Saturday, May 31, 2014

Tapps doing it up at UNC Camp

2016 Under The Radar Rachel Tapps is showing why I have her regarded as one of the top defenders in Texas as she's doing her thing at the University of North Carolina Camp. The Cy Fair Shock-Walker standout is also showing that midrange she has hidden among her arsenal of weapons

Next weekend Texas A&M Elite Camp

Double jackpot coming as I get to visit my daughter and see tons of talented players that will be making noise in college. I'm looking at my schedule and I'm also planning on attending both HBU and Rice Elite Camps and I'm trying to do some juggling to make others

One third of USA teams are from Texas

It seems like only yesterday I was getting blacklisted from message boards and being a little over the edge regarding some of my comments about Texas players not receiving the recognition they deserved however as I look back in  my files, it's been around a decade and all I can do is smile because it seems like most of my comments turned out to be prophetic

I expected big thing from Lauren Cox and Natalie Chou when I laid eyes on them at Prime Time Nationals back when they were in the 8th grade as well as Joyner Holmes when I spotted her taking off from the free throw line ala Mike/Doc as I anticipated her throwing one down along with Nancy Mulkey who amazed me with her skill set to go along with her size, they too were in the 8th grade and these four are among the twelve on the U17 Roster  read more

The U18 Roster also places four out of twelve including Brianna Turner who leaves here as the most decorated player ever along with Tiera McCowan who was 6'4 at 12 years old when I first spotted her not to mention Recee Caldwell who was 12 when I tabbed her as a "can't miss" and what can I say that I haven't said about Ariel Atkins who I've called one of the best players I've seen in my life  read more

Friday, May 30, 2014

Lady All Stars capture JV title #MemorialWeekendShowcase

This young team had a great mixture of young talented players that you'll be hearing about over the next few years. With eight freshmen and two sophomores, the Lady All Stars put together a fantastic run to come out on top at the end. Kelsey Jones got to the rim and got to the line but her aggressiveness on both ends was key as well as the long ball shooting from Tashia Nash. This team was just full of athleticism and they just kept coming at you no matter what line-up was in place. Kentavea Davis, Nina Alvarez and Grace Leonard all applied pressure but that's only part of it

Hannah Willis overpowers other guards, she's also able to help on the boards with what's left from 6'1 Ashlyn Bradley and 6'2 Donne Henderson, who along with Nash are the lone sophomores on the team. Alexis Monroe and Tiara Franklin round out this "in your face" defensive squad and from what I gathered after that initial sighting is that these kids will be making some noise in the not too distant future

Dallas Stars win Platinum in #MemorialWeekendShowcase

With former Oklahoma State All American Andrea Riley filling in for her dad, she guided the Dallas Stars to the Platinum title  read more

One last time, Chelsea Warren is a BEAST!!!!!!

Guess Who's Coming To Camp?

You guessed it as June rolls in, you never know which college campus I'll be arriving on but I do plan on seeing my baby, uhhh daughter

Lady Big Dogs win Varsity in #Memorial Weekend Showcase

The wait is over as I drop the LBD story on the team that simply keeps getting better

Read more

Jasmine Nash decides

Jasmine Nash had her share of options but the Under The Radar star from Klein Collins told her parents, Cliff and Carla, that Western Oklahoma State simply had everything she wanted. Nash was one of the toughest players on both ends from the area 2014 class and her quick release and ability to go off, five threes in a little over two minutes, well just use the search bar and see what she has done.

Congratulations to Jasmine and her family, I'm expecting big things down the road

Alamo City Roundball Classic June 27-29 added to EVENTS

It's a done deal, I'm headed back to the Alamo City at the end of next month and I'm being told there aare going to be some heavy hitters in attendance

Don't wait, register now and be sure to send me your ROSTERS!!!!!!


Arlington Swoosh #MemorialWeekendShowcase

I called Alecia Greald a diamond in the rough last season and that sparkle keeps getting brighter as her energy level on both ends and ability to run a team help make the Swoosh a must see every chance I get. The addition of Jordan Jenkins was huge as she's a blur with the ball and creates so much havoc that you're just afraid to blink. Haileigh Talbert does a great job pushing the ball, she has body control and range while Lauren Godbold can attack from anywhere plus give you production from the midrange as well as go baseline at will

Jiliane Faciane uses her size well, she knows how to take up space and has the ability to control the paint on both ends but when you add the athleticism of Taylor Watkins, who can attack and defend plus Ugo Nwarie who simply explodes off the block, in the paint, well anywhere for rebounds, blocks, loose balls, whatever

Tierae Hambrick is another huge pickup, she's only an 8th grader and made the youngstas playing against the big girls tip sheet read more while Kayla Wells is about to simply blow up

FUNDERBURKE!!!! #MemorialWeekendShowdown

It would be so cool if I had one of those deep voices like I hear on TV and I would  yell FUNDERBURKE at the games but since I don't, I'll just write about Andrea being one of those exciting Austin Elite guards that simply bring it

Read more

Burks more than impressive #MemorialWeekendShowcase

That first step from Kennedi Burks just mesmerized me and when you add in the hang time, big things will be coming

Read more

Team Xpress freshman makes Tip Sheet from #MemorialWeekendShowcase

I liked her game the first time I saw her and Madison Hattix-Covington simply keeps getting better

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Arkansas Mavericks 2017 #MemorialWeekendShowdown

One out of state program that continues to impress me is the Arkansas Mavericks and their 2017 squad had talent galore. First of all they have size and size that can run the floor and finish like Abby Jackson and Kennedi Allen, a player I've written about several times read more  Throw in the fact that Peyton Martin used her length to not only alter shots, she also elevates well to nail the midrange down. Madison Rainey held down the paint, she rebounded well on both ends while Sydni Williams had a penchant for finishing with contact over and over

Grace Spangler also did a good job finishing off the dribble as well as knocking the 15 footer down, well the same can be said Breamber Scott which sort of tells you what I mean about the talent. Jada Perry handled the ball well under pressure as well as saw the floor while Kourtney Junior and Tristan Lasker simply make big plays at the right time. Tori Lasker also made big plays, many huge and she also made the Tip Sheet

Read more

Cy Fair Jolivette duo make Tip Sheets #MemorialWeekendShowdown

Tatyana Perez made one READ MORE

Brooke Jolivette made another READ MORE

Alexis Adams at #MemorialWeekendShowcase

Three things on Alexis Adams

  • She's long
  • She's athletic
  • She's 6'2
  • She will be a better college player
Okay four, but let me add this, have I been wrong yet?

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VALDEZ!!!!!!!! #MemorialWeekendShowdown

Like I said, Megan Valdez does MUCH more than shoot the three

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Baty drives em batty at #MemorialWeekendShowdown

Yeah, yeah, yeah, Chelsea Warren iis a beast but these Dallas Stars have more players to scare you including Dabrasia Baty

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Kavionnia Brown ( SW Elite) makes Tip Sheet from #MemorialWeekendShowdown

When you're faster than a speeding bullet, 4.4 in the 40

More powerful than a locomotive, 3.9 GPA

Able to leap tall buildings at a single bound, started on HS state champion team

Look, up on my website, she made the Tip Sheet

Read more

Arkansas unleashes the Lady Beasts #MemorialWeekendShowdown

The Arkansas Lady Beast brought some heat and energy from several players last weekend and I had a chance to catch them in action. Aspyn Satterwhite is the lone freshman on the team, showed some signs of on the verge of breaking out but she, Jalyn Davis, Ashley Martin and Taylor Boles found ways to make things happen

Cassidy McNespey was aggressive on both ends and she mixed up with a nice pull-up jumper from midrange while Yazmin Batch simply did a little bit of everything which is why she made the Tip Sheet
Read more

#23 was strong inside as well as Rachel Miller, hey sometimes I'll give a pass, and both finished strongly but Paige Martin simply attacked strong from not only the wing but the baseline over and over for baskets

Another #PrimeTime weekend ready to begin

 Essence and Kayla Wells caught my eye initially at where, Prime Time and that's where I'm headed this weekend and surprisingly this is one of the few weekends I've been in the Houston area for the complete time   SCHEDULE

One more time, talent is everywhere and I know what I'm looking at, let me give you an example, hopefully you get the analogy  READ MORE

Bottom line is this, either you know what you're looking at or you don't and these two made the Memorial Weekend Showdown Tip Sheet

Read more

Before you send me an email telling me who and what I missed make sure I have a roster and the email to send it

Make sure the rosters have at least the name, jersey numbers and class

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Watts making strides #MemorialWeekendShowdown

This is the fourth season I've watched Kansas Watts and whether it was during a camp her dad  was hosting or a game she was playing in, one thing is for certain, she absorbs what's being taught and she not only comprehends the game but has taken what she's been taught and instilled it into game situations.

Watts dad, Gene, is the founder, director and head coach for Team Ichiban, one of the oldest and most decorated programs in the state as countless young ladies have gone through his program and played at the next level, most recently six from the 2014 class.

Gene is a teacher I saw that when I covered his camp last season and it's one thing to show players how to do something but Watts breaks it down into, well think frames in a film, and since Kansas has had roles in several of those "films", I'm seeing her hard work is taking her closer to that leading role

She's strong and that's how she attacks the rim but her basketball IQ is over and beyond for an 8th grader and she understands the little things at an early age that will get her where she needs to be

Audible thrown #MemorialWeekendShowcase

I don't know if I've mentioned this but Chelsea Warren is a BEAST and coming tomorrow I'll redo last seasons Prime Time Nationals semis with the Dallas Stars and Lady Big Dogs, both winners in this years Platinum and Varsity divisions, the Arlington Swoosh, Arkansas Lady Beast and Arkansas Mavericks not to mention, the BIG TIP SHEET so be patient, I love throwing change up but the most important thing is I get the strike while you get the hit, football and baseball terminology closing the day out

AE Black back to back #MemorialWeekendShowdown

Sometimes I'm tripping after not getting enough rest and it took me a while to realize this was the same team I saw a week earlier. I caught the tail end of their IBC NCAA Championship and the guards were going absolutely crazy out there but after talking with Coach Martin, he assured me to just watch. Makayla Bathwith, Karin Overton and Dashian Williams just controlled the paint, after all that's 5'10, 6'2 and 6'6 which averages out to a front line of 6'2, might be an SAT question, stay on your game on and off the court

Williams simply keeps getting better every time I see her but it seems like every player showed me something different or improved on what I already had seen. Alesia McFarlin went baseline at will and was stroking it from midrange all tournament, Emily Daniels was taking her man whenever she wanted, well so was Brianna McClure and both played the passing lanes well

I just enjoy players getting after it and when you add the abundance of talent from Austin Elite season after season. Lea Cunningham was an offensive machine, off the dribble, mid to long and that catch and shoot is huge, really huge. Jade Jeffries continues to impress, this time she added seeing the floor and what can I say about Shianne Johnson that I haven't said other than she and Daniels are freshmen and she wears 24, my favorite show on TV so I'm always expecting something dramatic from her . Aundrea Funderburke will be on the Tip Sheet, her ability to bring it is mind blowing at times

I'm still down with TPE at #MemorialWeekendShowcase

Texas Preps Elite gave me so many thrills last season, especially the younger group because I knew they showed a lot of potential and they were hungry, well they're becoming more ready than ever for the buffet, hopefully you caught that. I spoke with Jordan Hamilton and told her how much she has matured on the floor and that speaks volumes because she was handling the one pretty good as well. Rebecca Lescay and Barber always find ways to excite me on the floor while the addition of Jae Branch and Gabby Gregory, two who excited me before I saw the others a while back, simply makes them a team that will catch your eye
Jalise Smallwood is a special player that's ready to burst out and Jalise Smallwood isn;t quite 100% but she'll be in BEAST mode before it's all said and done. Yoselin Maldonado and Mariah Fluellen also went to work this weekend and helped TPE put together a strong showing. The older team was equally exciting, anytime Angela Harris has the ball expect something to happen that may amaze you and while Branch and Gregory did dual work on both teams, Shelby Dixon and CeCe Cockerham, a couple of talented seniors, put on a show. Cockerham was dropping bombs from I-45 while Dixon kept me glued so I couldn't get on it. Dixon plays one way, hard and she simply kept TPE in the hunt, let's revisit the Tip Sheet she made a while back

Read more

New faces help ignite Texas Elite Adipure #MemorialWeekendShowcase

Madison Williams, Kimmy Carter and Ashley Ford weren't with Texas Elite Adipure, in fact Leah Silva had just joined them when I caught them earlier this season but what I do is that the additions have paid dividends for the Rodriguez brothers, Matt and Mike. Spots became available after Zandra Emanuel and Amber Richard signed to play college ball and now Williams is the lone senior

Silva is a gifted scorer, in fact all four have shown they can put the ball in the basket and should it not go in Marlena Gana is waiting to put it back. Leah Boehl read the floor well, came up with several steals and not only attacked but finished with contact. Katelyn Owen and Nicole Coravibus simply kept the heat going throughout the event

Texas Dream Team at #MemorialWeekendShowcase

I only caught a glimpse of the Texas Dream Team's 2015 squad but here's the deal, Dora Freeman's athleticism and midrange were certainly bright spots, especially watching her bank in some shots, Google it if you don't know but the squad had a little bit of everything including Mykel Love and Autumn Weller who kept the pressure coming

Mackenzie Hailey was strong inside, she's long and active, rebounds, runs the floor well and more importantly, finishes strong. Danielle Waters took defenders off the dribble effortlessly at times while Brewee Ellis did the same plus saw the floor well. Kiasha Harris was creating all types of havoc in te paint, she rebounded strong on both ends

I was spreading myself thin and didn't catch Kristen Stubblefield or Kristin Dewitt but I was so impressed with Kennedi Burk that I got up and found out what her name was, Burk, only a sophomore, played on the other Dream Team but she caused some nightmares and will be on the Tip Sheet

Deuces up cause I ain't forgot about #IBC

My girl Sally always brightens my day not just because of that magnificent and personality but the energy she brings over and over on the floor. Sally made a Tip Sheet from the Insiders Basketball Classic which I hashtagged #IBC and more stories will be coming as I take a well deserved hiatus to catch up on my Girlz Prep Report Scouting Service

Houston Premier, Houstonians and others, I haven't forgotten about you as the mini stories will be heading your way from the #IBC

OMG Lady Big Dogs, I haven't forgotten #MemorialWeekendShowdown

Okay Dillingham is sweating, Wells is checking to see if the story is online and Andrews and Sanchez are throwing deuces but trust me, it's coming, it's coming later today, or tomorrow :)

Pictures are worth a thousand words

Nyah Wilson sighting at #MemorialWeekendShowdown

Let me just this about Nyah Wilson, she's one of the reasons that it will be fun to watch the Texas talent in 2021. Hey either you got it or you don't, I'm talking about her on the court me coming at you off the court. Nyah wasn't playing but I truly enjoy this young lady just as much as I did her twin sisters back in the day

Let's revisit the Tip Sheet she made from the John Lucas 60/60  read more

3T Gold #MemorialWeekendShowdown

Not giving Anna Singer any room is definitely wise as she showed she could shoot it while Jessica Hiltibrand's athleticism enabled her to get to the basket under difficult circumstances. Nia Gusman was strong in the paint while Armani Watson was just strong period, both have huge upsides, well you can say that for the scrappy and energetic team. Magan Bush dove on the floor, ran into the wall took charges and simply hustled all over the place

DFW Hawks continue to soar #MemorialWeekendShowdown

Here's another one for you, "it ain't where you start, it's where you finish" and this DFW Hawks team continue to show me they're putting in the work off the court. NuNu Hartfield simply brings so much energy on the court that is so easy when she Zahria Lester and Sydney Sweat turn that heat and, well make the opposing team SWEAT

Okay Ally Gamez, you've made me a believer at the one, you're under control and running the team plus you've shown you can score while Ree Ree Lewis and Taylor Woods, both freshman like Gamez simply continue to improve. Sharae Chatres continues to legitimize herself as a D1 player, she's stong and athletic, can rebound and finish and once she realizes how good she can be........