Sunday, July 25, 2010

Past,Present and Future

I'm drained however I will try and catch up this week. Alexis Jones, "The Amazing Alexis Jones" that is, has made it to another NC final with her school teammates from Irving MacArthur, however the championship won't be played. That folks, along with pub for several talented teams and players from all over is coming. As I relax in chill mode, I look back on a few things and look forward to more.


Talk about a blast from the past. Watching Coach Tommy Gregg doing his thing while UTSA star Amber, who just happens to be his daughter, sits behind him, brings back so many memories of our daughters playing up against the big girls when they were babies. As Coach Martin sits, I see his daughter, Ladaziye is still performing magic with the basketball(s)


I've known these two ladies for what seems like forever and I recall them watching my baby sometimes into the wee hours of the morning. It's unbelievable how time has flown by, but I still feel like I can slam on anyone, yeah right!

It was great to see Alexis Kelly, former Skyline star who has taken her game to Midland for a couple of years.

It was also great to see KB, a kid who has shown that hard work, effort and comprehension can take you a long way. Watching this young lady transform from an 8 year old developmental player to an ALL EVERYTHING SUPERSTAR has been great.


Bellaire has reached the R-3 finals in back to back seasons and having these two players, Raven Burns and AJ Alix teaming up with Bianca Winslow, makes them one of the favorites for next season. I saw all three in middle school and knew they would be kids to keep an eye on. Alix, btw, is on Top 100 watch list for the Class of 2013. I labeled her the "REAL DEAL" early last year and scoring 40 in the R-3 Finals last year shows that I am truly a guru, at least in GBB (lol)

I also saw Mo and Courtney while they were still attending Cunningham MS, and like the trio from Bellaire, I knew they would be forces to be reckoned with. Now playing for North Shore, they also are on one of the teams that can make a run in R-3. Courtney,btw, is ranked in the Top 25 for the Class of 2012 on just about every national scouting service and has already committed to Texas A&M.



This kid amazed me when she was 10 years old, that hasn't happened a lot folks, but sometimes you just know. Years later, the chosen one continues to amaze me as she is about to enter high school. Brooke McCarty, along with several other 2014 players will keep the tradition going and letting folks know Houston and the great state of Texas is a hot bed for talented GBB players!

Coast to Coast lives by it's name, I see them everywhere. Moses Ellis is one of my guys, his daughter Sedalia, more to come on her, is one of the top guards in the city and I see he is grooming future stars for the future.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

BOB-Day 2 part 1

More action to come. Day 2 was so long, I had to break it up and will post more later. I had a chance to talk in depth with Alexis Jones folks, met a couple of new friends from Texas Hoops and saw some incredible action, including more heroics from AMAZING ALEXIS!


Anytime I get to hang out with my friends from AE, it's all good and the teams are still rolling after all these years.


Donielle Breaux is one of my all time favorite players. This kid put's her team on her back when she needs to and yesterday was no different.

She has an outstanding supporting cast, including this young lady, Tara Warren, who not only played on Cy Fair's State Championship squad this season, but she has also committed to the University of San Diego.

I heard about Shamique Doggins being a beast last year from my good friend, former Rice football star Steve Thompson and buddy you were right. Steve should know, his daughter Sonja, starred at Westside with my daughter and was probably pound for pound, inch for inch, one of the toughest players to come from our beloved city.

Cy Fair Premier has several outstanding players including one who will be Queen, 2014 phenom Brooke McCarty #1


Moriah Jefferson and Company were rolling right along



The Georgia Ice come with much hoopla, such as a few having dads that were professional athletes and winning AAU Nationals a couple of times

Believe what you hear, this is a very talented team with several next level players



Shanta Nevitt took a bad spill but she's a tough a kid and bounced back

BOB-Day 1

Basketball On the Bayou has brought so many memories that will be forever embedded in my mind. I got my first look at McKenzie Calvert who just committed to Baylor, even though she hasn't played her first high school game and it brought me back to when my daughter, pictured to the right, was going at it against the big girls right here at Alario.

This is a tournament where you get to see Stars and Angels

And even more Angels

You also get to see those on the verge of SUPERSTARDOM! Brianna Turner has "can't miss" written all over her!

Watching DFW was sort of strange since I knew MJ wouldn't be giving me hug, cracking some jokes together and reminding me of how crazy I am.

The first time we played DFW was in BOB I guess around 7 or 8 years ago in one of the most exciting games I've ever witnessed. Over 30 three's between the teams in a triple overtime event that had coaches glued to their seats, on the main floor at that. 2013 Jada Terry, top left, has given a verbal to Texas.

I can see why Baylor swooped this kid up. Calvert is one of those players you don't want to blink at, with or without the ball. I'll get a better look at the future Bear later this week.

Another kid that's been high on my list since I saw her at Ganon Baker's camp last year is Jessica Jackson from Arkansas.

From what I've been told, the Acadiana Stars finished 3rd in AAU Nationals this year and after checking it out, they did beat a very good Georgia Elite team 59-57. The stars were very impressive as were the Elite when I watched them as well.

They played against Lakeside Scholars in an up and down match that wasn't over until the last few seconds

Nekia Jones is from the Class of 2013 and the big girl showed some razzle dazzle that had the crowd and myself going. Behind the back, spinning, between the legs, no look passes, you name it. After the step back three was dropped, "I SEE YOU" as Top 100 is in her future!!!!

Even though today was dead, as far as viewing for D1 coaches, I saw lot's of exciting action and talented players that will only get better today. Can't wait see Alexis Jones part 2!

Already verballed to the Vols?

That's the spin on another 2014 guard who showed me some stuff. Also in the house were the Blazers who have some of the top young talent in H- Town. It's always good to be in Louisiana but it''s even better when I can yell out HERB, were home baby!