Saturday, April 18, 2015

Austin Elite RFW wins WNBA Blue Consolation #Hoopfest

I don't know where to start when I jump on this Austin Elite RFW story however I'm wondering even more where I'll finish when they're at full strength. Freshman sensation and Texas commit Sedona Prince wasn't available, she's 6'5 so if you comprehend this sentence, that says it all. No worries, Meredith Gibson moved up from AE Black and did a more than adequate job creating problems on both ends in the paint. '18 Diamond Morrison and Trejour Wilson were definitely gems, get it? They brought heat on both ends and could score a number of ways

Tija "Stretch" Hawkins certainly opened my eyes, her length and athleticism alone cause problems on defense yet her ability to make big plays under pressure over and over definitely was something to see. '17 Kya Tarver showed some physicality, she's even more powerful than she looks and played strong throughout the tournament while '17Alexus Theus either can score off the baseline or join multiple players that can shoot the long ball

One of the most improved players from last season has to be Tia Harston, the system definitely agrees with her and she's becoming the player I envisioned after watching her in the 8th grade. Poised, under control and just getting it done sort of sums it up. If I didn't put a year by the player, then they're juniors and that's how I roll throughout the WNBA mini stories and the 2016 player that made the tip sheet, Imani Robinson can be seen when you click link below