Monday, August 24, 2015

Panetti's comeback complete as she commits

HOUSTON, Texas- I'll never forget seeing Brittany Panetti for the first time playing club ball in a gym I just happened to drop in, this is back in the day when I was all over the place in the area since things were so spread out and she definitely made the trip worthwhile. Panetti simply was the best player in the gym as a 7th grader and the things I saw her do at the age along with her size, she was already over the "magic number" and if you don't what the magic number is you don't read enough of what I write, I knew big things would be ahead as she had D1 written all over her

Fast forward to her getting with a team that got her where she needed to be was a plus and she too was a plus because colleges look for what almost off the bat, SIZE, so her ability to be a draw helped college coaches see the talented Katy Rebels squad and also gave them the platform to compete. Panetti’s improvement just kept coming and at last year’s Texas A&M Camp, I watched the young lady pull up and drop three's effortlessly, at 6'2. After weighing her options, Panetti has decided the University of New Mexico will be her next stop and I asked the Tompkins' HS star why there

“Choosing a school was the most difficult decision I have ever made.  I wanted to make sure that I made the right decision for both my academic and basketball career.  My goal is to secure a degree in Civil Engineering and become the best basketball player possible. I want to help the Lobos become a championship team.  That's why I chose the University of New Mexico"

Okoene proves what can be done as she commits

HOUSTON, Texas-In the day and age of where there’s so much “attempting to manipulate the system” “name dropping” and “simply unappreciative people”, it’s always good to see talent stand out over everything else. Alyssa Okoene fits that bill and I guess the lyrics for her and her talented Houston Lady Phenoms from “Started from the Bottom” would have to apply because she’s definitely “there” as she just committed to North Carolina, more on Phenoms tomorrow

Okoene has always been appreciative and I could see something in her right from the top, even though she was raw, she was long, athletic, wouldn’t quit on you nor back down. I didn’t major chemistry but that formula combined with her being 6’3 told me she was national player in the making and the North Shore product simply has come a long way but the journey is nowhere complete because as scary as it sounds, she’s going to be a better college player, archive that!!!

I asked head coach Derrick “DJ” Johnson his thoughts on what she has accomplished from that initial practice a little over a year ago and he said “Alyssa is the BLUEPRINT of hard work and dedication. From not being able to catch a ball 16 months ago to all of this is simply amazing” He also added “I’m so proud of her, I’ve never had a player work the way she does EVERYDAY and I knew wherever she wound up in college, she wouldn’t disappoint”

I’ve had several great conversations with O and her intelligence and the ability to articulate have been more impressive than watching her grab a rebound on one end, outrun everyone and finish on the other as well as becoming a mid to long range shooter, so I knew I would get something great when I asked her why the University of North Carolina and Okoene said

“Coming to North Carolina, I had so many questions after doing some research on the school. From the time I met the staff in the airport to the time Coach Tracey dropped me and my mom off, they felt like my family. UNC began recruiting me just this month, which is why the chemistry is unbelievable. The players are like my sisters already, we really enjoy each other. The whole program is like a family and they have so much support. The players spoke fondly of their coaching staff, assuring me that they're honest and will definitely take care of me. Another reason I chose UNC is because there is opportunity to play/start as a freshman. The whole visit was amazing and this decision feels so right. Basketball is not life at UNC. Education, discipline, family, God, and ball are life.”

Friday, August 21, 2015

'16 Rexesha Hollis continues to show she's ready for next chapter #UnderTheRadar

So many times I've seen players before they blossom into HS stars and you just have a feeling that they will be successful and after watching Rexesha Hollis for the first time, I knew she would be able to play at the next level simply because of her length and athleticism along with the desire. What I've seen over the next few years is a young lady that wouldn't settle on her game and truly worked on whatever she needed to and believe me she has taken off

Mid-range, long range or off the dribble, this young lady can score multiple ways but that length gives her age as she simply elevates over taller players, can block shots and rebound on both ends and even though this highlight video doesn't show everything, if you know what you're looking at is she also has one thing you can't teach and that's heart because her mentality enables her to simply go at opponents and never quit

The Klein Collins star is ready for that final run in HS and she will definitely be in the mix once she gets to college

'18 Reagan Heun ready for new challenges #UnderTheRadar

Reagan Heun impressed me even before she scored a basket at Canyon Lake HS last season as a freshman and one thing I knew about this promising young player was that she had a bright future. After leading her varsity squad in both scoring and assists, while also being 2nd in rebounding, I expected her to have a huge summer and she did as the Under The Radar star created plenty of buzz for herself and since she's only a 2018, bigger things are coming. She'll be doing her thing at New Braunfels Christian Academy this season but check out her highlight film from the summer

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Lady Phenoms Jakeira Ford makes decision

One of the acronym's for FORD is Fixed Or Repaired Daily and after watching a talented Jakeira Ford for the first time many years ago, I saw greatness ahead. Whatever flaws she had in her game she worked hard to fix or repair daily which shows her work ethic, determination and mindset on proving naysayers wrong, not me, I know what I'm looking at. Ford is simply another of those talented Lady Phenom players I wrote about early and wound up making me look like I know what I'm talking about

Ford has made a decision to continue her academic and athletic career at UTEP and and I asked her what sold her on the Miners. "UTEP has been by my side since day one and EVERY summer game they were there supporting me"

I have her ranked among the top players in Texas as a mid to BCS lock and the things that she bring to the table will simply be a plus at the next level

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

2016 Under The Radar breakdown coming

I would hate to be a college coach simply because I didn't like dealing with a lot of nonsense and with some of the emails floating from parents, club coaches, trainers on their "player" being "the best" at whatever position they play or they're better than this player that was Tweeted about who received an offer from ABC school simply is mind boggling to me

Then there are those who talk about their "connections" well I don't have connections, I have contacts because a connection, to me, means I can call a school and say "put this girl on your team" and they will, now that's a CONNECTION and I doubt seriously if that's happening but with the internet and the ability to use it, everyone has contact information or can get it on just about every college in the country

What separates me from the novice is that I actually get out and see tons of talented players, I know where the talent level was before the turn of the century and I'm able to give an HONEST evaluation on what I see, plus I have a daughter than won a National Championship and plays in the WNBA but it's more of the former than the latter on why I will always keep it real with no BS to go along with it

Madison Schenck is a D1 player, no doubt about that as well as many of the others on my 2016 Under The Radar group but the main thing is that all can play somewhere so I'll bring that you late today or early tomorrow

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Updated list for I-45 Shootout Showcase

One thing you need know about me is that I have no specific agenda, I don't play politics and I don't HYPE players, I leave that for some of the trainers, club coaches and parents but always remember that it doesn't matter what I say or don't say, or fact of the matter any other evaluator, cause they're popping up everywhere, worry about being offered a scholarship from a college because if you're out there playing in front of them and I think Alicia Keys song "You Don't Know My Name" fits the mode, well you have a problem.

'19 Myra Gordon and her sister '17 Lexi don't have that problem, Myra is one of the top 19s in the country and Lexi is finally getting her props after going off at USA trials but I told you what she was "all that she is" when she was in middle school so there it is, still calling it like it see it but more importantly still right. The Gordon sisters join several other talented players that have already committed for "Pass Tha Ball's " event, not mine,  and you can check out the list


Sunday, August 9, 2015

Heavy hitters line up in '17 class for I-45 Shootout

I called the 2017 group from Texas a MONSTER class when I caught a glimpse of many of the players in middle school like Chasity Patterson, Deauzya Richards, Alexis Morris who I said even back then were LEGITIMATE Top 100 players who were going to be on the short list for MDAA honors and I believe all are listed somewhere in the Top 20 o most national services

I also said the Suber twins, Kiana and Briana, Lexi Gordon and Chennedy Carter had BCS written all over them and that Arianna Whitfield was close, so as the song continues to play, my lyrics haven't changed as these young ladies will be on hand for the I-45 Shootout September 6th at Lutheran North

Several other standouts will be there from various classes, I'll drop some 18s on you when I get a chance

Saturday, August 8, 2015

I-45 Shootout Showcase 2016 group

Pass Tha Ball gave this right name as in I-45 Shootout Showcase because it features several play I told you about that will venture off into the next level with me saying " I told you so" which unlike me, never gets old. Commitments from SA Islanders "Under The Radar" sharpshooter Alexia Torres is in as well as her tough as nails back-court Tara Molina

Also on hand are four players I have on my GPR Texas Top 20 Dorian Branch, Alyssa Okoebe, Jasmine Williams and Jaelyn Richard-Harris, the small in stature yet big in heart guard I told you was the best pure point guard from the area, maybe the state and after what she did in July, " I TOLD YOU SO"

September 6th at Lutheran North, more coming on each class

Friday, August 7, 2015

2017 Becka Cammon shines #PrimeTimeNationals

Becka Cammon caught my eye last season via closed circuit TV, well video however I was impressed with her instincts, her frame and comprehension not to mention that fact that she was a lefty and could to the rim almost at will. She's added more to her game, that pull-up looks pretty good and the catching and shooting aspect has taken a jump but she ignite a break with a rebound, something she does well on both ends, either by going to coast to coast or an outlet

Perimeter defense also has improved, just by observing the various aspects of her game tells me she's putting in the work and comprehending what she's being taught, it's easy to see that when you implement in game situation, well if you know what you're looking at and I sort of know. Cannon was on point in the 10th grade championship game as she helped Teamwork Oklahoma to the title by scoring 16 points and grabbing 6 rebounds while also being named MVP

Here's the progression

Thursday, August 6, 2015

I-45 Shootout set for September 6th

Brianna Johnson isn't a household name, yet,  however neither was Ariel Atkins, Jaz Harris or even more recently Irenisha Johnson, all players I labeled as "can't miss" either in middle school or before their first HS game and if you've seen any my videos stroking the long ball, well sometimes I get back to rare form and remember, no cloak and dagger stuff in this camp

Johnson along with several other of the top talented players from not just Texas, but surrounding states as well, have already committed to Pass Tha Ball's super duper all star game, September 6th at Lutheran North, "All Day All Day", well actually it's starts in the afternoon but stay tuned