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2019 brings the rhymes out after March Fest

Since tomorrow is Easter, I had a flashback about about the speeches I used to do at church way back in the day so I decided to mix it up and give you a little rhyme

Green and Tucker, Tucker and Green
Two of the best in 2019

Okay maybe it's too late for an aging rapper to burst onto the season but these two sixth graders have plenty of time left on the court. Both  are truly special and will be among the top of the charts when the dust settles



Brown takes control at March Fest

Shattarah Brown's role changed at Atascocita this season. After all, they lost their "Big Three" to the next level from that previous 2012 class so the make-up of the team changed tremendously. Brown showed she could not only score but also run a team and her energy helped "The Taz" pull off some huge wins during the season

At The "BigTyme" March Fest, she sowed nothing has changed and I'll get another look at not only Brown but DFW Elite Houston 2014 Miller next weekend at the Insiders Hoopfest, deadline is today, NO EXCEPTIONS!


Wildcats getting ready at March Fest

I've been watching Kandra Gassaway and Cierra Palmer for a very long time and last season both came into their own, Gassaway was dominant for Northbrook, while Palmer helped not only pull off some big wins but make a run. I didn't get a chance to see them play at the BigTyme March Fest however I know these Houston Wildcats will be ready

Friday, March 29, 2013

Top 100 and beyond at March Fest

Even I can't find an ensemble of players equal to the talented 2017 players in DFW Elite's organization. Their 2012 group was off the chain at a young age, especially when you consider at one time Alexis Jones was in the mix however I believe this group will be better.

Deauzya Richards and Alexis Morris are major D1 players, Top 100 players and possibly MDAA's however the same could be said for several others and whether you call them DFW Swift or DFW Scholly Me, the colleges will be calling each and every one.

The team "Tip Sheet" is coming this weekend

Gulley not only star for Biddy at March Fest

Jaylan Gulley showed me a lot but there were several others from Biddy Basketball and in the picture below, you can see what type of ups this group of talented young players possess. More to come on Biddy!

San Antonio Islanders bring a little bit of everything to March Fest

Wimberly, Worley and Soliz

The San Antonio Islanders brought a coupe of teams of  player that are filled with potential. You want height? How about 6'0 Erin Wimberly (2016) or 6'3 Alexis Worley (2017). Athleticism and agility, call on Brianna Soliz (2017) who put in double duty for both squads

Then there were an abundance of tough guards, among them Annabelle Tovar (2016) and Alexia Torres (2016).

Mulkey's momentum carries on at March Fest

When I first hard about a 6'7 player coming to Houston to play basketball, it didn't phase me one bit because it's not the first time that's happened on the girls side. One will become the greatest female player ever while the other was borderline average to say the least. The spin on Nancy Mulkey was different each time I heard someone speak about her and I didn't see her myself until last December.

I saw potential in the young lady that very first time and as the season progressed to their final game of the in the E8 against Seven Lakes, she transformed into someone who showed signs of being a dominant force from the opening tip to the final buzzer and I'm talking on both ends.

At The March Fest, she got an early taste of what this summer is going be like as she had to face the top player in 2014, DFW T-Jack's Brianna Turner and if Mulkey adjusts to club ball the way she adjusted her freshman season, like that guy on Quantum Leap used to say, OH BOY!

GPR 2013 March Fest Tip Sheet on "The Youngstas"

2018 Jhakya Dilworth is one of the bright young stars in the DFW Elite program and also one you'll be hearing about over the next few seasons. All I can say is that each time I hit the Dallas area, I'll see several next level can't misses

Here are a few that haven't even entered high school and stood out at the BigTyme March Fest


Texas Preps Elite takes March Fest 8th grade Platinum

When Texas Preps Elite and DFW Elite Capra warmed up before the championship game, I observed how both teams were focused and knew what was on the line and when you have players this young that "get it", well you got something to work with. I guess it helps if they can play a little bit and play they can, a lot, and that's both teams who have enough talent to jump start a D1 program between.

I'll have a middle school tip sheet coming later today but one player from each team, Nyah Green (TPE) and Charli Collier (DFW) were so impressive, they made the nationals sheet


Sydney Coleman speaks!!!!!

This photo is from a couple of season ago however Sydney Coleman has continued to do the things I predicted when she was just a seventh grader


Coleman plays for Cy Ranch, a team that put on a show last season and could have easily been in Austin had Sydney not injured her knee, which is ironic since my SC did the same thing. Coleman is showing no lingering effects and is working hard to help push Cy Ranch to a R3 run next season and even though they lost quite a bit from last season, they have some hungry players ready to step up along with some even hungrier 2017 players ready to prove me wrong about my Cy Woods prediction

I had a chance to speak with the very bright, talented and articulate Coleman and one thing I can tell you, when SC speaks, you need to listen. I'm talking about her this time!

Fisher flying high before and after March Fest

I saw potential in Keyerra Fisher years ago and one thing I always admire about players is when they put in work and overcome obstacles. The work part is a given and having that desire plus a good nose for the game at an early age had her ahead of the curve. Even after having a knee injury, I watched her out studying games while she was out and that along with some of her comments regarding plays and game situations sort of sets the tone regarding the BB-IQ

Last year she returned 100% healthy and during the season, she was a key part of Manvel's success doing little things you might not see in the box score and at the BigTyme March Fest, she showed that she is doing that and then some for DFW Elite Houston 2014 Miller

I'll catch her again as she fills it up next weekend at the Houston Insiders Hoopfest



Thursday, March 28, 2013

Tiffany Arceneaux sometimes a blur at March Fest

2015 Tiffany Arceneaux was Newcomer Of The Year as a freshman at Dayton HS and raised the bar this season as she put up numbers galore. At the March Fest, she continue to show she's a force to be reckoned with for Houston Elite Blue. Arceneaux is also on that list of players I have personally watched drop double digit threes in a game, which included six in a row last last season

Allen comes up Gold for DFW at March Fest

DFW Elite Gold had several players with multiple stars and symbols by their names after the BigTyme March Fest. I have my own system and although the photos may sometimes be a little blurry, the memory isn't, well most of the time. Strong and acrobatic, Allen created many of her opportunities herself and when you throw that into the pot with everything else


6'3 Cierra Johnson makes presence felt at March Fest

This young lady is turning into a nightmare waiting to happen and one thing Cierra Johnson has is time to fine tone her game. Standing 75 inches, this freshman's performance at the BigTyme March Fest tells me she hasn't stopped growing on or off the floor


Coming up- Tip Sheet on "The Youngstas"

The 2019 Lady Jets had a lot of very good players on their squad and they fought until very end. I picked a handful of kids that definitely stood out but as always, at that age, everyone is on the GPR Watch List.

That "Tip Sheet" is coming tomorrow

Last party for McCarty at March Fest

As Brooke McCarty makes than final run into the club ball sunset after being everything I predicted and then some, the only question I have regarding calling the future Longhorn "The Chosen One" is this. Was I right?



I occasionally watch Swamp People and anytime I run along the bayou or even when I'm making a Louisiana  run, I sometimes have the urge to look for an alligator to catch for whatever reason and that's probably not a good idea since I've never done it

I know of players are tuning up for whatever April exposure event so please, don't try and impress anyone, aka college coaches, by doing something you can't do or have never tried because you saw it TV!

Those Shockers have some players

The old SWC Arkansas squad had the triplets, multiple players that could do the same thing and do them all well. The North Texas Shockers National 2014 fits that mode and Bria Frierson showed she could dominate both at Frisco Liberty during the Sandra Meadows Classic or at the BigTyme March Fest with her club team


2016 Maddie Brown @ March Fest

2016 Maddie Brown

Maddie Brown cracked me up at Prime Time Nationals the first time I saw her NT United Team. I guess it was because I'm on the court taking multiple pictures and she was being animated. It's always great to have fun, believe me I'm having a ball, but when the bright lights hit, this young lady is serious and I mean serious.

How serious was she at the BigTyme March Fest?

2016 "Oh Mighty Isis" showcases for Showcase at March Fest

Sometimes I may need a little pick me up and between the bright orange uniforms and the length and wingspan on 2016 Isis Lane, I figured their court would be a good choice and needless to say, I was correct. Lane was one of many bright young stars for this talented group called the Oklahoma Showcase that performed well at the BigTyme March Fest and her ability to rebound, start an outlet pass and outrun everyone for the layup on more than one occasion let me know it wasn't an accident

From Young Guns to March Fest Kelly continues to rise

I called Deja Kelly young, smart and had tremendous upside a few months ago after watching the young 2020 star and after watching her play up, up and away this weekend for the South Texas Hoyas at the BigTyme March Fest, add a couple of more things to list and most importantly these are two things you can't teach, heart and desire

No matter how hard she was hit, no matter how many times she was knocked down, she shook it off and came back with a vengeance. She made a few mistakes yet she didn't make the same ones twice and if you didn't know she was many years younger than her opponents, you would have amazed even more. Let's revisit the earlier "Tip Sheet" so you'll have 2020 as well


Ellig's big year continues

Kendall Ellig is another one of the bright young stars from NT United and although the March Fest roster has her 5'11, I'm giving her that inch for the magic number. What you don't want to do is giver her an inch on the court because this throwback player has the mentality that she will simply outwork you

Powerful in the paint enables to create some problems on both ends but when you realize she caught my eye last season at Prime Time Nationals, not to mention helped leaf her freshmen loaded high school team, Argyle Liberty Christian, to the TAPPS 5A State Final, need I say more?

2014 GPR UTR stars shine at MarchFest

Kristin Mahoney (The Woodlands) and Jasmine Nash (Klein Collins) know a  lot about each other. After all, they play on two f the top high school teams in the area, both of which have made dents in the R2 race for Austin over the past two seasons and both are ready to show college coaches what I already in their most important summer as they gear up for Cy Fair Shock Platinum

Mahoney overcame a knee injury and is 100% healthy and Nash who suffered a few minor injuries as well over the school season both had outstanding performances at the BigTyme March Fest over the past weekend.

Mahoney was showing off her smooth jumper from mid-range, while Nash was getting to the hole at will anytime she wanted, not to mention playing lock down D and just fr fun, both added the Powerball numerous times, that's GPR talk for the three!

Next weekend, I'll catch these two along with their talented teammates at the Houston Insiders Hoopfest and again the following weekend at the Cy Fair Invitational


GPR 2013 March Fest Tip Sheet High School

2014 Tori Jacobs does a little bit of everything for her Sparks club team which doesn't surprise me one bit because after the initial sighting at the Ganon Baker Camp when she was in the 8th grade, I knew this young lady would be someone to keep an eye on. Whether outside or inside, she is a scorer and by that I mean not only from anywhere but also any way you want it. She drew a lot of oohs and aahs from the March Fest crowd as she made countless off balance shots for and ones as her team pulled off an impressive victory

Tori is one of eight young ladies I picked for GPR HS Tip Sheet


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Coming up tomorrow, another "Tip Sheet"

Shani Rainey made the "Tip Sheet" for the DFW Elite March Fest after her performance for the the North Texas Shockers 2014 National Team but when you have a team this loaded, it's not a bad thing to have several players to choose from

Tomorrow, I'll add more on this exciting team but here's what I said about Rainey


Lester's star shines bright at March Fest

2016 Brianna Lester was one of the bright young stars I saw for the Lady Jets last season when I covered Prime Time Nationals. Brianna Lester was one of the bright young stars I saw for Richardson High when I covered the Sandra Meadows Classic back in December. I'm assuming you see where this is going and not only did Lester impress me on the court at the BigTyme March Fest, she also showed me how to follow someone on Instagram on my smartphone as we waited for the Texas Nike Showdown

Actually I forgot what she did off the court but I remember quite well she did on the floor as her wingspan and athleticism was creating defensive nightmares for opponents and that compliments her offensive game which is what caught my eye the first time I saw her

Another state champion at March Fest

2015 DFW Elite Gold Sausha Davey teamed up with DFW Elite alumni Roshunda Johnson at Parkview Magnet, AR, to win a state title this year. I knew what Johnson could do and after watching Davey's ability control the paint, I'm beginning to see the picture because at times no one could stop the 6'1 sophomore

One thing however was I didn't catch  was Davey doing "The Pose" Johnson helped make oh so famous at the BigTyme March Fest but the seasons young and I have time

Miss Triple Double shows versatility at March Fest

Lauren Cox is simply doing a lot of things a young lady her size doesn't normally do and although I saw her handle the ball in spots during Prime Time Nationals. She showed her game starts at the 5-4-3-2-1 as she played all five positions at the Big Tyme March Fest for NT United and came close to a quadruple double in one game. More on that talented team coming up but LC actually made the Tip Sheet


HG Elevation Elite's program rises at March Fest

The first time I had a chance to watch HG Elevation Elite was at last years Prime Time Nationals and I was blown away by the talented players throughout their program from top to bottom that one in particular made my "Tip Sheet"

4'7 McKinley Charles impressed me so much that I'm giving her two pics as she showed what heart and desire can do no matter what size you are, well it helps if you can play too and that she can. The same can be said for a number of their players that stood out for the HG 2017 Elevation Elite Alec like Brittany Hamilton, Alysia Harris and MJ Vincent to name a few

Texas and Louisiana State Champs

Sometimes I amaze myself however this picture captured Chelsea Tieusel (Southwood, LA) and Ariel Atkins (Duncanville, TX) and other than playing for the two Nike clubs in the state, they both won state championships in their respective states.

Atkins continues to amaze me so from henceforth, I will be calling her AAA as in the Amazing Ariel Atkins and that works for number of ways because if you get stranded, she can pick you up!

READ MORE March Fest Tip Sheet

I'm about to go out on a limb here and say something outlandish. If the group of 2017 DFW Elite Scholly Me players who performed at the BigTyme March Fest happened to play college ball together, they would not only make the "Big Dance", they would be dancing for a while.

It's Jade Williams turn to make the Tip Sheet


#Hoyaswhat at March Fest

The South Texas Hoyas are one of those San Antonio teams that I have to check out every chance I get because one thing is always for certain, there will be a number of players that can do a variety of things which equates to the next level, so remember that formula.

One formula you may want to figure out is how in the world can you stop Kaitlyn Ghavidel because this young lady is one of the best long ball shooters in the state, I know she hit five in one game this past weekend, and she's not even in high school.

At the BigTyme Camp, this is what I said about her  read more

Before you question me, I said the same thing about Minta Spears ability to stroke it from bta almost 10 years ago while she was in elementary school and we all know\how that turned out!

Waco Lady Panthers come up Gold in 8th grade

The Waco Lady Panthers are one of the oldest club teams in the state and over the years, countless young ladies from their program have gone on to play at the next level. Their White team won the 8th Grade Gold Championship at the DFW Elite BigTyme March Fest in one of the most competitive games in the tournament against the Arlington Lady Jazz

With so many bright young stars to choose from on the team, Kayla White was one of the players that made this team go and go they went. White was active on both ends of the court and she read the defense like a cornerback and got to hole smoothly like a running back, that's the football comparison for the day but she was impressive. Also impressive were Janaiya Davis, whose athleticism created problems and Elise Tate showed she could she could shoot the long ball, plus #10 came up big from midrange

Girlz Prep Report Consulting

Once upon a time, I used to be able to do magical things on the court however almost 50 lbs later, I'm still performing magic however it's off the court.

Check out my services and don't let opportunity disappear


DFW Elite 2016 points shows where game starts

Let's see, Daria McCutcheon was Newcomer of the Year for Plano East, Jordan Stover came in and started for one of the top tams in the state, Cedar Hill, and Gabrielle Gregory helped lead Triple A Academy to the state semifinals.

Common denominators ?
All three are freshmen
All three play for DFW Elite 2016
All three are very smart point guards
All are really, really good with tremendous upside

What's really unique is that all three of these bright young players bring something a little different to the table each time they suit up but what's also valuable is how interchangeable they are. Gregory and Stover impressed me the first time I saw them last season and I was so blown away by Stover's performance at the Mansfield Tournament, I had forgotten who she was, only to be reminded by DFW director Corey Hegwood "dude you've wrote about her"

That happens now and then but it won't happen again and as blown away as I was with Stover, I can't tell you how many coaches following box scores called me about Gregory and doing what she did this early for Triple A shows everything I wrote about her was true, use the search bar at the top please

This was my first good look at McCutcheon and her quick first step and the ability to knock down the long ones were only a couple of the attributes that will take her a long way. DFW 2016 is loaded with talent, I ran  through the pictures, came across this one and noticed was a story, that' how I do it.

 With a ll the talent on this team, be ready because more stories throughout the season will be coming on several players from this very talented squad

Insiders Hoopfest featuring dominant Tyesha Taylor

When you're 6'3 with a powerful body, you are going to play at the next level. When you can dominate in the paint on both ends, you are going to play D-1 ball. When you add the ability to step out and hit the 10-15 footer on a consistent basis, well let me put it this way, Tyeasha Taylor is on the short lists of  several MAJOR D1 schools across the country.

How good is she? At the Texas Invitational, her Temple high school squad came down and defeated the second best team in the city, Manvel. Temple was in first place in District 8 when Taylor had a minor injury and without her, fell to third so what appeared to be a run to at least the  Region 1 Final Four didn't happen.

What has happened is Taylor is back with a vengeance and the 2014 star is ready to solidify her status as one of the top bigs in the country. I'll get a good look at not only Taylor at the Houston Insiders Hoopfest April 5th-7th, but Haley Frias, Maddie Anderson and Caitlyn Buttram as well, all three from State 4A Champion Georgetown

March 30th is the DEADLINE, there will not be any teams admitted after that date. To register, click on link below and remember, this tournament is GPR Certified which means it's for what, evaluating and exposure.

Houston Insiders Hoopfest

Oklahoma Select 2019 comes up short in title game

No one can say I'm biased about anything because no matter who you play for or where you play from, talent is talent and I'm still me. Oklahoma has been turning out top notch talent since I saw Danielle Gant (Texas A&M) and Earnesia Williams (Texas) play against Marissa Coleman (Maryland) back in what seems like forever at AAU Nationals in Virginia Beach

More recently, I wrote about several Oklahoma players I saw during last seasons Prime Time Nationals Championships and if you don't use that search bar, you can find it here

Oklahoma Select put up a good fight in the March Fest 6th Grade Championship game against NTX Lights Out but they came up short. With several promising players on their young squad, Peyton Gore and Kaylee Toutfast  were among the ones that made key plays throughout the game

Tieuel ready for encore starting with March Fest

The third was a charm for many teams this season however for 2014 star Chelsea Tieuel. Her Southwood (LA) team definitely made their presence felt as they made their third trip to state this season left with the state championship. Known as an offensive threat, I compare her to a silent assassin on the floor as she can score quietly and effectively. This season, she'll suit for T-Jack for her encore performance

Unsigned seniors play BigTyme at March Fest

Bria Jackson (Irving Nimitz)

When you have the type of talent that's still unsigned across the state, this let's you know how loaded Texas is year after year and I can only imagine how some might feel, article after article and email after email. At the BigTyme March Fest, several unsigned seniors showcased their skills and although I never win on the Pick 3, here are three of the sure picks that remain unsigned

Bria Jackson- 5-9 guard, Irving Nimitz-Jackson is long and athletic and had no problem getting wherever she wanted, whenever she wanted. Her first step created a blur several times and her ability to finish was as impressive as her defense, both were really good

Jasmine Glee-5-7 guard, Cedar Hill-Although I'm not a fan of the Fox show which bares Jasmine's last name, I've been a fan of this Glee since watching her perform a couple of seasons ago at the Tyrone Johnson Classic. With a powerful body, Glee can score from long or mid-range, not to mention she's strong enough to score and rebound in the paint against taller opponents

Taylor Ross-5-7 guard, Pflugerville-Ross was one of the best players in the state tournament for Pflugerville and was the leading scorer for both teams in their semifinal loss. That parlayed over to her superlative performance with Austin Elite last weekend as she showed she could not only run a team but take a game over when needed however when you can handle the ball, pass and score like she can, that's no surprise

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tip Sheets are coming

I didn't have a chance to catch much of these two Lady All Stars but with their youth and ability, I'm sure I'll be seeing a lot of them in the future. The DFW Elite March Fest had so much talent, I know I've said that numerous times but I'm still amazed at the basketball IQ some of these middle school players have and believe me, "it ain't no app for that" Tip Sheet coming, hey a little something called the NCAA Tournament is taking a little precedence and after watching a very late game in College Station last night, I had to regroup and gather my thoughts, "it ain't no app for that either" and believe me I've looked

Insiders Hoopfest, April 5th-7th , followed by the Cy Fair Invitational April 12th-14th, are my next big endeavors in town before traveling back to Dallas for their April 20th-21st Texas Spring Invitational and then I'll be back in the Metroplex to cover a Prime Time Event May 4th-5th.


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