Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Madison Wilson proves she's just as heavy academically as in basketbal

Madison Wilson showed me she was a player when she dropped 40 in a game while she was still in middle school and she did this against players at least two years older. She’s also an outstanding student and has been name Academic All-State by the Texas Association of Basketball Coaches and the Texas Girls Coaches Association. I think this says it all


Newcomer of the Year District 23 5-A ('09)
Unanimous 1st Team All-District 23 5-A ('09,'10,'11,'12)
1st Team All-District Academic ('09, '10, '11, '12)
1st Team All-State Academic ('12)
Unanimous 1st Team All-Ft.Bend Sun ('10,'11)
1st Team All-Region ('11,'12)
Honorable Mention All-State ('11)

It's coming, it's coming

Tana Driver isn't the only one with TD's as Jordan Alexander and the rest of their talented teammates on DFW Gold are scoring points every time I see them. The Texas Spring Invitational gave me a chance to see multiple teams and players multiple times and I still have more to come on DFW Elite Gold, DFW Elite Swift and Cy Fair Nike AC before I roll back to the Dallas area for my Cinco de Mayo celebration weekend at the  Dallas Spring Shootout. Check out my calendar and more dates are being added


Area preseason teams to watch updated

I updated the front page, please no emails, the numbers by the teams mean absolutely nothing and I'll throw a Top 10 after I see where everyone has landed. Rest assured that this young lady will have a lot to do in helping "The Chosen One" go out with a bang even though Clear Springs isn't listed


It will be a Prime Time Cinco de Mayo weekend

I didn't know who Lauren Cox was prior to last seasons Prime Time Nationals however it didn't take me but a few minutes to realize the magnitude of her game and that she was undoubtedly one of the best players in the Texas 2016 class not to mention she would make a national run at several major awards before her career was over

Now I call her Miss Triple Double and I wouldn't be surprised if she sets some of records for that at Flower Mound but the main thing is I caught her at a Prime Time event. One more time, TALENT IS EVERYWHERE!

This weekend, I'll head back up I-45 to cover the Dallas Spring Shootout  and you know I'll be bringing you info back on even more talented players you may not know about


DFW Elite 2016 star power gets brighter at #TXSpringInv

It's all about improvement and watching the DFW Elite 2016 team multiple times this season shows me exactly that, improvement. They have multiple players on this team who have stepped up in the clutch, down the stretch or just done some truly amazing things at certain points of games that I might have missed previously. I knew Jordan Stover, Brianna Lester and Gabby Gregory were legit the moment I saw them last summer and with a few tweeks here and there, they were going to have successful freshmen seasons and they did. Dorian Branch Branch and Bethany Ross aren't at the magic number yet however they play like it and their upside is huge and when I mention huge upside, Daria McCutcheon just gets better every tournament

Robin Beck is at the magic number of 6'0 and on the floor she's showing signs of performing magic on the floor as her athleticism is off the charts, not to mention she can shoot the long ball. 6'3 Cierra Johnson, 6'2 De'Anira Moore and 6'1 Juliette Akinwole have all shown dramatic improvement and in the not so distant future, I foresee domination in the paint on both ends from all three and I'm truly serious. When you see kids with this size strive to get better and just watching certain things they have picked up and also adjusted in different situations, we'll revisit what I'm saying after the season is over

Calveion Landrum isn't 6'0 but she's a 5'10 guard that can just simply create problems for any defense. This young lady is going to surprise a lot of people the more they see her play and the tools she has on the floor right now are enough to assemble, wait, reassemble an already fine tuned machine, you'll get that part later. What I do see is she has a whole lot of different symbols by her name and she also made the tip sheet


Monday, April 29, 2013

Overused terms "real deal" and "can't miss" like rankings don't really matter or do they

I was sitting here going over stuff and I actually had some good emails last week that made me think about some things I've mentioned many times before but here it is again. So many times folks get hung up the wrong the stuff in GBB when the bottom line is that if your daughter get's a free or subsidized education, you've won.

Do rankings matter? For the most part, they do because it gives colleges a gauge on where certain players are in comparison to others along with helping secure spots on certain teams, such as MDAA, WBCA, Parade or whatever but by that same token I've also had college coaches tell me they do their own homework and really don't look at them for players

I do my evaluating a little different and try to categorize players to where I think they can play at the next level from high D1 through D2 through NAIA, still it's only my opinion and even I'm not 100% right, just in high nineties.

I've had calls from parents telling me what their daughter does against the boys and after I see them play I'm asked my opinion. I tell the story of me going to the gym and scoring 30 against high school boys even though I'm over 50 and I'm talking years old and pounds overweight and let them know those guys can't play which is why I often use "It's not what you do, it's who you do it against"

Again the bottom line is to get a free education

With that being said, I'll finish up the Texas Spring Invitational this week along with a few other stories before heading back to the Dallas area this weekend  for the Dallas Spring Shootout 

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Talent is everywhere and I'll be there next weekend looking at more

2016 Natalie Chou was not known by the masses, well me either, until I went to Prime Time Nationals last season and saw her simply go off. At the Sandra Meadows Classic, someone asked me before her game started how good she was and and after she entered "The Game" she spun on one player and hit a fade away jumper on another. If you're a first time caller, "The Game" was a 5 OT thriller between, awe just look at the video


Anyway she continues to blow up after her performance for Texas Preps Elite at Boo and the moral of the story is, well two morals. Talent is everywhere and I know talent!!!!

Where is there? I'll be heading to the Dallas area this weekend for another Prime Time Event, the Dallas Spring Shootout


2017 Patterson makes the adjustment with ease and so will ........

When I call a kid in the sixth grade "The Future" after watching her go through some simple drills in a gym, well   all I can say is that's it's a gift and Chasity Patterson has lived up to the billing as she's rolling with Cy Fair Nike Elite.

Everyone doesn't need to be like the Jefferson's theme song, Movin On Up, but many can and will handle it. More on that later this week but let's revisit my initial calling young Chasity a star to be


2014 Texas being updated this week

I knew these two young ladies were going to be two of the best players in the state when I saw them a long time ago and the Mansfield Timberview duo of Terriell Bradley and Jalea Bennett are doing big things this summer for Team Ichiban. I caught them earlier this month at the Cy Fair Invitational and they were simply amazing

Where will they go to college? I have no idea but rest assured that their stock continues to rise on my GPR Texas 100. Next level talent is all I care about, not who the best is or anything like that because on any given day, the best can change. Look at it this way, I called  Ariel Atkins a long time ago so now I'm the best :)

2015 Girlz Prep Report Under The Radar list coming

I wish I could say I get tired of saying I'm right and although I dabble in many things which I'm pretty good at, I know next level talent with or without a crystal ball. The 2015 Under The Radar (UTR) list will be coming soon and one thing is for certain, you will get attention when you are listed and you won't be under the radar for long.


South Texas Hoyas Gray and Blue show what's up at #TXSpringInv

Let's see, on the Gray team you have 2016 Janik Alexander Smith, simply operating like a fine tuned machine game after game, 2018 Katlyn Ghavidel who is going to set some three point records and 2020 Deja Kelly who is, well do some big things along the way, real big. I've seen the Hoyas probably more over the last few months than I have the previous years combined and both team have a little bit of everything. Sophia Ramos and Victoria Hall showed the could shoot the three, Zhazza Brown was knocking them down from everywhere and Patricia Patterson just elevated over opponents for buckets and rebound. Daeja Lewis  showed great athleticism on both ends and I knew when I saw Dominique DeHoyos attack, I had seen her recently and I did. She was on Poth's state semifinal team and she can get wherever she wants on the floor and finish

Don't fret, much of the same on the Blue team as well and when you talk about setting three point records, HS get ready for Megan Valdez next season. Valdez has added more to her game every time I watch and she and Jade Brady were hitting the long ball just every time I looked up. Arysia Porter and Ashia McCluarin both showed they could handle the ball and finish well, Porter also saw the floor well no to mention she came up with several huge steals. Skyla Reyna did some damage in paint and Brittany Rodgers just keeps improving in every aspect of the game and with her strength, she will be a force. Already a force is Claudia Curtis who has a nice pull up jumper which was consistent, no to mention she anticipated and rebounded extremely well

Kelly and Alexander Smith made Tip Sheets from both Full Court and GPR



Cy Fair comes up Platinum at #TXSpringInv

Scarlet Rodriguez showed me she was a player while she was only in he seventh grade after watching her drop six or seven long range threes in a game. Rodriguez has continued to show she can not only shoot the ball but run a team as well which was good news for Cy Fair Platinum 15U at the Texas Spring Invitational

The team is loaded with several bright young stars like Wesley Bass.Alexis Kirgan and Destini Hall who all showed they cold do a variety of things including making the all important midrange jumper  Lauren O'Connell and Christine Moffett have been impressive all season long

 The brightest star of all would have to be Tyjae Scales who has simply been amazing in the paint every time I've seen her play. Scales has a throwback work ethic on the boards which is why she made the Tip Sheet


Saturday, April 27, 2013

Not just to the left, to the left, Morris can go anyway she wants

There aren't many players who are considered one of, if not the best player each time they step on the court and as the legend grows, Alexis Morris is showing me just that. She did it most recently playing against players three or four years older at the Texas Spring Invitational last weekend.

A case could be made for her as well to have been on one of my Tip Sheets, well to be honest she's one of those players I could just close my eyes and write and write and write about because from the moment I saw her, she was already very good but after watching her over the past season, she's more than good in fact let me tag her Alexis The Great, that just came to me by the way, and it's amazing how clear I think after four miles

2014 Chania Ray opens recruiting process back up

I had a chance to watch Chania Ray last season during my one of many July stops looking for talented players and to say I was impressed is an understatement. Ray is all smiles after putting together a solid Deep South showing that she's decided to open the recruiting process back up


Chania by the way, is from Virginia. Yes talent is everywhere!!!!!


Dallas Spring Shootout up next May 4-5 #TalentIsEverywhere

Brianna Lester is wearing the right number because she was one of the first players that caught my eye at last years Prime Time Nationals. Her steady improvement was noticed by me during the Sandra Meadows Classic and most recently at the Texas Spring Invitational for DFW Elite 2016

Lester has a very bright future ahead as she can do multiple things on both ends of the floor, all good and she has shown the next level is around the corner. I'm headed back to Dallas next weekend for the Dallas Spring Shootout and I'm sure I'll spot even more talented players who will impress me and of course, you will be hearing about it

READ MORE to register

Friday, April 26, 2013

Arkansas New Life showcases talented players at #TXSpringInv

One thing I can say about Arkansas New Life is that they've entertained and excited me from the first time I saw them play. Their players simply understand the game and get after it and when you combine that with talent, well that's GPR recipe for success. Skyler Johnson and Jasmine Bell were very impressive in the paint, Bell actually made the Full Court Tip Sheet


Chelsea Payne lived up to her last name as she was a pain for defenders as she elevated over whoever guarded her not to mention showed she could score from anywhere. She and Shakyla Begnaud also showed they could get after it

Princess Cole can handle the ball, spin on a dime and get to the rim, not to mention pass the ball well and when you combine that with her athleticism, good things usually happen. This team is full of smart and athletic players  Dajha Hardamon handled the ball well under traffic while attacking from anywhere and Olivia Hanson showed she can do that and shoot the three

Cierra Garedner and Begnaud are the only freshmen on the team and she has plenty of upside to go along with already being able to attack and finish well at 5'11. I can't say enough about Taylor Lewis, she just brings it every time she steps on the floor. She can score, she can run a team and she can play defense, not to mention she's a outstanding student with Ivy League type scores and grades

Arkansas continues to produce not just next level but top level talent as well.


GPR Certified Insiders Basketball Classic May 18-19- early registration ends May 3

I'll be on the grind yet again giving baseline to baseline coverage. There was nothing more refreshing to me as having club coaches telling me that colleges were there to look at their kids because they read about them on Girlz Prep Report. The power of the press has always been a monster but I keep it real, if you can play, you can play no matter who you play for or with

This a great example for players to get exposure, especially if  they are local. Here's the link



Also coming soon-2016 class has everything including BIGS

I've talked about Lauren Cox, Joyner Holmes and Natasha Mack numerous times prior to them even suiting up for a high school game and they are still the three top posts I've seen from the 2016 class. Here's another saying for you, it's not where you start, it's where you finish, use Ariel Atkins as a prototype you probably can relate to but their have been others

So far this season, I've seen several players 6'2 or better from the 2016 class make dramatic jumps in their games and elevate therm to not only next level, but mid to high D1 and three suited up this weekend for DFW Elite 2016

That's another story coming so be prepared for the Year Of The Bigs

Even more coming up, like #Hoyaswhat from #TXSpringInv

 Whether it's shooters or scorers, slashers or rebounders or just watching players get after it, the South Texas Hoyas brought a couple of teams down to the Texas Spring Invitational and they all performed well as usual.

They even had a couple of players make Tip Sheets and more to come on #hoyaswhat

GPR Tip Sheet

Full Court Tip Sheet

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Arkansas coming up next

A couple of other out of state teams, New Life and the Arkansas Mavericks, came in to the Texas Spring Invitational and left knowing that they were not to be taken lightly down the road. I'm going back to that monster 2005 class and recall seeing Crystal Boyd from Little Rock simply taking over games in high school, she later starred at Texas but just like I did Oklahoma, Arkansas is coming up next, well soon

Oklahoma Lady Magic casting spells at #TXSpringInv

Trena Mims did enough damage with another team a couple of weeks ago to have me take notice but after watching her for more than a complete game at the Texas Spring Invitational, I'm sold as she can do multiple things, all good. That can also be said for several of her Oklahoma Lady Magic teammates as they came into town and made plenty of noise. Leah Colon plays bigger than her listed 5'9 as she not only battled on the boards but finished several times over much taller players

Kambri Davison showed a lot of promise as well as Sara\ Wright who stepped out and dropped some threes as well battled under the basket

Abigail Perkins came up with use plays and used every inch of her 5'9 height to come up with not only key rebounds during crucial times but solid defense as well

Kendall Schulte heard everything coming and going and she found several ways to get to the free throw line and seal the deal. Chelsea Anderson was another bright spot for the team showing great ball-handling skills while being able to finish strong but when needed, she could drop the long one

Alexus Gauden sees the floor and attacks very well and once she masters her crossover, she's going to be lethal. The crossover isn't bad now, neither is her game which is why she made the Tip Sheet

Looking for more MAGIC from Oklahoma?

Stock prediction you can trust-Texas 2017 will be a BEAR market

I'm not worried about any insider trading issues with my prediction however Texas 2017 will have the SEC looking hard, well them along with the Big 12, ACC and probably every conference in the country

Special story Haley" Bear" Calhoun and her Cy Fair Nike Elite teammates, along with DFW Swift, DFW Team Loaded and numerous other 2017 players that are going to be doing some great things coming from my 2017 special recap on what I saw at the Texas Spring Invitational

The pipeline continues with 2018 DFW Elite Goodspeed at #TXSpringInv

I didn't get a good chance to see this young group of DFW Elite stars at the BigTyme March Fest however I knew they had more than athleticism and Goodspeed. After watching them perform at the Texas Spring Invitational, they have an abundance of talented young players who are going make major noise before it's all said and done. I've talked about Diamond Atkinson and BriAnna Mitchell before and their ability to play defense along with hitting the three ball but they have several other players that can just get after it on both ends
Mallory Adams can also shoot the three ad when you combine that with her attacking from the wing, she's going to be hard to handle. Aysia McCullough handled the ball well under pressure and showed she was yet another young player that could play D

Jhakya and Keziah Dillworth are long and athletic, both close the magic number already and with their athleticism and drive they are going to be hard to handle. Already showing signs of being hard to handle is 5'6 Kayla White who jumped over a couple of six footers for rebounds. That along with her hitting the three and know how to get to the rim makes her a threat each time she touches ball and speaking of knowing how to attack, JaQuia White did it time and time again, under traffic at that

This team is full of bright young stars, Jada Peacock last names says it all and with her being able to handle the ball and shoot not only the three, but the mid-range as well, you may be on the verge of exploding. Madison Williams exploded and that block on one end of the floor and outrunning everyone for a lay-up s one of the main reasons she made my Full Court Tip Sheet


The deal is sealed as Jordan Boyce makes choice

There aren't enough words for me to combine to say how Jordan Boyce showed what hard work and determination could do. To revisit the numerous stories I've done on the former GPR UTR player,  read more

Boyce put up numbers galore during her career and she was one of the top three point shooters in the country, I already knew that prior to attending one of her games at Rosehill Christian however after leaving, I knew her game was solid and she was much, much more than a spot up shooter and will continue to show what she can do at the University of Missouri-St Louis

This is what head coach Katie Vaughn said about  Boyce which just about sums it up  “Jordan's ability to shoot the three and her scoring mentality will be vital to the future of our program,” said Vaughn. “She is a competitor that has a winning mentality and a refuse to lose attitude. We are very excited about Jordan's future as a Triton.”


DFW Silver gets job done at #TXSpringInv

Olivia Caldwell , Paige Eberhardt Kristina Lindsey proved to bolster the fact that Texas has so many promising players who are ready to breakout as they come into their own. These young ladies were among the many that performed well for DFW Silver at the Texas Spring Invitational

Priscilla Etim, Cedia Cole, Jaterika White and Keennedy Townes are all around that magic 6'0 number which in itself says a lot as they showed fight along with the all important ability to finish. Jonelle Jackson did a little bit of everything including knocking down some long range bombs. One of the highlights had to see the fight in "18 Riley Stover, another young lady who had a chance to play up and show she could compete with the older players. That comes as no surprise as her older sister,  Jordan, plays on DFW 2016 and has shown the same fight from the moment saw her

Early morning battle sets the stage at #TXSpringInv for 2017 class

When I walk into a gym the first thing on my mind is to observe as much as possible and take notes and since I'm sort of visual, as I go back and associate the notes with pictures certain bonuses pop into my head and one of the opening games pitted a couple of DFW Elite 2017, one from Houston, Miller and the other from around the Dallas area, 2017 Black and as I play this in my head, this only bolsters another story I have coming

2017 is going to be a monster year for the state and watching 2017 Black only added fuel to the fire as several players not only have a very good chance to play at the next level, they will have an abundance of options available if they stay the course which has many of them ahead of the game right now

Dejanee Terrell, Chanel Young and Mireya SaldaAta were among the many young ladies that showed a lot of upside and once you're in the GPR database the main thing I'll be looking for is improvement and judging by the work ethic and attitude these young ladies showed on both squads, I'll be in for a treat