Wednesday, March 29, 2017

DFW Elite #MarchFest Day 2 #TipSheet


Duncanville, Texas-March Fest closed on Sunday so I stopped by Duncanville to catch some of the younger players and I definitely left satisfied. Here is the Day 2 Tip Sheet, I’ll drop the other one from opening day later and please remember to follow me on Twitter and (or) Instagram for hidden gems

Sydney Brock-guard (Austin Elite Black) did a little bit of everything, defended, hit the midrange and got to the rim whenever she wanted, oh and finished

Desiree Mathis-guard (Waco Lady Panthers) simply made things happen over and over, loved the intensity which she brings baseline to baseline

Aniya Buckley-guard (DFW Elite) watching her early in the morning making highlight moves definitely gave me a boost. Nice pull-up, finished strong with contact

Breana Davis-guard (Pro Skills) huge upside for this young lady, working on that complete package on the offensive end, already showing signs that she can take over

Amiya Muhammad –wing (NTX Elite 2022) already gets it, plays hard on both ends, scores in the paint, either hand, can handle the ball in the open court under pressure, first step is a killer from the wing, great timing

Giselle Maul-guard (Nike Cy Fair Elite Shooters) nice midrange but her ability to create her shot in traffic was solid as well. Finds ways to get to the rim and finishes strong

Hazel Hawkins-guard (Texas Lone Star) plays smart and under control, hit teammates with perfect passes during crunch time, also knows how to score multiple ways, good BB-IQ


Kennedy Evans (Nike Cy Fair Elite Shooters 2024) talk about wanting the ball in crunch time and being able to deliver, I mean she definitely sold me on what’s coming. She can shoot the three, hit the midrange, make acrobatic finishes with contact, handle the ball and defend, oh, btw, she’s 11

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

NTX Elite 2022 has plenty of bright stars #MarchFest

I never want anyone to get the misconception that their time is more important than mine because in my world it definitely so I made sure to go and catch NTX Elite 2022 since Coach Gatewood was gracious enough to send me his roster and II certainly was glad he did because he has some players on that squad. Due to time constraints, I was only able to catch a half but I saw a whole lot so her you go. Samaya Smith just made my Battle at the Hive the previous week playing for the Arkansas Mavericks so I had a glimpse of what she could do already however this time around, more intensity from the talented 6'2 8th grader and I loved how she was playing the passing lane because with her wing-span and athleticism, this young lady could definitely go to another stratosphere

Tionna Herron is 6'3, unlimited potential and she already gets it but she has good timing which enables her to altar and, or block shots and when you add good footwork and hands, she too has a very bright future. Madison Crandall is a big guard, 5'9, with unlimited range. I've tweeted about her a few times when I caught her, I think the first time was 3 years ago and I love how she continues to progress. This team had several players I was trying to figure out who I'd put on the Tip Sheet but Amina Muhammad did so much in the short span that she gets the nod and you can catch that probably tomorrow as I drop the Day 2 Tip Sheet from March Fest

Jamia Harris brought so much energy that I got tired, okay I was already tired but she simply goes hard every play and that in itself will carry her a long way however she also has a "stroke" and her ability to not only create her shot but deliver consistently tells me something already. Then we have Mikayla Gatewood who just left me speechless watching her in the open court. She attacks from any angle on the court and finishes strong, with contact. Nice form on her shot, saw the midrange and defense but her BB-IQ is as strong as her ability to run a team which she did extremely well

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

OK Lady Fire 2022 get it done #BattleAtTheHive

Darianna Buggs

Okay I had to throw this out there since on opening night, Modesti McConnell went completely off and I tweeted she a #TipSheetLock, catch her on tomorrow sometime but in all actuality, this is a very talented squad with some players that will be playing in college at some level as they captured the 2022 Gold Division Championship at the Battle at the Hive.

Modesti McConnell (#1) and Olivia Johnson

Loved watching Olivia Johnson thread the needle with crisp passes on the money, that's huge in HS let alone the 7th grade but her ball handling, under pressure, definitely caught my eye. Azjah Reeves simply gets to the rim whenever and however she wants and also showed the ability to hang in the air for countless baskets as well as shoot the midrange well. The same could be said for Summer Pogue who is able to create under pressure and score multiple ways

Aniya Brown

Aniya Brown created problems in the paint, on both ends at that and when you're this young and not afraid of physicality, well you're definitely in the mix and that desire and relentlessness she shows just can't be taught. Being ULTRA-athletic can't be taught either and Darriana Buggs looked like a D1 player in the making on Friday night however after watching her put on a show Sunday morning, the question is how high she can go as she simply showed signs of being able to dominate

Monday, March 20, 2017

2017 Battle At The Hive closes with a bang

NWA Mavericks Sharia Wilson, Imani Montgomerey & Alexis Evans 

It’s always great to catch talent outside of Texas because as a very wise man once said, “talent is everywhere” On top of that, that same person also mentions over and over and over, “it’s not what you do, it’s who you do it against” so having an open mind on observing what you’re looking at and applying those two quotes that I put out over and over again should help parents and players during the process of trying to help their kids or themselves get to the next level. I opened up my Battle At The Hive coverage on Friday night watching a very talented Oklahoma Swarm 15U Bluestar squad and I closed watching the same team play a surprising NWA Mavericks squad, the name itself caught my attention and was pleased to catch even more talent at the various sites before my trip back to Texas. With that being said, stay tuned for a mini story on that 15U Oklahoma Swarm squad as well as a Tip Sheet from the event and if you follow me on Twitter and Instagram, you’ll catch some surprises along the way

Here are the champions from each division

4th Grade – NLMA Elite (Dallas, TX)
5th Grade – BTR 2024 (Oklahoma City, OK)
6th Grade Silver – Lady Heat (Amarillo, TX)
6th Grade Gold – OK Lady Thunder (Norman, OK)
7th Grade Silver – Nike Lady ProSkills (Allen, TX)
7th Grade Gold – OK Lady Fire 2022 (Oklahoma City, OK)
8th Grade Silver – DFW Elite Nike 13u White (DFW, TX)
8th Grade Gold – KC Future 2021 (Kansas City, MO)
HS Silver – CyFair Shooters – Bonner (Dallas, TX)

HS Gold – CyFair Shooters – Rich (Frisco, TX)

Thursday, March 16, 2017

2017 Battle At The Hive preview

Talent is and always will be EVERYWHERE and after catching the 2020 Oklahoma Swarm group at Prime Time Nationals, I was simply amazed with a number of their players including Katelyn Levings


Levings was so impressive  that I just knew she was going to be a "big time" player and  I labeled her BCS after that initial sighting however after becoming a GPR Under The Radar player, this video sort of sealed the deal


She's definitely not "Under The Radar" anymore as several Top 25 schools already have extended offers to the young lady and she's ranked in the Top 10 on every major national scouting service that I know of but it all falls back to that talent is everywhere, so attending this seasons Battle At The Hive is definitely a "no brainer" because I'm expanding my GPR Scouting Service to cover not only Texas, but Louisiana, Arkansas and of course Oklahoma and based on the 100 plus teams I'll get a chance to check out, I should have a solid database moving forward.


Follow me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for up to the minute, my minutes aren't necessarily 60 seconds, coverage  on this exciting event and always remember, "It's not what you do, it's who you do it against" and if you forger, it's pinned on Twitter

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

'19 Claire Hale hitting the scene with SA Islanders #GPRUnderTheRadar

The San Antonio Islanders caught my eye around four seasons ago with a group talented players that simply played smart, together and got the job done. Among that group were some very talented guards that could simply shoot the lights out and they went on to gather some big wins but the biggest wins of all were watching many of their players go on to play at the next level. I haven't had a chance to see Claire Hale in person however based on their schedule, I'll get to see this talented 2019 guard in action  at several events but until then, here's a video

One of those events will be at the Heart of Texas coming up later this month and here are some highlights from the school season so the progression continues to show and I'll definitely be watching

MVP Joyce Kennerson heads to NCAA Tournament proving #sizedoesntmatter

I lost a friend of over 40 years and was somewhat out of the loop last weekend however I knew TSU had won the SWAC Tournament but I didn't realize the specifics until speaking with Lady Houston Phenoms head coach and director Derrick Johnson on the performance of former of one of his former players,  GPR Under The Radar Joyce Kennerson. Kennerson was simply amazing when I first saw her, I guess going into her sophomore season at Port Arthur Memorial, and this young lady showed me even then that she had the heart, desire and talent to not only play at the next level but play D1 basketball at the next level and play a major role on her team at that level, because when you have the attributes she possessed at an early age, it all ties in with "the game starts at the one"

Coach DJ and SWAC Tourney MVP Joyce Kennerson 

Several college coaches  mentioned size as a factor on why they weren't recruiting her along the way or what someone else said she couldn't do however my response has and always will be is that  I don't really care what others say or think regarding an evaluation of a player I'm telling you about simply because most of these kids, especially in the Houston area, have been seen by me countless times and I look for two things, progression over the years as well as upside and Kennerson kept working on whatever she needed to add to her game and her desire to be the best she could be and prove naysayers wrong told me that she wasn't done and helping lead her team to the NCAA Tournament as a sophomore is huge no matter how you wanna spin it.

She averaged 18 ppg during the season and over 25 ppg in the SWAC Tournament on her way to winning the tourney MVP and as I look back at some of the articles I wrote on her along the way, I truly get misty eyed at her just simply always getting the job done no matter what and on top of that, she still has a couple of more seasons left, so one more time, a special S/O to this outstanding young lady who happens to be a very talented basketball player and congratulations Joyce, I'm certainly proud of you, not only for what you've done on the court but for also making me look like a genius


Tuesday, March 14, 2017

2017 Lady Houston Phenoms are ready for action


It seems like only yesterday I took this picture however it wasn't yet all I can say is that I had a pretty good idea I was on the money about several of these players that came through the Lady Houston Phenom pipeline and back in 2012, this is what I said about for stars Shannon Jones (HBU) and Jasmyne Harris (U of H) read more

Please don't tell me how many times I've been right, conversation would drain my battery but on another note, another exciting group is ready for the challenge


Rice hosts Lamar Thursday @ 7pm #WBI

I missed seeing a very talented Lamar squad last weekend at the Southland Conference Tournament however I'll get a chance to see them when they come to town Thursday to play Rice in the WBI Tournament.


Other Texas teams participating in the event are Texas State, who will host Eastern Washington and UT Rio Grande Valley who hosts SFA


Darria Gonzalez closes out HS career wit a bang #GPRUnderTheRadar

Dannia Gonzalez is just one of those players that gets the job done and I noticed that the first time I saw her play four years ago and even though it was only for a few minutes, I knew this young lady had the potential to play at the next level. Over the years, she grew, got stronger and added even more to her already impressive game which translated into success over both her HS & club ball career where the awards just kept adding up. At Alexander HS in Laredo, she became the first basketball player, boy or girl, to help lead her to team four consecutive district, bi-district and area titles as well as making appearances to regionals in each of those four season

The talented player put up numbers on the court but to actually find out how deep this young lady is can be read after she signed with Texas A&M International in Laredo read more

Being family oriented as she is, this was a perfect fit and although several other schools across the country had shown interest, Gonzalez came to the conclusion that this was just right for her and the 5'10 guard took little time to impress Dustdevil head coach Jeff Caha read more

Instant offense and high energy fits her perfectly and she will do extremely well as she continues her basketball journey

Monday, March 13, 2017

'17 Eneily Rodriguez showing versatility #GPRUnderTheRadar

Eneily Rodriguez is simply the type of player I truly enjoy watching play because she has continued to work on whatever she felt was needed in order to become a complete player and over the last four seasons, she has done just that and when you hear the phrase "consummate team player" well I don't through unwarranted things out there just for fun but she definitely is that. She's played every position whether high school at Hightower or club ball with the Houston Dream and let me say this, she's accepted the challenge and showed what she could do.

On one of the tip sheets on her, I wrote "her midrange game continues to impress me"that was a couple of seasons ago but the video below definitely doesn't do her justice a she can shoot the long ball, bang against bigger players on the inside and how about running the break hitting her teammate with a behind the back pass on the money. She defends inside and on the perimeter as well as rebounds on both ends and at 5'9 with all of those attributes, she can definitely play multiple positions at the next level

Here's an updated video that shows even more

Sunday, March 12, 2017

'18 D'asia Collins shows game starts at the one #GPRUnderTheRadar

I love interacting with the players especially when they analyze their games and after talking D'Asia Collins after particular game, I complimented her on her progression and she responded on things she thought she should have differently in certain situations or she should have taken a couple of  more shots or vice versa but the biggest thing that she told me was that she always wanted to help make players around better, she did all of this when she was TEN YEARS OLD!!!!!!

I already knew she was going to be good and capable of playing D1 basketball and as time progressed, well, have I been wrong yet and the answer is NO. I thought Cy Ranch had a legitimate shot at making a run to state when she was a freshman and sophomore however injuries to key players always seemed to happen at the wrong time but this season was different and as they astounded many by winning R-3, I wasn't surprised, it was a toss up, what did surprise me is that they played so well in the championship game

The game starts at the one, I don't care what you think or what anyone has told you, it's just the way it is and this young lady has definitely shown she's one of the top PG prospects in TX 2018 class so before I go on and on and start typing acronyms I shouldn't, watch the video and watch out for more on D'Asia Collins over the summer as she will be playing for Texas Elite but first, check out the video

Dasia Johnson still lighting them up at next level #GPRUnderTheRadar

How fitting is it to attend Southland Conference Tournament and watch a couple of former Austin Elite players go completely off and receive an email on another of their former stars doing well at the next level. Dasia Johnson simply amazed me the first time I saw her play, no it was the 8 or 9 deep threes she hit, it was her ability to catch and shoot them while being defended and knocking them down accurately. Over time, she showed me a variety of things she could do on the court and lets just do a brief recap


Now the young lady is starring for Eastern New Mexico and the sophomore point guard iss definitely showing everything I knew she could do making the transaction to the next level. With two more seasons to go, I'm expecting even more from this exciting young lady


Friday, March 10, 2017

2017 Southland Conference quarterfinals set

So much emphasis is placed on points, yeah I get it, always have, but watching players set the tone and control a game from a defensive standpoint will always be fun to watch and McNeese State's Frederica Haywood simply did that as the former Mississippian who led her team to the state title and was also named MVP simply was amazing with a 14/19 performance and had she not gotten into foul trouble, she would've probably had a 20/20, something I said she would get when I tweeted it out in the first quarter but close definitely counts in this situation


It was definitely a joyous occasion seeing freshmen Dae Dae Evans and Tiarra Matthews on the floor for A&M Corpus Christi, I just knew what they brought to the table in the 8th grade in fact, like always, check out what I said about them both as freshmen in high school read more
When you factor in the fact that I said both were D1 players in the 8th grade, well that's 5 years ago but then I really think about it and a couple of amazing seniors, Kassie Jones read more and Brittany Mbamalu who left me with so many memories in HS as being a couple of the top guards in Texas 2013 class but then I realized I've actually been watching them almost a decade and both played a huge part in helping the Islanders advance


Okay, doubleheader tips off at 11am and I tweeted something out that I normally tweet out multiple times but either you get it or you don't and based on how the early signees continue to drop annually, well what do I know, but it's really important for the younger players to see players at the various "next levels" play so you'll know "what it takes" and just because you're going off against players in your league or district, remember my favorite quote "It's not what you do, it's who you do it against" and like Kroger's does, that's a Friday Freebie that you don't even have to download


Thursday, March 9, 2017

'18 Patin shows game starts at the one #GPRUnderThrRadar

Even before I caught Rayven Patin at Cabrini HS,  I knew this young lady had "star" written all over her. She was only a 7th grader and my seeing her happened almost by luck but when you see point guards [playing against older competitive girls and not get flustered, well you're on to something and when this player is running the most important position on the court, PG, and setting her teammates up for easy baskets, well you keep your eye on that "something" but when the line and she starts to simply take over, then you know you're looking at "something special" Check out the video below, she'll be at Deep South April 20-23 and Heart of Texas April 28-30, so will I and when you see the New Orleans Lady Trojans PG in action, I'm sure you'll say "he told me so" cause Iwon't let you forget

Mikaela Curtis will be at #IronSharpensIron WILL YOU?

Once upon a time, there was a guy who traveled all across the country spreading the word that "talent was everywhere" and although there was backlash, his point was made and look at Texas now. Even with all of that, I make it a point to travel and observe talent at various venues because I already know there are hidden gems who may already be there or there on the verge of being something special. Mikaela Curtis truly impressed me at last season's Space City Jam and it's been a little over a year since I saw I'm truly interested in seeing this young lady who is long athletic and had an uncanny ability to get to the rim whenever she wanted so she'll be on hand for that "Who's Who" of talent at Iron Sharpens Iron Showcase being held April 1st, yeah that's Final 4 weekend, in the Dallas area so if you're in middle school and you think you can handle the heat


Wednesday, March 8, 2017

UNSIGNED 6'0 Hannah Hudson highlights #GPRUnderTheRadar

The first thing that caught my attention with Hannah Hudson was her ability to face the basket and score and at 6'0, you know college coaches love big guards that can shoot the ball consistently and when you look at how she expanded her range in the video below, you'll see what I'm talking about. You don't see a lot of players following their shot nowadays and you really don't see a lot of players following their teammates shots however BB-IQ at the next level is a HUGE plus and the fact that this young lady can put it on the floor and score, play defense, inside or on the perimeter as well as having excellent timing to block shots, well that sort of sums it up, or does it. She transferred from Tompkins, where she started and helped lead them to the regional semis last year, at mid season because her family moved and jumped right in to thick of things to help Mabank make a run and closed out the season with 6 out of her 8 games having double doubles including an 18/10 in the area playoff loss by one point, 68-67. Despite missing the first four district games at her new school she made the All District Defensive squad but one more time, that stroke.....

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Countdown to #IronSharpensIron Showcase April 1st

I want to say this and please take in what I'm telling you because one thing I don't do is fabricate anything about events I cover and whatever you see my name attached to, believe me it's going to be legit. April 1st, if you are a PLAYER you need to be here because it will be very competitive and intense, sort of like the play is at "the next level" so this is sort of a preview on what you can expect if you happen to make it

Several scouting services will be on hand and this is also Final 4 weekend so it's a "no brainer" so you can click on the link to sign up, wait a minute, okay both HS sessions are SOLD OUT, so all that's left are some middle school spots so let me take it a step further. If you know anything about the recruiting process, you know the importance of getting on the map early so this is your PERFECT opportunity to do just that, don't listen to nonsense about "they'll find you if you can play" because it's just that, nonsense. You want to have options and believe me if you can go, they, college coaches, will know


Monday, March 6, 2017

Southland Conference Tournament pairings

Photo courtesy of McNeese State athletics 

Are yall ready? Well I am and March 9th-12, the Merrell Center in Katy is where it's going down



College of the Sequoias making a run

The COS women’s basketball team routed American River College last Saturday night 82-43 to earn a bid to the state championship final 8 tournament. COS (27-3) will play Palomar College (27-2) at 5pm this Friday at Las Positas College in Livermore, Ca.

Here is the information regarding last Saturday as well as a quick guide for those planning to go up to support the COS women’s basketball team

2018 Ott marks the spot #GPRUnderTheRadar

When you're 5'10 and can score the way Jordan Ott showed me she could score from the outside a little three years ago, there was no doubt in my mind that D1 schools would definitely be showing plenty of interest because as I've told you numerous times, college coaches LOVE big guards that can shoot but over the years, this young lady has put in plenty of work on adding a variety of offensive moves as well as rebounding and defensive improvement to her repertoire

Okay I was right about her being a lock but when you starting extra ingredients to the formula, well teams from major conferences are all over this young lady as she approaches her final club season with Cy Fair Premier. I'm tired of talking, well typing so check the video out and there will be more to come

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Dillingham and McCarty still amazing me

I knew one of the HTX younger teams would be at Rice performing at halftime so that automatically triggered something in my head on a couple of original HTX players I caught when they were around 10, maybe a little younger, Dominique Dillingham #6 (Mississippi State) and Brooke McCarty #12 (Texas)as both have had very solid careers in college and their teams are trying to make Final 4 runs

UPDATE Dillingham made it  to the National Championship last season with Mississippi State and McCarty's  Longhorn squad is definitely on the Final 4 short list 


Saturday, March 4, 2017

'21 Peyton Andrews 5'10 PG #GPRUnderTheRadar

Okay I don't have to type the stats in since they're in the picture however let me say this, "the stats don't tell it all" and guess what, I DO. What I liked off the top about Peyton when I caught her year before last was her ability to shoot the long ball, she was in the 6th grade and what do I always say, well lots of thinbgs but college coaches LOVE big guards that can shoot. Well Peyton didn't just want to be a big guard that could shoot so she kept working and working and working and has developed into a legitimate PG prospect for the next level and her BB-IQ is definitely high as her straight A average

Here's the deal, D1 colleges are all over this kid, Big 12 and SEC to name a few conferences but her youth and desire will definitely be strong points as you can see for yourself when the Arkansas Banshees are playing this club season so check out both videos, more to come

'18 Reagan Heun highlights !!!!!!!!

The floater, taking a lick and scoring going strong to the basket, playing the passing lane, defensive improvement, check, check, check, check and check are some of the  things I knew Reagan Heun would have to add to her game to complete the package. I mean she could always shoot the ball, especially from long range however I tell parents constantly that shooting the 3 doesn't make you a D1 player, well there was never a doubt in my mind that Reagan wouldn't be one from the moment I saw her

She's gotten stronger and more physical on both ends but to top all of that ff, that catch and shoot from 25 feet is definitely a work of art. I'm also impressed with the pull-up off the dribble and step back as it has become even deadlier from bta. The ironic part about it is that she hasn't reached her peak and she's constantly working on her game and even more importantly, her BB-IQ is definitely going to help the talented 2018 player at the next level. She's coming off an 18/7 season and high school and you can catch her with Texas Elite 17U Adidas GATA this club season, more to come but right now, check out the video from her junior year

Friday, March 3, 2017

Houston Strikeforce about to explode

Destini Lombard and Kierah Andrus-Clemons are a couple of players I've had the pleasure of watching and they join a talented Texas 2020 class that will definitely raise some eyebrows. These young ladies will be on the scene this club season with the Houston Strikeforce, a new start-up squad coached by Troy DeGar, his daughter Aurmani starred at Mansfield Timberview and is currently playing for SMU

Tryouts are this Sunday, March 5th and next Sunday March 12 in Bellaire area

Call Coach Troy Degar (214) 3159866  or email  him at troydegar@hotmail.comfor exact location

Both dates tryouts are from 2-4 pm but there's more to the story, click below


Thursday, March 2, 2017

'19 Jessica Cornelius opens more eyes

What can I say about Jessica Cornelius that I haven't said? Probably not much since I caught her, what three years ago, well let me say this, the young lady just keeps getting better. The Dallas Skyline sophomore is coming off off of a fantastic season as she lead her team in scoring and steals while coming in 2nd in assists, but her 22 points against Duncanville and 33 against Coppell definitely created more buzz from the next level as college coaches will definitely have an eye on her this club season with the Lady Jets

Collins and Collier help lead teams to state #2012FLASHBACK

Okay we've established the fact that I'm an expert on talent regarding girl's basketball so let me toot my horn on this Hybrid squad from 2012. D'Asia Collins (Cy Ranch) and Charli Collier (Barbers Hill) are in San Antonio in the state semifinals, Collier's squad plays tonight at 7pm against Canyon, Collins' squad tomorrow night at 7pm against Pflugerville and the winners will play Saturday for the championship

This 2012 Hybrid photo reads like a Who's Who of I told you so players, I mean Collier was going to make a run for the #1 player in her class because of her size and dominance at an early age, she was a "no brainer" while Collins just wouldn't back down against bigger and stronger players plus her ability to run a team and desire to win simply told me she had D1 written all over her

Cate Reece also showed signs of being a star, those signs were blinking over the next two seasons and after HS all bets were off as she helped lead Cy Woods to a state title as a freshman. How about the Truong twins, Kayleigh and Kaylynne, who have a legitimate shot at leading Jersey Village out of here, they were playing up on that Hybrid squad and have 2 more years to get it done, IQ and ability 2nd to none. What about Cassidy Howard, she helped get Katy within striking distance of the regional semis, she still has a couple of more seasons to go as well

Look, these kids were good and had something that caught my eye way back then, it doesn't take me long to spot this simply because like I always say, I know where the bar was set many years ago and some of this stuff I hear read looks like something someone put out after leaving a bar but anyway good luck to Charli and D'Asia and thank you for, one more time, proving me right

'21 Jada Malone helps highlight #IronShapensIron Showcase

I try and simplify things when I'm writing and talking to just give you a clear picture and even though no film is needed, you can still get exposure when you have the QUEEN of mixed tapes, Marissa Holbert (Passthaball), one of the nations top trainers, Earl Rooks (Full Throttle) and of course yours truly who loves to tell em "I TOLD YOU SO" my daughters ESPN WNBA highlight video to the right had almost a million hits on day one on so when I tell you something, it SHOULD be safe to assume I know what I'm talking about

April 1st, the Iron Sharpens Iron Showcase will be a blast, please expect to be bombarded with footage and literature from it and keep in mind you'll get a jump on some of the most talented players in Texas as well as other states and remember, when I say something, it usually turns out the way I told you, especially with the young talent as my daughter helped lead Texas A&M to a National Championship in 2011, I knew she was legit as 6 years old, and more recently Brooke McCarty winning Big 12 Player of the Year as a junior, I called her  "The Chosen One" the first time I saw her at 7 or 8 so trust me on what I tell you

Jada Malone will be on hand for the Showcase, her  upside, well she's 6'2 now, she's a 2021 and she's been playing against varsity competition the past 2 seasons and to say she's done more than "hold her own" would be an understatement so if you are a PLAYER and you want to COMPETE against some of the top talent in the country, please register and remember, "It's not what you do, it's who you do it against"