Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Houston Premier Elite -Hoopfest WNBA Black

One thing I can count on from all of the Houston Premier teams is they understand the game and they can play. Sydney Maczko has blown me away since middle school, she knows how to run a team and get the right people involved and if needed, put the ball in the basket. Abbey Welling is 6'3, that could end the conversation but she can be dominant on both ends in the paint and what I like most is that she's developed a nice touch facing the basket and she and 6'1 Katie Dalton formed a nice set of twin towers as they simply went after everything off the rim. Dalton's aggressiveness has taken a jump and her timing has imoproved as well

The energy from Kendall Kassie and Mariah Baz showed on both ends and both can apply pressure defensively. Lauren Harrison did some acrobatic things every time I caught the team and watching her in the open court or attacking from the wing was something to see. Alyssa "Ozzy" Osborne can make teams rethink a zone and she, along with Maczko and Harrison can shoot the long ball, so can Shelby Stevenson who can score many different ways but the player that just went off every time I was around was Hannah Holt who, you guessed it, made the Tip Sheet

Hannah Holt Tip Sheet