Thursday, April 16, 2015

Lady Fireballers win NCAA Division #Hoopfest

No Tip Sheet for this division since I saw 8 out of the 10 teams at least once so I'll touch on those all day. Destiny Vincent showed me something in middle school and watching her develop over the years on the court has been something. She runs the one and can also put up numbers, something she did all through the Hoopfest which helped the Lady Fireballers win the division

Alacharion King can simply go off at the drop of a dime, her athleticism makes her a highlight waiting to happen but I was really impressed with the progression of her younger sister Jerra who was already a defensive whiz but you can tell, wait, I can tell when a player has truly been working and that midrange was looking pretty darn good

Daikea Milton, like Vincent and A King, are seniors and Milton's length has always created problems on both ends but she also shot the long ball well over the weekend which is one of reasons they were hard to defend. Speaking of defend, Christine Boutte definitely brings heat on that end plus Jayla Green and Madelyn Zimmerlee filled in the blanks. Plenty of upside was shown by freshman Jalyn Johnson so I can't wait for the next sighting