Thursday, April 16, 2015

Austin Elite TTR was my CPR for #Hoopfest NCAA

I can always count on Austin Elite showing up with some talent that I knew nothing about because one thing that remains constant over the close to 15 years I've been involved with Fonzelle Martin and Tommy Gregg is that they know talent and where to find players. TTR came down shorthanded, injuries and prom to many so I didn't get to see Bryanna Hunter or Khina Willis a couple of fantastic freshmen you might want to just jot down if you're in the college coaching business and consider that a freebie.

I did see some of their other talented freshmen including Ja'Ke Clay, I saw her a couple years ago at a camp that was held at her now high school Manor and I knew she would be in the mix, as usual I was right but Jasmine Gaskin is running where the game starts, the one and she did a very good job of not only setting up her teammates but handling the ball under pressure. Kimberly Nwaneri is on the verge of being a nightmare, the tools are there, she has a nice pull-up and can attack strong from everywhere but watching her elevate over defenders for baskets was cool and gave me that extra boost to finish out the day