Monday, June 30, 2014

#AutoAwesome ends yet Tuesday is filled with thrills

Tiffany Dunlap is a crowd pleaser and when she touches the ball, chants of shoot it Tiff are heard from Texas Preps Elite fans

Breann Hernandez was a crowd pleaser too, well I was pleased for sure as she brought some swag and entertaining moves late in the day which always gives me a boost

Even though this picture isn't moving, it's still an #AutoAwesome photo and so was Ria Gulley's performance for Sophia Young Elite Black. Stories will be coming up, well providing I have the rosters to know who I'm talking about

Is this enough? Don't be misled and don't wait till it's too late

I know many of you THINK you know how this works but the problem is the majority of people love to be misinformed about the system. If I take the time to post something directly from the NCAA saying that less than 5% of HS seniors actually go on to receive a scholarship that should be enough

If I give you my unbiased opinion on whether your daughter could possibly play at the next level, you see unlike other services I actually watch the kids and don’t just send out  mass emails saying what I can do without actually seeing the player that should be enough

If I promote players that I feel can play at the next level and try to give them more opportunities than they would have had, hey the kids are doing the work, I’m only the messenger and the vast majority of players that actually go on to the next level have only one or two legitimate offers, well that should be enough but what really should solidify it all is this

Brian Jolivette ‏@BrianJolivette  Jun 27

@girlzprepreport thanks so much for the love and support over the years. The service u offer is the best in the country

Big State Flava coming up next

Players galore throughout DFW Elite's organization could keep me busy throughout the season just writing about them so imagine how #AutoAwesome I'm feeling about the event and just watching one of the toughest players I've ever seen, Najala Howell, who is as rich in talent as Thurston Howell III had money, will be one of hundreds, yeah I said HUNDREDS of players I'll be evaluating

Don't even ask if Cori Schnell made it because she's July ready and when you're a player that simply can find ways to score, colleges will be salivating at the chance to catch this kid who was once again rare form, so all is well cause they have the Flava and I'm ready to JAM!!!!!


Random pics from #ACRC

I catch people off guard sometimes, well not the young lady that's faster than a speeding bullet, the Robin that flies high or that DYNOMITE player

And sometimes I get smiles, snarls and stares from two of the top 2017 players in the country

Dasia always camera ready and on the floor she's an action shot waiting to happen

Laura and her sister loved this picture

yet hated the one above

and when you can play like these two can, well you have Carte Blanche to do whatever pose you like

and speaking of playing

how bout one of the top 2018 players in the country

or another

Sometimes you need a snack after blowing me away on the court

Or just a moment to go over strategy for the next go round

but one thang is for certain, you have find time to do hair

Bryant plays big on birthday #ACRC

SYE's Alexis Bryant is a 6'3 player who played multiple positions over the weekend and you can add her name to ever growing list of 2016 players standing over the magic number that are simply becoming impact players and her impact was felt throughout Sunday as she simply went off, on her birthday at that

#AutoAwesome Monday starts now from #ACRC

Usually Google+ gathers a lot of different pictures together and you get like what you're seeing in the above frame and it's called Auto Awesome/ The ladies pictured in the frame were among many at the Alamo City Roundball Classic that were simply that, Automatic and Awesome. Cy Fair Shock Ogwumike left like they came in, undefeated and battled tested as they simply have the ability to switch gears at the link of an eye. I tweed Jordan Hosey and Lashaan Higgs were the best H&H combo since those green stamps and even though the names were S&H, they should have been the other way around

I'll bring you a few of the moving pictures today and a recap of the tournament which was off the chain and I'm looking forward to the next one

Friday, June 27, 2014

2016 Panetti expands game beyond her 6'2 height

I simply don't know what else Brittany Panetti will do that amazes me next because first of all, she's a double-double waiting to happen and I'm talking on the high end and as she becomes more aggressive, I'm seeing even more positives.

She was a machine at the Texas A&M Camp and after being named to one of the Al, Star teams, she simply dominated and was the leading scorer with, yep, a double-double. She's held her own and even outplayed some of the "top" bigs in the state not  to mention with the game on the line and the clock winding down, she hit a three for a Katy Rebels win, well the scoreboard was wrong, they were already up after further review, but the bottom line is she looked at the score, took the shot and nailed it

That tells you she can step out and score facing the basket to go along with her many other attributes she brings to the table and with her size, well see for yourself at the Tournament of Champions in Chicago and you can thank me by subscribing to my service because down here in Texas, #talentiseverywhere

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Charlotte Hodges stays close to home as she decides on HBU

I caught a glimpse of Charlotte Hodges during her sophomore season at Kingwood and the thing that stood out was the fact that she as simply relentless on the boards and could finish but here’s a kid who’s shown me over and over again what hard work, determination and even more importantly, dedication to be the best you can be will do at the end of the day. Hodges kept working and expanded her game to becoming more than just a back to the basket player as her ability to put it on the floor from the wing during last summer opened a lot off college coaches’ eyes

That, along with being around the magic number, that’s six feet for those who are novices to my sayings, and also knocking down the mid and long rage shots simply gave her an arsenal recruiters love in a player with that size. Yesterday the deal was sealed as she chose Houston Baptist University over many others and I asked her why and she responded “Because it felt like family, I loved the atmosphere and it's a great school with great opportunities” I’ll be seeing a lot of Charlotte over the next few years and I’m expecting big things down the road

Brooke Jolivette chooses North Texas

It’s amazing how I've watched some of these players simply grow up right before my eyes and the first time I saw Brooke Jolivette was in a 9th grade tournament simply going off and although I could see that she looked young remember asking her what high school she would be attending and her response was, I’m only in the 6th grade and there you have it, the foundation was laid. Brooke has progressed so much and her game has expanded to where I don’t even think she realizes how good she is at times but when you can take players at will at times or step back and drop the long one, she’s hard to contain which had me tweeting “Don’t get shook by Brooke” because that hesitation does wonders

The Kingwood star is one of the pieces that helped turn that HS program back around, Kingwood was “one of the teams” consistently in the mix when I started paying attention to girls’ basketball and they have an outside chance at making a deep run this season however the run Jolivette has made over the club season simply had offers pouring in left and right and last week she committed to the University of North Texas. I asked Brooke what made her choose the Mean Green and she responded “The coaches and the players where really friendly and it just felt comfortable playing when I went to the camp.”  I’ll close with the knowledge of knowing this has certainly been a pleasure for me to watch her progression but there’s even more coming so here’s one coming for you “Don’t bet against Jolivette”

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Kingwood Under The Radar trio prove me right again

Stanton, Hodges and Jolivette are names that will be synonymous with helping turning Kingwood's program around and being one of the areas top squads. I talked so much about the players throughout the season that I'm still visualizing big plays from all and after that monster July they put together last season with Cy Fair Jolivetter offers started pouring in for all

Gabby Stanton initially committed to Arkansas but had a change of heart and decomitted, she's still weighing her options as there are still plenty while Brooke Jolivette and Charlotte Hodges both said enough was enough and committed a few days a part, Jolivete to the University of North Texas and today Charlotte Hodges to Houston Baptist University.

Story coming tomorrow on both kids

'15 Driver showing where there's smoke there is certainly Fire

Texas Fire's 2015 point guard Tana Driver sold me before she even put on a HS uniform when I caught her at DFW's Fall Finish back when she was in the 8th grade, she automatically became a charter member of the unofficial GPR #SizeDontMatter  club

Well that club became official and she was more than just a member, she held a seat while keeping fans up from theirs. She can run a team, she can defend and she knows the game, forget the size, this kid is a player, she has the swag and she's not backing down from anyone or anything and more importantly she can score and isn't afraid to take the big shot, you know what, I'm tired of typing, look at the video as the junior is definitely on many college coaches radar

DJ is who I say as in Johnson's ready for action

Look Dasia Johnson simply can go off at any time and I saw her do it in the March Fest when I stopped her had to get a picture, I saw her doing it in the Insiders Basketball Classic but she was to quick for me to get a pic as she took me off the dribble and after her explosion at the Tyrone Johnson Showcase, I told you all she hit five three's in a row

Okay the 2015 Under The Radar guard hit five shots in a row, two of them had her toe on the line according to the guys in stripes but I know what I saw and I ain't been wrong yet, at least today I'm also right about Johnson who can score in droves and evidently she's doing it at camps as she comes homes with offers.

Johnson will be at the Super 64 dropping bombs, taking players off the dribble for baskets and playing defense but check out the release, it's one of the quickest in the state.

Cy Fair AC ready for #AlamoCityRoundballClassic

This is a team that if I knew were playing early in the morning last season I could stay up all night because watching those  youngstas got my adrenaline going and I saw them overcome almost 20 point deficits to come back and win by almost 20

I haven't seen much of them this season but that will change this weekend as I head down to San Antonio


'15 Torrie Thompson still hot as July approaches

When Torrie Thompson get's going, she's hard to handle as she has the ability to score from just about anywhere and she showed that against some of the top guards during the school season and has parlayed that into an outstanding summer with the Pearland Thunder

The Under The Radar sharpshooter will be making noise next month starting at the Super 64

'15 Burke continues to work as July countdown begins

Katie Burke accomplished a lot in a short amount of time but no matter what she got right,m she always had and showed the desire to get better and when you look her running the point as a sophomore at The Woodlands as they made a deep playing run to being named Defensive Player of the Year, Burke has simply kept adding things to her game

The 2015 point guard is a double waiting to happen more times than not as she can score but importantly she's somewhere around 10 assists almost every game with MC Legends and what's really impressed me lately is her aggressiveness on both ends of the floor. I won't be at Super 64 but she will, check her out and you're welcome in advance

Stover impressive at camps as she gets read for Flava

Jordan Stover impressed prior to her freshman season in HS and I recall seeing her in a HS tournament and asking DFW Elite director Corey Hegwood if he knew her name and he responded, "yes and you do too, you wrote about her" so I guess you could chalk that up to even when I'm wrong I'm right or it's good to have people to guide you sometimes but after seeing her that 2nd time, she was locked in regardless of the uniform or number

Evidently she was good enough to be locked in at both the Bucknell and Belmont camps where she not only stood out but made impressions with the right people and since the game starts at the one, the 2016 Under The Radar point guard has shown she can run a team, control the tempo and score when needed but Stover's thing has always been to set her teammates up and she's one of the best in the class at doing just that.

I'll catch Jordan with the DFW Elite Wonder Girls off the top at Big State Flava Jam but trust me, don't WONDER why you missed her, I'm telling you now

All more well with Cori Schnell #AlamoCityRoundballClassic

It's been almost a year since I saw Cori Schnell going completely off at Prime Time Nationals and although numbers don't always impress me, they way you get numbers is what gets me going. Schnell simply found ways to put the ball in the basket and anytime I saw her, that always remained the same, be it camps, school ball and now club ball with DFW Elite and after the 2016 Under The Radar star simply went off, again, at the University of Illinois camp, she opened it up by winning the one on one competition, she's ready for an explosive July but this weekend, I'll get a chance to see her in action with DFW Elite Super Girls as her stock keeps soaring, up, up and don't miss her before she gets AWAY!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Starks' knocking them out of the parks, well camps #AlamoCityRoundballClassic

I had heard about this amazing freshman at A&M Consolidated so when I saw Ariel Starks earlier this season at the Cy Fair Evaluation Camp, I got to see it with my own eyes. How good is she, well she scan score in flow, or take over if needed and thing about watching her is she grasps things quickly and implements it. I guess that should come as no surprise, she's an outstanding student who happened to make the All Star team at Princeton's camp a couple of weeks ago and this past weekend, she did the same thing at the Rice camp

The 2017 Under The Radar player is ready for an eye opening July and I'll catch a preview this weekend in San Antonio

Islanders Torres continues tearing it up at camps #AlamoCityRoundballClassic

You have shooters and then you have players that can simply put on shooting exhibitions but lets roll that even more as I'm leaning to place Alexia Torres in the scorers category simply because she finds ways to put the ball in the basket. Yeah that three point shot and being wherever the ball was on defense caught my eye but the more I watched her, that basketball IQ is compatible to a 2400 on the SAT, how about that analogy

I'll see the 2016 Under The Radar star yet again and after watching her shoot the lights out at the Texas, HBU and Rice camps over the past three weeks..........

SA Stars Hernandez definitely on radar #AlamoCityRoundballClassic

Today I'm playing "Guess Who's Going to San Antonio" this weekend and well I kn ow this doesn't count she stays there but what does count is I'll get to see 2017 Under The Radar Bianca Hernandez in action again. Hernandez caught my eye first on a video with her ability to drop the long ball and over the past year or so, I've watched the young lady become more aggressive on both ends along with being able to catch and shoot quickly and more importantly, accurately. She's also putting on the floor and scoring with contact not mention handling the ball under pressure.

Here's the schedule 

2016 Madison Schenck doing it up at the camps

First she was one of the stars at the HBU camp and just recently she performed well at the UTSA camp and when you're almost 6'0 and can handle the ball C2C, that's pretty good right. Well when you the fact that you can score and rebound on both ends, that's pretty cool too but when you can face than basket and score, from two to over twenty feet........

Schenck was one of the top three point shooters at the HBU camp and won the three point shooting contest at the UTSA camp

Alamo City Roundball schedule is out

I will be in San Antonio this Saturday and Sunday checking out the action that will be hotter than the weather, now that's HOT


Monday, June 23, 2014

GTE captures 3rd in 6/7 Grade Division #PrimeTime

Golden Triangle Elite has made some noise all season long throughout their organization and the addition of Marissa Banfield on the top team has simply placed them as a must see squad as they have pulled off some big wins, plus they have players throughout the organization

I had a chance to see on of the younger squads and I've already identified several who are on their way to big things. Over the weekend, they came together and came up with the 3rd place trophy

Coming up, Under The Radar players showing up at college camps starting with Tapps

The always impressive Rachel Tapps is having an outstanding club season as she already showed she's one of the top defensive players, not just in the 2016 class but in the state period. Strong, athletic and acrobatic are three words synonymous with her game but the offense has been clicking and she completely showed out at the University of North Carolina Camp

Texas Elite Woods capture HS title #PrimeTime

With Shania and Asia Woods dominating on both ends throughout the tournament, it was defensive specialist Kylie Wyatt scoring 15 points in the championship game as Texas Elite Woods defeated  Texas Lady Elite in the title game. Texas Elite Woods is comprised mostly of players from Cy Fair HS which are going to make a legitimate run next season

In the third place game, the Pearland Hawks defeated Crossover behind the hot shooting of Jade Leblance-Ernest and Lexie Graham. Leblanc-Ernest has been on fire from bta since the HBU camp where she nailed 33/50 in the 3 point shooting contest while Graham, who's been on a roll of her own, sank this game winner earlier in the day , take a look

HK Express defeats Katy Rebels in thriller #PrimeTime 6/7 Grade Division

This surely deserved the ever so important GPR hashtag #downtothewire and after jumping out to a big lead, HK Express appeared to be in the drivers seat. With several talented players on the team, one that simply caught my eye earlier was Sydney Johnson

Johnson can handle the ball and handle it well under the pressure, she's already showing a lil swag beyond her years and wanted the ball down the stretch

I knew Savannah May was a player after a couple of plays down the court in the semis, I told a parent it doesn't take me long and she and Johnson are on the path to be a couple of 2019 guards you'll be hearing about

#PrimeTime wrap coming up from New Caney

I closed yesterday out with the younger teams after spending Saturday watching the HS Division and one more time, please repeat after me, #TalentIsEverywhere, #IKnowTalent, #IFindTalent and #TexasIsFilledWithTalent

So much for the hashtags and here's a saying, either you get it or you will but the bottom line is watching talented players in different settings is always a plus but the biggest pluses are observing youngsters who are on the verge or ready to turn corners.

I'll bring you a wrap later today, but right now, #SimToTheGym

Sunday, June 22, 2014

#PrimeTime HS Division trying to get out of the Woods

With one sister being dominant on the inside and another showing good midrange form, the Woods sisters along with many of their Cy Fair HS teammates cruised to first place and will probably be in the finals today at 5:40. Yesterday my focus was on the HS division, today I'll jump ship and check out the 8/9th grades and finish up with the big girls championship

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Later, I'll go round 2 #RiceCamp

Uh oh, here's another sharpshooter I'll be checking out later. Stacy Rios plays for Imperial Ice but she melts defenses, how ya like that one, and I'll check her and 70 plus other campers out tonight because one more time, NO ONE DOES IT LIKE ME!!!!!!!!