Sunday, September 29, 2013

One word as The Last Run closes

Well actually two words, #AutoAwesome as in the photo above. With thunderstorms off and on both days, The Zone was packed with players and college coaches, not to mention food as I had just about everything I needed to do what I do. Several players helped themselves and that's always a good thing an as the initial Last Run has come to an end, the future of this event is, well off and running.

I'll be bring you my insight on what I saw, a couple of Tip Sheets from both Full Court and of course GPR, not to mention whatever pops into my head so stay tuned.

The Last Run sprints off early

When you talk about excitement and keeping you in suspense, yesterday at The Zone gave you just about everything you were looking for. What started out as a clear and sunny was overshadowed by the entertaining teams and individual players that got the ball rolling. First off, Westbury Christian and Barbers Hill did a little more than compete against the larger schools, that in itself are two stories coming however there are plenty more waiting to unfold

Court 3 stayed hot during the first part of the day, North Shore's Shae Johnson and Clear Springs Brooke McCarty dazzled the fans with early morning heroics closing with Johnson hitting a three to give the Mustangs a tree point lead with under seconds remaining  only to see McCarty send in the game into overtime with a shot from half-court

Westbury Christian pulled off a surprise win against a young and super talented Houston Lady Phenoms squad but let me tell you something, Marissa Banfield and Tyra Cormier along with Sara Marie Bailey are already creating problems on the floor

The action just kept getting better and I'll run  it down to you during the week

Saturday, September 28, 2013

DFW Elite invading Houston

If you think Brianna Mitchell excited in this picture, wait until she arrives in Houston with several of her teammates from DFW Elite that are coming down to play in The Last Run hosted by John Lucas. Mitchell is a talented and energetic young guard who will be one of the many players from up 45N ready to impress over 50 college coaches that have registered for the event. With two teams coming down, including my top 2017 and 2018 players in the state, who knows where they'll wind up nationally before it's all said and done.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Last Run schedule is outtttttttttt

Okay DiDii Richards and yet another SC, Sydney Coleman, the other SC, me, is ready to see you all, Cy Ranch, and many of the areas top squads and players go at it in the Last Run


Thursday, September 26, 2013

Greater Houston Invitational October 12-13

  The Greater Houston Invitational is shaping up as the committed teams list grows. Right now the teams on board so far are

PA Memorial
Westbury Christian
St. Pius X

For more information, contact Coach Brandon Jakes @ -832-387-8011

2017 Hernandez showing continuous improvement

Bianca Hernandez is sitting back patiently waiting for her time and based on what I saw earlier this season plus the improvement I've seen via video has me thinking this young lady has a very good shot at the next level and I'm so sure of it that she will be listed on the 2017 Under The Radar list

I spoke briefly about Hernandez play at the Cy Fair Invitational and when you can handle the ball and shoot it from bta, well that is going to put you ahead of the game somewhat but what I've noticed  is an overall improvement in decision making and demeanor on the court

Read more

Hernandez has already excelled at several camps, including one ran by Ganon Balker and I'll be keeping close tabs on her at Antonian Prep HS throughout her career. Stay tuned!

Downtown Maddie Brown caught my eye at 2012 PTN

This is picture is priceless and Maddie Brown is equally talented off the court as she is on the court. The 6'0 forward expanded her game this summer with NT United and has college coaches salivating at her skill set. She can score, rebound and defend and guess where I saw her? 2012 Prime Time Nationals!

I';ll be back for the 2014 Prime Time Nationals and I'll also be covering many Prime Time events throughout the state and......well you'll see  #talentiseverywhere

GPR taking show on the road for Midland Hoops 32 Fall Showcase October 5th

John Lucas Last Run this weekend, next weekend Midland Hoops 32 Fall Exposure Showcase, big  out of state trip in process later in the month and all of this should tell you one thing. I know what I'm doing because I cover an event how, from TOP to BOTTOM! #talentiseverywhere #nobias #noagenda

Midland Hoops 32


2015 Cooper ready for breakout season

At 6'2, you're going to automatically make me take a glance because one thing that's consistent with the vast majority of college coaches I speak with is that I'm asked "Simmie I need someone over 6'0." Ashleigh Cooper definitely fits that mode and I had a chance to catch her at last seasons Cy Fair Invitational with AD Elite. Was I impressed? I'm typing right and as I double and triple check  my notes and give reevaluations, well it's the always accurate no agenda having Girlz Prep Report Scouting Service. If you're a college coach, check out what $200 can get you

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SATCH stars highlight 2014 Space City Jam Impact

GPR Under The Radar 2016Madison Schenck is coming off of a huge summer that saw her elevate her game to another level. I reported last season that the 6'0 forward was facing the basket and hitting the mid-range, well add the three ball to the equation. Schenck is coming off a solid summer with Legends and created plenty of buzz among the college coaches along with keeping the mailman busy

Anna McCleod can launch it from the timeline and at 6'1, that's a hot commodity, especially when you throw in she added a hook shot to her offensive artillery and can shoot it with either hand. McCleod blew through the roof with the Houston Insiders as she elevated herself to BCS status after dropping bombs from everywhere against Texas Elite Simmons in July leading her team  to an upset victory, read more

Both sophomores will be hand at the Space City Jam Impact, a home school tournament I covered this year and will do so again next. Dates are January 20th - February 1st and it has been added to the EVENTS tab

Read more on where I'll be

Loyola Elite Camp-October 12th

Loyola University New Orleans WBB
Elite Camp Press Release

Whether you’re interested in college ball, just want to improve your high school game, or a little of both, you should definitely consider the upcoming Loyola Women’s Basketball Elite Camp.
·         You’ll be training with some of the best high school basketball talent in the region, as well as with our own coaching staff and team here at Loyola. You’ll have the chance to learn from some of the best in the area (and show off your own skills!)

·         And at the same time, you’ll also be able to get a really good taste of college basketball: You’ll be playing with our team, training under our coaches, playing on our game-day court, and you’ll even be eating in our great dining hall. If you’re interested in playing college basketball locally, this is a great way to test the waters.
Interested yet? This is an invite-only camp, but we’d love to hear from anyone who’s interested in coming. All the important information is down below: If you want to attend, send me an email at, and we’ll see if this camp is right for you!
Beck Flanagan
Asst. Coach & Recruiting Coordinator
Loyola University New Orleans

·         Location:  Loyola University Sports Complex, New Orleans, La

·         Date: Saturday, October 12

·         Time: 10am – 3pm

o   Registration will begin at 9am
o   Lunch will be provided

·         Cost: $40.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Richardson sophomores ready to explode

Dorian Branch is all smiles as she is coming off a sensational summer with DFW Elite in fact she and her Richardson high school teammate Brianna Lester both were seen numerous times over the summer by yours truly. Lester caught my eye as an eight grader at Prime Time Nationals and she and Branch have already made numerous tip sheets and will make many more as both 2016 stars are in the drivers seat as far as sophomores to watch and I mean watch

Arleighshya McElroy rounds out the three headed sophomore monster for the Eagles and she too is coming off a very good summer with the Heroes Elite. It's 2016 week folks, well so is next week as this is a monster class as well, maybe not as scary as 2017 but don't watch alone. I'll catch these young ladies later this year, probably at the Sandra Meadows Classic

DFW Elite's MARCHFEST and Big State Flava added to EVENTS

Jordan Stover is a student of the game and the 2016 point guard established herself as one of the top "ones" in her Texas class last season. Jordan ain't gonna hurt you operating the point, she's analytical and understands the game, knows how to get everyone involved and has shown she too can score.

Anyway let me take some of the other guesswork out right now as I will be at both DFW Elite's March Fest and Big State Flava next season and I'm sure Jordan and a host of others will be ready


Cy Fair Invitational added to events

Joyce Kennerson stepped up to the plate over the summer and although I spelled her name incorrectly numerous, you can always count on me spelling it correctly at least once. Kennerson explodes off the dribble just like she did at the John Lucas Camp and I'll be seeing her, along with BCS bound Jasmine Butler and Brenisha Coleman who at 6'2, won't be hiding much longer at the Last Call

The 2015 GPR Texas Super 60 trio will also be some of the players I'll be looking to see how much they improved next year at the Cy Fair Invitational, April 19-20

Remember to ALWAYS check the EVENTS tab

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Prime Time loads up talent on GPR Texas 2016

Erin Sanchez and Essence Wells of the Lady Big Dogs performed well throughout not only Prime Time Nationals but during the course of each Prime Time event I saw them play in. This dynamic duo, along with several of their teammates played well enough to show next level potential but the same can be said for several players on various squads  I had a chance to see at a Prime Time showcase

I get messages all of the time about "I missed this player in this state or that state" but the reason Girlz Prep Report was started was primarily because Texas girls were not getting the same coverage as the guys were from a reliable and more importantly knowledgeable source. Not bragging, just keeping it real because always remember two things, Texas is a very big state and as I've shown you throughout the various events I cover, talent is everywhere in Texas

The San Antonio Islanders, Corpus Christi Havoc,  Texas Ice, Lady Tigers, Bulldogs are only a handful of teams that had some 2016 next level potential, many of these players will make the GPR Texas  2016 preseason Fab 40 and before it's over.........

Let's revisit a couple of Tip Sheets from Prime Time, btw Stephanie Jackson is a 2017 and yes, she will be on that list

Full Court


Tuesday, September 24, 2013

GPR makes Kalina's Top 100

I'm sitting here tripping thinking of how I wish they had acronyms when I used to go off on message boards but one thing is for sure, controversy definitely gets attention and I'm not just talking about Prince. Kenny Kalina happened to see me going message board gangsta and asked me if  I wanted to do a story and of course I jumped at it

No Lone Star In Texas

I've always tried to put Texas where it should be, among the top states with top talent and when I first started promoting the state around 2004, no one and I mean no one on a national level was interested and now you have people knocking down each other to observe what I knew almost a decade ago, we have and always will have some players in Texas

Kenny put out a list of the Top 100 most influential people in Grassroots Girl's Basketball and I appreciate him taking a chance on this hot head from Houston

Read more

Last Run shaping at with tops

With over 50 college coaches committed to be in Houston the last Run hosted by John Lucas, they will get a chance to see some of the top talent in the state including the players in Texas for Girlz Prep Report 2017 and 2018 classes. Alexis Morris, don't know if you know who she is but if you're there, you'll see as she is steadily earning the Amazing Alexis tag I gave to another great player a few years ago. Morris is from the 2017 class and she'll be joined on DFW Swift by Zae Green, my top 18, yes that was a rhyme

To top that off, several teams that if healthy come February, will make a run at state including two from the toughest district in the area, D-17, Cy Woods and Cy Ranch but wait, even more. How about Cy Fair Nike Elite and their group of talented young players who were just JEFFERSONIZED in the 2015 class as they moved on up. Stay tunes, it's only going to get better as I'm rolling in, one more time, dual coverage for both Full Court and Girlz Prep Report, in fact I'll be doing the same dual coverage for DFW Elite's Fall Finish Camp #siminator

2016 Tapps ready to sing new tune at Cy Ranch

Let me say this, two things I always look for when I see freshman playing varsity is their ability to comprehend what's actually going on and also not being afraid to go against anyone and when Rachel Tapps moved up for Cy Ranch last season after a few minor injuries, I was sold. Watching her in the summer gave me a chance to see her do even more and let me say this, she is about to blow completely up. She plays hard baseline baseline each minute each minute she's in the game, she accepts the defensive assignment against whomever and trust me, she has become very successful by already establishing herself as one of the areas top defenders

On offense, her athleticism enables her to get wherever she wants on the court and with excellent body control along with her strength, she's an and one waiting to happen. She's one of those players I consider a scorer, which simply means she knows how to put the ball in the basket and she's going to play a huge roll this season for the Mustangs, especially in district as the Road To Austin will probably go through D-17. Tapps is an excellent student that also can sing and a she elevates not only off the ground, but her D1 status, BCS is not UNTHINKABLE

2016 Ramirez leads the Texas guards in her class

How good is Amber Ramirez? Really, really good and keep in mind 2016 might have an abundance BCS bigs, earlier article I put up today, without adequate guard play, you can forget about it and either you comprehend that or you don't.

Also comprehend that is legit and you can use the search bar on this blog to capture what I''ve been saying about this young lady since she was in middle school. Wait even better

Texas 2016 looking big

Cierra Johnson

I spoke about Lauren Cox being the best player in the state on yesterday, while probably the country and the thing about Texas 2016 is there is an abundance of BCS players 6'3 or better. Joyner Holmes is so explosive and when she takes off from the wing, before it's all said and done, she will be throwing it down. I didn't get to see Natasha Mack drop 30 on anyone that wasn't six inches shorter however she's improved from just a shot blocker to a legitimate threat in the paint.. From November to February, Nancy Mulkey showed a vast amount of improvement as she is on the verge of becoming a triple double waiting to happen and if she stays healthy, well along with her Cy Woods teammates, I don't see anyone beating them in the Houston area.

Then there is Cierra Johnson and when you talk about making a jump, Johnson definitely made one over the summer. Already possessing a college ready body, her game definitely went to another level and her status has been elevated to BCS. Johnson isn't the only post, well player making big jumps. Later today I'll talk about a young lady who you may have not heard of but the volume is about to be turned up

Monday, September 23, 2013

Rawls moves into GPR Texas 2015 Super 60

Martina Rawls is simply one of those players that left a lasting impression on my initial sighting and although that happened in her sophomore season, always remember better late than never. After a solid summer against stiffer competition, Rawls has moved into my Texas Super 60 for 2015 and before it's all said and done, there is no telling where she'll end up

Super 60

GPR Texas 2016 opens with Cox still on top

#AutoAwesome is the right name for not only this photo but for Lauren Cox on the court. Giving her the ball in the paint is just about an AUTOMATIC basket or free throw attempt and watching her expand her already impressive game over the past season has simply been AWESOME. I told the story about the guy who said he had been coaching for over 30 years and tried  to insult me for writing about how impressive this young middle schooler  was by saying "she was only a volleyball player playing basketball" and my response was I know guys that have been mechanics for over 30 years and their personal vehicles stay broken, always remember it's not what you say it's who you say it to

Cox is MDAA lock already, take that to the bank and as the colleges continue to watch this young lady over the next few seasons hoping she chooses their school, several other Texas players have made great strides in this class. I'll take a look at the can't misses and also throw in a young lady you may have not heard about that is about to blow up because she can not only play on the court but sing off of it stay tuned as the updates continue heading toward an exciting weekend

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Taeler Deer stays close to home

Taeler Deer's explosiveness made Channelview a threat during the school season and Houston Elite one during the club season and mark my word, she will do the same at the next level with Texas State. Deer is one of the top guards in the state, she can score on a variety of ways but her tenacity on defense is second to none. The Bobcats are getting it done as Deer becomes another piece to the puzzle

2015 Grigsby elevates on and off the court

Lauren Grigsby might be one of the best players in Texas 2015 class you haven't heard about and watching her as a sophomore in high school, I was sold off the top. Over the summer, I had a chance to catch her on multiple teams and in a camp and I was sold even more from just being a D1 player.

Interested in finding out more?


Saturday, September 21, 2013

2015 GPR Texas 100 has Arceneaux sneaking in

Tiffany Arceneaux is a player, it's just that simple and whether who she is or what she can do doesn't matter because she's one of those kids you'll just have to trust me on. She's a beast at Dayton, haas been for the past two seasons in which she snagged Newcomer honors and over the summer, she was a major threat for Houston Elite. How legit is she?

If you're a subscriber, you'll see the breakdown after Ray Donovan tomorrow night, if you aren't, $200 get's you the top players I have PERSONALLY seen in the state


DFW Elite Gold Jeffersonized

When you talk about teams getting better  as a whole, that's one thing and when you talk about players on a team getting better, that's another however when they are combined, you have got yourself something to see. the 2015 DFW Elite group played by their name and came up GOLD as several players showed a great amount of improvement as they elevated from on the verge of being D1 players to, well up there.

Tana Driver is just a player I've truly enjoyed watching over the years but this group gave me some excitement throughout the season and one thing was for certain, they never quit. Ravenn Johhnson, Jordan Alexander and Najaa Howell simply went through through the roof while Ashli Jones, Armani Allen, Taylor Tennison and Khali Pippins-Tryon all elevated their statuses

Sausha Davey also showed a lot of improvement and with her size and strength, I wish I was covering Arkansas on my service as well, next year surrounding states, next year

The countdown begins to my updated rankings

Friday, September 20, 2013

Past, present and future of San Antonio national stars

I know Recee Caldwell has another year left but I couldn't say, Present, Present and Future. Well maybe I could but like I tell people when they have "suggestions" in my post happy hour voice, getting a blog is free, write it yourself. Caldwell is passing the torch over to 2016 Amber Ramirez as she and Mackenzie Calvert leave their marks from 2014 on a national level, while Kyra Lambert has 2015 on lock

The buzz is already out on Desiree Caldwell being one of the top 2018 players in the country, hmmm, that sounds familiar

Read more

With so much talent at various levels, San Antonio basketball will be in great shape over the next few years as 2020 Deja Kelly too will be one to watch out for nationally, no glasses or contacts needed, get it, 20/20

Read more

Louisiana Tech pulls Texas two step

New Louisiana Tech assistant coach Mike Ekanem already knew a lot about Texas talent having coached Sophia Young Elite over the past few years. SYE star Brianna Millet, GPR Texas Top 100 for the class of 2015, gave her verbal a few weeks ago before returning back to Cibolo Steele, last seasons R4 representative in Austin

Tierra Davenport is all smiles after recently committing to LA Tech. Davenport was one of the top players in the state for the 2014 class, finished up the season with a Nike Nationals championship playing with Cy Fair Ogwumike and may just ice the cake with a state championship at Duncanville

Strong finish by 2015 Alexander has her Jeffersonized

Okay let me say this about Brooke Alexander right off the top, she can fill it up, that was not the question after seeing her do just that numerous times early in the season with Cy Fair. Due to logistics, she finished up the season with NT United, who by the way have a volleyball player that happens to be the top 2016 basketball player in the country, that's coming next week

Alexander's athleticism is shown in the above picture as she's doing one of the things I love watching, hanging in the air and finishing after contact for an and one opportunity, I wasn't there in person but in spirit I'm pretty sure she connected. Her long range and more importantly mid-range games have this Preston HS star being a hot commodity

Scales Of Justice tipped as Tyjae becomes Jeffersonized

This pose in the photo captures what Tyjae Scales has become, always ready. Scales is one of those active bigs I hadn't seen in  a minute however her performance throughout the season with Cy Fair reminded me of yesteryear when throwback players simply never quit and did their best to outwork their opponents. Scales efforts has her looking nice on the GPR Texas Top 100 which will be ready for COLLEGE coaches viewing Sunday night, sometime after Dexter and Ray Donovan


2015 Texas BCS Alexandria Gulley

If there's anything I enjoy more than success stories it's comebacks and Alexandria Gulley has accomplished both at an early age. My first sighting of Gulley had her playing against older players and I was astounded by the fact she was in the 7th grade simply because of her maturity and skill set. Gulley not only impressed me, she got the job done early and committed to Baylor while still in  middle school and during that time she was considered to be one of the ten best in the country. Injuries slowed this smooth and spectacular player down over the past two seasons however her return has been nothing short of sensational as her progression from the start of the season at  the DFW Elite March Fest, she plays for T-Jack, to Big State Flava Jam showed me she was back.

At the John Lucas Camp, the Skyline star too it to another level as she had a chance to go against some of the top players in the country and let's just say she did better  than hold her own. When all is said and done, expect this youn g lady to do some very big things, she's not 100% but she's almost there.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

2015 Jordan Moore Jeffersonized

 I sometimes use language you probably don't understand so Jeffersonized will tie into the Jeffersons' theme song, Moving On Up which is exactly what Jordan Moore did over the summer. Keep in mind 6'4 assures you of a college scholarship somewhere, if it doesn't you definitely weren't trying and what a difference a year made for Moore. Her stock elevated from low D1 to her now warm up ritual for Texas Elite Christian in which she, well brings the crowd to their feet by throwing it down

Here's what I said about her during the summer on a Full Court Tip Sheet

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GPR Texas 2015 size don't matter !!!!!

I may not remember what I ate I ate yesterday but one thing I do know is that when I see a player that I can remember doing positive things at an early age, evidently she can play and three young ladies a shade around 5'0 fit that mode in my 2015 GPR Texas Top 100 plus that will be ready by midnight Sunday.

GPR 2015 Under The Radar Tana Driver (Irving MacArthur) first blew me away at the DFW Fall Finish when I saw her in the 8th grade and still has the breeze going full blast, but hey, it's the college coaches that matter and she has an abundance of offers, not letters, offers on the table because this kid understands the game, she can run a team and she can play. Her resume got even brighter after a strong showing at the USA trials this year, not to mention a better than impressive performance at the John Lucas Camp I so eloquently covered and she more than held her own against some of the top guards in the country, taller and older at that

Adriiana Jackson (North Shore) stepped right into the Lion's Den as she had to run the point off the top for the Mustangs. I was certain she do a more that adequate job and as usual, well I sort of watched her going off in middle school so I wasn't surprised one bit

 Bernie Peters (Spring) came right in and made her presence felt. This young lady simply outworks opponents, she never takes a play off and she reads the floor as good as any player in the area I've seen, period. Not only can she play, I had a chance to watch her speak on TV after the tragedy at Spring a couple of weeks ago and she was articulate off the court as she is on the court, plus let me give her a special heads up for trying a make a difference

College coaches, the list will be hot, subscribe to my service

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Alodia Fall League

 I had Cy Fair's Taylor McCowan penciled in as next level player a few years ago because all I saw missing was maturity and confidence. After this past summer, that pencil was thrown away and traded for a pen as I inked her because TM became CM over the summer, that's CLUTCH McCowan. McCowan and her talented Cy Fair teammates are among several teams playing in the Alodia Fall League


2015 Texas BCS Kyra Lambert

Clemons star Kyra Lambert is on the short list of many college coaches across the country and rightfully so. First of all, she bring to the table a player that can do a lot of different thing, all good. At a young age, Lambert showed that she could compete with much older players while she was in middle school, this is always a good sign depending on who those older players are, which had me taking a closer look and I haven't been able to take my eyes off of her since

She and Japreece Dean, another 2015 star that climbed high over the summer, formed one of the top backcourts in the state for Texam Xpress. Last season, Lambert teamed up with Mackenzie Calvert, one of the top players in the country for 2014, at Cibolo Steele and helped lead them to state

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

GPR Consulting Services

I'm not just some middle aged guy with a blog, trust me on that and as November get's closer for several seniors, you probably should have known the in's and out's a lot sooner. The biggest question you should be asking is "can my daughter play at the next level and if so, how can I get her out there"

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O'Block ahead of schedule after smoking hot weekend

Cy Ranch star Ashley O'Block caught my eyes a long time ago because I love watching kids that can knock down the long ball. Now wait, I'm talking catch and shoot and putting it on the floor and dropping bombs and year before last at Prime Time Nationals, she was simply unconscious dropping over 20 for the event including one double digit game that had not only the fans but college coaches on their feet.

Last season, she battled injuries with the Mustangs and it took her a minute to get back into the swing of things with Houston Premier however once July came around, you could see the flashes of brilliance. If Cy Ranch is going to beat Cy Woods, O'Block will be one of the reasons as she can simply stretch the defense outside the gym and over the weekend, how about this, 10-15 from bta along with 12-16 from the line tells me she's not only back but the GPR 2014 Under The Radar player is ready for take off