Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Klein Collins Nash does damage over the summer

Jasmine Nash will be entering her senior season but even back when I awarded her a Rising Star award while she was in MS, I knew this young lady would be capable of playing not only at the next level but D1 basketball. She's one of many on my GPR Under The Radar list who will have some decisions to make  but just check out her video

2015 NT United star Alexander even better than I expected

I knew Brooke Alexander could play, I remember hearing about some of the things she did at Prestonwood Christian Academy as a freshman and sophomore and by her standing over six feet, I wasn't sure what to expect. I caught a glimpse of her earlier in the year and saw she could the three, quite well I might add but it goes beyond a player just spotting up and hitting a 22 footer

Alexander is athletic, she can put it on the floor and go coast to coast with it, not to mention take defenders off the dribble or you can flip it and she can step out and create problems on the defensive end and at her size and wingspan, believe me that has created problems
But yes she can shoot and when you do all that I mentioned offenssively and also be able to shoot this far behind the line, who you gonna call because she can definitely be a ZONE-BUSTER, did I mention she sees the floor well!!!!!!

GPR Texas Top 100 Cree Hammond makes her decision

Cree Hammond (DFW Elite-Peoples) was on my Under The Radar list however like many others she shouldn't have been. I can't take credit for seeing her ability in middle school since I only found out about her in high school but like everything else, it doesn't take me long. Her athleticism and 6'0 height, not to mention her wingspan and leaping ability were enough to get her in college however she has worked on her game and expanded to not just being a player scoring in the paint, she can simply score anywhere and believe, before it's all said and done, there is no telling how good this young lady will be

I received a call less than an hour ago from her and she said the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee is where she has decided to attend and when asked what made her choose them, you know since Texas kids don't leave, her response was straight and to the point. "They were at all my games no matter how late, no matter what the score was and no matter where I was playing" She also added that she loved the staff and believed that this was not only the right fit for her but the best place for her to take her game to yet another level after she finishes up at Dawson HS

Don't drop the ball

 With a percentile up in the nineties, it would be safe to assume I'm pretty confident about my ability to not only spot talent but help young ladies who might need extra exposure or opportunities to play at the next level. Keep in mind everyone is not a FIVE STAR player, Ariel Atkins and Brianna Turner are the top players in the state and possibly the country and both would be playing at BCS schools whether they play club ball or been mentioned by me or anyone else, it's that simple

They are just a couple of examples but the majority of the kids that have the ability to play at te next level need help. If you ever wonder why this kid went somewhere and one who may be better didn't, there are several reasons. My consulting service cuts the chase, I've experienced it as not only an evaluator and club coach, but as a parent as well


Corpus Christi creates more Havoc at PTN

I spoke with Victoria Blankenship's mom in depth while I was in Arkansas and to say she not only knows but understands the game would be a huge understatement. This trickles over to her kids, her son is playing D1 football and Victoria will do the same in basketball if she so chooses, her scores are off the charts already and I ain't talking just basketball however she happened to make my Full Court Tip Sheet

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Okay so before bracket play, I'm observing who I've seen and who I probably need to get too and being the multi-tasker that I am, I hear a couple of moms analyzing the brackets and seeing who they would match up against, some might consider this being nosy however I evaluate more than GBB, trust me

I had to ask who their daughters were and it's no surprise that one was dominant force from the outside while the other did the same on the inside. I was impressed with the team earlier however if not covering an event, I'm usually just evaluating talent but Aurianna Espinoza and Jasmine Gomez have unbelievable range, I'm talking time line folks. Adrienne Nickleson is the perfect bookend to Blankenship as they just control the paint on both ends while Taylor Garcia and Chylee LeFevre are among the other players that helped the Havoc create just that and finish 2nd in thhe 9/10 grade division at Prime Time Nationals

DFW Elite Star Watch at PTN

It's one thing to spot talent but as good as I think I am, an assist is always nice so when Coach Butler from DFW Elite told me about Endiya Rogers back in April, I knew I had to see this young lady when I got a chance and ladies and gentlemen, be ready for a treat because this young lady is going to do a lot of damage throughout her career

GPR 2013 PTN Tip Sheet

Krystal Pickron knew how to put te ball in the basket for D-Nice and that's one of the reasons she made the GPR Tip Sheet

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Coleman stays cool with AC despite heat at PTN

Okay I might as well let the cat out of the bag, Alex Coleman will be the next Cy Fair AC player to make a Tip Sheet, the GPR version is coming up later today from Prime Time Nationals but guess what, I enjoy this team so much that something bigger is coming because Tia Wright ain't the only one that's DYNOMITE, that will be used a little too much over the next four years and all of the young ladies know how to keep their cool

One of the young stars made the Full Court Tip Sheet, peekaboo, guess who

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Jalea Bennett speaks on commitment to Arizona

And yet another "can't miss" I tagged at an early age proves yet again that if I call it, you probably want to pay attention. Jalea Bennett will be heading to the University of Arizona and after speaking to Bennett on what made her chose Arizona because we all know Texas kids won't leave the state, her response was "No matter what tournament I played in during the viewing periods, big or small, they were there" She also liked the fact is that she feels she will be able to go in and contribute off the top and I agree. Bennett is no where near her full potential and to be honest, I don't believe she knows how good she can be, which is scary because she's one of the top ten players in Texas, this is based on my evaluations and could easily be considered a Top 100 caliber player nationally.

I spoke to her mom, Leah Howard, who was simply elated and she said " I would just like to take the time out to say that I am very grateful for my daughter's recognition. " She also added "We would like to thank all those that supported and showed interest but the 'A' Team is where she will reside for her college career!!!"

Jackson and Blankenship star in Tip Sheet motion picture from PTN

 I use the word awesome a lot but this is truly AWESOME!!!!! Full Court Tip Sheeters, it's a word folks, in the GPR dictionary that is, Taylor Jackson for the jumper and Victoria Blankenship ready for the rebound. When I say nobody does it like me, I'm pretty accurate because even when I don't what I'm doing................

Revisit what I said about the duo

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Sanchez knocks em down on her way to Tip Sheet from PTN

Erin Sanchez performance on Saturday night is the type of show I like to see from an evaluators standpoint. I knew she was good however she showed me up close and personal how good she was and although she got knocked down and around, she brought it and that's why she made the Full Court Tip Sheet this time

More to come on that exciting young Lady Big Dogs team but first, check out the Tip Sheet

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Lee Green North fights to E8 at PTN

Lee Green BBall has quite a few talented players in the their organization and although I had no idea who they were a little over a month ago, I certainly am aware of the type of product being placed on the court and several caught my eye throughout not only Prime Time Nationals but the other PT tournaments I've had a chance to observe their multiple teams in

Energy and IQ can take you a long way not to mention having skills and several fit that mode. Alexis Abbott was simply all over the place, she handled the ball well and showed she could shoot the three. Kylee Myers finished strong going to the basket while Emily Thompson played solid defense throughout the event at the games I attended

Tayla Taylor not only star for Lady Panthers at PTN

Diamond Ervin was noticeably upset after their tough loss to Texas Frontline in the 5th place bracket however this Waco Lady Panther star gave everything she had during Prime Time Nationals as she scored, rebounded or whatever else the team needed to get here. She wasn't the only Lady Panther that stood out as several made their presence felt in the 11/12 grade division at PTN. Deserae Lloyd also had her moments as she was burying threes from just about everywhere

Lady Adams showed she could play both ends  while Donielle McClennan was solid all tournament. Tayla Taylor is over the magic number of six feet and she just adds so much to the table that it's hard not to notice her, in fact she made the Full Court Tip Sheet

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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Rebels Poth teams do quite well at the PTN

I’m not surprised at this one bit and it was a great showing for both Katy Rebels Poth teams at Prime Time Nationals. Their Rebels 8th grade team made it to Final 4 at PTN, while the 4th grade team got to the Elite 8--Only 2 losses came to the teams that played for the championship.

Texas Frontline captures 5th place at PTN

Crystal Jones does a little bit of everything on the court and, wait, that's totally incorrect. Jones does a whole lot on the floor and it's no surprise to me that she led the Metroplex in scoring. Jones can score almost at will and she played a huge part in helping Frontline capture 5th place in the 11/12 grade division at Prime Time nationals. Jones performance landed her on the Full Court Tip Sheet

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Jones wasn't the only one, this team brought energy each time I watched them. If it wasn't Jasmine Stanley and Laticia Shelby it was Taylor Whiteside and Sydney Rose most of the the time however Jones was simply an offensive machine

2013 Full Court Prime Time Tip Sheet

 Why is Chelsea Warren smiling? It's probably not because she's made yet another Tip Sheet in fact she told me she wasn't aware she had ever made one, well Chelsea, Google your name because I'm sure this won't be the last one. Warren doesn't smile on the floor, it's all business and she is the CEO of the paint on both ends more time than not

Warren was one of ten players I chose for Full Court and remember, a GPR Tip Sheet is coming as well

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Lady Elite (Club Elite) showcase skills at PTN

It seems like everywhere I looked, I saw Kayla Dykes and I'm talking on off the court and her energy level was second to none during Prime Time Nationals. Dykes controlled the from one and got everyone involved when needed, not to mention she showed she could score and defend as well

Several stars shined for the Lady Elite including Laneique Nealey who simply jumped out of the gym, Tashyra Banks who looks strong but is even stronger as she finished with ease while cleaning up the boards and when you needed a three, Patrckia Daily was one of the playyers ready to deliver. Speaking of delivering, Keaton Sayers scored on just about every way imaginable as her game has gone to another level this season

Double G's add depth to Houston Hoops White at PTN

Houston Hoops White has pulled off some impressive wins all through the season and a couple of youngsters I caught off guard came up huge during Prime Time Nationals. Dari Gregory (2018) and  Madyson Gold (2017) got a chance to play up with the HS kids and did an admirable job under the bright lights

DFW Elite Houston youngstas shine at PTN

Although most are only entering the 7th grade, great strides have been made on this young DFW Elite Houston squad and they showed just how much potential they have by taking 3rd at Prime Time Nationals

It's amazing how time flies, it seems like only yesterday I was watching Brooke McCarty at the same age, she's a year away from Texas and not too far from an NCAA F4, quote me on that and Di Di Richards and Chasity Patterson are about to do some damage as HS freshmen so the cycle continues

Elizabeth Scott showed me her dominance earlier while Amanda Ferry has just burst out with insane talent and drive, how can I stop doing what I'm doing as these young ladies continue to pop up, especially when I'm Halle Jones publicist

PTN Champs crowned

The excitement just kept getting, well more exciting as Prime Time crown champions in numerous divisions. 

The Tip Sheets are coming, The Tip Sheets are coming from PTN

If you've seen the Fiat commercial you'll get the title because when I do an event, I do an event and I'm giving you innovative stuff that can be sometimes mind-boggling. Several teams had multiple players make tip sheets, don't fret, that's what mini stories are about and I'll be rolling them out as well so after the Full Court Tip Sheet hits, I'll put the GPR Tip Sheet on the front page of GPR and if you don't know what that is, read more 

NT Shooters duo speak up on and off the court at PTN

I love when players not only ask questions but also show initiative and in my mind, who is truly better to answer questions and even though I might not know all the answers, I know most of em. The Shooters put together a nice portfolio for their players and Laniya Taylor wanted to make sure I had one, my response was I do and I know who you are, but I took another one anyway after watching her explode in the paint on day two. Taylor Jackson on the other hand wanted to know my Twitter name and rightfully so because she simply went off on championship Sunday and that in itself will get you on a Tip Sheet which is coming up soon, well so is a story on the team as they won the 11/12 grade division

Lady Bulls finish strong at PTN

I caught the SA Lady Bulls a little over a month ago and even though I didn't know who the players were, I still managed to to put a story together on a couple of young ladies who stood out, read more

Treasure Riven and Kennedy Rainey were still doing their thing however the explosiveness from Kasy Saldana added to the Lady Bulls run during Prime Time Nationals as they finished 6th in the 11/12 grade division. In the 5th place championship game, Saldana ran the team well and also got to the rim whenever she wanted and even more important was the fact that she was finishing. She handles the ball well and her ability to get everyone involved was huge

Monroe Lady Mustangs come close at PTN

The Monroe Lady Mustangs put on an impressive showing at Prime Time Nationals going 2-1 in pool play and losing to eventual 5th place finisher Texas Ice in bracket play. Several talented young ladies that made this happen in the 9/10 grade division on this 2016/2017 squad. Jasmyn Johnson, pictured below, lets me know exactly who she was off the court however I  noticed her athleticism and drive off the top

Shannan Franklin ran the one, had good handles and speed not to mention she showed her range by draining several threes. Keturah Bingham controlled the paint, has a solid body and hit several turnaround jumpers. Breonna Gibson was smooth as silk as she attacked with precision from the wing while Trinity Griffin just kept making plays happen, in fact she'll be on my GPR Tip Sheet, stay tuned

Monday, July 29, 2013

I'm heating up so be ready

I don't if I'll be around if and when this young lady starts playing, well I probably will, but she already gets it. I checked out some of the younger teams at the Fieldhouse for a couple of hours on Saturday, I mentioned Katy Rebels young star Rory Harmon is going to be huge and I ran into a couple of Lady Big Dogs who are going to be huge as well

Kennedy Taylor and Sarah Andrews are way ahead of the game and although it wasn't a close game, I've seen what they could do. What probably impressed me more than anything was watching Alycia Shufford run the point. I've seen her four different times and she's played every position, and played them well I might add. Let me go on a limb, I see a very bright future in store for all of their players

This young man gets it as well, who knows, maybe I will crossover. Anyway more to come, this was just a teaser

S/O to OK Elite duo

Kyla Plumbtree and Mo"DreaddHead_Mo" Jackson gave me adrenaline left and right. Both are very good players that brought passion and energy, on and off the court as they also cracked me in between games.

The duo, along with Jentry Holt, were keys to the Oklahoma Lady Elite reaching the finals of the 11/12 Grade Division where they lost at the buzzer to Houston Hoops Matt in the Challenger Division.

Okay, one Mo

Numbers add up at PTN

I remember a coach asking me to watch a couple of his players and he told me their numbers were 32 and 23 and I responded, okay, OJ and MJ. Well I watch the Elite Lady Jags and they have some talented players and I caught them taking a break. Andrea Slade (#1), Tysheunna Hawthorne (#22) and Tia Parks (#23) so there it is, 1 plus 22 equals...........

Special S/O to Zorros de Ojinaga

When a team makes a special trip and comes from Mexico to compete, well that's something special. Zorros de Ojinaga came down to Prime Time Nationals and they competed every game for 32 minutes. One thing I always say is you can't teach heart and this young ladies simply had it along with good skills and even more importantly, they understood the  game