Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Lady Warriors 2019 #CFInvite

Over the past few years, I've had a chance to watch several exciting young players prior to entering middle school and many of the Lady Warriors have simply blossomed over these three seasons as they are getting ready to head into high school next season. I made it a point to catch AD Elite Ice and the Lady Warriors simply because no matter what event or camp I've covered, an abundance of players from those teams have traveled across the state for me to evaluate them and by me practicing what I preach as far as progression, I definitely wanted to catch both teams and I was happy to have a chance to do just that

I knew Mykayla Hutchinson was going to do big things probably before she did four years ago and it wasn't because of her all star sister Terriell Bradley, I just saw something in her four years ago and knew big things would be coming. She's long and athletic and I've seen her play all four positions but watching her in the open court is something to see. The three ball is coming around and before it's all said and done. I didn't Jassmyne Brown, she's another who has progressed each time I saw her but she didn't make the trip however my first looks at Mackenzie Blackman and Tamia Miller were good ones as both have strong bodies with a tremendous amount of upside and they simply get after it

Nina Milliner is another I've been watching as long as Hutchinson and Brown and simply watching her absorb what was being taught at camps or watching her listen to her coach during games told me something, see I watch everything too and when you combine that with the fact that she plays the game one way, hard, and her BB-IQ is ahead of her years, that's a selling point for the next level but through it all, her mental toughness is something to see as she delivers in clutch situations. Amanda Frybarger showed she could definitely shoot the ball, I missed Paris Gant and Katera Mays, Mays is a player that I've had a chance to watch numerous times and she will do big things in high school, trust me

Sonia Blair, Dominique Labbe and Jordan McGeee joined Milliner and Hutchinson with the same acronym by their names as I evaluated their game, OMG and I used those three because I didn't have to write anything down, it's in my head on what they could already do and what they're doing now. Their athleticism and ability to get to the rim was something to see, all three finished strong with contact and brought heat on the defensive end. Blair's body control has always been impressive, she and Labbe were facing the basket knocking down the midrange with ease. As far as McGee, well she made the Tip Sheet

Jordan McGee Tip Sheet