Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Houstonians #Hoopfest WNBA Black

When I saw Annya Moss playing with the younger team earlier, I knew she was one of the best freshmen in the area but after her performance in one of the top divisions, that changed drastically as she's among the top in Texas. She's powerful enough to score with multiple players hanging on her. The improvement from Kori Seals showed during Westside's playoff run and she looks even better since then.

This team is filled with athleticism especially at the guard spot as the heat just keeps coming and Katherine Williams is one of those lighting the match. Ashley Miller scored multiple ways as well as Nadira Smith. Kendra Houston showed she could shoot the three but few players shot it as well as senior Ayesha Wahid who was simply unconscious

Monet Jones was out with an injury, she's one of the top freshmen in the state, hey she's over the magic number and she can play, well every position and in case you don't know, the magic number is SIX FEET. Wahid and Jones joined Mackenzie Johnson at Elkins this season, just thinking about those three can create shivers and Johnson made the Tip Sheet like her older sisters did in previous years

Mackenzie Johnson Tip Sheet