Monday, April 20, 2015

Southern Phenoms 2016 Blue #CFInvite

I spoke with the Southern Phenoms coach and he mentioned I had written about his daughter a few years ago and that followed me and this is how he found out about the Cy Fair Invitational, so after we chatted about his players and I remembered his daughter, I made it a point to catch their 2016 team and I was glad that I did because they have a very athletic team that applied heat from multiple positions. Deboney Wilson and Jatian Latham can both attack and shoot plus defend while the inside presence of Azaria Howard (2017) and Curtisha Louman was hard to handle as both are simply bigs that get after it and I'm talking about running the floor after igniting the break and finishing on the other end

Dhanyaa Kennedy made some unreal passes and finishes and when you look up "no look" pass in thr dictionary you should see a pic of Bre McCullah and to top that off both play the passing lane, well the whole team does. I love high energy, especially when I'm drained and their game was toward the tourney close but when you talk about draining, Mallory Adams can shoot the three off the dribble from all around the arc. I tweeted Canesha Stamps had my "stamp of approval" and for some reason I've already seen what Danyelle Lewis can do somewhere before but this is a talented squad

Hopefully I get to see the 2018 team, that 6'4 player simply has it I haven't even seen her play but talking with the young ladies, I know I'll be in for a treat next season. The biggest treat of all came the best way I can give you, with an analogy. If you know anything about Cracker Jacks, you know they come with a prize and Shontae' Hailes was one of the sweetest prizes of the event as she makes the Tip Sheet

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