Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Legends 3T compete in SILVER #Hoopfest

One thing I'm good at, well great at, is having a keen eye for talented players will play ball at the next level and I also pretty much know that hard work and comprehension of the game goes a long way, especially at the younger ages. The Legends 3T squad had several players that showed a lot of upside and among those were Kelly Coonrod, Brianna Rodriguez, Victoria Mikuta and Thea Hagleskaer

Plenty of energy from Mylana Jeffery, Audrey Frazier and Kayla Lolio while Kamryn Clarke showed she could shoot the long ball and Morrison Neal showed she could score multiple ways as well as handle the ball under pressure and see the floor. It's all about progression and I'm looking forward to catch these young ladies again down the road