Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Real Deal & The Chosen One

AJ Alix and Broke McCarty have teamed up to form one of the most explosive back-courts in the city for the summer club scene. They are two of the top guards in their respective classes and they also will have a starring role in how well Bellaire and Clear Springs do this season. I said earlier, Clear Springs was my early favorite but I also expect the Cardinals to rebound with a vengeance after a simwhat, new word, disappointing season.

Killer Bees ready to SPRING into action

Be prepared for the invasion because just as I told everyone how the Big Three would come into Klein Forest  and turn that program around, well I don't want to brag but we all see how that turned out, keep an eye on Spring High School next season. They may not do what the trio from KF because of their size, what they lack in height they make up for with heart and some things you just can't teach. Bernisha Peters, Brittany Perkins and yes I know your name Brittany Smith, will be fun to watch on center stage. The Killler Bees are coming!

You Gotta Have Faith

Faith Cook that is because she is one of the best up and coming shooters in the city, mind you she is still in middle school. Expect her, Tiffany Arceneaux and  Jayla Calhoun to be players to be reckoned with in the future, just as they are right now with the Gulf Coast Blue Chips 14u team. Cook impressed me as a sixth grader when I watched her drain 7 threes in a game, scoring over kids almost 6 inches taller, nothing has changed as her game has expanded. Arceneaux is silky smooth and has a knack for getting wherever she wants to while Calhoun will be a hot commodity because of her size and strength. Another group of talented young ladies from the Class of 2016!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Rebels With A Cause

The Houstonians hosted the last get ready for July event and I was totally impressed with many of the young players on hand. The Lady Roadrunners, San Antonio Rohawks and the Blue Chips joined the Katy Rebels as teams with talented young players still in middle school that may explode in the future. First stop, Katy Rebels.

The 2016 Katy Rebels proved to be everything I had heard about. Led by the Goss twins, Allison and Sarah, the Rebels have this never say die attitude and after watching them come from behind and win twice after being down by double digits gives you an idea about what I mean and the twins are a big reason why.

I wrote about Tyra Cormier's improvement earlier and also mentioned how raw Taylor Johnson was, but this team has a lot of weapons and are loaded with kids that could be our next group of standout high school players including Lindsey Tredway, pictured above and Anna Bowman, below

Kaelyn Echiverri and the whole Rebel team will be among the many younger players on my watchlist and as talented as 2012 is, 2015 and 2016 may be the best classes ever from the city.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Getting It Done

Courtney Williams is somewhere around the Top 10 on everyone lists. She is one of the best players in the country and  a five star athlete. I have her a little higher on my list but I am a little biased because I've watched her play over 100 times and seen her grow. Houston's 2012 class is loaded with next level players, Curtyce Knox and Jessica Palmer are on many Top 100 reports, and 2012 may mirror the 2005 class when over 70 young ladies went on to play college basketball.

To make it to the next level isn't easy

  • Approximately three in 100, or 3.5 percent of high school senior girls interscholastic basketball players will go on to play women's basketball at a NCAA member institution.
  • Less than one in 100, or approximately 0.9 percent of NCAA female senior basketball players will get drafted by a Women's National Basketball Association (WNBA) team.
  • One in 5,000, or approximately 0.03 percent of high school senior girls playing interscholastic basketball will eventually be drafted by a WNBA team.
The main thing is to go out and play hard and not worry about where you're ranked or what awards you don't receive and here's a perfect example. In the 2007 class, out of the 24 players selectted as McDonald  All Americans, 10 were drafted into the WNBA and 8 made teams, or 33% of the ones initially selected MDAA's. Some kids still have eligibility due to transferring or being injured however the main thing is to not worry about this stuff because the goal should be not only to receive a scholarship but to graduate from college. More about some of the areas other top kids who have committed on GPR

Friday, June 24, 2011

DFW Keeps Rolling

One thing you can always count on from DFW Elite is watching BASKETBALL players and not just kids playing basketball. The Metroplex is loaded with kids who are dedicated to making themselves better and the program the late Marcus Jackson started is always one of the top programs in the country.

A host of MDAA have played in their program and many more will be coming through the pipeline. I'm looking forward to heading down the Big State Flava Jam July 6th-8th in Mansfield where the talent will be unreal. Many of the top programs and players from Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas will be there, not to mention national powerhouses such as Essence out of Florida ,West Coast Premier and Exodus from New York City, love that Pace commercial btw.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Cydney Hicks Moves On

That old saying "you can't teach height" is all so true and Concordia Lutheran would have greatly benefited if the young lady had attended the school with Taylor Schippers. Now that Taylor will be dropping 35 footers at Oklahoma State, Concordia will look for as much help as possible and at 6'2, Hicks may be a blessing in disguise. The hard work and development this young lady has put into her game shows what determination can do and since this is her first season of club ball, she has a chance to do some damage on the court.

Coast to Coast vs South Texas Hoyas

I love hanging around Austin on Juneteenth, not just because I don't like watermelon, but I love exciting and entertaining basketball. Coast to Coast was without GPR's  Top 10 Sedalia Ellis who was doing her thing at various camps, however my old friend Moses Ellis knows how to get his girls pumped up and as I found out so does  Theresa Nunn.

I spoke about how impressed I was with Erica Hernandez however there were many talented players at all positions on both teams.Class of 2013 Brianna "Mack Truck" Williams plays like she's 6'2 and if she was, she would be on everyone must see list.

Someone who is 6'2 and  getting interest is Raven Reyes, while 2014 Kaylan Wilson  from State F-4 Wagner is long and lean and might just blossom into star territory

There are so many kids on the verge of breaking out, but always remember the key is to keep working hard

Javon was injured much of last season however she will be called upon to play a major role at Cy Fair since the great Cassie Peoples will be doing her thing at the University of Texas

Brianna Jolivet and Blayke Hemmit will also have to bring it at Bellaire after a disappointing season

Will Dominique Davis help South Houston make the playoffs? Many of these questions will be answered on Girlz Prep Report throughout the season and like I always say, if you don't know, ask Sim !

Austin Glory vs Texas Crossover

Austin Glory has been one of the most consistent teams on the circuit since I've been around. One thing you always find from their squads are gritty guards who bring it every chance they get along with "bigs" who are capable of doing multiple things.

Their game against Texas Crossover had a little something from everyone as it was a tale of two halves

I loved the energy from these two squads and much of that energy came from their benches as both coaches were fierce competitors!

Erica Hernandez from Floresville High

San Antonio's club ball scene has taken a turn for the better over the last few years. With the success of such teams as the Rohawks, Team Express, San Antonio's Finest, Sophia Young and now the Theresa Nunn's South Texas Hoyas is positioning itself to be a major player. I think the biggest shot in the arm will  come from the success Meghan Simmons had at Tennessee this season, not to mention Recee Caldwell being the youngest player on the  U16 USA National Team, however Eboni Watkins and Arielle Robinson were quite the "Dynamic Duo" for Wagner this season. Ladies and gentlemen, meet All State guard Erica "Goose" Hernandez who was launching missiles from everywhere on the court in the Tyrone Johnson Classic. No matter where I wind up each week, I find talented players I knew nothing about. Texas is your one stop spot to build and secure!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Rachel Arthur Is Ready

I expected big things from Atascocita last season however untimely injuries can sometimes ruin storybook endings. Loaded with several next level players, "The Taz" didn't make it to state however expect them to be a contender again this season. After all, they have one of the top guards in the country in Curtyce Knox and one of the best wings in the city with Lauren Price, but the also have a kid who can nail the long ball and that's Arthur. Rachel has stepped into what ever role her coach has asked her to and her maturity over the years shows on the court today.

Austin Elite's Rising Stars Alyssa Jones and Jazzmen Ortiz

The first time I saw these kids I was impressed and it seems like every time I watch them play I become more sold. AE has some very talented players, many from Temple High School so don't blink this season because they may sneak up on you and give you a big surprise. As a coach I respect a lot simply put it, 2013 Jones has "uncommon speed" and since I mentioned sneaking up on you, this kid has the ball and is gone the other way before you know what hit you. Ortiz is toning her skills at the point guard and has shown improvement each time I have watched her. With a slew of talented guards in the 2014 class, Ortiz hopes to have her name mentioned along them.

Last Shot For Rudder

Three years ago, Rudder was high on almost everyones list as a team that had a chance to make it to state. Several factors contributed to that not happening however lack of talent wasn't one of them. Those "Fantastic Freshmen" are now seniors and led by Marche Amerson this might be their year.

Fatima Adams and Lamaria  Cole team with Amerson to give them a seasoned threesome that can make a run and close out what was supposed to be a storybook finish to their careers.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Austin Elite Does It Again

Even though the Monroe twins, Kaylin and Kayrin, have moved on, Austin Elite continues to have some of the most exciting and entertaining players and tournaments around. Powerhouses such as DFW Elite, Houston Elite and Team Express were on hand, not to mention always solid  Austin Glory, Coast to Coast and Houston Insiders. In all, there was close to 50 teams on hand this weekend for the Tyrone Johnson Classic and although many of the top players were away at various camps, the University of Texas camp was going on right in town, there was no shortage of talent. National names such as Courtney Williams and "Tank" Youngblood were in attendance however several rising stars I had never seen were on hand as well including three point specialists Candace Glee from DFW Elite and Erica Hernandez of the South Texas Hoyas. Stay tuned for more info throughout the week and keep smiling!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Don't Sleep on Klein Oak

 Klein Oak lost a tiebreaker with Klein last season for the final playoff spot in 13-5A despite splitting their two games, 6 point loss and 18 point win. This season will be just as tough as Westfield, Tomball and Spring will join those two in a fight for a playoff spot, barring anything drastic Klein Forest, Dekaney and Klein Collins should be favorites. A key to Oak's success will be the play of Alicia Scott who was so valuable as the sixth man last season and will be looked upon for a bigger role this season. If her steady summer play, not mentioning winning the One on One Championship at the Texas A&M Position Camp last week is any indication, the Panthers may sneak in.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Next Step For North Shore

The Mustangs have been around the top of my list of schools capable of making a run even before Courtney Williams showed up. During the years of the great Lauren Flores, they would always run into Kelsey Bone led Dulles in the playoffs. Last year they had a golden opportunity to adnance to state and losing seniors TJ Jefferson and Katira Young out of the starting lineup will be a blow, not to mention La'Kevia Castillo who could come in and provide an offensive boost.

Ready to lessen the blow will be juniors Kierra Robinson and Tyranee Bostic as they move up from JV and have shown they are RFPT, even though there will be an adjustment process. North Shore will once again be a contender, Williams is one of the top players in the country and other players feed off of her, so don't count the "Stangs" out!

2011 TSU Camp

I attended the TSU Camp over the weekend and although there were happy faces in the crowd, it was all business on the court

Head Coach Yolanda Broughton was doing her thing and that is teaching and showing the young ladies in attendance what it takes to play at the next level

I spoke with former Hightower standout Azalea Hall who will be entering her sophomore year and she talked about the adjustment process and is ready to take charge this season at TSU. If you had a chance to see the young lady in high school, believe what she says

Some of the noted 2012 players in attendance were Camille Williams who gave Cy Woods a boost at the end of the season and help them propel past Bellaire in the playoffs. Shanice Williams, no relation, is ready to help give Hardin that boost and possibly make a run

Also in attendance was Elkins own Jazmynne Howard who will be asked to take on a much bigger role since Donielle Breaux has moved on to Kansas . Keep and eye on Angleton who have a lot of young talent on board, including sophomore Kenisha Minor 


 It's all about learning and getting ready for the next level and these young ladies were all ears whenever Coach Broughton and staff were giving out instructions         


As Hall spoke of adjustments, these two young ladies are about to make them as well. Brynae Thompson will be heading to Jersey Village and going straight to varsity while although only heading to the 8th grade, Sentreal  Gregory knows the competition will be tougher than last season. Keep an eye and ear out for these young ladies.