Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Crossover 7th grade runner-up in SILVER #Hoopfest

I saw this talented young team a few weeks ago in a Prime Time event I covered and was simply blown away however several of the parents told me I had to see Shira Patton so on Sunday, I did and if I thought I was blown away before, well she's definitely on the Tip Sheet later today. Also joining her on that tip sheet will be Kaley Perkins and Bailey Andrews who both put up numbers during the Hoopfest but numbers aren't everything, I look at pieces to the puzzle and this a large puzzle that has several of those pieces filled

I became a Jaedyn Dunn fan after watching her thread the needle between three defenders at te HoopAHolics camp, the game starts where, and when you can handle the ball under  pressure and see the floor, plus make plays, that's all good. High energy on both ends from Jaelyn Compton continues to be a plus and I  see even more progression from Kinsie Kim, Jaiden Eaton and Maili LaFrance from that earlier event. I also liked Caeli Taylor showing more confidence on the offensive side but this young Crossover squad just gets after it from baseline to baseline