Thursday, July 31, 2014

Coming up tomorrow, opening day at IAD #PrimeTimeNationals

I think I mentioned on opening day via Twitter that I had to catch Air Max simply because they were my shoe of choice at events and like the shoes, I wasn't disappointed especially with the Guillory twins, Kaitlyn and Kayla. Tomorrow be aware that mini stories will be coming from Thursday's action at the IAD

Fields is another 2019 that needs to be seen #PrimeTimeNationals

Let me just say I'm blown away that Lauren Fields is only a 2019. This young lady simply will be one of the names mentioned and has a shot to be on a whole lot of short lists through her HS career. Fields impressed me so much that she made one of the Tip Sheets

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2021 will be fun OK Lady Bombers #PrimeTimeNationals

Ok peep this, Oklahoma is definitely OK and with their amazing runs at Prime Time Nationals in each division, I had to go on record and say that I'm truly sorry I missed the Oklahoma Lady Bombers who won the 5th Grade Division this past weekend at Prime Time Nationals more than the few minutes I saw them. Why Sim Why? Glad you asked and it's simple, they've won AAU, Prime Time and MAYB Nationals twice, going for three at MAYB and because I said so, it's that simple. Trinity Gooden, Kelbie Washington, Chantae Embry, Karley Johnson, Raychael Harjo, Aaliyah Moore, Katie Klkowski and Rachel Larkin were on hand

Tip Sheet correction-MyKayla Dumas #PrimeTimeNationals

 I can't stress how important it is to have correct roster information especially when the event is being viewed by college coaches. I've  been over this countless times and it's one of my pet peeves because if you notice how much info I put out, I don't have a lot of time to go back and change things however there are always exceptions to the rule

MyKayla Dumas is one of those exceptions, she simply went off during Prime Time Nationals and after she called and explained the situation, I totally understand but college coaches, you need to understand this kid can play

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2014 PTN Final 4 Tip Sheet 9th Grade #PrimeTimeNationals

2018 Jessica Murcer is simply one of those players I didn't have to take notes on and what she  does from the point guard position is simply what I love in those players and that's the ability to take the game over when needed but also know who to get ball to and when. Her play was vital in the Oklahoma Stars winning the 9th Grade Division and she joins 7 others on my Tip Sheet

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#PrimeTimeNationals Division ChampionsTEAM TEXAS STASTNY


2014 National Basketball Championship winners

 3rd Grade Girls Division - OK Swarm 2023 Elite
4th Grade Girls Division - OK Lady Jazz 2022
5th Grade Girls Division - OK Lady Bombers 2021 Elite
6th Grade Girls Division -  D1 Shooters Destiny 2020 Elite
7th Grade Girls Division - OK Select Red
8th Grade Girls Division - Texas Lone Star Blue

9th Grade Girls Division -  Oklahoma Stars 9th
10th Grade Girls Division - Waco Lady Panthers 2016

11th/12th Grade Girls Division - Team Texas Stastny

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

PBR Showcase Tip Sheet coming #PrimeTimeNationals

I'm bad at keeping secrets but I picked one from each team including ..........

Coming up, more F4 Tip Sheets from #PrimeTimeNationals

The picture might be blurry but hope you've got the picture on what I'm doing so expect the 9th Grade Tip Sheet and a combination from both the 6th and 7th grade championship games that were played at the Fieldhouse, that will be up next, well tomorrow

Oklahoma's Summer Jones was on FIYA #PrimeTimeNationals

Summer Jones was as cool as Summer Breeze as she was virtually automatic from long distance. She and nine other players made the Tip Sheet from those Final 4 teams on Championship Sunday

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Marie Benson huge in Waco Lady Panthers #PrimeTimeNationals championship

Marie Benson doesn't crack a smile on the court, she's all business and I've used her and younger sister Barbara's last name in so many different titles like Benson's On Broadway after George Benson's hit song, Benson's Clean Up after the Robert Guilliame character on that ahead of it's time TV series SOAP and more recently Benson sisters trim Hedges after the cigarettes however don't smoke and remember the Surgeon General's warning . Well don't doubt the Bensons out on the court, that's the GPR General's Warning

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Chelsea Warren wasn't the only BEAST at #PrimeTimeNationals

I asked Chelsea Warren if she was happy this was the last event I'd be bothering her about taking pictures and she smiled and said no. Well from the first time I watched her at Desoto in her freshman season, I knew this young lady had the tools and a short time later, she showed me that she was a master mechanic at getting the job done. The Red Oak star helped the Dallas Stars make a run, like I said they would, and she joins nine others from that magical Final 4 on Championship Sunday that made my first Tip Sheet of the day

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Okay this is how I'm rolling today #PrimeTimeNationals

Here's the deal, with so many talented players, I've decided to do this. I'm doing a Tip Sheet on the Final Four teams from 11/12th, 10th, 9th and MS Divisions today, they will change the front page of the GirlzPrepReport  website

What's up today from #PrimeTimeNationals

To be honest I haven't decided but maybe I'll go Back To The Future or whatever. One thing is for certain, it will be with the older girls since I cover the 8th Grade Division yesterday because like I gave the younger players Fieldhouse Friday, I'll give them a day to themselves as well

Championship Sunday was simply amazing in fact bracket play on Saturday could have changed the outcome for many who squeaked by in tight ones. Bottom line, I believe the quality of competition was even better this season at Prime Time Nationals which is what you want, each year to be better and better

I have data on tons of players that have the potential to play somewhere at the next level and many of those players or on the verge of exploding on the scene. I'll start popping it out throughout the day so be ready and always remember that when you attend an event I'm covering for the duration, that means you are going to be amazed at I what I through at you

All you have to do is be ready to catch it

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

@TylerRelph10 Basketball Camp

Anyone that knows me knows one thing that will never change, I will always keep it real and I don't  throw my name behind something I'm not covering and I won't cover anything I don't believe in. I had a chance to cover Hoop A Holics back in December and the training was done by Tyler Relph. August 8th, Tyler will be in Houston and I will be there to evaluate so my suggestion is that you take advantage of this situation

D1 Bright Futures #PrimeTimeNationals

Nice mixture of up and coming talent on this squad that pulled off some big wins at Prime Time Nationals. Morgan Helixon, Sydney Sanfoord, Michaela Conway, Bailey Adkins and Krista Bradley all will be heading to the 9th grade and from the effort they put out in the game that I saw, they will definitely be on my watch list. Skylar Conway, Emma Elsey and Kylie Pitts are from the 2019 class and they too showed plenty of potential, especially Pitts who is hard to handle in open floor as she uses her athleticism to score in traffic and can finish wit contact

Younger Pearland Hawks learning to fly #PrimeTimeNationals

I catch the Pearland Hawks whenever I can because I an count on two things, they're going to play hard and I always see progression so after hearing about their 8th grade team being at Prime Time Nationals, I knew I had to try and adjust my schedule. This was my first look at the team and although I caught them for only a half, there were several bright spots, Jamesetta Seals, Jaelyn Jackson and Savannah Hines but the biggest bright spot of all probably was Vanessa Lam. Lam is only a 5th grader yet her skill set and  knowledge of the  game is ahead of her age, strength and speed will catch up and when it does.....

Monroe Lady Bulldogs show plenty of bite #PrimeTimeNationals

Great mixture of young talent on this 8th grade squad of players I had a chance to check out. DeZare Stewart is strong, athletic and smart and she along with Tia Perry, Dillyn Pollard and LaFaedra Green all are only in the 6th grade yet showed a lot of fight and fire during the game I caught. Morgan Tucker-Willis controlled the inside, she and Jeralyn Hardy are 7th graders however you never would have known

Shelby Augustine caught my eye immediately, she is going to definitely be someone to reckon with as she's fearless going to the rim and rebounding. Shaniya Merriweather created some problems as well, much of that due to her athleticism and strength, much with her knowledge of the game and a whole lot with her vocal ability as she told her teammates to keep their composure, that simply blew me away

I enjoyed watching these talented young ladies, Amaya Brown would fit the description I heard years ago about speed and with my remix, it goes like this, she's can turn off the light switch and be sleep before it gets dark. She and Mikayla Etienne are super athletic and bring plenty of heat on defense

More on 8th Grade coming up later but also

Always remember there's a lot of people giving advice, make sure the advice you're getting is correct. There are no stupid questions but plenty of stupid answers and I will always keep it real because I've been there and had a chance to watch my daughter play at the highest level possible


Garland Lady Dream cause nightmares #PrimeTimeNationals

Just watching Porsha Matthews during the warm-ups was enough to know she was going to be a major factor. The 2018 wing was simply all over the place for the Garland Lady Dream and I project she's going to make some noise during her high school career. Takiyah Engilsh was physical on both ends as well as Stephanie Villareal who isn't far away from the magic number

 Candice Parramore does a great job of attacking and also anticipating in that passing lane while Bre Asiajah Matthews was a terror with that wing -span. Ar'netta Taylor, Bungia Williams and Ja Quarah Brown all brought plenty of energy however Naomi Ellis brought that and some as she was simply wherever the ball was on defense and made things happen

If I did a Tip Sheet from 8th Grade #PrimeTimeNationals

All Starz Bree Reece definitely caught my eye during the event at Prime Time Nationals with her size and ability to do what I like to see, put the ball in the basket multiple ways without taking a whole lot of shots. She got the hole whenever she wanted and was an and one waiting to happen. Then she showed range, mid and long, plus she can play perimeter defense

Patin explodes for Lady Trojans #PrimeTimeNationals

Rayven Patin is a 2018 name that you'll be hearing a lot about me, well you already have if you're paying attention and mark my word, national evaluators will be playing catch up as well. Patin is a hard to handle PG that can score and her intensity on both ends is one of the reasons why the New Orleans Lady Trojans made a very nice showing at Prime Time Nationals

Another reason was the explosive scoring from Arianna Cooks, off the dribble, she's hard to handle and in the open court, she's simply a highlight waiting to happen. She's beginning to master the floater, it looks pretty darn good right now but her name is one I've mentioned several times and

Patin and Cooks aren't the only ones that caught my eye. Reagan Crawford is already 6'0, that's the magic number coaches contact me about over and over and with her upside, she's going to be a terror. Kaylor Coleman showed BEAST mentality in the paint on both ends as she rebounds and goes to the rim with authority. Kalin Smith loves playing the passing lanes and I love watching players that understand how to do it. She was somewhat of a silent assassin as well as Mya Phillips and Trimell Hooper

I talk to Coach Patin all of the time, I understood his philosophy when I met him at the John Lucas All Star Weekend event and to be truly honest I couldn't wait to see these young ladies in action and I was not disappointed and I certainly look forward to watching these young ladies progress

Cy Fair Ogwumike hangs on #NikeNationals

How about this shot for the win with .4 seconds to go

Change of plans #PrimeTimeNationals

Okay I had planned on doing a Tip Sheet from each division however I didn't see enough of the 8th graders to do that so as  special treat to the younger players, I think I'll focus on the games I saw providing I have the rosters, so this will be 8th Grade Tuesday

Sports Prep finishes 6th behind Tolbert in 8th Grade #PrimeTimeNationaals

I asked Tia Tolbert if she was healthy when I caught up with her at Prime Time Sports Expo before the games begin and she just smiled and acknowledged she was but I also took a Kreskin mind reading course years ago and what she was thinking was " come and find out". I did and she was and after battling nagging injuries all season, she has definitely taken her game to another level as she helped lead her Sports Prep Team to 6th place finish out of 40 teams in the 8th Grade Division at Prime Time Nationals

Tolbert was one of many bright stars for Sports Prep, the athleticism and energy from Faith Isabelle was vital on defense as well as the long ball shooting from Lisette Whiteside. Elecia Lartigue simply just keeps getting better, I remember watching her as a second grader and I just knew she would be one of the names down the road, well that road has been paved as she and Tolbert form a potent 1/2 scoring combination. Kierra Flowers came up huge as well, she made plays and scored almost at will when I had a chance to catch this team and they definitely have a great nucleus

Monday, July 28, 2014

The avalanche starts tomorrow from #PrimeTimeNationals

I don't know what I enjoyed the most about my coverage at Prime Time Nationals, was it day one when I split between HS and 8th grade, after all, I had a chance to see 2018 Under The Radar stars Rayven Patin and Tia Tolbert go off for their respective teams

Was it Fieldhouse Friday because when I make a promise, I'm going to do my best to keep it and watching the 3rd through 7th graders all day was simply unbelievable and what I saw was not only countless amounts of players that will go on to play college ball somewhere, the basketball IQ on some of these kids was better than seniors heading to D1 programs, just keeping it real

Bracket play Saturday started back off with the 8th graders, caught a glimpse of a couple of teams from that strong D1 Shooters program and let me say this right now. They, along with DC Queens have some of the best young talent in the Metroplex and this was one of those weekends when I wish I could have been cloned because I had to leave and head back to the HS players

Championship Sunday was refreshing and ran smoothly, I saw all three championship games, 9th, 10th and 11/12th Grade Divisions, before heading back to the Fieldhouse to catch the 6th and 7th grade Championships. When I say no one does what I do, hopefully these few paragraphs I've written sum it up. I don't know where I'm going to start but hopefully you enjoy it.

 I have 1000 photos on my Giirlz Prep Report Facebook page and some on Twitter, that's @girlzprepreport which is about basketball not @simmiercolson which is about everything but basketball

Special thanks to Prime Time for again giving me everything I needed to do what I do and I'll be back in action next year as the event continues to grow even stronger

Oklahoma dominates #PrimeTimeNationals

I recall my summer trips as young lad and reading slogans on license plates and the only that still registers was the Oklahoma is OK" and during Prime Time Nationals, teams from the state were a bit more than just okay. With the exception of the 6th, 8th and 11/12th grade divisions that teams from Texas won, Oklahoma swept the others and came in second in another

 Oklahoma Select Red have been sending message all through July however to close out the month, they delivered it personally. I mentioned and tweeted numerous times that Ginger Reece is a BEAST but this BCS prospect isn't the only one that simply just brings it. It's going to take me a minute to process everything but I'll be doing various Tip Sheets from my exciting trip t Prime Time Nationals so be patient, it's coming but I got to hit the road