Thursday, June 19, 2014

Team Xpress-Black win #TJShowcase Jene Carter Division

Okay let's see, the BCS guards, Kyra Lambert, Japreece Dean and Gabby Connally simply amaze me every time I see her and over the weekend I tweeted that Lambert actually made one of the best behind the back passes I've seen in my life. Without embellishing anything on how she did it. I'll just chill, but trust me this was no ordinary pass from no ordinary player. All three, Along with Ashley Hearne, have made numerous Tip Sheets and decided against doing a Tip Sheet from this event simply because the talent was too deep and I wanted to name as many as I could, well just about everyone

Hearne is a demon in the paint, plus she's dropping threes to go along with it and with her size, here's a gift, if you don't who she is, you ain't doing your homework and you sure aren't listening to me, both are not not good. Kennedy Collins and Anja Martin also created problems in the paint, both are physical and won't stop fighting. I've always enjoyed Jordanna Porter, midrange, attacking the basket, rebounds, whatever you need and Karrington Brown filled in many blanks

I knew Katrina Pardee could fill it up but watching her attack was simply like her picture, #AutoAwesome and she put on one of the best shooting, wait, scoring exhibitions I've seen all summer. Can't leave Anja Martin out because her range started by the BBQ pit outside, which was great as well