Saturday, August 26, 2017

'21 Peyton Andrews progression has me speechless #GPRUnderTheRadar

I finally had a chance to watch Peyton Andrews highlight video from the summer and 2 minutes into it I knew 140 characters wouldn't do it justice. When I first saw Peyton, I guess what impressed me most was that she was a big that could should the ;long ball however after not settling for just being a back to the basket player, she has elevated her game to handle the ball in the open floor as well as take defenders off the dribble but I really like is her ability to get into the paint and score with either hand, love the spin and finishing with the left. Oh yeah, she can still let it fly from deep but adding everything I said as well as the floater and even more importantly, playing the passing lanes and seeing the floor continues to elevate her stock

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

ASA invading HoopersRUs September 2nd

The connection with many of the young ladies who play with ASA dates back to almost 10 years ago when my daughter first got to Texas A&M and I remember a whole lot of little kids that were so full of energy but I never gave it a second thought as to "future" basketball stars. Ironically a few years later I saw many of those young ladies playing for TWELVE which had several talented players from the the Brazos Valley area including Treece and Precious Daily and when they came up to me and gave me a hug, it took me a minute to realize these were the same players so I knew I had to check their games out and believe me I wasn't disappointed

Over the years I've had a chance to watch their multiple squads and although the name has been changed , the game hasn't as these young ladies keep getting better throughout the organization so I'm happy to see that not only the Daily sisters, but Darby Hurley, Hannah Matthews and D'Asia White will be on hand for the HoopersRUs event coming on September 2nd. All five of these young ladies have been featured on one of my Tip Sheets in the past, most recently Matthews after Prime Time Nationals but like I tell people and always remember I don't say things with data and common sense, talent is EVERYWHERE if you know what you're looking at

September 2nd at MI-3 will be hot and believe me when I say, EVERY player in attendance will be EVALUATED and one of my new saying is "you need to pay ATTENTION and not just PAY so  sign up before registration closes

HoopersRUs Registration 

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Team Pink Phenom 2022 sending message @ Prime Time Nationals #7thGrade

Anytime I can catch Team Pink Phenom 2022, I'm going to do so for a number of reasons which include no matter what camp I've been associated with, they always make that drive with a whole lot of talented players and I simply love watching them get after it. Aunisty Smith mentioned she loved this picture, well her wish is definitely my command after the performance she put on. Talk about continuing to elevate your game, this young lady is on the verge of #BEAST status as she simply won't let you outwork her and that in itself is a throwback kind of things cause you can't teach heart, nor effort and combine the skill set she's showing, well let me just LOCK her in

Jerrika Mahonn is a talented guard that can create her shot or take defenders off the dribble, she brings so much to the table . Cayanna Stanley also attacks the basket and finishes with contact plus she can shoot the long ball and when you talk about attacking the basket Hiatiana Releford simply brings it. She can handle the ball coast to coast under pressure and with her athleticism and quickness, she's can do a whole lot of different things, all well but to top it off, she defends and rebounds and speaking of rebounds, for them to make a run like they made with inside threat Sydni Smith, who was out with an injury, tells you something about this squad that simply played their hearts out in the quarterfinals losing to eventual champion Oklahoma Swish Blue by 3 but they fought back to win 5th Place

Carrigan Hill is already doing "unreal" things and has been for a while, she's made a few of my Tip Sheets and she was LOCKED in the first time I saw her. When you're explosive with the ball and I mean under pressure and you can down mid, long whatever range there is, well everything will fall into place and trust me, it definitely is. Carizma Nelson shot the ball well in the tournament while Deonie Delousier brought heat on defense and let me say this, my first look at Brooklyn Fisher left a lasting impression. She gets to the basket whenever she wants against whoever she wants and finishes strong but she also defends and can  shoot the ball from the outside

Arkansas Dazzlers 2022 finish 2nd @ 2017 Prime Time Nationals

I know people say they know folks that what I do and I come back with a smart remark letting them know they are truly wrong but either you get it or you will down the road but let me say this, sometimes I really wish I had a clone, I've mentioned this several times because I knew two things, I couldn't be in multiple places for the various divisions at Prime Time Nationals for the championships of each group and I also knew that the 7th Grade would definitely be one I would want to catch

The Arkansas Dazzlers have just about everything from each position, 6'4 Amauri Williams is definitely going to keep her mailbox full, maybe starting now because I remember sending stuff out on another almost 6'4 player from Oklahoma, Kartelyn Levings, while she was heading to the 7th Grade and I think she's in everyone's Top 10 Nationally but again, I know what I'm looking at and with Williams strength, mobility as well as hands and footwork, it's a done deal plus she rebounds and finishes. Kalayna King does a little of everything, nothing like an early "freestyle" but she's long, attacks and can hit the midrange

Chloe Cardy is athletic, gets to the rim and finishes while Gabby Anderson's heat had me looking for water. She too is athletic, brings it baseline to baseline but this team is simply solid. Jaiden Thomas mixes it up well, scores and defends and is showing she can create her shot in tight squeezes, that's always good and what's even better is the upside of Josie Williams who is very talented, the lone 2023 on this 2022 squad who's already showing a variety of offensive weapons

Don't turn your back on Karsen Roach, trust me she can shoot the lights out and when you have multiple players that can just extend the defense to almost mid court, hey I can't make this stuff up Emma Rehm can shoot the three, Ava Knoedl can shoot the the three, I got so pumped I wanted let some fly but again I knew it would be a good championship game, I knew it would go down to the wire and I also KNOW that this is a very talented young squad that will keep getting better

Texas Lady Dragons @ 2017 Prime Time Nationals #7thGrade

I love this squad and always have from the first time I saw them I guess 3 years ago and although some of the faces have changed, the main thing I always look for in players is PROGRESSION especially at the younger ages as well as upside which means, here's an eval 101, how much more you can improve and when you're as talented as I am off the court looking at this, well believe me, several players on this squad have definitely showed signs. Alexa Gayden continues to show me different things, good size and athleticism plus she battles for, well everything in fact that alone got her on on a Tip Sheet a few weeks ago and she is one of those players that is nowhere near the finished product


N'Kita and Erica D'Souza are both talented and crafty as the sisters sometimes mirror each others game although a year apart. Both know to create their shots in traffic, both can definitely nail them but their ball handling and defense continue to improve and they too aren't anywhere near where they'll be down the stretch. Macie Campbell and Shelby Edgar continue to bring heat from the guard spots and on both ends while Madison Manuel has elevated her inside game and as I stated earlier, this squad continues to get better and will continue to so. Shandi Smith and Asia Menard are coming along nicely as well as Megan Mayfield and Lauren Riley

Guess it isn't a whole lot to say about Dalanna Carter that I haven't said, as a 3rd grader I said she had next level potential as a 4th grader D1 potential and as a 5th grader she was a D1 lock so since I've put it out there, guess what's going to happen, I truly don't know because when you talk about unlimited upside, she has that. Her ability to get to the basket and score from anywhere on the court is only overshadowed by her "poise under pressure" and she showed that at early age which is why I knew what was coming next and as she heads to 7th grade, I can only imagine what HS will be like

Nike Texas Select White @ 2017 Prime Time Nationals #7thGrade

I caught this squad earlier however they weren't at full strength and Destiny Barrientes definitely put on a show scoring multiple ways and handling the ball under pressure and guess what, nothing has changed, she simply keeps coming at you from start to finish. Nylah Raines was putting on a show, got hurt and came back for the encore, do ya want more, yes I did and her athleticism and energy trickles down to her teammates. Nyanna Roberts also is very athletic, gets to the basket and her handling f the basketball in traffic makes her a definite offensive threat since she can stop and pop as well

Lanie  Weloscki and  Beth Martin are a couple of young ladies I've caught several times, love the progression I've seen with every sighting, Auriah Palmer explodes off the ground for rebounds and her athleticism and strength at this stage combined with that will definitely be handy as Jaycee Brannon shooting the midrange. Baylee Mitchell also has elevated her game, creating under pressure and being able to get to the basket are definite pluses while Kilian McDonald-Boyer brought the heat defensively. She's long and athletic plus guess what, she understands the value and importance of playing the passing lane

Lubbock Lights Out 2022 @ 2017 Prime Time Nationals #7thGrade

Lubbock Lights Out 2022 definitely made a statement, at least to me on how I'm seeing a change in West Texas basketball. Maybe it's because I'm seeing even more players from that region nowadays however the style of play from many of the squads I've seen lately is different and yet still effective. I walked in on this squad in a tight game, I was trying to catch 4 games at once and even without a catcher's mitt, you throw it at me and it won't get by me so the inside play Tia Johnson and Deja Johnson, wow I just caught that, but the Johnson and Johnson duo were definitely a force to be reckoned with in the paint. Both scored and rebounded well, love their upside

Hannah Zientek joined the Johnson duo of just punishing on the interior and she too rebounded and scored while Bree Brattain mixed it up attacking and pulling up for baskets, Annissa Moreno did what I truly enjoy seeing, played the passing lane, and she does it quite well. Long and athletic with excellent timing plus she showed she could score and rebound so this squad simply had a little bit of everything including #sizedontmatter when you can play guard Lindsey Herrera who was just all over the place. Herrera's ability to see the floor and handle the ball truly got my attention but in the open court, that stutter step and explode to the basket.......

Gabby Fields also explodes tot he basket, she's another guard on the team that can be deceptive and just make things happen and let me say this, what a solid group of players that are showing signs of bigger things down the road and Dabria Williams ability to do a variety of things quite well simply sold me. She's strong and understands two thing when to push the ball and when to control the tempo, while her athleticism enables her to get to the rim and finish with contact, it also lets her create for her teammates. Very good all around game and a huge upside but the same can be said for the whole squad

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

HTX Fire 2022 bring heat @ 2017 Prime Time Nationals #7thGrade

Got a great look at HTX 2022 and as an added bonus, Ashlon Jackson played with the squad, she's a 7th grader playing up in fact I've already stated that she was not only a D1 Lock but a BCS LOCK a couple of years ago and all I can say is just correct me when I'm wrong, not on typos but on talent but this young lady simply has "it" and at her age, the poise and skill set as well as the years of playing up and not only competing but excelling are all huge before she enters HS. Also loved the energy from Mercedes Mancha and Kylenn Tolopka, both made big plays to help swing or ignite momentum

Definitely was impressed with Kolby Davis, great physique and strength but what really did it for me is not that she scored, it's how she scores, in the flow and in bunches and her offensive arsenal is already loaded, it will do noting but get better because she simply finds ways to score, oh yeah,he defends and rebounds too. Alyssa Berry was definitely in season as she sees the floor and handles the heat, another #sizedontmatter guard that plays under control and makes plays and speaking of under control, Bella Woodard and Kendall Brown weren't phased at all by the pressure

Ashlynn Patrick has good size and already gets it, well gets to it as in rim but she also showed she could face the basket and score plus she rebounds. She's long and athletic and maneuvers very well on both ends of the floor and let me say this, love the range from Kenna Gibson who sometimes is just unconscious as she drains them from another zip code. She and Kaia Henry definitely created some issues but so the did the team as they definitely gave me an eyeful on some of the talented players come up in the Houston area

GBD1 makes run @ 2017 Prime Time Nationals #7thGrade

The first time I saw this team back in March I guess, I stayed glued to my seat, keep in mind I was hungry and they were serving hot dogs on jalapeno bread,  yes I evaluate more than basketball, so this GBD1 squad left a lasting impression Faith Horton's natural athleticism gives her the potential to just mother players defensively as she can apply heat baseline to baseline but she also can score but the team is definitely filled with players that can do #BOTH. The size and length from both Jayden and Hallie Rhodes blew me away at the initial sighting, nothing has changed, love their upside and Sarah Edmonson joins them as forces to be reckoned with

Donovia Hall made one of my Tip Sheets, I think the exact quote was "I don't know if she's related to Arsenio but she is definitely a hit" if that ain't it, you get the picture and you can "quote me on that." She does so many things well already and with her size, I'm serious, the sky is the limit. How about Kailee Deffebaugh, she's athletic and finishes strong and it seems like th team just keeps coming at you withh players that can do those things. Jordan Cornerly, athletic, get's  to the rim, finishes with contact, defends I mean over and over the parts are inerchangeable

Maya Duckworth just showed me so much more this time that I left amazed and it would be easier to write what she couldn't do. She handled the ball in traffic, saw the floor, got the rim whenever she wanted and defended plus that pull-up was clicking but was the mid and long range from Hailey Bingham who definitely is someone you don't want to not only leave open but you probably don't want her in a position to shoot because she's pretty consistent/ Okay, Cammie McKinney made the Tip Sheet from that initial meeting and let me just say I called her a D1 LOCK so now that I've said it, it's a done deal but the bad part about it is I wrote about her TWO years ago and she was doing much of the same. This is a very talented young lady, scores, defends handles and applies pressure , set teammates up, hey I'm done but I can't wait to catch them again

DC Queens 2022 White definitely left me thinking #DYNOMITE @ 2017 Prime Time Nationals #7thGrade

I knew I was going to be in for a long day and when those energy drinks affect have little  or no effect, the next best thing for me is live and in living color action and this DC Queens 2022 White definitely gave me that. The numerous screenshots of scoreboards and score-sheets I get are basically meaningless to me and I immediately delete them because one more time "my primary purpose is to identify next level players" that's it so when I about doze and  Nadiyah Cooper blazes by me, the breeze alone wakes me up. That first step has me shaking my head, I love explosiveness and she creates some problems but she isn't by herself. Ann Thomas, Kennedi Street and Savannah Adjety all mix athleticism with ability to score

Ada Anamekwe also understands the importance of getting to the basket, her length and athleticism will definitely take her to another level, plus she defends and rebounds. When I talk about playing the passing lane, Tiana Amos definitely understands and gets it because she does it instinctively which leads to easy baskets, did I mention she too has speed. Nora Ritchie has made a jump since I saw her last, great entry passes mixed with athleticism and the ability to get to the basket and finish with contact and watching Shanelle Weber face the basket and score, couple with her length, she will definitely be hard to contain. She glides to the basket and has quick hands but the whole squad has definitely gotten better throughout the season

DC Queens 2023 Orange play up and show up @ 2017 Prime Time Nationals #8thGrade

All I can say is wow and sometimes even I get confused but that's usually when I'm #BOTH, well actually it isn't and I truly don't because I always say "I don't have to see a player a hunnid times to know they can play" and this talented DC Queens squad of 6th graders left me speechless a few weeks ago, actually a couple of months ago but when you talk about a group of talented young players ready for "Prime Time" action, had to get that plug in, well this is definitely one


You can read the earlier story in above link and add a "boost" on the players as they played 2 years up and finished with 5th at the 2017 Prime Time Nationals, which was no easy feet and if you follow Twitter, before you send me any nonsense attempting to get smart me, I have a saying "it's not what you do, it's who you do it against" and this talented group has been playing in HS division all year,  so going against older players, that can play and competing definitely played a part in this teams growth and success

Again, this team is loaded from top to bottom and most of these players will make immediate impacts when they get in high school and I'm saying that now while they still have 2 more years before they actually get there so this one is on me, but always remember you're already on my radar and I'm definitely ready for the run

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

ASA bring heat @ 2017 Prime Time Nationals #7thGrade

Raka Lee and Bryanna Turner definitely know how and when to apply pressure, in fact Turner has already made a Tip Sheet because her ability to score multiple ways as well as her explosive first step will definitely create problems for defenders throughout her career. Big improvement throughout the squad, Charli Joesy and Kendra Lindsey have definitely elevated their games while Shai Rogers energy just ignites the squad

One of the biggest jumps has been Cameron Richards, shooting, a jumper and not only is she shooting them, she's knocking them down. Taylor Smitherman , Kalissa Whitson and Kourtney Wright all have shown they too can score while the upside from 5th Grader Taler Thornton playing up and more than holding her own tells me that I definitely need to keep  my eyes on her

Louisiana Lady Shockers get after it @ 2017 Prime Time Nationals #7thGrade

From top the bottom, this was probably one of the best 7th Grade group of teams that I've covered at Prime Time Nationals and one thing I always look for, well one of several things, and that's teams that will compete from start to finish. Coach Jay Ellerman was nice enough to hand deliver his roster to me at the pre-tournament expo which certainly help me identify his daughter, Jayden Ellerman who definitely showed me something.

The game starts at the 1, I can't pin everything so try and remember that, and at around 5'9, she has a very bright future. She controls the tempo, sees the floot and can score plus she handles the ball well under pressure. Madison Basco battled inside, rebounded on both ends but the battling didn't stop there as Sara Shivers and Larkin Morris simply go after everything

This is a very scrappy group of players, Taylor Shanas, Marssa Gibson and Emery Lancaster brought plenty of heat, Shanas also showed she could knock down shots while Anna Melton also can shoot the mid and long range, her ability to split defenders and get to the basket were definitely valuable to the squad. Thanks again coach for making my job a little easier !

Lady Sparks help ignite fire @ 2017 Prime Time Nationals #7thGrade

 I got a kick out of watching this squad a few months ago, Suni Davis, already poised playing the 1 and 2 spots and Raymonda Kemp flying through the air and attacking from everywhere with ease but this squad just gets after it. Caitlyn Patterson creates her shot and knocks it down while Tionana McCutcheon-Raper battles in the paint like there's no tomorrow, but guess what, it doesn't stop there with the talent

Lauryn Adams definitely gets it done at the one but the main thing I love about this squad is that I saw improvement overall in the team along with it's players. Destinee Simmons and Kelliah Walker both continue to show they can score form the guard spot and when I mentioned team improvement, you better be able to handle their pressure because they keep coming at you. McKenna Linton is looking up in above picture, well her upside has me looking up as in with her size, athleticism and strength tied in with her skill set, she will be doing a whole lot of damage in the not so distant future

NTX Shockers 2022 @ 2017 Prime Time Nationals #7thGrade

I love catching young teams and that old saying, the great thing about 7th graders is that they become 8th graders. Okay, no one says that and I actually never like the freshmen to sophomore saying which absolutely makes no sense either but anyway NTX Shockers 2022 definitely have a little something going throughout the organization. Rachae Fowler knows how to do many things and getting to the rim as well as knocking down the midrange are definitely great ones to have offensively while Macey Borland already is showing she can knock down the long ball consistently

Scary upside inside of Kierston Johnson long and athletic frame. She's somewhere around 6'0 with a wingspan that's over it, she elevates on her shot as well as to rebound and her timing at this age is way ahead of the game as far as changing or blocking defenders shots. Alauna Richardson already knows how to get after it, strong body and simply battles for everything but if I wore a hat, I'd take it off because that in itself fits the whole squad that rolled with only 6 players and definitely made some noise
Watching Deucee Reed progress over the years has definitely been a joy, one more time "the game starts at the one" and her poise under pressure supersedes everything else. Yeah she can handle the ball, sees the floor, makes the right passes at the right time to the right people but when that heat comes, she isn't phased and when your demeanor stays the same, you're in the game, trust me. Her ability to get to the basket as well as knock down the outside shot keeps defenders honest and honestly watching Grace Lowery play the passing lane definitely was impressive as well as her ability to attack from everywhere on the floor. The Super Six definitely made a lasting impression

Monday, August 7, 2017

Dynasty's progression definitely shows @ 2017 Prime Time Nationals #8thGrade

One of the must see squads from my Houston area has always been Dynasty who supported me from the beginning when I started my scouting and recruiting service way way back and although I didn't receive that from everyone, almost 10 years later I'm still standing and so are they. It's always important to players in the right situation and this 8th grade squad has definitely made some strides. I butcher Kaidance Glenn name all over the place but watching her slice through defenders is always a treat and her upside remains untapped.

Mykah Mustfal and Savanna Pigman have definitely elevated their games inside, rebounding on both ends as well as defending so that's definitely a plus. Daphne Olivares and Haley Brown also have elevated their games showing breakout potential throughout the season but the main thing is from the first time I saw this squad and the numerous times in between, they've all gotten better, no lateral or stagnant movement, it's all about growth and the whole squad has done just that

Kayla Ngo definitely received a yes after her performance throughout the season. The game starts where folks, at the one, always remember that and everything, like Ngo's game, will fall into place. Trinity Satasiero, Skylar Murray and Breelyn Sanborn round out the squad but the thing about is that all have shown they can create and put the ball in  the basket so as many are about to enter HS, the main thing is that they "get it" and will continue to "bring it"

Lady Wolfpack close it out winning Challenger bracket @ 2017 Prime Time Nationals

Sometimes pieces just fall into place and things just fall into your lap so the first time I saw Whitney Lady Wolfpack , I guess the most impressive thing that caught my eye was a 6'2 freshman I hadn't seen but just watching her in the pregame warm-ups, her mobility, hands and footwork definitely caught my eye so I was totally when I found out that freshman, Tabitha Johnson, was only a 6th grader and I'm thinking my my my


Then the game starts and I'm seeing a group of young talented players getting after it and I guess what impressed me the most about the make-up of the squad is that n matter what was happening in the game, up or down, their demeanor never changed and they have not only made impressive runs, the strides I've seen the players make just from that initial sighting have been huge


Caitlyn Panuco continues to show me that she definitely is going to be a force to be reckoned with in high school and like Johnson she has made a Tip Sheet already but again, watching this team improve every time I watch them is basically what I look for and the progression throughout the team, especially from Kya Martinez, Valerie Panuco and Daisy Martinez tells me that I am in for many more surprises