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GPR correspondent Jim Johnson closes out tip sheets #PrimeTimeNationals


Prime Time, TX- Again I want to thank Jim Johnson for his excellent coverage  at Prime Time Nationals and when you’re trying to cover a lot of teams and players, it can be a challenge however he stepped up to the plate and shot me info on close to 100 players that caught his eye. Fittingly I’ll close this segment with the Final 4 and one of those four, I already know and that would be Laura Rowe. Rowe simply blew me away a couple of seasons ago and I’ve heard numerous stories about her exploits on the court which included a 40 point plus game but nothing this young lady does surprises me

Kristin Davis (Truth) This soon to be senior is dangerous anywhere on the floor.  At 5'10 she has excellent length and runs like a greyhound.  Excels on the press or half court trap whether on ball or off.  She’s very unselfish, has good range but and goes strong to the basket.  Good rebounder both ends.


Whitney Outon (Oklahoma Lady Jazz 2018) 5'10 hard worker who keeps her team in every contest. She has a nice jumper; she’s strong around the basket and rebounds aggressively at both ends.

Laura Rowe (Katy Rebels 2018) True scorer and that's what she's looking to do when she gets the ball. Likes to work the free throw line down and can shoot long ball.  Go to move is a spin while driving to the basket which enables her to get to the foul line often. Good defensive rebounder.

Andy Mize (TX Diamonds HS) she’s their leader and does it all from the baseline whether knocking down a short jumper or taking it to the basket, plus she was impressive on the offensive boards.  

West Texas Fuze duo light it up #PrimeTimeNationals

Prime Time Nationals, TX- GPR correspondent Jim Johnson took a good look at the West Texas Fuze and here are a couple of players that helped light the fuse

Lizet Sosa- This hard working 6'0 does all the intangibles that a team needs to win, whether it's a rebound, steal, defensive stop or a put back; she will be involved in the play.  Can score inside and is an excellent passer and helps out well when breaking a press.

Mia Castaneda - The steady play of this 2 guard and her ability to knock down open jumpers helped lead her team to the semis.  If left alone she will make you pay.  Good help on breaking the press and finding an open teammate. Very few turnovers in her games. 

#UnderTheRadar '18 Tia Tolbert closes out season solid

Tia Tolbert stepped into the Lion's Den off the top at Cy Springs HS and immediately became a contributor but over the course of her freshman season, the talented guard continue to add bits and pieces to her game and the improvement continued to show over the club season. Tolbert closed out the season last week with her Sports Prep club squad and in the the Super 64 she averaged 15 points and 6 assists in that event while raising her average up even high at Battle on the Bayou with 19 ppg

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2017 Lady Jackets trio shine #PrimeTimeNationals

McKaila Tyer

Prime Time, TX-GPR correspondent Jim Johnson caught even more talent during bracket play at Prime Time Nationals and here are some of the players that caught his eye from the 2017 Lady Jackets

Jaycee Parcell- she’s a player from Godley HS that can help any team win.  Good range on jumper, strong around the basket and unselfish and does a lot of the things that don't show up on a stat sheet. 

Gabriella Bosquez-  has a good stroke and can knock them down.  In today's game always a place for a spot up shooter who is quick and can handle the ball.

McKaila Tyer- the point guard had solid play and consistent scoring helped lead her team to the HS finals. Always looks for the open cutter, but will knock it down from 3 if you give her space. Nice ball-handler with good assist to turnover ratio.

6'2 Brittany Panetti closes out July with a bang #2016UnderTHeRadar

The big question was how would this coveted 4/5 player come back after a knee injury and her showing both at the Super 64 and then in New Orleans answered those questions. After around a dozen games battling some of the top competition in the country, Panetti averaged a double-double along the way

Panetti is a legitimate D1 player, this is coming from someone who doesn't just have a blog or Twitter account and  you can read more about on the before and after here

More talent from bracket play at #PrimeTimeNationals


Prime Time, TX-GPR correspondent caught even more talent during bracket play at Prime Time Nationals and here are some of the players that caught his eye

Desiree Pierson (Bluestar BST )  This gutsy little guard will take on anything between her and the basket.  Plays with heart and determination and has good range on her jumper plus strong hands going after any loose ball

Brooke Kendall (Lee Green South) Steady point guard plays within her limitations and commits very few turnovers.  Makes the right choice doesn't panic when pressured. Has good range from 3

Atlanta Hopgood (Bluestar BST) JJ Pierce in Richardson is getting a solid freshman; she’s a natural 3 that can post up at 5'9.  Has a solid mid-range jumper and is an aggressive rebounder at both ends


Sydney Meador (Lee Green South) Spot up 2-3 that loves to shoot it from the corner to about 15' up the arc. Leave her open and she will make you pay

Taylor Stevenson (Lee Green South) 5'10 wing works baseline to baseline.  Good defender and rebounder.  Has a nice stroke from the baseline. She’s a mart, heads up player who makes her teammates better when she's on the floor

Dani Batenhorst (Katy Rebels) 5'10 winger has a solid game at both ends.  Good range on her jumper and will fight for any loose ball or rebound. Uses her body well and is also a good passer.  Is not asked to score but could if given the opportunity

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Oklahoma Lady Thunder runner-up in 5th grade #PrimeTimeNationals

Prime Time Nationals, TX- Oklahoma Lady Thunder placed 2nd in PTN 5th grade division. Jerrika Mahonn hit 14 threes in seven games and made 14 of 14 free throws in semifinals and also game high 26 points


2015 Texas Elite Classic Tip Sheet


HOUSTON, Texas-  Houston Elite's NCAA event was at the right place this past weekend because I had a chance to see because several players were simply in " The Zone" throughout the event. I've had a relationship with Houston Elite coaches Sean Porter and Howard Randle since almost the turn of the century and their organization's alumni read like a Who's Who among some of the best player to play not only in the city but state and country.

The talent continues on this season's team with some of my tops in Texas, Sydney Carr, Rexesha Hollis, Taylor Kollmorgen and Peighton Porter and it was good to see Deirdre Dobbins back on the floor firing bullets.Here are some of the players from various teams that stood out over the weekend


Peighton Porter (Houston Elite White) you can't buy length and athleticism and you certainly can't teach heart and Porter has all of that. At 6'0, she plays the passing lanes "extremely well" and does the same on the boards, both ends. A defensive nightmare that can score

Victoria Blankemnship (Houston Wildcats) I call her Vicky B because when you watch her you will see. Grabbing a rebound on one end and going coast to coast for numerous baskets was something I've watched her do for years but she can simply take a game over on bot ends

Amarasia Raley (Nemesis) probably had one of the best shooting exhibitions of the event as she was simply in " The Zone" with five threes from numerous angles as well as countless midrange pull-ups, so she can shoot sums it up

Kylie Collins (Dream Team) also had one of the best shooting games of the event, went completely off from long range and made several acrobatic lay-ups, many resulted in and ones which is an old school three


Abby Spurgan (SA Legends Black) 6'2 with a good strong body enables her to create problems in the paint. She's physical on both ends, rebounds and finishes well



Mia Heide (MP Elite) every time I watch her I see big things ahead, she's 6'2, runs floor well and doesn't back down inside. To top that off, she can face the basket and score

Monet Jones ( Houstonians) Loved her game when she was a 6th grader, I knew big things were ahead and trust me they're coming because she has BCS written all over her. Can score inside, mid or long range, defends inside or on perimeter

Prya Ponia (HTX) love guards that can create and Ponia definitely knows how to get her shot off. She's deadly from long range and sets defenders up nicely to attack off the dribble

Heaven Mbarku-Bailey- long and athletic with plenty of upside is a the quick assessment but on day two I saw even more. She has the tools to dominate and with time, I think she'll be able to control games from multiple positions at 6'0


Sydni Johnson ( HK Express) If I get up and make an effort to find out who a player is, you know she's a PLAYA and although young, you've got to trust me on this one. She's an electrifying guard that can score, stay tuned

Mississippi Lady Ballers and NTX Lights Out 2019 #PrimeTimeNationals


Prime Time Nationals, TX- GPR correspondent Jim Johnson took a good look at NTX Lights Out 2019 and the Mississippi Lady Ballers  at PTN. I’m all too familiar with the talented players on Lights Out having had a chance to observe them over the past two seasons and it appears they’re progressing nicely. Here’s Jim’s take on a few players from both squads

Destiny Haymer (Mississippi Lady Ballers) –she’s a 5’7 PG from Tchula, MS who’s  all over the floor at both ends and loves to take it strong to the basket. Knows how to get to the line and shoots over 75%.  She also likes to get her teammates involved in the offense and creates lots of steals on defense

Vivian Tripp (Mississippi Lady Ballers)  strong 2 guard that will stroke a 3 or take it to the basket.  Good defender that creates lots of steals


Randi Thompson (NTX  Lights Out 2019)  heady player at both ends 2-3 but her natural position is 2.  Takes it strong to the basket but also rebounds and defends well. Will look and pass to an open teammate.

Jordan McClenton (NTX Lights Out 2019)  very good rebounder at around 5'10. Runs the floor well, very athletic and also has good range from 15 feet on in. To top that off she’s an aggressive defender and smart shot blocker.

Noelle Yancy (NTX Lights Out 2019)  true point guard that runs the show and has excellent form on her shot.  Will knock it down or drive past you, very good speed and good ball handling skills is part of the reason.  She’s also very unselfish and if you’re open, she’ll get it to you plus her hands are fast on defense

DC Queens 2019 Blue #PrimeTimeNationals


Prime Time Nationals, TX- GPR correspondent Jim Johnson took a good look at DC Queens 2019 Blue and saw several prospects at PTN. I covered one of their events last season so I already know what’s in store in fact if you check the archives, aka search bar. Here are some players that caught Jim’s eyes

Trinity Smitherman-  2 guard that is quick and takes it hard to the rim.  She has a good jump shot that well only get better and is dangerous on defense; she gets her hands on lots of passes.  Runs the floor well and has very good speed.

Lauren Wright-  5'10 strong body that plays hard at both ends and is a solid rebounder that can score in traffic which also gets to the foul line often.  Runs the floor well and can both lead the break and fill the lanes. 


Rebecca Ge- Solid point guard that is always looking to pass first but not afraid to shoot and will hit an open 3.  Loves to penetrate and dish, so be ready.  Plays solid positional defense and grabs many a loose ball on the floor.

Kailen Wright- Athletic 3/2 that plays hard the entire floor.  Strong hands generate multiple on ball steals and she takes it hard to the basket.  Also has good range on her jumper.

I already told you all this organization had some of the best young talent in the Metroplex area and with that being said, let me give a special S/O to one of their younger teams that won 4th grade  AAU Nationals in  Orlando 

El Reno Lady Storm #PrimeTimeNationals


Prime Time Nationals, TX- This closes the day 2 coverage of PTN from GPR correspondent Jim Johnson as he touches on yet another talented team from Oklahoma and a few of their players. Bracket play coverage coming at you later and had Lexus Halfred not suffered an injury, this could have possible been the champion in the 11/12 grade division


Breail Goodlow (El Reno Lady Storm Oklahoma ) A fun player to watch at both ends her length is taller than her 5'10.  Excellent on the trap and makes a quick outlet after a steal.  Rebounds well and gets rid of it fast.  Dangerous passer off a drive to the basket plus has good range on her jumper with a quick release.  Solid 3

Lexus Halfred (El Reno Lady Storm Oklahoma) strong 4/5 that is dangerous from the free throw line on in.  Uses her body well to box out or screen, makes great outlet passes and runs the floor well.

Ashli Richardson (El Reno Lady Storm Oklahoma) Leave her alone and you can wait for the ball at the bottom of the net. Good help defender on the trap. Quick hands and quick outlet, will always give it up to the open teammate.

Taleigh Davis (El Reno Lady Storm) True point guard, good ball handler and looks to dish first.  Can shoot the 3 and will take it to the basket.  Good perimeter defender and leads the break well. 

Marlee Harvey (El Reno Lady Storm) She’s 6’0 and from the 2016 class that can post up and has a nice turnaround jumper or jump hook.  Also has a good midrange jumper plus she rebounds and blocks shots.  She knows how to defend straight up without fouling and is a good passer in the post.

DC Queens 2019 Orange #PrimeTimeNationals


Prime Time Nationals, TX-More day two observations from Prime Time Nationals from Girlz Prep Report correspondent Jim Johnson as he touched on some players I’ve had a chance to watch a few times and already left me with a lasting impression and it appears Mr. Johnson feels the same way


Kierra Nelson (DC Queens 2019 Orange) Long lanky and athletic and already has a great feel for the game. Good anticipation on defense and takes the ball to the basket and finishes well on offense often ending up at the line. Good free throw shooter and not only runs, but leads the break often.  The arrow is pointing up on this one.

Tavy Diggs (DC Queens 2018 Bluer) Almost a bookend to Nelson, plays hard 84' , good rebounder and scorer inside and gets to the line often. Smart shot blocker with good instincts and plenty of upside is ahead

Nina Ritchie (DC Queens 2019) the quiet one of the DC Queens triplets until you check the box score as she’s another long body that fills the passing lanes. She’s an excellent passer with much of the offense running through her at the high post elbow.  Good rebounder good defender and her range is 10-12 ft.

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GPR Under The Radar Hannah Hudson impressive at #PrimeTimeNationals

Prime Time Nationals, TX- I guess you all are wondering why I'm using Prime Time Nationals as a city, well as big as it is, I guess you could say it needs it's on zip code with close to a thousand teams, that means probably over ten thousand players and when you add coaches and parents, friends and family, well you get the picture.

I got the picture on Hannah Hudson last season watching her live and in living color at Tomkins HS, I had only seen bits on pieces of her via video but I knew that at 6'0 tall, athletic and agile and with a pretty good wing span, next level was in her future and that was based on common sense watching her in person told me she'd have several options by the time she graduates.

GPR correspondent Jim Johnson had a chance to see the talented young lady perform with the Katy Rebels and this was his take "Hudson is a hard working player and at 6'0 is just what you need when it's time to get a big rebound or block" "She can score around the basket and has nice mid-range jumper as well as guard taller players because of her length"

That's a great assessment by Mr. Johnson and let me throw she ain't done bringing it !!!!!

Day 2 talent continues to shine at #PrimeTimeNationals

Prime Time Nationals, TX-Day two observations from Prime Time Nationals had Girlz Prep Report correspondent Jim Johnson pretty excited as the talent kept coming which falls in line with what I always say, “talent is everywhere” and as he touches on several players who have the ability to play at the next level, I’m also seeing names of players that I already know are going to blow up. Remember there is no magic pill; the main thing is to put in the work because no one can make you a basketball player


Ugonma Obannya (Elevation Skills Houston)At 6'2 and a wing span that makes her even longer, all I can say is you’re going to like!!!!  Has soft hands and natural athletic ability.  As she learns the game and improves her skill she will become a go to player in the post. Already good footwork and squares up to the basket the shots will soon start to fall. I look for big things her senior year 


Kellie Oehmler (Lady Ice) don’t turn your back on this young lady, she’s a solid player that can operate from both the 3 and 4. She can defend, good rebounder at both ends and can create her own opportunities to score and I’m talking about a can catch and shoot scorer

Jasmine Atobajeun (Dynasty Johnson) 6'2 and long, she has good moves and a feel for the game. The product isn’t finished and would be considered raw in many areas, but to be tall and athletic is a good head start and she continues to make jumps

McKale Grant (Truth Black Celina) was one of the best 2017's of the tournament. Outside, inside, post-up; a true scorer that doesn't force it, but takes what she's given.  Smart and looks for the open teammate. Runs the break or fills the lane. Smart defender and excellent help defender. Good ball handler to boot.  Line up now coaches


DeAndrea Alexander (Lady KOE Arcadia, La) 6'2 and raw in some areas, she has plenty of upside, but the desire and ability is there now.  Still learning the skills of being a post, this young lady will catch a lot of attention as she grows and develops. Good instincts are always a plus simply because that’s something you can’t teach 



Taylor Jones (DNice Basketball) Listed at 6'1 but I think she’s 6'3 and when you keep in mind that she just finished the 8th grade her upside is through the roof. Needs to work on footwork and keeping the ball high after rebounding and playing up will only help. Added strength and weight will make her a force to be reckoned with. I think she will reach 6'5

"The Beast" helps lead Oklahoma Select 2019 B2B champs #PrimeTimeNationals

They done did it again folks or if you want it said the right way, they've done it again but no matter what variation I use, the Oklahoma Select 2019 squad  not only won their second consecutive Prime Time Nationals Championship, they did it with only seven players. Karly Gore is one of the best young long range shooters I've seen over the past two years, she has unlimited range while her twin sister Macy runs the point with precision. Kaitlyn Crossthwait creates problems on both ends from the wing position while combo guard Erin Erdoes simply just gets the job done but the job wouldn't have been complete without other key ingredients like reserves Makayla "Kay Kay" Furman and Brandi Jordan who simply made the right plays at the right time

Ginger "The Beast" Reece simply blew me away last season, she simply won't let you outwork her, she battles for everything off the boards, either offensively or defensively and her physicality. she can give and take it, is simply something you can't teach as she relishes the contact and is an and one waiting to happen. The midrange looked last season and from the videos I've watched of this talented GPR Under The Radar player, the long range looked pretty good as well and her five threes in the championship game sort of tells it all. Reece finished the event averaging over 18 ppg and around 12 rpg with numerous block and steals along the way

Opening day talent from #PrimeTimeNationals


Prime Time Nationals, TX- Once again I want to thank GPR correspondent  Jim Johnson for an outstanding job on catching the talent at PTN. Jim was at various sites checking out the talented players that were on hand to showcase their skills and many of these players, I’m already familiar with however it’s always good to get someone else’s perspective. I’ll be dropping various Tip Sheets today and tomorrow so stay tuned

Brandie Simmons (Lee Green North) An all-purpose player that can hit the 3 and penetrate.  She can play multiple positions on the floor which has to be a plus for smaller Krum HS and also has good range and ball handling skills. 

Alayna O’ Connor (West Houston Select 2018)  not afraid to get on the floor.  Aggressive nature makes her a force at 5'7. Has nice touch from the baseline.

Julia Bridges (Lee Green North) good little spot up shooter from 3pt range so don't leave her open.  Can handle the ball and play point in relief but she’s a natural 2 guard.

Amaya Singleton (D1 Shooters Destiny ) had the quickest release I saw the entire tournament, she gets it off so fast and speed is a part of her game. Good penetrator, but can pull up at any second.  At 5'6 I can only imagine what’s in store with an added growth spurt


Katelyn Borman (Lee Green North) Another solid spot up shooter than runs the floor and leads the show.  Good defender that plays smart and plays within herself and rarely makes a mistake on defense.  Has good range from 3 all around the arc.

Team Work Oklahoma stars shine #PrimeTimeNationals


Prime Time Nationals, TX- I hadn’t had a chance to see Team Work Oklahoma star Becka Cammon play in person but what I gathered from her video I watched a while back was that she has a good frame and at 5’8 unlimited potential simply because she can score with either hand, she’s a lefty, has range but can also attack from the wing. On top of that she does simply I love to see and that’s play the passing lanes and evidently she combined all of that to go along with some tough rebounding and defense to help her Team Work Oklahoma squad win the 10th Grade Division at Prime Time Nationals as she put up numbers and averaged close to a double along the way.

GPR correspondent Jim Johnson was on hand to catch this talented team a couple of her teammates caught his eye and here’s what he saw

Jordan Duke (Team Work Oklahoma) Does exactly what their name says, works nonstop and plays hard every second on the floor. She does a lot of the dirty work but can score when the ball goes through her.  She’s a strong offensive rebounder and at 5'10  has a nice touch from outside

 Kiara Brown (Team Work Oklahoma) She’s a good point guard that plays with confidence. Has quickness to go along with nice pull-up jumper.  Looks to pass first and cut.  High BB-IQ


Makayla Chambers (Team Work Oklahoma) Nice big 6'1 frame.  Good footwork and balance posting up.  Good hands and goes to the ball. Has good range from 8-10 feet and passes well out of the post.

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2019 Centex duo continue to shine #PrimeTimeNationals


Prime Time Nationals, TX- I always speak about progression and Brooke Habeck and Reagan Montgomery are a couple of young ladies I’m going into my third season of watching which is pretty impressive since neither has scored their first high school basket, let me clarify they haven’t even played their first high school game but the 2019 duo caught the eye of GPR correspondent Jim Johnson at PTN and here is his take on the Blue Star Centex Elite duo, you can always use the search bar to find what I’ve said about players both here and the GPR website

Brooke Habeck-strong body is a plus but she’s also a good ball handler and passer as well as defends and rebounds. Can score in the paint or from 15'. Plays smart and within her game.  Knows her limitations

Reagan Montgomery -Point guard that is counted on to do a lot of things on the floor. Handles pressure well.  Good drive and dish, or kick out passer.  If you leave her open, she'll drain a 3.  Smart defender that doesn't take chances

Stars shining at 2015 Prime Time Nationals


Prime Time Nationals, TX – GPR correspondent Jim Johnson was all over the place checking out talented players and here are more standouts from Prime Time Nationals and guess what, more will be coming 


Autumn Matlock 6' and plays hard and the above picture says it all showing one of her many offensive rebounds and put backs. Has a nice touch from long range and does all the dirty work and the rewards that go with it.


Jasmine Croskey (Texas Elite Haynes/Carpenter) Smooth is the first word that comes to mind this is a perfect 2 guard.  Plays at both ends, can drive, dish and stroke it from 3

Brook McKeel (Texas Elite Haynes/Carpenter) She’s  6'1 and has a big body and knows how to use it.  She doesn't foul on the defensive end, has   good hands, looks for the cutter and will pass out of the post, added plus is she’s a lefty with a sweet baby left jump hook.


Taryn Dupuy  ( Tigers) Fast 2 guard plays all 94'. Shoots well and penetrates to the basket and also gets to the foul line often.


Mycah McDonald (Synergy Athletics )2 guard that plays at both ends. Her speed and athletic ability go well with her ability to penetrate and gets to the line often.  Has good range and form and can handle the ball


Kurstyn Harden ( Synergy Athletics ) She’s a six footer with plenty of potential and once she grows more into that body, she could be a force to deal with inside. Has some good footwork and instinctive skills.  

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Northside Ballers Big Three #PrimeTimeNationals


Prime Time Nationals, TX – Although there is no place I’d rather be than catching the talent up in the Metroplex are this weekend at Prime Time Nationals, Jim Johnson has unleashed an onslaught of info on talented players I’ll be bringing to you. 

First up, the Big Three from the Northside Ball Elite and I’m putting them out first since I’ve had a chance to see these young ladies multiple times and it’s always good to get someone else’s perspective and Mr. Johnson has nailed it. On another,note had I been up there I wouldn’t have had a wreck but anyway, here you go



Yazmine Kellough- Gives you everything she has and then some.  Breaks the press, scores, passes, whatever is needed.  Need a rebound, a defensive stop?  " I got it coach"

Mikayla Capone-Quick hands on defense leads to easy lay-ups.  Good speed.  Runs the floor well. Always looking for an open teammate.  At 5'7" not afraid to take it to the basket against the bigs.


Ah’Jaya Johnson- 5'7 guard does everything you ask of her and more.  Defends inside, brings it up the floor, drives, dishes and play defense.  Height will be her only liability.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

2015 Prime Time Nationals starts now

Teamwork Oklahoma's 2018 Becka Cammon is more than ready for action as Prime Time Nationals tips off this morning. I had a chance to watch Cammon via video last season and the promising young star definitely has a bright future ahead. PTN is where I've had a chance to witness some amazing players that I actually said would blow up before others caught up, Lauren Cox and Natalie Chou wound up making the USA team while Jassmyne Harris is finally getting the attention she deserves.

This years field once again has close to 200 girls teams from all over, Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Mississippi to name a few join some of top talent from across Texas in what will be another hit. Stay tuned for Tip Sheets coming at you, GPR correspondent Jim Johnson will be on hand as well so be ready


Thursday, July 16, 2015

'18 Murcer hit at TOC #UnderTheRadar

Jessica Murcer sold me last season at Prime Time Nationals and to be perfectly honest, I really don't know how high she'll land once it's all said and done but I do know she's a D1 player with unlimited upside. She has numerous thing things that start with S going for her, smart, skilled, shooter, scorer and steals but one of the things you can't teach, speed, and I mean with the ball just has her as a gem that you will be hearing  a lot about

At the Nike TOC, she went completely off with her 2018 team averaging just under 18 ppg, this included a 31 point outburst on the squad that only 6 players as they finished 3-2. She then played in the division title game with the 2016 squad and dropped 11 in only 8 minutes. Murcer is one of the "girls" in the 2018 class, if you haven't heard about her you will eventually


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Texas talent continues to roll and a special S/O to my baby

I've been doing this a long time and I hear people saying things like no one can call a middle school player or younger a D1 lock, well that doesn't apply to me simply because I've been doing this a long time and as I've stated several times, I know where the bar has been set and although some of these comments on social media or calls I get about "changing the game for the better" has me wanting to spend the night at the bar because for the most part, you still have plenty but it ain't what it used to be

I knew Ariel Atkins was one of the best players in the country before she played on "center stage", I knew Jasmyne Harris was a BCS player in middle school, it's not like she took a magic pill and became a player. she's always been there and I've always said it and the same with the new Texas kid that has blown up, Irinesha Johnson who is one of the most explosive jumpers in the paint I have seem, check my archives and you'll know

If you're a college coach and you want to catch the "players" early, I'm your guy, I'll keep it real always and hopefully you would want to know who the players are asap read more

I'll close with my only "favorite" player who made the #1 play in last week's TOP 5 WNBA Plays of the Week

A video posted by wnba (@wnba) on

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

JB Ballers three years later #PrimeTime

It's been some time since I first caught the talented crew for Arkansas, JB Ballers. Somehow I missed them last year at Fieldhouse Friday but I'm going back to my initial sighting back in 2012 but '19 Dasia Young is holding up some hardware and they're headed back to Prime Time Nationals to take some more back home

Read more

The picture says it all and Kayla Mitchell is proving it on the floor game after game, you have to realize these are some talented young players and let's go back to what I wrote a few years ago

Read more

Mya Love 

'20 Travia Woodruff and '19 Mya Love simply blew me away back then  and I've seen some clips of Woodruff and my oh my, she has simply added even more to her game while Love's game has elevated to another level and speaking of elevating, well '20 Joi Montgomery's picture below tells me something as well