Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fall Leagues

Spring is running their fall league on Wednesdays, starting September 8th and ending on October 13th. All games are at Spring High School and games begin at 5:30 pm


1 – Spring
2 – College Park
3 – Cy-Fall
4 – Klein Collins
5 – Dekaney
6 – Nimitz
7 – Booker T. Washington

Alodia is running theirs on Saturdays, Sept 11 - Oct 9


Klein Oak
Cy Ranch
Cy Woods
Clear Creek
St Thomas
Montgomery JV
Concordia JV
Woodlands JV
Tomball JV

Bellaire is having theirs on Tuesdays, starting September 7th, games start at 6pm




League starts on September 9th and runs every Thursday until October 14th.


Clear Creek
North Shore
Clear Lake
Clear Brook
Pasadena Memorial
South Houston
Texas City

St Agnes
League starts September 11th and runs each Saturday until October 9th. Games will be played at Bellaire Rec. Some of the teams playing are St Agnes, St Pius,Lamar,Episcopal and Westbury Christian

Katy and Memorial

Wednesdays from 5-9


League starts on September 13th and runs for four weeks, all on Mondays


Clear Springs
Barbers Hill
Clear Falls (9th&10th only)

Please email info on dates and times, plus any that I don't have listed!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Games Galore Wrap Up

First of all, thanks to the Games Galore staff for inviting me and a double thanks to my man, Coach V, for the hospitality. We used to have an old saying in my trash talking basketball days and that was"I'll play you barefoot on asphalt, concrete or rocks in the heat of summer", so it's no problem for me to go out and see talent, especially the young kids we have coming up. The Class of 2005 set the stage as far as next level players in the Houston area, 2012 appears to be the next super class and from what I'm seeing from a super group of area players in the Class of 2013, four are already on HG's watch list, and an equally loaded Class of 2014 starring the "MRT" trio of Mc Carty, Rivera and Turner, I'll have plenty to write about. Now that's an A-Team! I amaze myself sometimes (lol)
You had kids enjoying themselves, watching their sisters, well most of the time

The Chosen One was their to support her old teammates and friends and I'm also sure she was checking the action out as well.

I love this picture and what it shows me is the changing of the GUARD! Taylor Schippers is in her last season before lighting them up in Stillwater folks, however we still have Brittney Branch, who it seems like I have known forever.

Nash and Longley are on my bomb squad list, they can drop em from all over

Brittany Houle is ready to lead Waller as far as she can while Adrian Phillips will team with Branch and Longley at Clear Creek to try and make a run this season

In all, Klein Collins, St Pius and the Alodia team were the "Cream of the Crop" however there was plenty of talent at Games Galore. Also, follow GPR,Girls Prep Report on , Twitter and Facebook. The twitter account will be on the website and I will be able to keep you updated without leaving your home when I'm doing my GOTW! To all the parents, player and coaches, good luck and may the best team win!


Like I said earlier, Clements is in one of the toughest districts in R-3 and they would make the playoffs in many other districts, that's the truth

They have "bigs" who can bang or go around you

They have scorers

                                        And they have Baby Tyson, sporting the J's at that!

This should be an interesting season for this young squad and I'll be keeping my eyes and ears open

Lamar Redskins

This was supposed to be Ashley McQueen's coming out party. After all, Lamar graduated a talented group of seniors that continued Coach Barbara Meadoughs consecutive playoff run of many year, in fact, last years team upset Elite 8 Westside and almost beat R-3 finalist Bellaire, so everyone knew it would be a challenging season but my girl, A-Mac, was ready. Problem is, those 3 letters we all dread to hear in basketball, ACL, came into play. There is a problem with ACL injuries on the female side, my own daughter even went through it.


Lamar is young and they will continue to grow and Coach Meadoughs will do her best to get the kids ready.



Just because they come out happy, Klein Collins is ready to, as Emeril would say "Take it up a notch"

With a dynamic duo like Veja Hamilton and Dominique Dillingham, another Emeril saying pops out "BAM"! Expect this team to be featured in many Games Of The Week on girlzprepreport.com and from on here on out, the acronym GOTW will be used for just that.

As you can see, once they get in, it's all business

Even though Cy Ranch will be losing key players they have their own "Big Three" coming up in Kristen Keck, Ashlyn Wiemann and Cienna Rivera.

More from Games Galore


This may be the year for St. Pius. Throwing Alexis Chandler in the mix to go with U of H bound Danielle Parks, Jasmine Hunt, Rhea Leevy and Brittany Stepanski, you have quite a nice mix of players who all have the ability to play at the next level. Coach V and Company believe in hard work and instilling the same thing into the kids. This club is going to surprise some folks before it's all said and done and I plan on keeping up with them all season.

Aldine has their work cut out for them after losing Alex Pruitt who has taken her show on the road to Cisco JC. On the other hand, younger sister Arrianna is ready to take up the slack along with 3 point specialist Elixis Santarita and defensive whiz Damika Dorsey.

Rhea Leevy

Aldine also has a big that showed potential at times, however I know Coach Gaston and my God-sister, Monica Smith, will get everything they can out their players.