Wednesday, April 15, 2015

2019 squad of 8th graders Fort Bend Stars make noise in VARSITY #Hoopfrest

One thing I can count on from Fort Bend Star teams is that they will bring an abundance of athleticism and heat on both ends but this group of 8th graders did a good job competing against high school talent and several simply stood out. Madison Lucas will be up later on the Tip Sheet and she along with Nicholas Autumn were definitely scoring threats. Both already are showing signs of being able to take over games

T'aire Beyonce and Kyani Quarles definitely can beat their man off the dribble while Destini Hearne showed a nice floater. Paris Jack has the right name because she has range and the ability to connect from just about anywhere. All that plus these young ladies understand the importance of playing the passing lanes as well as how to truly play man defense and that will go a long way