Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Houston Premier 7th grade gets after it in SILVER #Hoopfest

I've truly enjoyed watching Houston Premier over the years and a few years ago when I had a chance to see many of the players on their Elite squad, I complimented them on knowing and understanding the game which combined with their skill set would lead to big things for many of them and as usual, I hit it on the head. Let me go out on the limb, and if I'm on it it must be strong and say this 7th grade squad has several players that caught my eye like many of the earlier mentioned group did. Emily Englebart and Amelia Thedinger will be on the Tip Sheet I roll out later today
Kiersten Rich already gets it, she's physical in the paint yet can take defenders off dribble and hit midrange but watching Madison Henderson and Emma Slaughter make plays was definitely a plus. Ashley Rubio is long and was a rebounding machine while Lane Rice not only creates her shot well against some very athletic players, she also saw the floor and made some solid decisions. Keep in mind I stress the importance of knowing the game and I know that Maddie King and Lily Shaffner definitely "get it" but their upside, as well Kate Meine and Helena Lashley is huge. Natalie Chiue also showed signs of being a breakout player but these are some young ladies I'm definitely looking forward to keeping an eye on over the next few years