Friday, April 3, 2015

'16 Sidney ready to close it out with Houston Insiders

Eryka Sidney is the ultimate team player as her abilities on what she could do and what she does says it all. I've always mentioned I love point guards that can take games over when needed but even more importantly I truly enjoy those that make their teams better and when I look at the Max Preps national list of top scorers in the country, Sidney finished at #20 in the country with a shade under 30 ppg

With the exception of Asia Durr, I don't know any of the players listed ahead of Sidney but over the years, and I've written about this countless times, numbers can be deceiving  and " it's not what you do, it's who you do it against"

 With that being said, not only have I watched her put up numbers throughout her career at  Wheatley against the larger schools, I've watched her do it with the Houston Insiders during club season including that ever so important July viewing period.

She's one of the top 2016 guards in the state and whether it's the change of pace, the stutter step, acrobatic finishes or 30 footers combined with setting her teammates up for gimmes, Eryka has me excited about seeing her again this season including next weekend at the Insiders Hoopfest as registration closes tomorrow at NOON