleasure of coaching. “Rangie is a dominant player that can play both inside and out.  Her greatest characteristic as a player is her work ethic and willingness to be a team player.  She always comes to play and has a high basketball IQ to match her God given physical attributes.  What a pleasure it is to coach a player that will run through a brick wall for her family name and the team she represents!  Minnesota University won tremendously when Rangie verbally committed to their university.”

With the commitment from Bessard, Minnesota adds another top Texan from the 2014 class as Tori Jacobs decided a few weeks ago she wanted to be a Gopher as well.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Who Got Next? Me and whoever wants to come

Central Texas here I come as I'll be on hand Sunday for the Who Got Next Camp at Manor HS This camp is OPEN to anyone that wants to attend and it always has been because why, TALENT IS EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!

For more information, here's the link

Who Got Next

It's no Shock The Woodlands star Mahoney seals deal

 Kristin Mahoney is just one of those players that I've admired since she was very young because you could see the fight in her  and no matter what she never gave up. Her work ethic was never a question, nor her unselfishness along with basketball IQ and over the years, her skills just kept getting better and you just knew she would be playing somewhere when her high school career was done

Mahoney overcame the biggest fight of her young career almost a couple of seasons ago after suffering an ACL injury however she was vital in her high school teams run and exploded this summer with Cy Fair Shock Platinum 16U. After a visit to Iona, she was sold on that's where she wanted to be and this past weekend, she committed adding yet another Texas player that has chosen to leave the state

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Triple T's prove to be freshmen to watch after Fly Swift Camp

Essence Templeton, Terralyan Slaughter and Lyric Turner are all 2017's I hadn't seen yet left me with a pleasantly surprised feeling of knowing that 2017 just keeps getting deeper. Templeton is physical, can attack the basket as well as defend and even more importantly she knows how to finish

Slaughter is strong and physical as well and can accelerate as if she has turbo charger attached. She defended well and when you add that with her strength and speed, not to mention her ability to see the floor, those are all great plusses to have

Turner was just a highlight waiting to happen. She handles the ball quite well under pressure, already showing signs of mastering the crossover and can hit it from long range consistently. To top that off, she creates well and despite her size is effective getting it off

Oh yeah, Triple T sounded better that TST, STT or TTS :)