Sunday, April 19, 2015

I'm getting ready for round 2 #CFInvite

I'm going to take a cue from SA Finest bright young star Corina Carter ( SA Finest Diamond) and get my hair ready, well along with everything else as I get ready to cover round 2 of the Cy Fair Invitational. Carter was her ever so spectacular self on day 1 and this morning I'll start with some of the younger teams at Cy Woods and get a chance to see some more up and coming talent like Jesse Paz Y Puennte (SA Finest Gold) along with my ICE partners Shae "It's a Routt" Taylor Thomas and if one set of twins wasn't enough, the Dilworth's and the Truong's start me off at 8am

Lady Warriors 2019, gotta see Nina, Mikayla, Sonia and the rest of their star studded young team along with GTE Grey and Jessica Esclovon at 9:05 and I'' catch half of Jesse's game at 10:10 as they battle Urban Heroes Elite before heading back to Cy Ranch to close the day out.