Monday, March 30, 2015

UNSIGNED Finley's game is still Unique #UnderTheRadar

One thing I love is a battler and Unique Finley showed me she was that years ago while still in middle a battler and I can remember hearing UNIQUE shouted over and over while I was another gym so I had to catch a glimpse and I was certainly amazed at what she was doing playing up. Why is she available, minor injuries at the wrong time and like the rest of the Under The Radar players, she does have offers but the more the merrier and as the clock continues to click, check out this video from the sumer

and this video from earlier in the school season with Hightower, who happened to be one of the areas top teams

and this video from later during the stretch


UNSIGNED Marie Bailey catching and shooting with ease #UnderTheRadar

Here's the deal on Marie Bailey or at least what I've seen over the years, she can score and I'm talking mid to long range and putting it on the floor however I'm all about progression when I watch players and Bailey's ability to not only catch and shoot but play both ends of the floor is why she's a legitimate next level player.


Check out this highlight

Last week to register April 11/12

Houston Insiders Hoopfest will be covered by me and I will touch on everyone I can at least once

Always remember no one actually covers an event like I do because why, talent is everywhere, if you know what you're looking at


UNSIGNED Kimi Carter solidifies status #UNderTheRadar

I've mentioned numerous times that Kimi Carter is one of the best finishers in the state, I'm talking about with either hand and also the work ethic this young lady has shown over the years had her expand her game to play multiple positions, and a one and a two and a three but the biggest kudos I've given her is not that she worked on er long range game or her ball handling ability, but the fact that she's exemplified on the court one of favorite sayings, it's not what you do it's who you do it against and this Barbers Hill star simply went off in their upset victory over North Shore early in the season with a double-double of 19/15, on her birthday at that


Sunday, March 29, 2015

UNSIGNED Aeriel Holiday is a #THROWBACK player #UnderTheRadar

If you watch the numerous videos floating around on Aeriel Holiday and you understand the mindset of players from yesteryear, you'll get what I'm saying about when I mention THROWBACK


Pound for pound, inch for inch, no one is tougher than the 5'10 player capable of playing multiplke positions simply because she can not only shoot the long ball but score inside as well but her rebounding and mentality to go after everything is what sold me completely


UNSIGNED Hughes known for coming coming up HUGE #UnderTheRadar

Deja Hughes enjoyed a fantastic career at North Shore and finished her high school career knowing she played a big part on one of the top teams, not only in the area but state as well, that's the good news. The better news is that there are only a handful of teams in the area she wouldn't have started on, North Shore being one of them and I always tell people something basketball related that there's fast and there's fast with the ball and not only is Deja one of the fastest players with the ball I've seen in the state, she's also one of the top defenders


Heavy Hitters rolling #MarchFest2015

This is the first March Fest I've missed in like forever and I'm trying to play back some of this stuff through my head based on scores and tweets but it just ain't the same. One thing I do know is that DFW Elite T-Jack will be playing Texas Elite Crazy Shadow Franey and both have a couple of the top 2018 players in the state, Zay Green (T-Jack) and Tatum (TV) Veitenheimer

I'll get a chance to catch up with many of these talented teams and players a little later but here is the schedule for today and the scores from yesterday


Friday, March 27, 2015

UNSIGNED Kryshonna Carter is LEGIT #UnderTheRadar

Maybe it's the deceptive change of pace, then again it could be the explosive first step which allows Kryshonna Carter to get by defenders easily. I mean what can I say, she can not only handle the ball but do it under pressure, you know see some drills where players are doing this and that around cones, well cones don't move which is why I through the under pressure in. This young lady is a perfect example of the hashtag #sizedontmatter because I can't tell you how many times I've seen hear and desire coupled with talent overcome a lot of things

She opened things in a big way as she was noted as being a ZONE BUSTER because of her long ball accuracy so I'm saying all of that to go along with this, she can also defend and run a team


Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Sports Prep 2018 wins HS Championship #PrimeTime

Sports Prep entered the girl's scene last year and got their feet wet was they were not only competitive but exciting. This years squad has some of the top young talent in the area including a couple of freshmen, Dezeree White and Tia Tolbert who were not only a couple of the leading freshmen scorers in the Cy Fair district but aa couple of the leading scorers period and in case you don't follow or you haven't been attention, District 17 is the toughest district in the area. Tolbert continues to elevate her game but what I was even more impressed with her this time around is her aggressiveness and ability to finish with contact. She and fellow Cy Springs teammate Kierra Flowers are definitely going to do some damage next season in district, Flowers is explosive and acrobatic and brings intensity on both ends

White and fellow Langham Creek teammate Mariel Wade also continue to improve in several areas but big ups to the Cy Woods duo of Olivia Chan and Faith Isabelle. Chan is smart, she understands the game and makes plays while Isabelle is on the verge of breaking out and if she continues what I saw this past weekend, she too will be one of the top sophomores in D-17 joining White, Flowers and Tolbert. Michelle Macintyre showed me she could score last season and her range has improved but what I get from this squad is they simply bring a lot of heat from as far as Atascocita by way of Averi Jones. Two players will be entering high school this season, Annie Carlisle, who has plenty of upside and Elecia Lartigue who I've been watching forever or what seems like. Lartigue is among the top 2019 players in the area, she's not afraid of physicality, can score and defend but the blend and mix on this team is why they won this event

FL Elite #PrimeTime

First look at FL Elite was a good one as I had a chance to see several new faces and a few old ones over at the MI3 Center including Sesalle Johnson who starred across the street at Westfield during it's heyday as one of the teams to beat. Erykah Lee (Cy Springs) was another pleasant surprise as she and Lentavia Johnson both are over the magic number

Alecia White, Shaderia Fisher and Jada Mitchell were at it on both ends of the floor as this team definitely brought a lot of energy and although I only caught a glimpse, I know this is a team that will bring the same mindset that their coach had she played, in fact Chrisavia Perry  and Katelyn Brignae were among many of them who actually showed it

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

HK Express #PrimeTime

Had a chance to see two HK Express squads and they had several talented players on both teams. On the 2019 squad, Winnie Kiumi has size and strength, was a mismatch waiting to happen and has already passed the magic number. Sydney Johnson was Alaeh Preston were exciting and electrifying on both ends and showed they could score multiple ways

On the older squad, Ayesha Wahid put on a shooting exhibition in the HS championship game with a variety of baskets from mid to long to outside the gym while throwing a few floaters in for fun

Houston Premier 2019 #PrimeTime

Kirby Ritter was definitely a pleasant surprise, her mom is the head coach at Magnolia and this young lady is going to create some issues. She has nice size with guard skills, that midrange is going to be deadly, it's pretty good right now but her ability to create off the dribble or post up smaller players definitely gives her an edge. I like Emily Cole's range as well as Macie Harper who showed she could definitely score as well. Kennedy Smith and Kennedie See both created problems on defense, See actually rebounds well on both ends but this is a scrappy group that just won't quit filled with potential and when I say scrappy, I mean get after it which is what Madison Henderson and Ashley Bihm did baseline to baseline

2019 Lady Elite #PrimeTime

I caught Lady Elite Rams a couple of times this past weekend at my first area Prime Time event this season and the team is made up of players from the LaPorte and Deer Park area and a number of players definitely showed potential not only among the starters but throughout the team and like I always say you have to keep working. I liked Rebekah Atilano when I caught her at Texas Elite Eval and to be honest I liked her even more this weekend because I saw her do even more. She can score multiple ways and defend, huge upside and speaking of upside Nia McCovery is a 2020 playing up on this talented 2019 team

Brooklyn Balderas can score in droves, quick release and has range while Miranda Jimenez and Priscilla Elizondo did a good job defensively, both on the perimeter and inside. Lexi Garza also did a good job in the paint on both ends while Haley Avalos and Gabriella Gallegos saw the floor well. I've seen Kayla Dlouhy and Jalyssa Reyes before and I'm aware of their potential as well but I hadn't seen Kerri Johnson who happened to be a pleasant surprise. When I say the team has potential and upside, I truly mean it and Johnson is ahead of the game because of her length and athleticism at her ageand some of the things she does instinctively you just can't teach

Crossover 2019 runner up in 8th Grade Division #PrimeTime

Crossover 2019 has some exciting players that I'll definitely be watching in HS, Jessica Epting, Helena Johnson and Gabby Hurst no how to apply heat on both ends. Epting is also strong and physical, Johnson is aggressive rebounding and finishes strong plus she plays that ever so important passing lane while Hurst just simply battles. I love the upside Tamia Horton has, she's strong and looks like she'll be around "the magic number" and I see things definitely falling into place for her

Mallory Gibson knows how to get to the basket and the line, finishes with contact and is putting together a nice floater while Kayleigh Davis is one of those #sizedontmatter guards that simply keep coming at you on both ends. Gillian Barber's speed enables her to create problems, nice first step is always good to have when you're attacking but like I said this team is exciting and has some talent. Briley Perkins had the shot of the day on Saturday and pulled the Euro of the month on Sunday and watching this young lady continue to take her game to another level is a treat as she's can score multiple ways

Skyrise Howard 2020 win 8th Grade Championship #PrimeTime

Three of my favorite saying fall right into place in this story and the main one is "it's not what you do, it's who you do it against" and this Skyrise team played up and defeated a talented Crossover squad in the championship. I often refer to "the magic number" and if you don't know what that is, it's six feet which by itself has over a 75% chance of getting a player to the next level somewhere and this young squad has many that are near or will be around that number. Last but not least, I often hashtag #sizedontmatter which simply means if you are a player, it will simply show because you simply Just Do It or get it done

Rianne Burton and Cassidy Howard are both around 5'9 and the magic number is definitely within reach however both simply get it done on both ends of the paint. Howard actually showed me on opening day he's expanding her game more on the outside while Burton was virtually unstoppable in the championship game. Jade McAllister is right at the magic number now and her strength on both ends of the paint is a plus now which will have stars circled around it as she gets older. Cy Maya Colquitt plays taller than what she is, she has a strong body and relishes contact and when you're this age and love physicality, awe man, plus she anticipates well

Athleticism runs rampant on this squad, several players simply bring it which enables the team to turn up the heat. Kyndall Hunter and Brianna Parker fall int that #sizedontmatter mode and Parker is just all over the place as she has a knack to be where the ball is while Hunter, who blew me away at last seasons Prime Time Nationals,, was running the one playing a couple of years up. Her first step is a killer and she handled the pressure against a good team, that's something you can't teach and her upside is huge.

Plenty of upside in Shadiya Thomas and Sydney Rollins as well, both read the court and play the passing lanes. Amanda Turpin has the tools to be deadly from the outside, she knows how to create and get her shot off, has nice form and range, well she's pretty accurate right now. These young ladies are definitely going to be fun to watch down the road. When you have a good comprehension of the game and you're willing to lay it all out, well you've overcome a huge hurdle. Special S/O to R'Mani Taylor who made a cameo appearance, I already know what's ahead for her but all I can say is trust me

Monday, March 23, 2015

#AutoAwesome Monday close but tomorrow more #PrimeTime

Always remember that if I don't have a correct roster, it's kind of hard for me to say something about the players, I mean I'm a pretty sharp guy but I ain't Kreskin plus I was kidding about that crystal ball stuff, or was I.

Prime Time @ MI3 gave me a chance to see some stars of the future and what I always tell players and parents is I never count anyone out so my advice to the youngsters is to keep grinding and YOU are the one that can make YOURSELF better so 8th graders are up tomorrow

Skyrise Broughton has nice mix #PrimeTime

Skyrise Broughton has a nice mix of players from 5th to 7th grade and one thing I enjoyed watching was the energy and the effort as well as how they absorbed what their coach was telling them and she knows a little something about this game having been a D1 coach herself so with that being said her daughter Asia Broughton simply caught my eye before the ball was even tipped. She's already has size and strong build and her best basketball is ahead of her because I can already see her developing in a standout player that will play at the next level

Ashlyn Jones and Malikia Thomas are long and athletic, both know how to attack and get after it on the other end while Paige and Peyton also could take players off the dribble and saw the floor well, Kate McEwen also did a good job off making the right passes at the right time as well as playing the passing lane, something I really enjoy seeing especially from the younger ages

Winter George is strong and physical on both ends and goes after just about everything while Taylor Howard , one of the youngest players on the team, keeps improving every time I see her. She understands the concept and knows how to get to the rim but even better than that she's doing a good job of getting her shot off with contact from older players and many times positioning herself for an and one opportunity

TNBA 2020/2021 #PrimeTime

Got a chance to catch the younger TNBA team this past weekend at MI3 in my first Prime Time event I'll be covering and I must say these young ladies definitely showed a lot of potential. The team had a mix of 6th and 7th graders and among those playing, I saw that as a whole they had a great understanding of the game and showed it on the floor. Bella Kross has good timing and elevates on her shot Shaliyah Gaines knows how to use her body well. Jordan Williams, Deanna Stroppe and Ashley Mumuko got the job done on both ends while Katie Holt and Trevi Schmidt are a couple of #sizedontmatter guards that simply get after it. Macy Perez does a number of good things as she keeps the ball high on rebounds, knows how to ignite the outlet and can face the basket and shoot but even more importantly she understands the importance of following her shot

Cy Fair Heat 2020 has promising players #PrimeTime

Many of the Arragon MS players 7th grade team played on the Cy Fair Heat squad  and I must say I they do have some talent but the Cy Fair area is one of the hot spots as far as that in the area. Gabbi Assaf does a good job of creating her own shot while Emily Edwards not only creates well but also anticipates and one thing I like, if you follow me you'll know this and that's play the passing lanes. Emily Linhart showed she has the tools to be a zone buster, good form on range already and that's a plus. What's also a plus is the fact that Abigail Hall keeps the ball high and goes hard and so does Jade Hamilton who's strong on both ends of the floor

Crossover runner-up in 7th Grade Division #PrimeTime

This 2020 Crossover team is one you don't want to ever blink while they're playing because you may miss something. I tweeted Saturday about all of the talent that just kept coming at me from this squad and they simply have this, players who are going to be stars in HS and those who are the verge of doing the same thing which equates to numerous next level players. Jaedyn Dunn caught my attention on  a video from HoopAHolics Camp however seeing her live was better than Memorex, if you get that you're going to be able to follow everything I #ThrowBack at ya

Dunn and Kinsie Kim are not only good ball handlers but they understand the game which definitely places them ahead of the game. Jaelyn Compton and Madi LaFrance both impressed me with their play on both ends while I finally had a chance to see Genelle Green live, I already sort of knew what to expect. Green was sitting at an event with her day dissecting HS games, so I knew she would be able to think the game but her ability to get to the rim at this age, well and finish with contact is definitely huge

Kaley Perkins happens to be at just about everything I cover so when I tell you I see progression every time she steps on the floor, take it to the bank as well as her game. When you have a team full of smart guards, you're going to create some problems and Crossover has a great mix of that as well as other things but the younger Perkins sister has definitely added even more to her arsenal of weapons and showing them on a team full of next level players was something to see

Fatow Samb has star written all over her down and even though she's raw in some areas, the basic concept of the game is there, she rebounds, runs the floor and keeps the ball high and at 6'3 with an even longer wing span, well just remember the name once the product is finished. Ashlee Harrison and Bailey Andrews are also going to be big time players, Harrison can stop on a dime and drop the mid, has a strong body and can get there while Bailey simply goes by defenders effortlessly. The main thing I can say about both this team and TWELVE is that they never quit, I truly love that because even with talent, heart is what will get you over the hump

TWELVE wins 7th Grade Championship #PrimeTime

This photo probably best describes the early morning game to crank off Championship Sunday at MI3 Center between TWELVE and Crossover in my first area tournament I'm covering from Prime Time Sports. TWELVE held on to win the game which proved to be the one for the title in the 7th grade division in a game that could have gone either way and definitely went down to the wire. TWELVE blew me away last season and although I didn't think they would be able to pull this often before the game, after the opening tip I remembered why they actually blew me away because they simply keep coming at you.

Precious Daily is one of several talented sisters and she has star written all over her simply because I said so. Well it actually goes a little bit deeper, she's playing up and starts at the one, that 's where the game starts but her IQ on the court is so advanced for her age. She and fellow '21 Cornecia Thompson make this team go, both attack strong and play defense but can open up things from the outside. Big ups to Sha'Dimon King who improves every time I see her and she did a great job in the paint on both ends

TWELVE won this game because of their role players and the heat Jessica Ransom brought on defense was smoking. Huge plays by Cameron Richards, Hart Ray, Olivia  Fox and Payton Dirdot as well as key rebounding Katie Jo Lingo throughout the event. Fox and Ava Pointer also made good decisions in crunch time as well as Dirdot who did a touch pass for a lay-up that got the team, crowd and myself fired up

@PrimeTimeSportz closes @mi3center #AutoAwesome

I caught several bright young stars this weekend for the first time including '19 Tamia Horton (Crossover) as Prime Time opened up my club season coverage not only for the area but the first actual tournament I got a chance to cover at MI3

I've been tweeting out photos and mini stories, once again follow me @girlzprepreport and I'll have a few rundowns on here along with more tweets and pics as well as championship minis from each division coming but here is how it went down and remember no one covers an event like...........

7th Grade Division

8th Grade Division 
Skyrise 2020 Howard 1st
Crossover 2nd

HS Division
Sports Prep 1st
HK Express 2nd

Sunday, March 22, 2015

2020s helps open Championship Sunday

Twelve caught my eye last season for a number of reasons and although the team has been somewhat revamped, they're still talented and exciting to see. With four players playing up on the 7th grade squad, two 5th graders and two sixth graders, today's opening game between them and a very talented Crossover squad should get my adrenaline going

Over in the 8th grade division, Skyrise Howard 2020 team is actually playing up yet still managed a couple of double digit victories on opening day. They open with a tough one against either HK Express or Crossover and the winner of that game will play for the 8th grade championship

In the HS division, Sports Prep has breezed by everyone and will play in the championship game to close out this weekends opening Prime Time event at the lovely MI3 Center and if you don't know where it is, it's almost directly in front of Westfield HS

Saturday, March 21, 2015

'16 Mailee Jones going off video #UnderTheRadar

There are those who leave me with good first impressions and there are those who's first impression leaves a lasting impression and one thing I can say about this young lady is she definitely did that right off the top. I've personally witnessed her win games at buzzer multiple times and the countless shots she's made with players hanging on her says something about her strength but anyway, enjoy the video


Prime Time event kicks off GPR Texas club season coverage

What's one of my favorite sayings, oh yeah talent is everywhere and over the years I must say that I have  had a chance to see some talented players all over and many of which I caught at a Prime Time event, like 2016 stars Natalie Chou and Lauren Cox while they were in middle school and if you don't know who they are, well just Google them

Another of my fabulous saying is it's not what you do, it's who you do it against which carries an amendment of it's also who you do it in front of. Weekend before last, I had a chance to cover the "#Battle At The Hive" in Oklahoma and if you use that hashtag on Twitter or in the search bar on this blog, you'll see what I do and how I roll

Here are the upcoming events I'll be covering this season so stay tuned


Friday, March 20, 2015

SFA loses close one to TCU in WNIT

All Southland Tournament All Star team member closed out her illustrious career with 35 points but SFA fell just short