Monday, December 31, 2018

When they were under TWELVE #AI18

Had to dig deep into the archives for this one but I've been knowing many of these talented players from the Bryan/College Station for a very long time, keep in mind my daughter was a freshman at Texas A&M in 2007 and many of these players were at numerous games over the years, Precious and Treece Daily (Mexia) Darby Hurley (A&M Consolidated) Ziggy Richards (Rudder) Rebekah Hailey and Alexys King (College Station) in fact King was actually a ball girl and her energy told me even before she played she would make a lot of noise over the years

Precious wasn't on that original team, she's a freshman but her along with now sophomores Sissy Thompson and Nay Johnson (College Station) showed me a lot really quickly on the younger team but this was a trip I had to make because with the exception of Hailey, the others are seniors so here we go quickly as College Station won Aggieland Invitational, Rudder came in 2nd and A&M Consolidated finished 6th

Alexys King -straw that stirs the drink, can score in droves in fact she scored double digits in the second half of three of the games I caught during the event but her ability to do it in the flow as well as shoot the long ball and score off the dribble makes her one of the top UNSIGNED players in Texas

Rebekah Hailey-just keeps adding to her impressive offensive repertoire. The long ball was already there but she's creating her own shot, under pressure and mixing it up nicely and watching her go C2C countless times with the stop and pop ....

Trece Daily -size doesn't matter when you can play and boy did she play. Took the game over down the stretch against Graham with clutch assists and baskets not to mention was ice from the free throw line

Ziggy Richards- helped Rudder pull off huge upset against Hendrickson who was ranked #1 by TABC in 6A. Richards has hit some big shots but none bigger than her basket stopping a late Hendrickson run

Darby Hurley-does so many things that don't show up in the box score but don't get it twisted, off the dribble, mid to long range, she puts the ball in the basket however she gets key rebounds and assists and made several huge defensive stops to help them finish strong in the event

Saturday, December 29, 2018

All BCS Final set for Aggieland Invitational #AI18

I didn't know which Aggieland Invitational semifinal game I wanted to catch but I hadn't seen Rudder, I knew several players on the squad and they were facing the  TABC #1 ranked squad, Pflugerville Hendrickson but the main reason was it was cold and I didn't feel like driving 10 minutes away and Rudder had already lost to the same squad by almost 40 to Hendrickson earlier this season but always remember the game is played on the court


In the other semifinal, how about about College Station, down 42-18 with 5 minutes left in the 3rd quarter against Rockwall, close out the game with a 40-8 run for the victory and am I surprised, absolutely not because after seeing this squad earlier this season, I stated that when you have multiple long ball shooters like they have as well as a team that can apply heat they are capable of, you never say never and when I say something, it's not just to fill up space


Since it is an all BCS final, I'm hanging around for the championship which should be interesting to say the least

Friday, December 28, 2018

Aggieland Invitatioinal opens and closes on day 1 with excitement

Plenty of star power to open up Aggieland Invitational to start my day off and it definitely was impressive to see 5 different players from College Station to drop the long ball including Alexys King who had near a triple double as they advance to the quarterfinals in the D1 division against Wylie at 12:30 and the winner of that game will play the Manvel vs Rockwall winner tonight at 6:30
On the other side of the bracket, A&M Consolidated with some impressive wins, Darby Hurley filling up the stat sheet including this pass my great photographer caught of her threading the needle to Cierra Gilbert for a basket. Gilbert also helped save the gave with an offensive rebound and put back then a defensive rebound to help them advance to the quarterfinals against TABC RANKED #1  6A Hendrickson whose loaded with firepower including soph Zoe Nelson one of the top players in Texas and Mikayla Woods who came up HUGE down the stretch  and her scoring and stealing  helped them hang on

In the D2  Division, Mexia held on as Treece Daily and her younger sister Precious proved #sizedontmatter when you can play. Treece was ice from the line down the stretch taking the game over during the last 2 minutes while Precious free throw helped put more frosting on the ice. They run into The Village who will be without 6'3 Jada Malone, one of the top freshmen in the country but still have sharpshooter Aiken Semones and Tymverlin Criswell who had the move of the day on opening day as she split two defenders and spun on another, in one motion for the finish 

Check out Roy Report as well as @BCSSportsevents for updated info 

Monday, December 24, 2018

'20 Cheyanne Bonilla on a tear with Eastlake

One of my favorite sayings is "talent is everywhere" and I truly started saying this almost 15 years ago when Texas players were being overlooked for a variety of reasons but more on that later. Texas is a very large state and sometimes certain areas are still being overlooked however over the years I've made it a point to catch as much and as many as I possibly could, it also helps that I sort of know what I'm looking at and Cheyanne Bonilla caught my eye a couple of years ago.

The 2020 guard has started off this season with a bang, to say the least, with Eastlake HS in El Paso helping lead her squad to a 2nd place finish  (Frankiln Tournament) and a 3rd place finish (Levelland Tournament) being selected to the All Tournament squad at both events. Bonilla was truly on fire in the latter event, averaging over 24 ppg during the 5 games and she also went over the 1000 point mark for her career. More will be coming on this talented young lady @CheyanneBonill1 

Friday, December 21, 2018

More from @passthaball #Super60

So many times I catch players that just leave me somewhat speechless that initial time I actually see them play and I know they're on the right track for big things. Alanna Goosby was one of those players, I caught her the week before PassThaBall's #Super60 at the Match Up City Invitational where some pretty talented MS players got to go head to head against some talented MS players and I can't emphasize how important it is to push yourselves at a very young age because this stuff has a tendency of (a) giving you a false impression on where you REALLY are and (b)showing you where you need to be and I truly keep being amazed when folks come and until that someone has their 3rd through 6th grade daughter ranked such and such because it's nonsense for the most part.
Kennedy Chappell was also one of the standouts at Match Up City Classic, I've seen her several times and one thing I always say that I look for is progression and she definitely showed me that and some. Parents and players, I'm not just blowing smoke when I tell you something, as a parent, coach and evaluator, I've been through this and it doesn't take me a "hunnid" times to know what I'm looking at, my daughter plays at the highest level, WNBA, won a National Championship at Texas A&M and had over 100 D1 offers and I've also helped hundreds of players, directly or indirectly, move on to the next level, before this social media explosion and nonsense that many of you are buying into and it's truly sad so my Christmas gift to you is to  let you know to not get caught up in the frivolous nonsense that is running abundant on the girl's side and I'll be tweeting out the rest of the players from #Super60 over the weekend

Match Up City recap

Super 60 part 1

Monday, December 17, 2018

San Antonio Lady Hoops shine @passthaball #Super60

Many of you just popped on the scene and don't have anything to reference back and often depend on advice from those who shouldn't be giving it. I remember arguing the case that Texas talent was as good as any and this 15 years ago and one of the "heavy hitters" told me they could evaluate with their eyes clothes and my response was, I believe because evidently YOU AIN'T LOOKING !!!!
I make it a point to watch everyone at this stage, I've seen several players just excel and blow up in a span of six months to a year so watching kids over and over showing things that impress me is always a plus and the San Antonio Lady Hoops is definitely a must catch team for me. Emery Black and Layla Conley grabbed my attention immediately, Aysia Proctor was out during that initial encounter however when I saw her I already knew and all three of those young ladies made the opening Tip Sheet



Abby Smith- you can't teach some thing on the court, fight and never quitting because she is a battler, she showed it on both ends but rebounding and not afraid to go after lose balls was pretty neat for me to see because it's a base. Nice shot, good upside

Calyssa Sevier-another think you can't teach is BB-IQ and when you can think the game, you're in the game, trust me on that. Good job at creating for herself and teammates, made the right plays and passes and showed she could score

Maddison McKinnon- the more I see her, the more she shows me and initially she was doing damage in the open court however since then, I'm really liking her ability t get out of jams while creating her shot and that pull-up definitely is nice to see

Saturday, December 15, 2018

'23 Amarachi Kimpson SMOOVE as ever @passthaball #Super60

I don't care what the setting is, Amarachi Kimpson has just left me speechless and her mindset and work ethic stood out tremendously 3 years ago when I was thinking, oh boy, trouble is coming and when I say that I mean on the court because she's definitely hard to handle, especially in the open court because that extra gear can leave you standing or the hesitation but mark my word, this young lady is a DEFINITE #BCSLock and I truly expect big things from her, sort of like this flashback with that impressive pull-up making it look easy at the buzzer, YOU CAN'T TEACH THAT !!!!!!


Younger sister Shiloh is making a name for herself, she too was a standout during the event read more

Catch the part 1 RECAP from PassThaBall #Super60 right here

HUB making noise, loud, yet clear @passthaball #Super60


This picture is going to be very special in oh, 2024 and 2025 because all of these young ladies will be on their way to playing at the next level and what they've shown me in a short span of time has me sold. I caught Hannah Carr a couple of years ago and the best way to describe what she's becoming is in a photo

Google Photos put that together but the COLOR just POPS right out like she's doing exploding on the court and when you talk about exploding, she and Kaylinn Kemp just keep blowing up and those two were on PASSTHABALL #Super60 Tip Sheet read more

Raniyah Lewis-HUB- that "never takes a play off" mentality and her desire captivated me last season when I first saw her because "she keeps coming at you" and now I see things coming together in other ways. Her poise and leadership stands out, she handles the ball under pressure and is understanding how to not only run a team but create for herself and her teammates giving them easy looks. Huge upside because you can't teach FIRE and DESIRE

Shiloh Kimpson -HUB- there is no telling where she'll land at the next level. She absorbs the game and implements on the court, her athleticism and body control makes her a mismatch waiting to happen, that first step is deadly and she understands how to score from many different angles. Nice stop and pop in transition as well as has range which only get deeper as she gets stronger but one of the best compliments I saw her make was "she gets it watching her sister"

Thursday, December 13, 2018

SA Islander star Claire Hale makes her next level decision

I remember the first time I saw the San Antonio Islanders play almost six years ago; there was something about that squad that kept me glued to them. They simply played within themselves , played great team oriented ball and played with a very high basketball IQ  and this also helped them knock off some of the “sneaker” squads along the way but the skill and talent across the board made them a must see team for me to catch. Fast forward to a new breed and one of the standouts that simply captivated me was Claire Hale who just played the game the same way over and over and continued to show progression each year

Hale could always shoot the long ball, well it got deeper over the years, her ability to create off the dribble as well as attack the basket for buckets also got better and her defense and rebounding also took off but what impressed me even more was she learned how to get hers in the flow or just take over when she had too and her unselfishness and ability to make her teammates better was huge as far as her growth.  Her Brandeis High School team is off to a 13-2 start and could definitely be a problem in playoffs and she has definitely made a major impact during her career there

After weighing her options and opportunities, Hale has decided to play for Trinity at the next level and the Tigers are definitely receiving a great student-athlete so I asked her what sold her on them and Hale said “Trinity is a perennial powerhouse in women’s basketball and I was drawn to that. My family and I  had a chance to meet with the coaches several times and she really connected with Coach Cam and Coach Shotland” . She also added “In September I  got to play some pick-up ball with the team and just loved it. Then when I found out that Trinity is the top ranked academic university in Texas I was very intrigued.”  She also stated   “I’m drawn to their STEM programs so when Coach Cam recently offered a spot on the team she felt like she had found a home.  I had several great offers from really good schools, but Trinity is home for now”

Monday, December 3, 2018

Sister Sister acts show up and out at Pass Tha Ball's #MatchUpCity


PassThaBall's Match Up City Invitational put together a package of talented teams who brought heat for me to check out and I can't emphasize something I always stress, talent is everywhere but I stress a lot of things such as, it's not what you do, it's who you do it against which was I also included "and who you do it in front of" plus always remember, if I don't have a roster, I have no clue on you are so it was great to see several sisters going off during the event and here's a recap

Maddie Carlton (Nike Cy Fair Elite 2026) only a 5th grader and a shade under her 6'1 sister should sum it up. Great instincts at a young age, good timing enables her to block and (or) alter shot, runs floor, rebounds and finishes

Justice Carlton (Nike Cy Fair Elite 2024 Red (COOP) powerful inside moves, finishes with players hanging on her and her upside is just wherever she wants to take it. Scores in the paint or facing the basket, nice hands and footwork, left me speechless at times


Erikka Gooden (OLBE) very athletic, attacks nicely from wing and finishes strong. Anticipates on defense and rebounds well on both ends. Nice pull-up in transition and also runs the floor very well after rebounding to finish on other end

Erianna Gooden (OLBE) loves to create contact and is an and one waiting to happen. Gets to the basket whenever she wants, good hesitation in the open floor and throws bullets on the money from end of the court to another and she defends


Shiloh Kimpson (HUB 2025) every time I see this young lady she brings it and keeps adding more to her already impressive game. Nice first step, attacks hard, midrange is way ahead of her years but what is the icing on the cake that she sees the floor and plays the passing lanes

Amarachi Kimpson (Pro Skills) her BB-IQ is off the charts, better than some of to play at the next level right now. The stop and pop, mid to long range, stutter step, whatever you want offensively, she has it gift wrapped already. She understands how to create for herself and her teammates already and she also knows how to take over or get it in the flow


Amina Muhammad is one of the top freshmen in Texas, she stars for one of the top HS teams in Texas, Desoto and I guess she caught my eye around her sisters age with athleticism, blocking shots, rebounding and defending but she's becoming a nightmare to deal with on both ends PERIOD

Nisaa Muhammad (NTX Tarheeels 2024) already has the acronym SMH going in my head. She handles the ball under pressure and zig zags coast to coast effortlessly, attacks from wherever she wants and has a nice pull-up. Oh yeah, she plays the passing lane

I'll drop another Tip Sheet on my website, stay tuned Girlz Prep Report 

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Katy Classic opening day Tip Sheet

I tried to catch as many teams and players as I could on opening day and as usual, I did a fantastic job because I don't have to look at something a thousand times to know what I'm looking at, my record speaks for itself, on and OFF the court and trust me, one of the things I'm always looking for is progression so here are some of the standouts

Morgan Hill ( Cy Creek) long and athletic, wingspan around 6'3 and elevates over defenders. Runs the floor, rebounds and defends but she's also giving the Cougars offense that will help in the long run

Kayla Brigance (Cy Falls) throwback mentality as she battles for everything on both ends. You don't see some of the intangibles she brings to the table that don't show up on stat sheet a lot anymore

Shadiya Thomas (Cy Ranch) explosive scorer who can be a nightmare to defend. Deceptive first step as well as the ability to create mid to long range jumper and she defends

Cassidy Howard (Katy Tigers) #sizedontmatter that is when you can play and Howard is back. Always could shoot the long ball, midrange keeps getting better as well as her ability to run a team

Alleah Dallas (Kempner) #sizedoesmatter when you can play, college ready body, athletic, rebounds on both ends and can score in the paint or facing the basket

Emily Dogbatse (Klein Collins) one of those very athletic players that can play basketball but her upside is scary. She attacks relentlessly, converts after contact but that mid to long range is creating issues

Kaley Perkins (Langham Creek) one of those "I've been watching like forever players" and with her size and length, she is showing signs of being a dominant scorer, that long range, 10-15 footer or just posting up, it's coming together

Heaven Rice (Mayde Creek) no beans needed for Rice, athletic scorer that defends sums it up but it doesn't because she has added a little something to her game every season

Kamill Rangel (Morton Ranch) I love players that can create their shot under pressure and she definitely can do that plus she has a picture perfect jumper. Strong body, attacks and finishes

Paris Parmer (San Angelo) mid to long range, off the dribble, whatever it takes, her offensive arsenal was one of the most impressive on opening day and this also shows #talentiseverywhere

Haley Wesley (Spring) double-double waiting to happen, strong body, can score with her back to the basket as well as facing it, 3 or 4 threes on opening day as well as double digit rebounds, she does that on both ends, paints a picture

Semifinals set for Katy Classic

I navigated between Seven Lakes and Tompkins on opening day of the Katy Classic and caught many of the teams, but I actually missed a couple from out of town that are in the semifinals, Colleyville Heritage and Kileen Ellison. Heritage will battle defending R-3 champ Cy Creek while Ellison has Langham Creek

The Cougars have that sensational sophomore backcourt I've been raving about since they were in elementary school, Rori Harmon and Kyndall Hunter, two BCS LOCKS, something I also called them a very long time ago, as well as the inside presence from soph Taylor Jackson as well as junior Morgan Hill who will be on the Tip Sheet when I get back

I love this picture as it appears Briley Perkins is waving her performing magic but as magically as she and fellow senior Dyani Robinson have been over the years, they pulled off a big win against Cy Ranch to get here, I still believe the Mustangs are one of the teams that can make run and they go at it again TUESDAY against the Lobos at Ranch. Kaley Perkins has taken her game to another level while Atlantis White continues to offer another scoring option but the one of the X factors has to be frosh Saija Cleveland

High flying Cy Ranch star Shira Patton, defensive nightmare to hold Shadiya Thomas and powerful Riane Burton are very talented juniors and believe me they definitely are in this, especially when you factor in several other pieces like Haleen Harris who was out but will be back for that Tuesday "rematch" against Langham. I'm torn somewhat because Cy Creek is at Jersey Village on Tuesday so depending on logistics, mine, will determine where I'll be but these are definitely games of the week

Monday, November 26, 2018

2018 Katy Classic ready for action

The 2018 Katy Classic will be pretty darn exciting based on who I've seen that are in it and as well as who I haven't seen so far so let me start with Katy led by their senior backcourt of Savannah May and Cassidy Howard who have already captured one tournament, the SBISD, defeating R-3 contender Westside for the championship.  The Tigers are on a collision course to face defending R-3 champ Cy Creek in the quarterfinals, winner probably has a good chance to make it to the finals, haven't seen out of town squads Colleyville Heritage, Wagner or Cedar Ridge but the real challenge may come from Hastings or Cinco Ranch who play each other off the top

On the other side, I'm seeing improvement in Katy Taylor each time I've watched them play, my first look at Seven Lakes is coming up, Spring, featuring talented Haley Wesley, is ready for action starts it off with a squad Morton Ranch squad I'm hearing rave reviews about and I already know Bush has a young lady that can go off for 30 at the blink of an eye but this will probably boil down a Langham Creek vs Cy Ranch quarterfinal to represent that side of the bracket in the finals, but what do I know, the game is played where, on the court


Thursday, November 22, 2018

2022 Jade Miller added to freshman WATCH LIST

I've seen some talented freshmen over the years and I'm talking going back almost to the previous century so one thing I do when I evaluate talent is "could they have battled against the players of yesteryear" because the "then" and the "now" is totally different and if anyone tells you anything differently, they're clueless or brainless because it's just nit the same game. Dulles has three talented freshmen, Nya Threatt , Dai Dai Powell and Kaylie Johnson, Elkins has the amazing Peyton Overton, Saija Cleveland is already sending messages with Langham Creek and what can I say about Shadow Creek's R'Mani Taylor that I haven't said lus Sydney Ward just made the TRIFECTA TIP SHEET for Katy Taylor read more

I caught Jade Miller before her 7th grade season and was simply amazed at a number of things she showed me, ability to score, score under pressure and even more importantly handle the ball under pressure. Now she's a freshman at Lamar HS and the poise she shows is ahead of her years, I put a hashtag on #sizedontmatter with the disclaimer, when you can play and Miller can play as she scores in bunches quickly and is making the adjustment to HS ball nicely. Mid to long range or off the dribble, she always had that but she sees the floor even better and still has plenty of upside

Monday, November 19, 2018

Hightower holds off Ridgepoint in all Fort Bend #FBISDTournament

Shades of yesteryear almost as a couple teams from FBISD, Hightower and Ridgepoint, made it not only to the finals of their school districts annual tournament and both squads will be highlighted among the top squads I've seen so far this season but first things first. Hightower is showing early signs of having enough to make a deep run in R-3 5A race, 6'4 Winnie Kuimi is showing signs of her old self controlling the paint on both ends, while fellow seniors Sydni Johnson (MVP) and Aresa Gipson definitely played huge roles in their win. Johnson with the pull-up from almost every angle imaginable, Gipson hust "fire and desire" battling for everything and never taking a play off played dividends in their victory. Destini Lombard, long and athletic, created issues with her defense and scored multiple ways but she and fellow junior Taelor Purvis also played the passing lane to a tee. Purvis also explode for multiple scores, including several stop and pops or just attacking the rim at will but this squad has several others

Ridgepoint's unsigned senior Taylor Thomas is one of the top remaining UNSIGNED players in Texas, she's an explosive scorer that put up numbers and was a huge catalyst in the teams several runs. Fellow senior Mallory Gibson has been somewhat of a silent assassin throughout her career, she does plenty of things that don't show up in the box score but this team isn't the same team it will be come district, trust me, because senior Jaida Herndon isn't one hundred percent, she'll give a boost on both ends and sophomore Marchelle Willis adds more firepower from bta, she didn't suit up but she'll be back. The improvement from sophomore post Dala Allen tells me a lot, still has plenty of upside but is quite serviceable in their scheme but Aleighyah Fontentot, saw her drop 8 long balls as a freshman last season, can fill it up quickly and then you add one of the states top point guards, sophomore Raven Adams, who is threading the needle like a master seamstress, continues to ad even more to her arsenal which includes, you guessed it, the long ball

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Katy holds off Westside for 2018 #SBISDInvitational Championship

HOUSTON, TEXAS- The Spring Branch ISD Tournament was the third tournament I had a chance to cover in three days, starting with the Conroe ISD and Peggy Whitley Classic squeezed in between so I had already seen a variety of talented players spread out over an abundance of teams, closing it out with the SBISD event was pretty cool. Dulles showed plenty of athleticism and explosiveness as well as youth and they took SBISD champion Katy down to the wire in the semifinals the night before but the Westside vs Katy championship was definitely a good one, side note the Wolves played without 6’3 #BCSLock Fatou Samb who had a slight sprain but watching those two teams, well Dulles as well, tells me they have a chance to make noise and possibly play spoilers during the playoffs. Katy with its back to back SBISD Tournament Championship and Allana Thompson wins her 2nd consecutive MVP award
Here is the 2018 All Tournament

MVP Allana Thomoson-Katy

All Tournament
Savannah May - Katy
Cassidy Howard - Katy
Jenna Caskey - Katy
Jessica Soders - Westside
Helena Johnson - Westside
Kayla Pilson - Westside
Aleah Pressly - Dulles
D'Anna West - Dulles
Katlyla Ngo - Klein Cain

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Summer Creek at Cy Creek helps open up 2018/19 with a bang

Summer Creek avenged an R-3 final loss to Cy Creek in one of the best opening day games I've seen and by best I mean energy, intensity, playoff atmosphere and teams making runs at each other in a "down to the wire" battle, all this to start the season off and ironically both teams may run across each other in a couple of weeks at the Texas Invitational and even during the playoffs but first things first. Maliyah Johnson has elevated her status among the top 2020 players in the state and at 6'3 , she creates a lot of issues combined with her athleticism and extended range but the the Lady Bulldogs have a solid backcourt in Adoara Nwoekeji and Mailyn Wilkerson as both are athletic and shoot the long ball  and talk about athletic, Victoria Crawford brought plenty heat on defense while fellow senior guard Halle Jones was ice from the line down the stretch to help secure the victory. Big boost off the bench from Tyanna Sherman has me thinking this is another SC you can't count out, hopefully you caught that

Kyndall Hunter and Rori Harmon are one of the best young backcourts in the state, both are capable of  going completely off and dropping points in bunches. Hunter's aggressiveness and explosiveness ignited many runs as she threw pinpoint passes through traffic countless times, well I didn't count them while Harmon continues to dazzle creating her shot and once either gets going, anything can happen. Fellow sophomore Taylor Jackson caught my eyes years ago and as she has gone above the magic number of 6'0, her inside presence coupled with 6'3 Morgan Hill gives the Lady Cougars a definite inside presence while Ally Harman's solid play helps make this squad one you don't want to count out. The game has changed, I know you hear this and that from people popping up from nowhere but trust me, it is not what it used to be so again, this was refreshing to see early

Friday, October 12, 2018

Monster 2020 Class continues to become scarier

I remember around six years ago I started ranting about the 2020 class in Texas being one of the best, top to bottom, I had seen since I started covering girls' basketball  before the turn of the century, and unlike many who fabricate what they've done and (or) do, I'm pretty much on the money. Deja Kelly, Sarah Andrews, Jordan Merrit and Deyanna Gaston were a few of the early kids I tagged not only D-1 locks but BCS as well and they hadn't even entered middle school, keep in mind whatever I say is documented and with a second grade level of "googling" you'd see that

Fast forward to the "new era" where elementary school players are being ranked by "experts" with 25 followers on Twitter, who  are self proclaimed as being "the best in the business" and it's sad because this whole thing has taken a dramatic turn for the worse so it's still refreshing to see players and parents that actually get it. I definitely saw an abundance of 2020 stars bursting on the scene or expanding their already impressive games at Austin Elite's Capital City Top Girls Invitational that I had a brainstorm

I'm dropping two Tip Sheets on the HS Division, the 2020 Monster group gets one by themselves, this includes De'Maya Young, pictured above, who has been on fire since I first saw her in the 7th grade, and that will be later this morning so in case you missed the middle school version, click the link below and remember two things, everyone is NOT an expert and I have NEVER been wrong about a player, well three things, it's plenty of BS to be absorbed so watch out


Monday, October 8, 2018

San Antonio Lady Hoops invade #capcityinvitational

That old saying, "they came, they saw, they conquered" is one of the phrases that applies to the San Antonio Lady Hoops because going into the 2nd season, I have sen many of their players in numerous settings and trust me, they are not running, nor walking away fast from any competition as they strive to get better and the progression I continue to see has me beaming from ear to ear. On hand for the Capital City Top Girls Invitational Exposure Camp in the MS session were Emily Carranco, Madison McKinnon, Alyxa Martinez, Julissa Bolinger,  Natalie Dominguez, Ezra Tobias, Vivian Gonzalez, Miranda Garcia, Mya Guzman and Bailey Guzman, not pictured order

Three of their players, Layla Conley, Aysia Proctor and Skye Stephens also stayed for the HS session and to say that they held their own would be a mild understatement. Here's a recap of some the MS session, more coming on Twitter and The Gram


2018 Capital City Top Girls Invitational Exposure Camp MS session

Plenty of talent across the board were on hand, here is a recap


Saturday, October 6, 2018

2018 Skilled Up Elite Fall Finish

Alexys King is back home in College Station to close out her impressive HS season and she was overly impressive at Skilled Up Elite's Fall Finish a couple of weeks ago. The UNDECIDED senior brings so much to the table and her College Station squad was definitely one of the top squads at the event, squad scored I believe 16 points in a couple of minutes but here's the recap

2018 Skilled Up Elite 

King's Highlight Video 

Monday, September 3, 2018

2018 Skilled Up Camp with many promising Pre HS players

One thing I love too see is younger players getting after it, especially against older players and when they show promise potential against " the big girls" that sort of sends a message to me and as you watch this new age of nonsense people continue to buy into, I'll always keep it real on the talented players coming up and here are some of the young MS ballers that stood out at the Skilled Up Elite Camp, HS Tip Sheet will be on my website  GIRLZ PREP REPORT 


Keely Cummings-guard (Lomax MS) poised beyond her years, showed me that in the 3rd grade and I knew she was on the verge of something big because when you comprehend the game early, things usually fall into place like her mid to long range and running a squad

Lauren Cook-guard (SCCS) right last name because she's on the verge of being smokin hot on the court. Loves to get after it, already "gets it" and her upside and enthusiasm makes me now she's definitely on track

Madison Penn-guard (Humble Christian) athletic, battles in plays, showed she could create her shot and got after it on defense. Understands the little things and more importantly, plays within herself, good upside

Mikayla Evans-guard (Westbriar MS) explosive first step, plays passing lane, dives on floor, in stands, wherever and that throwback mentality will keep her in the mix because she's showing signs of just making things happen

Katelyn Evans-guard (Westbriar MS) bucket a minute mentality as she can fill it up in droves with the mid to long , she's home on the range and that quick release not to mention setting defenders up is something that will create problems


Jada Harvey-guard (Hilderbrand MS) one of those kids that you think is older just by her demeanor and if you didn't know it you wouldn't believe she was the youngest camper. Playing defense in the paint against legitimate college players at this stage and not backing down told me something I already knew which was she's going to be a major factor before it's over

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Daddy's Baby is back in the league with Minnesota

I try and explain to people how this stuff works, I know it's always good to listen to someone that opens up a Twitter account saying they're an expert with 57 followers, usually someone they tweeted about or someone flexing their resume, which means absolutely nothing and if you don't believe me, I truly feel sorry for you and for most of you, get ready to get took because the girls side is becoming as shady as the other side and at some point it would seem like reasonably intelligent people would recognize game. Parent, there isn't something for everyone, if you can play, they will find you, and all of these other so last century quotes that people use, just don't apply and I'm truly serious


One more time, no one can make you a better player, you have to put in the work and it's sad how people proclaim to be the second coming and it's absolute BS and I often tell them, I have no idea how my daughter had 13 or 14 D1 offers before she even entered HS and how she over 100 when she committed to Texas A&M where she won a National Championship as well as made it to the NBA with these "avant garde" techniques being applied but anyway, you can believe what you want or who you want, I know, first hand and I'm glad my daughter made it back into the league, they head to the playoffs tonight, so while you're about to get took starting next month, think on and off the court

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Lady Hoopsters 2023 story

They came, the saw, they won Prime Time Nationals for the third year in a row so what's next for the talented group from Oklahoma? 8th grade


Sunday, August 5, 2018

2018 Prime Time Summer Elite Showcase

Over my years of watching talented players across the country, one thing has and always will remain a constant and it's pinned on my Twitter account, "talent is everywhere" and that's provided you know what you're looking at and the game is more than just scoring a lot of baskets to move on to the next level and be successful so another phrase I seldom use, "what else do you bring to the table" applies strongly

Reagan Montgomery-guard (DFW Hawks) showed me in middle school she score in droves however over the years she has become a complete player capable of playing both the 1 or 2 at the next level because her poise on the court, high BB-IQ and unselfishness just stands out but don't get it twisted because she can still fill it up scoring mid to long range but her ability to finish with contact just keeps getting better

Mariah Smith-guard (Cy Fair Elite EYBL 16U) I did not need 20/20 vision when I said 6 years ago 2020 was going to be a "monster class" and seeing Smith for the first time 3 years ago told me it was scary everywhere. The Oklahoma native continues to impress me and more importantly college coaches after going off at PassThaBall's Showcase in Chicago a few weeks ago. Nice pull-up in transition, mid to long range and brings heat on defense plus she's unselfish and just goes hard

DeZarae Stewart-guard (Southern Krushers Academy) seeing is believing has always been my motto and what I will always go by and after seeing some of her on video, I was somewhat speechless but watching her in person definitely has me talking, well typing. Physical on both ends, reads plays before they happen, plays passing lane and can score inside, after contact as well as hit the outside shot and still has upside

Here are some of the other standouts from the Summer Elite Showcase, follow me on social media for even more coming up read more

Thursday, August 2, 2018

2018 Prime Time Nationals Tip Sheet


The 2018 Prime Time Nationals closed with a bang and I'm not talking about wins and losses, that's not really what I care about because my primary purpose is, has and always will be identifying players that can play at the next level, had my share of wins and losses throughout the years with my daughter so it's another chapter and as it is about to close at this level and open for many others, at this and the next, the primary thing I want to see is progression so here we gp

Claire Hale (San Antonio Islanders) one of the toughest players that can actually play in the 2019 class. She's dropped 30 on one leg, dropped 8 three's in a game on another, played through sprains and everything else so the mental toughness is there. High BB-IQ, does things to make teammates better and she'll be an even better college player because her work ethic is unreal

Abbie Boutiler (Texas Lone Star Black) speaking of work ethic, the jump I've seen in a short span is scary, not to mention she's still in middle school heading to the 8th grade. Her frame is solid, close to college ready, love her hands, footwork, good timing and she is rebounding strong on both ends. Her offense keeps getting better, moving from that "on the block post" to knock down shots facing the basket, oh yeah, I forgot, she's 75 inches, that's 6'3 and not in HS, now I have your attention !!!!

Asia Waddell-guard/forward (Cy Fair & FL Elite) the work ethic saga continues as this young lady keeps growing and getting better and putting in work on two different squads at Prime Time Nationals says a lot about her endurance. I'm loving her poise and energy, that defense is looking good but I really liked her game when I caught her a couple of years ago as she falls into that silent assassin category but when I saw the long ball drop over and over, well just watch out