Wednesday, April 15, 2015

DFW Elite Houston runner-up in #Hoopfest Varsity

First of all, I'm Halle Jones publicist, she told me that years ago and based on what I'm seeing as far as the jump shes made tells me I'll be putting a whole lot there about this talented 2019 player who did more than hold her own against high school varsity players, she's on the Tip Sheet later. Kaitlyn Davis, Melanie Thomas and Taylor White join Jones as some players that will be ready for high school next season, White also showed she had good range

Laila Blair takes it a step further, she's a 2020 bringing heat on both ends, she and Davis are fearless, while Traci Wilkerson did some damage on both ends in the paint. Loved the energy from Kristen Washington while freshman Kween Jean has a very bright future with her height and athleticism creating problems for defenders. Hannah Grimmett was on fire from bta, in fact one game she dropped four deep ones.