Thursday, April 16, 2015

Sports Prep stars shine #Hoopfest NCAA

Tia Tolbert's agressiveness is something I knew she would needed to work on to go with what she had in her bag of tricks and let me tell you, I saw a change in her first season at Cy Springs and I've seen a change twice this season, one a month ago and recently at the Hoopfest. Tolbert could always score but the heat she's bringing on defense is just what the doctor ordered and speaking of doctors, Deziree White who joined Tolbert as a couple of the top scorers in the toughest district in the area was not 100% yet she still managed to be impressive during the event . This team has some talented young players, Kierra Flowers too was banged up however like White, you never would have known

Faith Isabelle is a player any team would want, her size and never say quit attitude is simply throwback to yesteryear and there are few things that I enjoy more than watching kids ignite the break yet finish on the other end. Averi Jones and Olivia Chan are a couple of missing pieces along with Michelle Macintyre while Mariel Wade definitely gives the club a boost on both ends but this may have been the coming out party for a couple of 8th graders. I already knew Elecia Lartigue was good yet over the season, her maturity shows even more as she's finishing stronger with contact and when you talk about contact, Annie Carlile looked for it on both ends and by playing up against this type of competition, , both gained some valuable experience and they handled it well