Friday, April 17, 2015

Unsigned "bigs" show up and out #Hoopfest

Shania Woods and Tiara Marbley are both over the magic number of six feet and are UNSIGNED as I type. Why, good question, both are next level players in fact after this weekend and based on some of the commits that have been offered, signed or whatever, they're both good enough to play D1

With that being said, Woods has added more speed and finished with one of the highest percentages at the Insiders Hoopfest and I'm talking about going against some of the top teams in the state, remember it's not what you do it's who you do it against and if you don't subscribe to my service, it's who you're listening to

Marbley is athletic and strong, a nightmare on defense as she goes after everything on both ends in the paint and she not only has worked on her timing which let her alter and or block shots with ease. Throw in an improved offensive skill set, both she and Woods can score facing the basket.

Don't miss out on LEGITIMATE players, I'll drop the updated 2016-2018 list of who you need to know after this weekend  and that Capital One slogan "What's in your wallet" is going through my head right now