Monday, March 31, 2014

Oklahoma's Another Level showed and played on just that at #SBEX

I've gone over the talented players I see year in and year out from Oklahoma since I first saw Ernie Williams and Danielle Gant back in 2004, both wound up playing in the  Big 12 for Texas and Texas A&M respectively and were two of the top players in their class. Since then, several classes have passes and year after year, I see a new one from the state that tells me I truly need to get down there and this weekend sealed that

Another Level is a team filled with energy and athleticism especially in the back-court as Michaela Mack and Shamika Smith got it going and Shauntel Gaines help keep it that way and when you have heat like that, good things can happen. Jazme Laskey showed she could take her man off the dribble and finish well while Cartringto Small and Zahira White, were strong inside even though both are a couple of inches under the magic number of six feet, they played as if they were a couple of inches over

Talent was just everywhere with this group of sophomores, Mikayla Haynes, Anna Gary and Alyssa Severt like the rest of their teammates showed me something. Sievert did a little bit of everything including drop the three however Areanna Combs is the one who made the Tip Sheet, this time.

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Islanders sharpshooter Tovar makes #SBEX Tip Sheet

San Antonio has a lot of exciting players season after season and one team that gave me plenty of excitement last season was the Islanders who have several players capable of going off. Last weekend, Annabelle Tovar put an exclamation point on her game

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Millett and Simmons #AutoAwesome at #SBEX

I'm just the pitcha taker, Google+ does the rest however let me say this, Millett and Simmons are two of the best. Nothing like opening a Monday with a corny rhyme, I'm about to take my morning stroll so I can figure out just how I'm going to roll these tip sheets out from #SBEX.

I wanted to first start off with two of the top players I've seen so far this summer that have simply done two things, made their teammates better and showed the ability to take over when needed, while not running the one. If you comprehend what I'm saying, you'll understand the value so I'll open it up with a Monday mini-story on a couple of the top 2015 players in Texas

Bri Millett (Sophia Young Elite) captured my attention while in middle school, she was so far ahead of the game with her skill set and  IQ that I knew this kid would have a shot at being a mid to high. Because of her accomplishments over the years, several offers were on the table for her and she decided to commit to Louisiana Tech as a sophomore however she opened the recruiting process back up and with family on the east coast as well she's open

Joi Simmons (Houston Elite) definitely has the right name because over the years she has been nothing but a joy to watch and I recall me asking her was she from out of town after seeing her play because I knew she had to be a junior throwing "no looks" and being poised as she was on the floor. Her response was "I'm still in middle school." Simmons is on the short  of list of many colleges and as the season progresses, that list will grow

These young ladies have been impressive after seeing them multiple times over the past three weeks and after their performances at the She's Balllin' Extravaganza, watch out

Sunday, March 30, 2014

She's Balllin' Extravaganza takes me "Back To The Future" sort of

Ashley Ramirez may not be a household name yet but as she shows deuces up, well her age, this young lady officially sets the record as the youngest player ever to make a Tip Sheet. I was sitting with Nyah Green's dad Quinton and he told me I needed to see this young lady so off the top, I observed she was truly into her ball-handling and observing what the older players were doing. Her mom told me she also observes landmarks and from blocks away she will them "we're getting close to the gym" however if ball-handling and being observant aren't the foundation for being a future point guard, when she told her older sister, who happens to be MDAA candidate Amber Ramirez, to keep her hand up after her shot, well it appears Texas 2029 will still be doing just fine

Tip sheet and mini stories coming

Talent can't hide at #SBEX

There's a difference between running your mouth and know what the, fill in the blank, you're talking about. Some people get upset about me saying a kid s a can't miss when they're young and that's cool, just let me know when I do miss one. I get upset when colleges contact me regarding a highlight film with padded stats but anyway, there is nothing like opening my day with excitement and after finding my reading glasses, I see Nyah Green is playing at 8am. The 2019 star is legit and could play, wait, start on most high schools teams in the state, more to come as the fun begins

#SBEX lives up to billing on opening day

There were several plots and twists on opening day of the She's Ballin' Extravaganza as the stars came to play and boy do I mean play. Amber Ramirez was clicking for the host teams top team and with the addition of Chelsea Dungee, they've placed themselves right there in the mix with some of the top teams in the country

I had a chance to catch many of the 80 plus teams on yesterday at both the George Gervin Center and Judson HS and today I'll see what other action I can find starting off at Wagner for an early morning matchup between DFW Hawks and AD Ekite 2017 and then finishing back up at GGC. Hey no roster, no problem, my saying of #talentiseverywhere still stands

Saturday, March 29, 2014

#PrimeTime coverage in the #ATL

Last season,  I saw a mixture of 2018 and 2019 players from Peak Performance that made their way to Prime Time Nationals and made not only an impressive run but left me with somewhat of a lasting impression with their talent read more

Next weekend, I'l see the older girls from Peak Performance and if they're anything like I've grown accustomed to seeing, I'm definitely in for a treat but the treat doesn't top there as several of the top teams in the country will be in hand like the Atlanta Celtics and Georgia Pearls but and I'm sure I'll find other gems

Be ready for the action coming at you as my initial Prime Time event gets off the ground

Young stars on list at #SBEX and send in your rosters

I caught 2019 Endiya Rogers year before last by accident as she was just dribbling the ball through the crowd at Big State Flava Jam however just by watching her handle the ball, I kind of figured something was up. Last season, I saw exactly what was up at Prime Time Nationals and I can't wait to see her and her DFW Elite teammates in action today against '18 standout Jordan Ott and NT Umited


If you haven't sent in who your players are, just in case I don't know, please do so to

She's Ballin' has me ready for the Extravaganza at #SBEX

A&M Consolidated's Ariel Starks is one of the many bright new faces with Cy Fair this season and I'll get  better loo at her along with many other ladies who reside outside of my area over the weekend. The numerous San Antonio teams, as well as teams from Oklahoma and Arkansas along with the various Texas Elite Adidas squads. Not only are several next level players on hand, many potential BCS and MDAA candidates are ready to get the ball rolling.

Friday, March 28, 2014

AD Elite 2017 vs All Stars at #MarchFest

AD Elite 2017 got after it with the Lady All Stars on Sunday, again, if I don't who you are, it's kind of hard to place a name with a number. AD Elite's Jennifer Parker and Kyra Tarver are battling a couple of Lady All Star players for a rebound and the two squads had loads of athleticism. Tarver continues to show me different things, she's attacking from the wing and finishing with contact while the Dilworth twins, Keziah and Jhakya simply blew me away with their improvement. Gemma Alhambra zig zagged through the defenses all weekend and showed the potential to explode past defenders while Cierra Lane continues to improve on both ends

Houston Elite Blue vs Crossover Gold at #MarchFest

This was a situation where you had two teams with young stars in the making on the verge of breaking or like one of favorite movies "Bustin Loose" simply because. Houston Elite brought the heat. Diedra Dobbins and Marshell Hollins run the backcourt at Channelview and the pressure they bring on defense just keeps coming at you. When you throw in Mikayla Robinson, be ready because the fire just keeps coming. Preighton Porter keeps getting better, her size and strength plus her improvement and more important desire will pay dividends. Porsche Harris and Maizrhae Zeno sowed a lot of athleticism as well as they scored all sorts of ways

Crossover brought five teams down to the March Fest with talent running rampant on each. I already spoke about Emer Nichols amazing comeback from her knee injury and her turnaround jumper won a triple overtime thriller but an abundance of guards and "bigs" with plenty of potential are on every team. Chelsea Lott, another who is making great strides after being out will be key to Hightower's run at not only district next season, Campbell Center here they come, but who knows. I also know the Twin Towers on Gold are bursting with potential

HGEE Alec vs DFW Elite Jeff at #MarchFest

Higher Goals Elevation Elite always pulls off some surprises throughout their organization as well as the DFW Elite group in Houston operating under Jeff Miller. I caught a glimpse of a game featuring two of their teams and several players, like this picture, were #AutoAwesome.

The super talented Briauna Johnson is ready for high school ball right now however the 2019 point has another year left before she sends messages. Tavia Marshall and Rexesha Hollis are also names you may want to remember as well as newcomer Corrine Evans, but these are only a few throughout the organization

HGEE caught my eye a couple of years ago at Prime Time Nationals when I saw a young lady named Crystal Allen simply go off as she was everywhere on the floor doing just about whatever she wanted. . I caught them again against DFW Miller and saw three 6'1 posts right off the top. '15 Palma Rodriguez has a good frame and soft touch while freshmen Hannah Reynolds and Megan Vincent have tons of potential. Britney Roden and Tatum Tellin hit the mid-range consistently while Caitlyn Foster just dropped them from everywhere

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Hold up, evening session for #MarchFest is closed

Don't worry, still plenty more to talk about from the DFW Elite March Fest however going through the pictures, I'll close it out with the moms

Juicy and her mom

Brooklyn and Tyjae's moms

Madison with her mom

and Lauren with her mom

Leonard's acrobatics amaze me at #MarchFest

I see ya throwing peace sign K but if what she showed at the March Fest is any indication, she's ready for war

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Scoring exhibition by Higgs lights up #MarchFest

Lashaan Higgs simply took over in the flow and scored on an array of shots from everywhere on the floor. I'm pretty sure she's an MDAA lock

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Gulley shows why at #MarchFest

Alexandria Gulley just get's it done and her comeback is complete and to solidify what I said check her out on the TIP SHEET

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Also listen to her story captured by PassThaBall

New faces keeping Texas Preps Elite exciting at #MarchFest

Texas Preps Elite was another exciting and entertaining team I had a chance to enjoy covering last season. It's always about progression with me, I don't care about wins and losses and my job is to identify players that can play at the next level. Jordan Hamilton had a growth spurt, this enables her do do more things in her powerful package. Jalise' Smallwood is still everywhere on the hardwood creating problems on defense while 6'0 Kayla Barber is returning from a knee injury and once she's completely back, watch out
Gabby Gregory is one of the new faces, the first time I saw her she made a Tip Sheet and I said big things were in store, that was in the 8th grade and now the sophomore has BCS interest, yes I still amaze myself. Also new on board is De' Anira Moore, at 6'1, she's already going to school free but with her upside, there's no telling how high and how about 6'3 Korede Ahmedu, now that's an impressive young front line

Also joining the group is Javier Branch, who I knew had the tools while in elementary school. Branch was catching alley oops and doing some acrobatic stuff since coming back from her injury, I'm expecting big things from her. Ma'K'la Woods is another key on this gifted and talented team, super aggressive and exciting and once Yoselin Maldonado get's back, this team is going to raise some eyebrows but one young lady who raises the roof is Rebecca Lescay who just blows me away every time i watch her I see she's added something to her game

Morning session closed on #MarchFest

Even though the ball is in my hand, I got it rolling this morning and after taking notes on over half over the 100 plus teams at the DFW Elite March Fest, plenty more will be coming at various intervals, well providing I received a roster. No one's time is more important than mine, I don't have time to find the teams websites so please email team rosters to me and the email address you need to use is


In the subject line, please put the team name followed by the event, contact info would be nice as well and play will resume later this afternoon, remember #MarchFest and I'll be in San Antonio for the She's Ballin' Extravaganza this weekend, #SBEX

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Flower Mound Bulldogs vs Lady All Syars at #MarchFest

Okay Morgan Hellyer is a name I've been talking about for quite some time and anytime I get a chance to catch this talented young lady and her team, I try to simply because this Bulldogs squad is one that simply knows how to get the job done. They helped close out the DFW Elite March Fest in a game that was like the picture, #AutoAwesome

Hannah Wilks was strong on the inside, Bridgette Stephens showed her athleticism going to basket plus hit the midrange while Gabby Adams, Madison Wood and Helleyer brought plenty of heat on defense. Bailey Rarick read the court the nicely for steals and she finished with contact however Alexis Jones has truly taken a major jump at the one as she dazzled me with her speed and quickness

The Lady All Stars, all from 2017, played the passing lanes well from all positions and their in your defense will definitely get them a second look but it wasn't just that. Grace Daniels has matured on the floor and she is doing some damage on the inside. Dominique Dawson was super athletic as well as Trelynn Tyler who along with #21 finished well from the wings and talk about wings, Tierra Malone can simply fly and her abundance of talent let her take over at certain points. Another inside threat was Christina Baker that relished contact over and over. Two solid squads that I can't wait to catch again

DFW Elite SUPER Girls soaring at #MarchFest

Okay Talouer Pruitt and Taylor Holley plus the rest of team have me saying oh by golly. Okay let's get thing straight, I'm not a poet, so please bare with me but I do know talent and sure as "well" know it early. Let me start off by saying this loaded team of DFW Elite Super Girls just keep coming at you and with the firepower they have, I wouldn't expect anything less

Najala Howell may not be related to that fictitious character Thurston III however she's rich with talent and may be the most underrated junior in the state but she isn't the only one. Dorian Branch is a sophomore you need to know about and almost a t 6'0, you certainly better about '17 Dejanee Terrell whose improvement over the past few months solidifies the deal and her hard work will determine the deck

 The speedster Breah Powell happens to be one of the top defenders in the state and she's a freshman and '18 Mallory Adams is all smile and right fully so because like Terrell, she's close to 6'0 as well and both are two of the most improved players I've seen since last summer. '18 Madison Williams is a BEAST right now, don';t be surprised if she uses those super powers to leap even higher. Chennedy Carter, well words can't even describe the talented freshman other than the fact that she's good but when she realizes just how good she really is, well.......

Okay it just dawned on me about where I've seen Pruitt, she was with Texas Adidas Elite last season and her game keeps getting better as she applies to heat and let's just say she and Holley are tailor made on the court. Bri'An Washington also caught my attention and I'm sure I'll see these talented young ladies again soon

Texas Adidas Elite 2017 Franey at #MarchFest

This picture sort of illustrates the type of the team Texas Adidas Elite-Franey is as they love to pressure and switch and have each others backs. I caught them last season at a Prime Time Event I was covering and several were for Prime Time play even then. I mentioned earlier that I was under the impression that Tatum Veitenheimer was a sophomore when I saw her initially yet she was only going to the 8th grade, so her initials, TV, fit simply because I knew she would be doing big things on just that as time progressed. I've spelled her last name so many times that I now have it memorized,but since I hate to type, you'll still see TV in the tweets

In this great story, read more, I said Lexi Gordon was almost there and has unlimited potential, well she's there but she's nowhere near done, her passion on the floor is second to none and I spell her name correctly. Didn't see a whole lot of Ryanne Johnson but she impressed me and at the March Fest, did so even more. Gabby Gregory, Trinity Oliver, check and double check from last season. They along with Alexus Brigham added some different elements to an already impressive equation and folks, I just love watching smart players that can play, especially at a young age and this team was one of several I saw last season that could have won some HS districts in Texas

Channing Cyrus and Bryn Gelrich caught my eye as well last season, Cyrus for what she did on the inside and Gelrich, five three's in a row from outside the gym still blows my mind. These two, along with TV and GG are from the 2018 class so hopefully you get the picture on why I'm equally excited about 2018 as I am about 2017

Cy Fair Nike Elite 2017-AC at #MarchFest

In trying to see as many teams and players as possible, I didn't get a chance to see some of the younger teams that were very impressive last season however and since the core group of Cy Fair Nike Elite 2017 AC, Texas Adidas Elite Franey and Texas Preps Elite who are now Texas United Elite-Dreary remained the same, I saw enough and will catch more of each as the season progresses

Stephanie Mitchell is a huge pickup for this very talented team, I mean after all they also have three players, Tia Wright, Stephanie Jackson and Alex Coleman, that helped lead McKinney North to the state championship game as freshmen in 4A. The Have Aakillah Caldwell-Tyler who had a taste of what it felt like at Duncanville, who made it to the state championship game in 5A, Caldwell is going to be play a huge part of that team next season

Sharpshooter Andrea Martinez has added more to her game than just being a long ball threat and Jade Compton has simply gotten better and at 6'0, she, along with Mitchell and Calhoun, give them a very impressive front-line of players 6'0 or better, but wait, Priscilla Smeege is also a six footer and she's another "New Edition" that will keep this team on Billboard's top hits. Okay, I'll "Col it Now" but I'll see them soon with Calhoun and Pamela Herrera hopefully

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

More monsters for the 2017 class emerge at MarchFest

Let's see, Alexis Morris, Chasity Patterson, Deauzya Richards, Kayla Owens are already household names from this area after their performances as freshmen, Beaumont being 100 miles away falls into that category however other stars were on hand from that sensational 2017 class at the DFW Elite March Fest

Emer Nichols at 6'3 commanded a lot of attention because of her size last season however I can see she's been working and her hard work is definitely paying off, in fact her turnaround jumper at the buzzer won a triple overtime thriller for Crossover in one of the games

Chania Wright just keeps getting better as she bedazzled me at the Tyrone Johnson Classic a few years ago and the Metroplex are is loaded with so much talent that even if you get lost, you will run across someone that can simply go or in Lyric Turner's case, blow by you

Lexi Gordon, the McKinney North group, Chennedy Carter and so many others just went off this season in high school and here as well that I had to reevaluate on how I'm going to do this 2017 group so please be patient, I'll work on this team by team, well providing I have the correct rosters with names and numbers and I'm sure you'll enjoy it.