Thursday, May 25, 2017

Whitney Lady Wolfpack #EliteHoopsShowcase

I was going to get a look at this squad one way or another , first the color of their uniforms definitely was an eye catcher but the biggest eye catcher was this 6'2 I'm guessing freshman in high school I hadn't seen before and since posts are the calls I receive most about from college coaches, I wanted to definitely have this young lady on my radar but let's revisit that in a minute

I started watching this Whitney Lady Wolfpack squad and almost immediately I was taken away by Caitlyn Panuco's ability. She can handle the ball under pressure, nice crossover and gets to the basket quite easily for buckets but there's more to her including mid to long range shooting and setting teammates up for baskets. Her sister Valerie Panuco also dazzles with her ball handling, sees the floor well and the upside from both is definitely bright

Destiny Lucas and Camaria Newsome's athleticism and energy fuels the fire on the defensive end, both can bring heat baseline to baseline while Alyssa McMorries and Kaya Martinez are heady guards that makes things happen on both ends of the floor but this team has several pieces and I'm truly looking forward to get a better view next time I see them. Daisy Rodriguez plays multiple positions and what I enjoyed watching her do more than anything else was play the passing lanes

Back to the 6'2 freshman, well I might be wrong about guessing grades however I'm never wrong about two things, well at least two and that's talent and upside and Tabetha Johnson is only a SIXTH grader folks and she makes the Elite Hoops Showcase Tip Sheet


NTX Raptors make an impression #EliteHoopsShowcase

Impressive group of talent on this 2021 squad with a couple of 2022 players, Jasmine Quintana is a gritty guard that plays hard on both ends while Jadyn Fife showed me quite a bit numerous times as she made te Elite Hoops Showcase Tip Sheet


 Kelsey Boyette handles the ball well under pressure, sees the floor, finishes with contact and showed a very nice midrange jumper while Caitilin Kobiskie creates her own shot nicely as well as plays the passing lane. something Jentry Greenwood did as well. Griffyn Leverett attacks the basket strong from the wing and finishes while Justine Franco simply brings it play after play

PAC Elite 2021 #EliteHoopsShowcase

PAC Elite definitely has some up and coming players that mixed finesse and physicality and found a way to mesh it all together. First you have the twins, Bria and Haley Stephens that do a good job on the inside, finishing and rebounding and their strength has a lot to do with that as well as their desire to get it done. Khyler Hardy also proved to be a power on the inside while Emily Waller and Abby Kinnard mixed it up on both ends of the court
Zoriah Tilman is something to see in the open court, mixed athleticism with speed and blew by defenders going coast to coast several times for baskets or just attacking from the wing but others attacked almost at will as well. Angela Greenleaf got to the basket easily while Marth Marigmer not only attacks well, she also creates under pressure and has nice range. Kayla Fuller just did so much in the short time I saw her and that landed her on the Elite Hoops Showcase Tip Sheet


Wednesday, May 24, 2017

NC Elite Lady Huskies #EliteHoopsShowcase

Caught NC Elite Lady Huskies for the first time and saw plenty of young ladies getting after it from start to finish and baseline to baseline and the sheer fact that they brought plenty energy coupled with them being in middle school playing up definitely tells me something about future sightings. Jasey Crenshaw, Amaya Lacey and Courtney King definitely applied pressure along with Shaye Johnson while Savannah Woodard simply was overpowering on the inside at times. Ty Pyburn's performance got her on the Elite Hoops Showcase Tip Sheet


AGA-Irving #EliteHoopsShowcase

That old saying of mine TALENT IS EVERYWHERE is something this smooth as silk AGA team showed me last season when they came to an event in Houston


Several faces have changed but the team is still very competitive, fun to watch and even more importantly, the ones that I saw last year have gotten better and when you're still in middle school, progression is probable one of the most important things out there. Keylah Henry creates all over the court, nice pull up and midrange is definitely deadly. So much heat from Arraya Kirkland and Lexi Berryman I needed water and along with McKinley Terry powering inside, they bring it baseline to baseline

Raven McKinney's stop and pop ability along with just taking defenders coast to coast keeps getting better, love how she elevates over taller players for baskets. Bella Whitaker is athletic and she loves to rebound and does a good job of doing it, on both ends plus she's athletic and can defend inside and on the perimeter

Talking about athleticism, Kaila Kelley has all that and ten some as she leaps to the Elite Hoops Showcase Tip Sheet


GBD1 brings a little bit of everything #EliteHoopsShowcase

Talk about some talent, I caught their older squad earlier in the season and was simply blown away with many of their players including a young lady named Cammie McKinney who has "star" written all of her so I sort on knew what to expect from this talented group of 7th and 8th graders so here it is. Allie Lyda is an offensive machine that can not only create her own shot but hit the mid and long range as well as attack the basket for, well baskets

Sabrina Servey and Chiola Oladele both finish strong inside and rebound well on both ends, Servey also showed she could face the basket and hit the midrange with ease but there was more to the story. Zosia Rej knocks down the long ball, Alexis Laurence is fast, with the ball and under control as she blows by defenders to score while Destani Sykes brings heat on both ends, she's definitely athletic and loves to defend

Donovia Hall is looking just like her future, up as she showed me several tools that will have her a hot commodity for college coaches short lists including size, strength and athleticism plus some more things you can check out as she made the the Elite Hoops Showcase Tip Sheet


Lady Sparks Keller help ignite #EliteHoopsShowcase

After years of observing girl's basketball, certain things just pop out at me when I see players for the first time and watching Destinee Simmons handle the ball as well as her mannerisms during warm-ups gave me a clue. This young ;lady is explosive and definitely gets after it, handles the ball under pressure, gets to the rim, scores multiple ways but even more importantly she get's it already on what it takes to run a squad because no matter what any ever tells you, no matter who they are or what they "claim" to have done, the game has and always will start at the one

Destinee wasn't the "only" one that stood out, Suni Davis is already showing poise on the floor, huge upside but she's already creating issues hitting big shots and wanting to take them in crunch time is definitely huge but it just doesn't stop. Three of their players athleticism at this age is scary, especially when you factor in their length and speed, not to mention their desire. Tiona  McCutcheon-Raper left me speechless on one play as she just elevated over everyone to grab a rebound and the way she did it gave me one of those "did she do that" moments. She plays the passing lanes very well and attacks relentlessly plus she finishes and defends

Caitlyn Patterson also did a good job showing she could score, defend and handle the ball under pressure which is all fine and dandy but what really caught me eye even more so was she can create under pressure to get her shot off and these young players as well as some of their other teammates "upside is impressive" and I'll thoroughly enjoy watching their progression over the years. RayMonda Kemp did a little bit of everything and you can catch her on my Elite Hoops Showcase Tip Sheet


Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Talented 2018 White cousins excelling on and off the court #GPRUnderTheRadar

It's always good to have back-up plans, be versatile and understand what this all about and there is nothing more gratifying that seeing players taking caring of business both in the classroom and on the floor and for cousins Jaquia and Kayla White, both have simply done just that

They star together in high school for one of the top programs in the state, Desoto and both play with one of the top club programs in the country, DFW Elite, Jaquia (GOLD team ) and Kayla (EYBL) but it gets even better than that

Both are outstanding students that  been inducted into the National Honor Society, both have already qualified to get into college and based on their April performances, both have an abundance of offers on the table

I'll be sending even more out later this week on 2018 but until them, click on their names for a peek



Hurricanes Dallas 2022 change weather #EliteHoopsShowcase

Definitely got a kick out of this squad of talented young 7th graders who simply got after it. Court awareness and skill set at this age is always good because players will get stronger as they age and the progression and anticipate from these young ladies will definitely have them in the mix

Chloe Flabiano attacks and creates her shot off the dribble well, already understands how to score multiple ways while Sage Corwin played well on both ends, good handle and defender that can score when needed.

The same can be said for Abbie Penn, nice midrange shooter that sees the floor well while Avery Turner definitely mixes it up going strong to the basket and rebounding on both ends of the court but how about Mia Ness, well she definitely showed me a lot and made Prime Time Sports Elite Hoops Showcase Tip Sheet


NTX lets it REIGN #EliteHoopsShowcase

No ifs, ands or butts, if I get a roster early, I'm definitely checking your squad out if possible and the way PSA is set up, that meant multiple times for NTX Reign. Several of the talented players on this 2022 squad stood out, I truly got a kick out of Laila Grubbs almost immediately as she made the Tip Sheet this go round


Later in opening day action, Kylie Anderson went completely off on the offensive ends dropping 24, she's 5'9, keeps the ball high, has good hands and footwork and finishes but she understands a whole lot at this age which is great because with that being said her upside is definitely huge

Kaylee Hall explodes off the dribble, gets to the basket with ease and finishes while Olivia Tregalous also did a good job of not only attacking but finishing with contact. I can't wait to see these young ladies again, many of them already "get it" and can create their on shot, like Sophie Smith whose midrange was simply on point

Monday, May 22, 2017

Lady Wildcats inside/outside threat #EliteHoopsShowcase

Camryn Morris was simply overpowering at times for the Lady Wildcats at Prime Time Sports Elite Hoops Showcase. She rebounded well on both ends and finished time after time while getting bumped and was an and one waiting to happen.  Daja Miller also finishes strong and rebounds, plus takes defenders off the dribble

Lillia Flanflak showed she could shoot the three off the top while Marissa Falkashin knocks the midrange down effectively.  Ashley Priest did a little of everything on both ends while Samantha Burns performance got her on the Tip Sheet


Texas Warriors keep getting better #EliteHoopsShowcase

This was my third time catching the Texas Warriors this season, they definitely got after it on that initial meeting but intensity along with effort will always grab my attention. Kayra Thompson was so impressive that she made the Lone Star Tip Sheet


Avery Morrison is probably not related to Jim but she definitely opens Doors with her ability to see the floor and create off the dribble. She, Thompson and Prisca Conner all bring something to the table from the guard spot as they compliment each other nicely

LaNayia Woodard showed strength and power o inside as well as a nice step back, Makenna Sweet has the right last name because that range was definitely that but the athleticism throughout the club just went on and on. Megon Edward and ZERO definitely brought heat on both ends and the performance from Yasmin Johnson got her on the Tip Sheet


Hurricanes Dallas change weather #EliteHoopsShowcase

Nice mix of talent on Hurricanes Dallas, Ava Berger and Caroline Ellis showed some range , Lilly Masek attacks strong and finishes with more than just a tropical storm while Kate Rhodes, Lindsey Schale and Berger are all 8th graders with upside galore

Katie Penn got to the rim with ease while Caro Line used her size effectively throughout the event. Taylor Lewe did a little bit of everything and she made the Elite Hoops Showcase Tip Sheet


FORCE to be reckoned with #EliteHoopsShowcase

Caught Dallas Force a couple of times at Prime Time's Elite Hoops Showcase and almost immediately the inside play of Bryson Gill and Nicole Jones stood out. Both rebounded on both ends and finished well. Gill saw the floor and passe well from her position ad her strength enabled her to create even more problems while Jones did a very good job of playing the passing lanes. Caught up with Emma Hunt, hadn't seen her in a couple of seasons however I love the progression

Ana Murray was there for the second game, did a good job of scoring both inside and out and Molly Fimian simply did a little bit of everything as she was there for the second game as well and what she did basically got her on the tip sheet


A Game Athletics-Ray do it with 4 #EliteHoopsShowcase

Makaila Mensah (ball) & Taiyla Gonzales

One reason I started doing what I do was to give more exposure to what many didn't think was news worthy and that thought hasn't changed much but the bottom line is that my views haven't changed and I always love a news worthy story so watching A Game Athletics Ray perform at Prime Time Sports Elite Hoops Showcase on opening day playing with only four players definitely was news worthy, if only to me

Claudia Valle

Makaila Mensah and Claudia Valle definitely showed they could score, Mensah knows how to create off the dribble while Valle is an athletic wing that gets to the basket with ease. Taiyla Gonzales was strong on the inside, showed she could finish and rebound while Malaya O'Connor dazzled the fans with her ball-handling to get out of jams  and there were plenty of jams with only four

Malaya O'Connor

I didn't stay around for their second game, they were noticeably tired after game one but the effort these four young ladies poured out on the floor was definitely admirable as they fought from the opening buzzer until the end of the game and no matter how you look at it, you can't teach heart

Friday, May 12, 2017

Little bit of everything for AGGIELAND #CluchCityClassic

Well I saw some pretty talented 5th and 6th graders as well as some high school players with some 7th and 8th graders all filled with talent at Prime Time Sports Clutch City Classic and my history with some of these young ladies goes way back to when my daughter first started playing basketball for Texas A&M almost a decade ago, yes time does fly and so are many of the AGGIELAND stars


SETX Power Elite #ClutchCityClassic

Okay if I said I didn't miss the green, I'd be, like I see a lot of other stuff flowing through social media, fabricating but I love the royal blue and SETX I was definitely glad to see you. This squad caught my eye last season, it was a couple of teams last year and although many faces are missing, I was glad to catch up with some of the ones that are still here. That explosive back-court of Jayda Arguman and Telia Jackson just bring so much heat on both ends as they can score and defend while Alison McGallion continues to elevate her game showing me even more on the offensive end than she did last season but the main thing about the trio pictured above along with talented Sydney Catt, is that they keep getting better which is what I want to see. Shaylee Sonnier was definitely a bright spot, she's one of many talented 8th graders (2021's) on the squad that is split down the middle, well almost, with 2020's and Kayla Merchant joined the trio pictured as she made on of my Tip Sheets


Emma Kethan, Emily Williamson  and Bailey Kahla have added even more offensively. well the same can be said for Natallee Smith and Karleigh Hensley but the thing I truly enjoyed more than anything about those young ladies is that they join Sonnier in the 2021 class, they played up, they competed and they're continuing to show progression as they get ready to enter high school which what this is all about.

Houston Silver Stars #ClutchCityClassic

First look at the Houston Silver Stars gave me a glimpse of quite a few area players I hadn't seen for various reasons however one of the young ladies, Eneily Rodriguez, has been under my radar for quite some time. The Hightower senior put on a show, averaging close to triple double for Prime Time Sports Clutch City Classic and although she's making a decision on where she'll play at the next level, it kind of makes you wonder because this young lady has plenty of tools, plus multiple positions and possesses something you definitely can't teach and that's BB-IQ  and those are only a few of the reasons she made the Tip Sheet. Rodriguez and Teshauna Lockhart provided plenty of offensive firepower for the team, Lockhart can blow by defenders or pull-up and score in traffic or just keep defenders guessing by draining the long ball


Plenty of size on the squad, loved the energy from Sydni Brown and that euro Delilah Van Campen through down was definitely one of the highlights of my day but those two, along with Kacey Gray and Tamaya Burks, are listed at 6'0 which forms a very intriguing front court of players that can control the inside. Burks, who is only a freshman, adds even more depth to that monster 2020 class in Texas and what I love about her game more than anything is her upside. Tamia Reese is listed just under 6'0 while she and the back-court of Helena Johnson and Mallory Gibson all played a part in the Silver Stars successful weekend.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Rice Blue Storm #ClutchCityClassic

The first time I saw Deja Williams and Kionne Dixon, I knew I was looking at a couple of players that were going to play college basketball in the future and what I really liked about the two was that they just kept progressing each time I saw them and guess what, nothing has changed. Last season, I dropped the talented duo on one of my all so important Tip Sheets and it's important for numerous reasons, such as college and clubs recruiting but it is what it is


Rice Blue Storm brought a couple of talented squads to Prime Time Sports 2017 Clutch City Classic and they simply kept me on the edge of my  seat at times because I was scared to blink because I might miss something, I even put my glasses on, just in case but there is an abundance of talented players throughout the organization and 2021 Cierra Gilbert had the distinct opportunity to play on both squads, Sunday she played 5 games and never missed a beat

The talented Gilbert's bloodline bleeds basketball, I know mom and dad played in college, in fact dad played at Texas A&M where Cierra's sister, Karla, not only played and was a MDAA in HS,  but was a key component to the Aggies winning that 2011 National Championship so to make a long story short, I've been watching this young lady bounce around basketball games a very long time and she, along with ultra athletic Yumon Simien made my Clutch City Classic Tip Sheets


Skyrise 2022 #ClutchCityClassic

I definitely got a eyeful from watching this talented young Skyrise squad over the weekend and with so many pieces to several puzzles that have next level and beyond potential. Alanah Pooler is long, rebounds on both ends, finishes strong and can face the basket and score while Peyton Overton has added even more to her game since I had her on the Tip Sheet a little over a month ago and one play, a crossover on the baseline simply was something huge to add to her repertoire but that definitely got my attention. Hannah Jones and Peyton Smith continue to show improvement but so do others

Dai Dai Powell's range and ability to catch and shoot, Kaylie Johnson's speed, with the ball and defense and Hannah Nicholas attacking from everywhere, not to mention her vertical, length and ability to finish but this squad as I stated has several players that will immediately make the transition in HS and become factors along the way almost instantly. Speaking of improvement, I guess one of the most pleasant surprises is watching Taylor Howard who I've had a chance to watch for what seems like forever already yet here she is in the 7th grade but from playing with her back to the basket initially to not only facing the basket to score but defending on the perimeter to go along with everything else , well she's definitely on track

Let me say this, all bets are off on Nya Threatt, the tools she possesses at this stage are definitely scary, she scores multiple ways, she handles the ball under pressure, sees the floor and defends and with her athleticism and already showing she can take a lick and finish, with all of what she has right now, this young lady is one of many on this squad that not only will do damage in high school but college as well and that's a given. Also a given is the fact that Endiah Lundy has officially been added to the #sizedontmatter list because two things you can't teach, talent and heart and she's on the Tip Sheet from Clutch City Classic


Wednesday, May 10, 2017

GTE clicking with players at #ClutchCityClassic

When your coach happens to be one of the best players to ever come out of the area, your team is definitely going to get looked at and GTE continues to have many talented players throughout their organization from around the Golden Triangle area and farther so my making the extra effort to find out names of players should tell you something. Keriana Portalis is an explosive guard capable of playing both the 1 and 2, she definitely knows how to score and 2020 teammate, Chelsea Perry, made the 2017 Clutch City Tip Sheet


Texas Warriors bring the fort to #ClutchCityClassic


Five Texas Elite Lady Warrior teams traveled across town and brought an abundance of talented players throughout the organization to compete in Prime Time Sports' 2017 Clutch City Classic. Several of their players have made my Tip Sheets before, including the talented 2021 duo of Haili Archie and Brianna Peguero and many more made it this time

I enhanced this picture because the more I watched these two players, the better grasp I got on just how good they are but more importantly how good they will be. Abigail (Abby) Woods simply scores at will, she's long, athletic and gets to the rim and finishes but to top it off she can create her shot under pressure which definitely makes her a threat. Cheksea Perry (GTE) kept turning up the heat and she along with 17 other players made the 2017 Clutch City Tip Sheet