Thursday, April 16, 2015

SA Islanders White #Hoopfest NCAA

I caught the Islanders a couple of years ago and haven't taken my eyes off of them since simply because they keep coming at you and figure out ways to get it done. Brooke Orme simply went off during the event but they have other capable scorers throughout the squad. Sierra Zavala and Mary Emery were certainly factors in the paint as well as Olivia Flowers but Emery was simply active on the floor every time I saw them. All are physical, which is a plus and they understand their roles, an even bigger one

Bianca Gallion was definitely a vocal leader as she made sure everything was running smoothly plus she added something even more important and that was she brought it on both ends. Kendall Villareal and Ashley Adaszczykare both 8th graders however you would never know it from the poise they show on the floor. Both had big games offensively throughout the tournament but Adaszczyk impressed me more with her ability to score off the dribble. I've already watched her drop 8, 9 maybe even 10 threes in multiple games but adding more to her arsenal is huge