Thursday, January 31, 2013

Barbers Hill still hard to climb

Kimi Carter

With 6'5 Kendall Shaw, it was easy to tie her height in with teams trying to climb the Hill as in Barbers however even though she and Shannon Evans have graduated, Kimi Carter and Mackenzie May have continued to have the Eagles soar over opponents as their district winning streak has grown to 42 straight.

Mackenzie May

Carter and May played huge in last season run to state which included a surprising win over #1 in 4A Beaumont Ozen, a game in which I omitted because I don't like watching blowouts unless the script was flipped and this is one I truly hate I missed. Needless to say, last seasons experience has heped the team know that they are capable of anything as they get ready to take on Summer Creek tomorrow, a team they beat earlier by one

Robertson still stroking it at Tyler JC

I like this picture a lot because you can she former three area stars who came back home and did there thing. Shernice Robertson hasn't lost the ability to shoot the long ball, something she mastered at Cy Falls. In case you don't remember she was shooting at close to 50% on her long ball attempts the first half of her senior season and was one of the reasons the Eagles had the best three year record in the area. You can't get this kind of info anywhere unless you know, btw, she dropped 31

Blayke Hemmit knows it's going in as she signals from the sidelines and she has too had a huge game dropping threes herself from all over the floor. The former Bellaire star was one f the forces behind the Cardinals winning consecutive district titles  and also a continuous threat in the playoffs. Adrienne Phillips is wearing the number of one of my favorite TV shows and she too put up big numbers for the Apaches as she went on a rampage. Phillips transferred from George Washington and the former Clear Creek star was unconscious at times scoring on a variety of ways

The Houston area was well represented as several players from both teams did a lot of damage during their HS careers. Arion Short played briefly at Westside before finishing up her career at West Columbia well as Joyneshia Darby who starred at Reagan, prior to that Nimitz, have both elevated their games since moving on to San Jac

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

2015 Tierra McCowan goes off

2015 Tierra McCowan rarely takes a break and had I known about this sooner, I could have done a "Nightmare on Tuesday" piece as two of the tallest and youngest high school players in Texas simply went bonkers on the court.

First 2016 Nancy Mulkey ,who is 6'8, had a triple double in Cy Woods win over Cy Falls but then the 6'7 McCowan, aka "Big Tee", almost came away with a triple double of her own as she scored, get this, 46 points, pulled down 35 rebounds and blocked seven shots, well counting the deflections and the ones she altered, I'm gonna give her a GPR triple double as well

District 17 #downtothewire

Night in and night out, you better bring your A game when you are playing in R3's toughest district. Cy Fals drops one at home to Cy Woods, Cy Ranch almost does the same against Cy Fair while Cy Creek cruised to victory. The good part is the season is winding down and next week those who care will be talking about who will do what in the playoffs. The bad part is one of these teams won't make the playoffs and would probably be a contender for first place in many districts

Cy Woods (9-2)
@Ranch, Cy Creek

Cy Ranch (9-2)
Woods, @ Langham Creek

Cy Falls (8-3)
Langham Creek, @ Springs

Cy Fair (7-4)
Creek, @ Jersey Village

Cy Creek (7-4)
@Fair, @Woods

Mulkey and Cy Woods standing taller

I always write about how I love surprises and watching the unexpected happen, well the game at Cy Falls which had them hosting Cy Woods was one of those games. I saw Woods play earlier in the season in the Peggy Whitley Classic and although I knew what to expect from Olivia and Erica Ogwumike, this team did not appear to be a legitimate contender to represent R3 however Nancy Mulkey didn't play, but last night she did in a big way, pun intended

Mulkey, the 6'8 move-in has had mixed reviews coming from both ends of the spectrum however she's a legitimate star in the making and her triple double including a game high for teams, 16 points cements. Falls jumped out to 10-5 lead after one and help the same five point lead at the half however the game was lost in the third quarter as they went scoreless ad found themselves in a double digit deficit and couldn't recover losing 43-28

The Ogwumike sisters were on fire on both ends, I mentioned to Erica after the game on how well Olivia shot the three ball and she said "she's working on it every day" which is apparent because she drained two with ease. Erica on the hand continues to show me a little something more every time I see her as I became dizzy watching her crossover dribble as she got to the rack whenever she wanted

Bench play was solid as well as the back-court Gbemi Orundami and Tyler Davis brought a lot of energy in and both had key buckets that helped turn this thing around, not to mention the solid guard play Ashley Foster and Madison Rundel. Woods is now tied for first place with Cy Ranch, their opponent on the road Friday and close out the season at home against Cy Creek so they but no matter which side of the bracket they fall on...............

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Amazing Alexis "One Mo Time"

When you play like she plays, sometimes you need a break and it doesn't matter if I wrote about her earlier........just watch

Unsigned sharpshooters on target as playoffs near

If Ashlyn Wiemann continues to do what I know she is capable of doing Cy Ranch still has a good chance to  pull off some surprises before everything is all said and done. Hey I've watched this kid drop double digit threes numerous times and a couple of weeks she set a school record for points in a game, read more

Although I didn't see the game in which Jordan Boyce made ten threes, I've seen her launch them from another solar system numerous times, most recently when I attended a Rosehill Christian game where she stars and all I can say is a couple of steps past half-court, you better be on her, read more

Kaylin Roher might be the smallest of the three however that means absolutely nothing as the old saying "big things come in small packages" Well I've watched Roher come up big since seeing her in middle school and even bigger at Clear Springs last season when she dropped close to 30 including a 45 footer to win the game in OT, I know I should have taped it but anyway, check out the video and the story on the GPR front page as we revisit "The Game" one more time, read more

Talent is everywhere and GPR covers it with a blanket

That might sound corny but when you have people asking me if I know such and such because they do what I do, my response may come off wrong but it's no one does what I do. It's easy to talk about "can't miss" players but based on the number of next level players I have consistently spotted for years, well that's tells you right there that what I do is not done by many

Alaysia Ready and Kiara Williams impressed me so much at the Big Tyme Fall Finish that I said, wait here it is,  read more and even more

I said all that to say this, the events I'm covering will b covered to the best of my ability and these are the tournaments I will be attending and more will be coming


SATCH stars highlight Space City Jam Impact which starts Thursday

Madison Schenck has already been labeled next level by GPR, well me, for the simple fact that with her size and skill level, this one was easy to call, but watching her improvement from the summer until last month when caught her against St. Pius also speaks volumes about her work ethic

She and Anna McCleod are two of the reasons I'll be covering the Space City Jam Impact starting Thursday at The Legends Sports Complex.

McCleod is one of the deadliest scorers in the city and when I scorers, I'm talking range and variety and she comes from long line of sisters who have put up more numbers than Dennis Weaver's TV show with the same name, it was spelled different

Space City Jam link

No secret here as playoffs taking shape

This past summer I had a guy confront me about a player I wrote about and the guy had the nerve to tell me how this kid wasn't this or that and she was just tall and probably was a good volleyball player and he explained he had been doing this thirty years.

My response was I know people who have been painting, barbecuing and working on cars for thirty years that didn't know what they were doing either, probably not in those exact words but he got the message.

I remember telling Victoria Kemokai back in middle school she wouldn't be a secret for long , get it, and evidently she's on the phone telling everyone the same thing about Bush. Looking at the way the bottom portion of the bracket is shaping up, she might be on to something, so we'll come back to that after the games tonight.

Corey was right and with over 20, 000 pictures, the stories are endless

I-Mac star still exciting as Blue Devil

When I was a kid I used to read a whole lot on a variety of subjects and I recall reading Wilt Chamberlain's book in those formative years and a quote Jerry West made has stayed with me ever since. West said he would pay to watch Earl Monroe play ad in case which infuriated Wilt and most of you probably don't know who these guys are or never seen them play but the magic of the internet will help

I know exactly\what West meant the first time I saw Alexis Jones play and what impressed more than anything was the fact she could do things a lot of guys couldn't do, along with the fact that she score in bunches and take over games at will. She not only helped her high school team compete on the circuit she also led them to a state champonship

Flashback-2010 Hightower Hurricanes

In one of the best Elite 8's I have a chance to witness, the 2010 Hightower team advanced to the state tournament by beating North Shore (55-52), Westside (55-48) and Bellaire (70-64) despite 40 points from a freshman you may have heard me talk about and nickname "The Real Deal"

The Hurricanes had some deals that turned out to be real as well as several young ladies from that team went on or will play at the next level however the young ladies in the above picture, Taylor and Tyler Gilbert, elevated their games from middle school so much that they turned out to be two of the most dominant inside players in the area

Taylor has had a string of bad luck, missing both her senior season as a Hurricane and also her freshman year with the Houston Cougars due to ACL injuries on both knees however she'll be back to join Tyler, above, next season. 

Monday, January 28, 2013

Little Rock Central guard Lewis lighting it up

If you utilize the search bars on my blog and website you will understand how much I have enjoyed watching junior Taylor Lewis play over the past two summers and no matter what uniform she puts on for whatever club team she's playing for, two things I know to expect, she is going to give 100% and she is also capable of going off at any moment

Last season, Central was only 3-11 in conference play however that has changed in a dramatic way as they have already won twice as many conference games as last year and are currently undefeated  (6-0) in conference and are 14-4 on the season. What has changed? Well two freshmen someone told you about a few months ago, Alaysia Ready and Kiarra Williams, have came in and made an impact off the top, by the way that someone was me, but the fact that Lewis has received that much needed help has helped her blossom just like I knew she would because I've seen her do it time and time again in JULY!!!!

The ability to score in bunches on the court along with an Ivy League type resume off the court, this young lady has been a joy to not only watch but to interview as well and I missed one of her best games when she dropped six threes on her way to 22 points in a much needed  win over North Little Rock. After being down 7-4, Lewis hit back to back threes to give Central the lead for good and also two game lead over NLR in their 57-49 victory.

Flashback-2012 Cy Falls Eagles

Kit Metoyer, Sadlia Ellis and Lauryn Goodwyn were three of Cy Falls biggest stars and I see three of because there were others. Carol Willie is lone returning starter to the team that put together the best three year record in the area which propelled them to state F4. Metoyer (Harvard) Ellis (Liberty) and Goodwyn have landed on their feet while Willie (TCU) is the backbone of the the 2013 team that has surprised a lot of people, yes me included

Shernice Robertson has landed on her feet as well and she is still lighting them up from everywhere as she heads into town with Tyler JC to play at San Jac tomorrow. Joining her will be several former area stars including Blayke Hemmitt, Bria Emanuel and Adrienne Phillips. Game is at 5:30

King still "Prime Time" for Nmitz

Yes it's a plug and I'll be back at Prime Time Nationals again this season because like I always tell college coaches, if there is talent. I will find it and believe me Texas has this down line going to the second grade which means I'll be writing when I'm, well that's not important.

What is important is the fact that A'lacharion King has Nimitz in a position to win their first district title post Griner and the electrifying star is one of the main reasons. How good is she? read more

Let's revisit the Prime Time Nationals Tip Sheet because if I was as good as picking lotto numbers as I am players.........

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Flashback-Elsik Big Three

Akunna Elonu, Jazmine Ocanas and Crystal Porter, the "Big Three" of the Elsik Rams who shocked everyone, myself included , by representing R3 in 2011. It's amazing how time flies and these young ladies simply grow up before your eyes and you wonder where the time went. They never lost a district game their whole varsity career and proved you only have to be the best team that particular game once the playoff starts or maybe they were the best team anyway, what do I know

All three are enjoying success at the next level, Elonu at UTSA, Ocanas at Southern University-Shreveport and Porter at Canisius and the success they had also shows what type of heart they possessed and since the playoffs are right around the corner, always remember you better be ready when the bright lights come on

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Ganon Baker Camp flashback

Tiffany Davis, Taylor Schippers, Sylvana Okde, Lashaan Higgs and Jordan Hosey

How about this D-1 picture? All five were on hand for the Ganon Baker camp hosted by Alodia last year . The camp  is returning to Houston and again Alodia is hosting it, read more

More on BAKER

U of H hosts UTEP tomorrow

This simple phrase I often use "It's not what you do, it's who you do it against" is more valuable than it sounds and Chrishauna Parker has shown that whether she did it at Nimitz or Atascocita or whatever club team she played for, she got the job done against whoever she played against.

She's still getting it done at UTEP and they will be at Hofheinz tomorrow to take on the Cougars

Big match-up in D-21 on Tuesday

North Shore hosts TABC ranked Port Arthur Memorial on Tuesday night and should the Mustangs win, it would be a three way tie for first with those two along with Channelview. North Shore was clicking right before the Christmas break and took both Cy Ranch and San Antonio Wagenr to the wire in both the KISD  Tournament and also the  Peggy Whitley Classic, Ranch was TABC ranked at the time, Wagner still is

"Da Shore" appeared to be a serious contender at making another run to the area F-4 however numerous injuries have taken a little steam out but we all know Mustangs can run. Thanks Big O for the update!

Flashback-2007 star Cobilyn Hill

For those of you who don't know, can't remember or have been lied to over and over, have no fear, I'm still here and it's ironic that after watching Eisenhower play last night, during my morning workout I ran into the mother of one of Ike's all time greats, Cobilyn Hill

Coby would later star at U of H before an injury, which led to a transfer, however while there, she made her presence felt and her career outburst as a sophomore tells you what might have been had she not become injured read more

Hill has later been filling it up in Europe developing a following you could only imagine

Navasota star Freeman gets it done

My good friend David Floyd told me back in the summer he had a player I had to see and although I didn't put two and two together at first, I had heard about this kid from Navasota, read more

In the story, I said she was in striking distance of the school record for points scored, well

2013 playoff brackets

This stuff can change just like that and it still possible that some teams who appear to be in good shape might not make it. Some teams have clinched first place, Seven Lakes in 19, Bellaire in 20, Manvel in 21 and Clear Springs in 24 while others might go down to the final game of the season

Here's a link to the playoff brackets and if you don't which team is in what district, here's some help for that too, teams

District 17 we have a problem

Well that might not be the correct title to use but I think it fits the story. With Cy Falls losing on the road to Cy Ranch and Cy Woods beating Cy Springs, the best district in the area has three teams tied for first place with three games left with at least three teams fighting for the fourth playoff spot. Erica Ogwumike went completely off scoring 29 points in Cy Woods 54-52 victory and this coming Tuesday, things are really going to be interesting.

For all practical purposes, Cy Lakes is out but they have a mathematical chance of forcing a tie for that final spot however it's highly unlikely. They could make things difficult for Cy Creek, a team they've already beaten, to make it and Creek's Friday night game against Fair is probably where I need to be.

Cy Falls (8-2)
Woods, Langham Creek, @ Springs

Cy Woods (8-2)
@ Falls, @Ranch, Cy Creek

Cy Ranch (8-2)
Fair, Woods, @ Langham Creek

Cy Fair (7-3)
@Ranch , Creek, @ Jersey Village

Cy Creek (6-4)
Lakes @Fair, @Woods

Langham Creek (5-5)
Springs, @Falls, Ranch

Cy Lakes (4-6)
@Creek, Jersey Village, @Cy Ridge

Friday, January 25, 2013

Exciting games in D17 and 18 on "Fantastic Friday"

Talking about a no lose situation for me tonight as I tried to figure out which game to attend. Pregame meal was at Pappas so the Nimitz vs Elsik D-18 match-up was in the vicinity and an Elsik win would have them in a tie for for first with the Cougars, they lost by one . Initially I figured Cy Ranch could tighten it up in D-17 with a win over Cy Falls, they held on to win by two and are now in a three way tie with with Falls and Woods for first. I decided on Eisenhower vs Hastings and that too was a great game and even though the gym wasn't filled to capacity, it sounded like it was as Ike won with Shaqueria Deboise knocking down six free throws in the last minute

This was a great game and I'll break it down over the weekend as well as how it's shaping up for the playoffs. Prior to this game, I thought 17 would sweep 18 in the first round, now I'm not so sure because Hastings has a super offensive back-court that can play pressure D and undersized post Jonisa Jackson is simply having an amazing year for the Eagles but I'll let you all trust the Chronicle stats for now, it's Friday night and I'm out!


GPR Rising Star 2013 class flashback

It's interesting how to human mind works and let me give you an example. Some people don't like the fact that I call some of these kids next level players at an early age, yet use what I say to recruit them to play for their club teams. Back in 2010, these were some of the players who were at my "Rising Star" event fro the Class of 2013

These young ladies have let their hard work speak for itself and have achieved their dream of playing at the next level after their graduate this year

Either you know or you don't and usually when you don't, I'm here to let you know, btw, there are not 15 players in the area better than NEBO!!!!!

Duncanville still on top of TABC list

I guess that's no surprise since they haven't lost a game since losing to  Plano West  back in 2011, PW btw comes in at #9. I've seen the vast majority of the 5A teams so as we near the season that counts the most, it should be interesting to see who reps each region


District 18 could tighten even more after tonight

The sad part about how GBB is viewed in the area has always been the lack of coverage which is why I started doing what I do but even sadder than that is how inconsistent simple things such as schedules and standings are handled

If you take a quick glance, you will see that none of D-18 games are listed on today's schedule however it'sshowing Dobie is playing Dobie at Dobie (lol).

Even stranger is the fact that the standings in D-18 also has me baffled as you have teams playing anywhere from six to ten district games and maybe that could be right but it seems highly unlikely.

Max Preps is showing  #2 Elsik traveling to #1 Nimitz tonight, Elsik has lost to #2 Eisenhower and  #4 Hastings while Nimitz lost to Elsik in round one. Eisenhower is hosting Hastings and with Ike and Elsik a game behind, a Rams win along with one by Ike would create a three way tie for first place, I think!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Prime Time Nationals added on GPR EVENTS

Last season, I had a chance to see some exciting high school players, many I already had known about but a few caught my eye in a huge way. I also saw some talented young players who were not even high school but just by looking at the way they handled themselves, you knew stardom was right around the corner and based on the TIP SHEET I put together last season shows once again I didn't need a special marker to tell if a players game is counterfeit or not

From "Miss Triple Double" Lauren Cox over at Flower Mound to Natalie Chou at Plano West, the top two GPR prospects for the 2016 class in Texas were first seen by yours truly at Prime Time Nationals last season. I enjoyed PTN and covered the event for four exciting days so much that I'll be back to do the same thing again. Revisit my blog and website for the numerous stories I put out if you are interested and keep an eye on the events I will be covering this season


Towers threat at Manvel impressive

Rangie Bessard holding"The Pose" and the paint down

Manvel's Rangie Bessard, Brianna Turner and Jordan Hosey know one thing is for certain,  the most important game of the season is less than a month away as they will face Clear Springs in a game that will stop one of these teams from reaching the area F4 for the first time in three seasons, that's a trivia question gift for you to use over the coming years.

The sad part is that it probably should be the R3 final but don't be surprised if something out of the ordinary happens along the way to that trip to Austin

One more time, Turner is the best player I've seen in the 2014 class and she, along with Bessard and Hosey, give them the best front-court this area has ever had.

Bessard is a 2014 D1 player while the 2015 Texas commit Hosey would be helping Longhorns right now, are going to be hard to handle when the third game comes around.

Who will win? I truly don't care, only here to report what I see and I'm only looking for a great game to write about

Clear Springs Roher loud and clear

As I sit back and anticipate that E8 showdown next month between Clear Springs and Manvel, I have flashback of several of these young ladies as I recall watching them back in middle school or even sooner. Kaylin Roher just happens to be one of those young ladies I expected big things coming from a small package. The fierceness and basketball IQ had her ahead of the game, not to mention that competitive spirit and I guess it doesn't hurt to be able to fill it up from anywhere on the floor

Roher is one of the many stars on Clear Springs team and the way she's been shooting the ball since "The Game", Springs is going to be hard to beat in the area. Let's revisit the tip-sheet on the unigned Roher from one of the best games I've ever seen, read more