Friday, October 12, 2018

Monster 2020 Class continues to become scarier

I remember around six years ago I started ranting about the 2020 class in Texas being one of the best, top to bottom, I had seen since I started covering girls' basketball  before the turn of the century, and unlike many who fabricate what they've done and (or) do, I'm pretty much on the money. Deja Kelly, Sarah Andrews, Jordan Merrit and Deyanna Gaston were a few of the early kids I tagged not only D-1 locks but BCS as well and they hadn't even entered middle school, keep in mind whatever I say is documented and with a second grade level of "googling" you'd see that

Fast forward to the "new era" where elementary school players are being ranked by "experts" with 25 followers on Twitter, who  are self proclaimed as being "the best in the business" and it's sad because this whole thing has taken a dramatic turn for the worse so it's still refreshing to see players and parents that actually get it. I definitely saw an abundance of 2020 stars bursting on the scene or expanding their already impressive games at Austin Elite's Capital City Top Girls Invitational that I had a brainstorm

I'm dropping two Tip Sheets on the HS Division, the 2020 Monster group gets one by themselves, this includes De'Maya Young, pictured above, who has been on fire since I first saw her in the 7th grade, and that will be later this morning so in case you missed the middle school version, click the link below and remember two things, everyone is NOT an expert and I have NEVER been wrong about a player, well three things, it's plenty of BS to be absorbed so watch out


Monday, October 8, 2018

San Antonio Lady Hoops invade #capcityinvitational

That old saying, "they came, they saw, they conquered" is one of the phrases that applies to the San Antonio Lady Hoops because going into the 2nd season, I have sen many of their players in numerous settings and trust me, they are not running, nor walking away fast from any competition as they strive to get better and the progression I continue to see has me beaming from ear to ear. On hand for the Capital City Top Girls Invitational Exposure Camp in the MS session were Emily Carranco, Madison McKinnon, Alyxa Martinez, Julissa Bolinger,  Natalie Dominguez, Ezra Tobias, Vivian Gonzalez, Miranda Garcia, Mya Guzman and Bailey Guzman, not pictured order

Three of their players, Layla Conley, Aysia Proctor and Skye Stephens also stayed for the HS session and to say that they held their own would be a mild understatement. Here's a recap of some the MS session, more coming on Twitter and The Gram


2018 Capital City Top Girls Invitational Exposure Camp MS session

Plenty of talent across the board were on hand, here is a recap


Saturday, October 6, 2018

2018 Skilled Up Elite Fall Finish

Alexys King is back home in College Station to close out her impressive HS season and she was overly impressive at Skilled Up Elite's Fall Finish a couple of weeks ago. The UNDECIDED senior brings so much to the table and her College Station squad was definitely one of the top squads at the event, squad scored I believe 16 points in a couple of minutes but here's the recap

2018 Skilled Up Elite 

King's Highlight Video 

Monday, September 3, 2018

2018 Skilled Up Camp with many promising Pre HS players

One thing I love too see is younger players getting after it, especially against older players and when they show promise potential against " the big girls" that sort of sends a message to me and as you watch this new age of nonsense people continue to buy into, I'll always keep it real on the talented players coming up and here are some of the young MS ballers that stood out at the Skilled Up Elite Camp, HS Tip Sheet will be on my website  GIRLZ PREP REPORT 


Keely Cummings-guard (Lomax MS) poised beyond her years, showed me that in the 3rd grade and I knew she was on the verge of something big because when you comprehend the game early, things usually fall into place like her mid to long range and running a squad

Lauren Cook-guard (SCCS) right last name because she's on the verge of being smokin hot on the court. Loves to get after it, already "gets it" and her upside and enthusiasm makes me now she's definitely on track

Madison Penn-guard (Humble Christian) athletic, battles in plays, showed she could create her shot and got after it on defense. Understands the little things and more importantly, plays within herself, good upside

Mikayla Evans-guard (Westbriar MS) explosive first step, plays passing lane, dives on floor, in stands, wherever and that throwback mentality will keep her in the mix because she's showing signs of just making things happen

Katelyn Evans-guard (Westbriar MS) bucket a minute mentality as she can fill it up in droves with the mid to long , she's home on the range and that quick release not to mention setting defenders up is something that will create problems


Jada Harvey-guard (Hilderbrand MS) one of those kids that you think is older just by her demeanor and if you didn't know it you wouldn't believe she was the youngest camper. Playing defense in the paint against legitimate college players at this stage and not backing down told me something I already knew which was she's going to be a major factor before it's over

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Daddy's Baby is back in the league with Minnesota

I try and explain to people how this stuff works, I know it's always good to listen to someone that opens up a Twitter account saying they're an expert with 57 followers, usually someone they tweeted about or someone flexing their resume, which means absolutely nothing and if you don't believe me, I truly feel sorry for you and for most of you, get ready to get took because the girls side is becoming as shady as the other side and at some point it would seem like reasonably intelligent people would recognize game. Parent, there isn't something for everyone, if you can play, they will find you, and all of these other so last century quotes that people use, just don't apply and I'm truly serious


One more time, no one can make you a better player, you have to put in the work and it's sad how people proclaim to be the second coming and it's absolute BS and I often tell them, I have no idea how my daughter had 13 or 14 D1 offers before she even entered HS and how she over 100 when she committed to Texas A&M where she won a National Championship as well as made it to the NBA with these "avant garde" techniques being applied but anyway, you can believe what you want or who you want, I know, first hand and I'm glad my daughter made it back into the league, they head to the playoffs tonight, so while you're about to get took starting next month, think on and off the court

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Lady Hoopsters 2023 story

They came, the saw, they won Prime Time Nationals for the third year in a row so what's next for the talented group from Oklahoma? 8th grade


Sunday, August 5, 2018

2018 Prime Time Summer Elite Showcase

Over my years of watching talented players across the country, one thing has and always will remain a constant and it's pinned on my Twitter account, "talent is everywhere" and that's provided you know what you're looking at and the game is more than just scoring a lot of baskets to move on to the next level and be successful so another phrase I seldom use, "what else do you bring to the table" applies strongly

Reagan Montgomery-guard (DFW Hawks) showed me in middle school she score in droves however over the years she has become a complete player capable of playing both the 1 or 2 at the next level because her poise on the court, high BB-IQ and unselfishness just stands out but don't get it twisted because she can still fill it up scoring mid to long range but her ability to finish with contact just keeps getting better

Mariah Smith-guard (Cy Fair Elite EYBL 16U) I did not need 20/20 vision when I said 6 years ago 2020 was going to be a "monster class" and seeing Smith for the first time 3 years ago told me it was scary everywhere. The Oklahoma native continues to impress me and more importantly college coaches after going off at PassThaBall's Showcase in Chicago a few weeks ago. Nice pull-up in transition, mid to long range and brings heat on defense plus she's unselfish and just goes hard

DeZarae Stewart-guard (Southern Krushers Academy) seeing is believing has always been my motto and what I will always go by and after seeing some of her on video, I was somewhat speechless but watching her in person definitely has me talking, well typing. Physical on both ends, reads plays before they happen, plays passing lane and can score inside, after contact as well as hit the outside shot and still has upside

Here are some of the other standouts from the Summer Elite Showcase, follow me on social media for even more coming up read more

Thursday, August 2, 2018

2018 Prime Time Nationals Tip Sheet


The 2018 Prime Time Nationals closed with a bang and I'm not talking about wins and losses, that's not really what I care about because my primary purpose is, has and always will be identifying players that can play at the next level, had my share of wins and losses throughout the years with my daughter so it's another chapter and as it is about to close at this level and open for many others, at this and the next, the primary thing I want to see is progression so here we gp

Claire Hale (San Antonio Islanders) one of the toughest players that can actually play in the 2019 class. She's dropped 30 on one leg, dropped 8 three's in a game on another, played through sprains and everything else so the mental toughness is there. High BB-IQ, does things to make teammates better and she'll be an even better college player because her work ethic is unreal

Abbie Boutiler (Texas Lone Star Black) speaking of work ethic, the jump I've seen in a short span is scary, not to mention she's still in middle school heading to the 8th grade. Her frame is solid, close to college ready, love her hands, footwork, good timing and she is rebounding strong on both ends. Her offense keeps getting better, moving from that "on the block post" to knock down shots facing the basket, oh yeah, I forgot, she's 75 inches, that's 6'3 and not in HS, now I have your attention !!!!

Asia Waddell-guard/forward (Cy Fair & FL Elite) the work ethic saga continues as this young lady keeps growing and getting better and putting in work on two different squads at Prime Time Nationals says a lot about her endurance. I'm loving her poise and energy, that defense is looking good but I really liked her game when I caught her a couple of years ago as she falls into that silent assassin category but when I saw the long ball drop over and over, well just watch out


Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Team Motivate 2023 #TexasSpotlightShowcase

One of the many things I am good at is being able to evaluate and predict young talent and whether are not they are on track for the next level and although there will always be sleepers, some just stand out immediately and the first couple of times I saw Team Motivate 2023 this season, a couple of their players , Synia DeWater  and London Harden  made Tip Sheets, ironically I used the search bar on both here and my website and 3 years ago I said I loved DeWater's upside, click on each one of their names to see

Fast forward to Texas Spotlight Showcase and I got a full view of this talented squad with several players that are going to be making plenty of noise. Alaisha Brown got the nod for the Tip Sheet this event. This is a very athletic young squad that gets after it and are under control, the energy from both Jyra Chrsitopher and Jaylen Mills doesn't stop, Mills also attacks and finishes strong, as well and Chloe Mann who had me going "man oh man" with her speed tied into everything and she made a save I haven't seen many high school guards heading to college make. Mann, Harden, Anyha Green McGowan and Jayda Leonard are all playing up while Hailey Townson and Eaira Colbert have been bright spots all season

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

602 Lady Nation bring West Coast Heat

I stress over and over talent is everywhere and it started when I stressed that about Texas when it was being UNDER evaluated right after the turn of the century and I although I had a vested interest, my daughter, it was tons of other players that simply were not being recognized and as the years have progressed, I noticed that just like talent, that happens everywhere but always remember two things, if you can play, they WON'T always find you and there is NOT something for everyone so you have to apply common sense to a lot of this stuff but it's always good to see what's up in other regions, I've seen it all over the years and this 602 group from Arizona definitely had some standouts, Madison McGee, Kassidy Dixon and Destiny Lunan made my Texas Spotlight Showcase Tip Sheet  but since you all came from Arizona, here are some others

8th Grade

Good strength and size from Janae Byrd, Kamiyah Hurd and Danay Williams, plenty of athletic players who also showed range, Shelby Bales, Syrene Sanders and Olivia Arvallo. Sanders also made some on the money passes and attacked well, Amaya Felix has catlike instincts and creates her own shot well, yall totally missed the play on words and speaking of range, Sienna Cherwinski can shoot it and had the spin of the day in traffic

17U Black

Marie Esteen did some damage on the boards as well as attacking rim, while Sabrino Lado was steady at the one. Watched Hailey Garalczyk get going from long range as well as Alyssa Magee. Aria Taylor also attacked basket well, used her athleticism nicely while Danielle Martinez not only found ways to get to the basket from various angles and finish with contact, she also played the passing lane well

16U Platinum

Amaya Vasque created some issues at 6'2 while Dustee Murrell  has a strong body and can shoot the long ball. Brooke Rodgers finishes strong and saw the floor well while Jamia Clark does a little of everything, she's powerful and attacks the same way, taking the lick with contact and creates off the dribble. Jasmine Singleton also finished strong and Madison Wilson made plays and does so much that doesn't show up on stat sheet. I've been doing this so long that some of these faces resemble players I coached in the past and Zari Watkins definitely reminded me of an ex player. Solid PG that made pass and steal of the day, showed she could run a team

Monday, July 9, 2018

2018 Houstonians Summer Showcase


I've mentioned that the Houstonians are one of the oldest and most respected clubs in the area and was around before I even started and their alumni reads like a Who's Who of players like Nina Norman (Texas), the first McDonald's All American from the area who played in the first girl's game and Lindsey Harding (Duke) who starred in the WNBA for years and they are only a tip of the iceberg and I won't waste a lot of time typing information because the sad part is what I'm seeing now is that parents and players are buying into useless BS and erroneous information but what do I know? Well I know talent and talent is definitely everywhere and my first trip to HTX Gym for the Houstonians event let me catch up with some I had already seen and observe their progression as well as a good look at some new up and comers but here are a few I caught on Championship Sunday


Ashlyn Mason (Friendswood) powerful body, runs the floor and is effective scoring on the inside. Nice hands and footwork, rebounded well on both ends

Georgia Smith (Cy Fair Premier Gray) one of several guards on squad that attacked well, she created in traffic and knocked down the midrange

Mikayla Green (Texas Elite Stars Burroughs) strong body, attacks hard and can finish after contact, also can shoot the long ball and that's catch and shoot

Tamila Singleton (Houston Lady Dominators) one of those "never takes a play off" types of player, tons of energy, attacks from everywhere and defends baseline to baseline

Niyah Johnson  (HTX Fire 2022) long and athletic, shows me something new every time I see her, battles for everything off the glass and finishes

Jailyn Brackens (DFW Jeff) one of many athletic players on squad, she attacks strong from the wing and finishes strong after contact. Plays hard defense


Gwendlyn McGew (B4D1) strong body, size, doesn't mind physicality, either giving or taking, very active on the court, rebounds and has good upside

Alynna Garcia (Houstonians) creates shot and that's either the mid or long range, athletic, handles ball in traffic, plays defense well

Arkysia Garrett (Houston Elite Black) shows signs of explosiveness, nice first step and get not only get to the basket with ease, she also defends

Kendal Valois(BDA 15U) heady guard that makes plays, creates for herself and teammates, nice mid to long range shooter, handles ball under pressure

Keeley Cummings (Skyrise Mike) don't know who has the Tip Sheet record but the way KC is playing, the Sunshine is definitely bright and many probably didn't catch the play on words but Cummings play on the court sometimes leaves me at a loss for words as her upside is pretty high. She understands the game and can score in bunches if needed

Sydney Colson aka Grandma Pearl

Nothing my daughter does amazes me anymore, she is very well rounded and talented in so many ways however this just blew me away

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

2018 Generation Next All Americans

One thing I overly stress and that's "talent is everywhere" well that's provided you know what you're looking at and I stopped by the Generation Next event hosted by DC Queens and the talented players I saw from middle school on down was mind boggling to say the least because I already know that quite a few have "next level" stamped, they only need to be ,mailed and this young lady pictured above, Aaliyah Chavez, simply left me speechless but there were others and I'll have a Tip Sheet on the talented players I caught Saturday coming up on my Girlz Prep Report website no later than tomorrow evening  but here are those who were named All Americans

Generation Next 3rd Grade Grassroots All Americans
1.       Kiylah Jones #10
DC Queens 2027 (Orange)
3rd Grade
2.       Olivia Isbell #21
FW Outlaws
3rd Grade
3.       Loghan Hamilton  #30
EBA 27’
3rd Grade
4.       Brooke Donovan #12
3rd Grade
5.       Jamyla #20
DC Queens 2027 White
3rd Grade
Generation Next 4th Grade Grassroots All Americans
1.       Kamora Carroll #0
DC Queens 26’ (Houston)
4th Grade
2.       Jillian Topping #4
Lady Drive Nation 26’
4th Grade
3.       Sydney Murphy #44
Lady Drive Nation 26’
4th Grade
4.       J. Rogers #24
Hustle Fit
4th Grade
5.       Dawn Jones #1
DC Queens 26’ Silver
4th Grade
Generation Next 5th Grade Grassroots All Americans
1.       Maya T.  #2
Lady Vols
5th Grade
2.       Keiristein Russell #2
NTX Elite (Tarheels)
5th Grade
3.       M. Coleman #14
Waco United/Impact
5th Grade
4.       Olivia Willis #12
DC Queens 25’ Silver
5th Grade
5.       Kendall Bogely  #12
Lady Drive Nation
5th Grade
Generation Next 6th/7th Grade Grassroots All Americans
1.       J. McIntosh #4
6th Grade
2.       Ri’Azia Smith #21
Waco United/Impact
7th Grade
3.       M. Willis #15
DC Queens Platinum
6th Grade
4.       Cheyenne Wooten #0
NTX Lady Elite
6th Grade
5.       C. Harris #21
NTX Lady Elite
6th Grade
Generation Next 8th Grade Grassroots All Americans
1.       Asha McSwain #55
Lady Jets (McSwain)
8th Grade
2.       Aaliyah Chavez #2
Lubbock Nitro
5th Grade
3.       Kelley Mora #30
Lubbock Nitro
8th Grade
4.       Jaelyn Morrison #33
El Paso Infiniti
8th Grade
5.       Mary Doyle #00
DC Queens 22’ Denton
8th Grade

Friday, June 29, 2018

2018 Austin Elite #TJShowcase MS Tip Sheet

Talk about some up and coming talented players in Texas, several just made me smile as I sat back and enjoyed two days of action at the Tyrone Johnson Showcase hosted by Austin Elite so let me start off with some of the middle school and younger standouts. Keep in mind BCS Locks Sammy Wagner and 

Kendall Sneed (Texas Storm) the long ponytail and ability to get to the basket and finish with contact immediately brought back memories of my own daughter but Sneed just left me speechless at times because she scored numerous ways, handled the ball under pressure and showed plenty of poise

Kenna Gibson (HTX Fire 2022) she hit a deep one as I was passing by, she hit another one as I came back and it seemed like every game I watched her, she was dropping the long ball, both days in all of the games. Accurate and can catch and shoot, that's huge

Carleigh Wenzel (SA Finest) HS "be a ready" because this young lady is going to make an immediate impact with her picture perfect jumper. I was on the other end taking a selfie and saw the form and knew it was her, awe man and didn't I call her a BCS Lock, yes I did

Mia Jiminez (SA Lady Hoops) dropped something on the quad that attended the camp but this squad is pretty well rounded and Jiminez adds a little something each time I've caught her. Takes defenders off dribble, nice floater or can mix it up with mid to long range

Cindy Foka (Phoenix) good size and agility, powerful inside and battled for everything off the glass and on the floor. Showed good defense and better upside as she already understands how to ignite the break and run the floor

LA Sneed (SA Finest) explosive guard that simply makes things happen every-time she touches the ball and is one of those "makes teammates better" types. Sees the floor extremely well, great handle  with the ability to dazzle, nice mid to long shooting, huge upside

Jordan Washington ( Phoenix) playing up and I'd have never known and I'm talking 2 or 3 years up. Very knowledgeable which I love to see, doesn't phased, I love that too and gives and receives pressure as she can finish with contact and see the floor nicely

Laney Elmore (Waco Elite Blue) plays beyond her years, already gets it and is on the right track. Attacks basket strong from various angles but her ability to create her shot, under pressure and knock it down is big

Leila Curtis( SAF Camille) explosive off the dribble, attacks relentlessly and scores multiple ways including taking the lick

Loghan Johnson ( Katy Rebels 2023 King) upside is scary, she's athletic, plays passing lane and can defend baseline to baseline plus she handles the ball in the open court and gets to the basket easily and can finish acrobatically

Naujaneete Haynes (SAF Camille) strong finisher, strong rebounder, strong defender so what does that tell you. Never takes a play off, explodes off the ground

Avari Berry (AD Elite 2023) so many talented guards throughout their organization, lets just say Berry is on her way to being ripe as she has an explosive first step, finishes and that combined with a nice pull-up is "ALL DAY" lol I had to but she plays the passing lane as well

Sammie Wagner( SA Finest) I don't even know what to say other than just keeps elevating game from #BCSLock I called her a couple of years ago and she's only a 2023. Physical and Finesse, either way you want it, she can give it with ease

Domnica Armstrong (ATX Fierce) handles the ball nicely and sees the floor, hasn't made it to MS yet so that in itself has her in the mix but what I also saw was she understands the simple things and plays within herself so all of that tells me a lot

Shaviant'a Cobb (Waco United Lady Panthers 2022) floater like a butterfly yet she can sting like a bee and I know that's over many heads just like Cobb's floater. Love how she gets to the basket and just puts the ball in, nice midrane and good upside

Yulissa Yebra (SA Lady Hoops 2023) I use "size don't matter when you can play" a whole lot and it certainly matters when you can. Yebra just keeps bringing it, the more I see her, the more I see more and becoming more fluid is showing as well as rebounding on both ends and finishing strong

Amanda Crowninshield ( Texas Elite 2022 Silver) talented PG that understands how to get talented teammates involved. Already showing confidence in her abilities, sees floor, makes pinpoint passes on the money and ca take over offensively

Creerith Plummer (Defenders & DND Elite) played on two different teams and put in work for both, it ain't the squad it's what's in the player, been doing this forever so I already that some thing you can't teach and this young lady's work ethic is "old school" like I like to see. She is showing BEAST-LIKE signs already, battles for everything, finishes strong, huge upside

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

2018 I-10 Basketball Showcase recap

As July heats up, I've had a chance to watch multiple Texas Lady Phenoms squads this season and talented players are spread out all over the place but what I really love are some of the first looks like the ones I got from Amanda Onuarah and the progression I constantly see in several of their players including Ta'Nya Gibson, Mikayla Malik  and Haley Wesley to name a few, all from the Texas Lady Phenoms organization. Phoenix Revolution rolled with 5 all weekend , Emma Moore was pretty consistent as I caught a little of their squad early Saturday and on Sunday but they truly fought shorthanded over the weekend. A couple of AD Elite younger teams were there, I didn't see any evaluators that last name rhymed with mine but no matter how LUDICROUS some of the things I'm told are, that means STUPID, not to be confused with Ludacris the rapper whom I totally enjoy, I took a look at the squad anyway and they have some players coming up, Aaron Thomas and Danielle King on the Yellow squad were among those players that will make some noise in HS

On AD Elite Blue, guards galore that keep coming at you on both ends plus power inside but Peyton Overton simply has taken her game to yet another level and speaking of guards and another level, Raven Adams is starting to pick up offers with Texas Elite Burroughs but this is a team filled with players that will play at the next level. Adams, Marchelle Willis and Aleighyah Fontenot have been dropping the long ball with ease since my hair was completely black, they keep adding even more to their games and speaking of long ball, Makayla Green was on fire while Cierra Gilbert and Dala Allen were forces on the inside. Dynasty squad was scrappy and under control, had some players that made plays as well as shots but the shots from various Lady Dominators players like Kayla Cobbs and JaNyla Kennedy kept them in the mix

Saturday, June 23, 2018

2018 All Eyez On Me Tip Sheet

Round Rock, TEXAS-The hashtag I started dropping since I figured out exactly what a hashtag was a lifetime ago #talentiseverywhere still fits and to be honest, the inaugural All Eyez On  Me Individual Showcase was bigger than even I anticipated for the first time around as over 80 players showed up, some still in elementary school all the way up to those entering their final year of high school so to say I was pleased with the abundance of talent would simply be understatement. Basketball has changed the past few years, not all for the good and parents and players need to truly understand that if their aspirations are playing at the next level, they definitely need to be placed in the right situations and be noticed by those that are actually looking because if you can do simple math, there is not something for everyone. I’ve been tweeting out players the past few days, I always ask players to take pictures at the camps I cover so I can reference back down the road as my goal is to evaluate EVERY player that was in attendance so here’s another group

Hannah Hawkins-from day one I’ve enjoyed watching this young lady shoot the ball and the range has become deeper, her ability to catch and shoot with accuracy is among the best in the state and she’s attacking and finishing with contact

Tyquanna Ross-plenty of players had that “first step” that kept defenders off balance and Ross had one of the best and coupled with her athleticism, she was definitely hard to handle. Finished strong, made some acrobatic shot and has a nice pull-up jumper 

Claire Hale-just keeps adding a variety of offensive weapons to her game.  Her long ball shooting was one of the first things I noticed a few years ago but taking defenders off the dribble, finishing with contact and a nice midrange game has made her hard to handle but what really impresses me is her ability to catch and shoot with defenders hanging on her

Jamayla Ramsey-definitely one of top freshmen in state, explosive off the dribble, defends baseline to baseline hard and one of the best first steps I’ve seen all season. She’s shifty, with the ball and can do whatever she wants but two things, her step back and doing that dropping 3 after 3 is icing on the cake

Arrianna Faulks- I use ultra-athletic for a reason and it definitely applies to her because when you can do things under control in the air on a consistent basis…..Gets to the basket whenever she pleases and finishes strong, nice pull-up in traffic, elevates on shot, over defenders, and pressure defense is what she brings

Cai Wilson-there’s fast which is always good but fast with the ball is definitely better and she is that plus under control. Not only can she blow by most and get to the basket, she understands the importance of playing passing lane and instinctively steals the ball with regularity. Good handle, sees the floor well

Zoe Nelson- she can turn it on and just dominate, her arsenal of offensive weapons combined with size, strong body and athletic ability has me on the verge of saying #BCSLock  as she’s a shade under that magic number of 6’0 that grabs college coaches attention. In transition, she showed several signs that are still blinking in my head

Jazra Williams- showed BEASTLIKE signs over and over as she plays even bigger than she is. Good timing, plus she’s long and that gives her an advantage in defense but she also elevates off the ground and battles for everything. On the other end, she creates her shot and finishes strong

Amani Bradshaw-explosive with the ball, loves to attack basket and finishes with contact. She also loves pressure, giving and taking and playing the passing lane, she definitely did some taking.  Nice pull-up jumper, plays hard and with energy which trickles down to teammates and what I saw even more of was her ability to see the floor and thread the needle

Madison Crowson-she stands 6’2, good hands and footwork and she runs the floor, both ways. She rebounds on both ends, understands how to use the pick and roll, passes well from her position but on top of everything, she puts the ball in the basket

Tyquanna Ross- very athletic got to the basket whenever she wanted and that was because of her speed and handling the ball under control but that’s not the only thing, she finished over and over and with contact. Pressure defense is always a plus, she brings that to the table as well, nice upside

Victoria Rivera-“all bets are off” is wha I said when I saw her 3 or 4 years ago, she’ll enter her freshman season as one of the top freshmen in Texas and she ain’t done. Close to 6’0, her range is unlimited, like her upside as she can score so many ways, I can’t even count them. Good body control and again , there is no telling how high she soars for the next level

Sierra Woods- dazzled me almost immediately with handle and variety of moves to the basket but she sees floor, threads the needle and is one of those “makes teammates better” types of player. Love her energy and upside but she brings a whole lot to the table including defense and remember, the game starts at the one

Portia Leathers- strong rebounder and finisher, around 6’0 and loves contact. I guess what she’s showing even more of is facing the basket to score and playing defense outside of the paint. Nice hands and footwork, her energy and upside are pluses as well

YuYu Adeleke- strong body, strong rebounder, strong defender, strong finisher still doesn’t sum up her intangibles that don’t show on the stat sheet like powerful picks that gives shooters looks or diving for loose balls or reacting on screens . Faces the basket and stepped out on the perimeter to hold her man

Thursday, June 21, 2018

San Antonio Lady Hoops foursome knew they had #AllEyezOnMe

I think I've mentioned that I love seeing new talent, this ties into my saying talent is everywhere and this dates back to when I used to curse the mainstream out about ignoring Texas, oh how I wish they had Instagram so we could refer back to those exciting times but we don't however nothing has changed in my mind because I actually what's out there, what has been out there and how the finished product looks so it's always good to see players that not only get it but also implement it. I caught the San Antonio Lady Hoops a few weeks ago and to say I was speechless at times would be an understatement so for the four that were at the Individual Showcase, here's a little something

Annalia Cuellar- instant offense sort of sums her up, or does it. She creates well under pressure and gets her shot off nicely but more  importantly she is consistent. When you can mix it up by taking defenders off the dribble coupled with her shooting, good things will happen

Emery Black-powerful is a good word because she gets to the basket strong and finishes the same way, with contact. Good defender baseline to baseline, nice mid to long range but I guess what I saw even more of was her rebounding on both ends, against taller players and her spin move still has me dizzy

Future Asevado- don't know if this "Future" can rap off the court but she certainly can "create" on it , love how she attacks the basket for buckets and it doesn't matter from where are against whom. Sets defenders up nicely, sees the floor well

Aysia Proctor- this is one Proctor you don't want to Gamble on, pun intended but her upside is scary. Missed her a few weeks ago, she broke her hand and I'm thinking which one because she scoring with both. Love the range, takes defenders off dribble easily, showed a step back, nice arsenal of offensive weapons